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Treasure Hunting Battle: Crystals

Apr 30, 2022
Welcome to Treasure Hunting Battle. The guys spread out across the country to search for different types of


. May the best


win. Court! (SINGING) It's a good day-- We're getting bigger. (SINGING) It's a good day-- Ah! What guy is topping this? We've already hit the jackpot. Good day is coming (will continue). No way. Yes! Good day good day. Boom It's a good day coming. I just came from somewhere in Arkansas. I just got to the site. We have the crystal collector here. It will help us dig for quartz. What we are looking for is the perfect, really clear six sided quartz


treasure hunting battle crystals
Perfect, let's do it. In about 10 seconds, we hit crystals. I haven't even started digging yet. It seems a good size. I feel like I'm going to win this in 20 minutes. In fact, we are in one of the best crystal locations in the world. This mountain is freshly loaded. I feel like I'm going to break my neck. Oh my God. I see a guy. We did it. Very excited. I'm going for the vanadinite. Roger has just told me that we are going into the interior of the Earth. Yes. Here we go. So we have walked 100 feet below the surface of the Earth.
treasure hunting battle crystals

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treasure hunting battle crystals...

We are going towards the end of the mine. And that's when we found it. This entire wall lights up multicolored with ultraviolet light. Roger said, shine the black light on him and prepare to be amazed. No way. We are here in the great snowy state of Michigan. We're about to meet the guy who discovered the


we're looking for. Erik, what's up, buddy? Hey what's up? This is what you are looking for. God, they look so normal. It just looks like a gray or tan rock. When you hit them with ultraviolet light, the iron inside them gets excited.
treasure hunting battle crystals
Oh! bam! Dragon eggs. I feel like my whole life is about to change. It's about to change. It's a bit wild. You are walking on the beach as usual. And you turn on your ultraviolet light, and suddenly the first dragon egg appears. Hell yes. Come now! Oh guys. We are just beginning. It's going to be a long night in the best of ways. It's a complete game changer. Cheer up guys. We are in the Quarry. Time to find some geodes. Right when I started, it felt impossible. I'll be honest, all rocks look the same. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone.
treasure hunting battle crystals
It's okay. Let's play a quick game. Can you see the geode? Let's go. If this isn't a geode, we're in big trouble. That's just a rock. I know it doesn't look like it, but there are like 30, 40 here. So a bit brutal. I'm keeping warm. But I'm also getting excited. TT here. We have reached Topaz Mountain. Topaz excites me. Let's go. This is Ty here with David, who is helping us today. We are getting some set charges behind us. From what I understand, David, this is the most efficient way to find Topaz. Yes. Topazes grow within pockets of gas in the rock.
IT'S OKAY. And the best way is to smash the rock. A bit of TNT action. It sure would be nice if I had some dynamite. It's all about cheating, now. Nice! It has a good rock going down. It's time to introduce manual labor to the mix. Digging for topaz is not for the faint of heart. If I don't have blisters by the end of today, Rhonda, I did something wrong. We're about to dig in with that. I'm not a big manual labor guy. He digs. The crystals were up here. I will pick them up. Bryan digs about a 20-foot hole.
We go down. I know this is in the bag. I mean, I know we're going to find giant crystals. I feel like we're getting bigger. Oh yeah. I feel like I'm going to call him. We are going to play golf together. Garrett probably golfed the second half of his day. Coby goes for some glow-in-the-dark rock. He's not touching this. Look at this stack I have. I feel so bad for the other guy. It's okay. I just googled how to identify a geode from the outside. It is a round rock that is hollow and has crystal-like formations inside.
Here is a normal rock. Here is a geode. See the difference? It started out a bit slow, and eventually picked up momentum. Check out these brilliant bad boys here. I can barely look at the screen, that's so blinding. I was expecting it to be a bit bigger I think. And hopefully we will find it. But it's not, boom. Rhonda showed me the ways. I feel that I am, I'm not going to say a master Topaz seeker, but the Topaz calls me. Oh, Chad, we've already hit the jackpot. My first topaz findings. Oh-- Look at that. --OMG.
I have to get this fool out. I was excited about Topaz. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. Oh guys, it's over. Watch this. And the easiest way to explain mining is that you're an inch from a million or a million inches from a dollar. It's okay. I told you that I would help you win this competition. First of many. I've got little nuggets, tiny gems, big stones, giant cherry bombs, honey. It was crazy! Oh, wow. That just fell into my lap. Oh yeah. Last time we were treasure


, I threw away my wife's wedding ring.
I lost it. My wife is going to kill me. But don't worry, baby. I got you a new crystal. I think I could redo my wife's wedding ring with that one. treasurers. Find me a clip of the other guys finding absolutely nothing. It started out a little small until we got to the pocket. And we started taking out crystals and we just filled basket after basket after basket. If this is based on quantity, I definitely won. If this is based on value, I definitely won. How many geodes do you think we broke today, dude? Every once in a while you break something you think is a rock, and it's actually a geode, and you completely regret it.
My God, I just broke a geode. Oh, I should have saved that one. Here we have a good piece. That's all the hammering we're going to do on the mountainside. It's a little hard for me to choose my favorite, because I have a lot of special pieces. This has to come out. Check it out. We have a crystal here. I don't know how to avoid it. I mean, if I can get that out in one piece... what you want to do is support them. Oh shit. Oh my God. Oh. That is. That's huge. Where can we wash that?
Boat. I was born to dig for quartz. Alright guys. There is a dandy. Court! vanadinite. Yes! Taking a break from vanadinite to find wolfinite crystals. Look at those guys. Oh this is good. Oh! This is crazy! Everything is hot lava. Holy royal cow. Dude, that could be the ball game. Yeah. If that doesn't win you, I don't know what it takes to win. Oh! We were struggling and we couldn't really find anything much bigger than, like, a little racket ball and we had to activate the backup plan. By no means, a geode. We are saved. We have our crystals.
Let's start washing. Geode? I think geodes are the funniest rock in the universe. They are like Easter eggs. Open them up and the fun part is inside. That looks awful. That looks absolutely appalling. I think I'm about to be absolutely demolished. So I'm about to do a quick spray paint job. See you at the trial. Judge the time. The boys are back. And it's rock and roll time. See what I did there? Rock And Roll? I brought the crystal collector, my man, Bryan. Yes. What a boy. Bryan, why don't you fill us in on a little about each type of rock and give me a little background on what I'm judging here?
And then we'll get to the trial, momentarily. It's okay. So we have a nice table full of stuff guys. If we do it. They did really, really amazing. These are geodes, guys. They all opened up very well. Geodes are worth more when they are bigger. I have a question, because I have never seen purple. I found a purple hose geode. you painted it What? He literally painted it. I walked in here 5 minutes ago, I saw the other guy's rocks. And I said, I need to pivot. Here we have quartz clusters from Arkansas. This piece is hands down the best piece, maybe a $2,000 piece.
What? Wow! Yes. So with these topaz crystals, this is a really nice lot. This is an exceptional piece. They are much, much rarer than almost anything on the table. I'll take that. It looks like you just got off the plane. Essentially I just came from the mine. And it looks like you went to the vanadinite and wolfinite section, which were also pretty rare crystals. If I had to choose one piece from this table for my collection, it would be this wolfinite. This could be a $1,000 piece. . I've been there a few times, and I haven't found one as good.
Hey, what we've all been waiting for. These are yooperlites. If they are. Cue the lights, Derek. Regular rocks? Not anymore. Wow! Oh my God. Look at Brian. Wow! It's okay. Well sparks. Do what you want with that information. It will be close. It's okay. You know how it works, guys, starting at 5, working your way up to 1. No hesitation, 5, right here. Take care, chorus. I see you friends. Number 4, T peace. Would it be completely inappropriate to pull a Jesus and flip both tables right now? He just called it T peace. Bye. Here is my reasoning. I don't even want to hear your reasoning.
I'm just not enthusiastic about topaz. That is all. You lost to a river rock. Third, the yoops. I was hoping the yoops would be a bit more lit. And the winner of the scavenger hunt, Gary. No way! I am a fan of quartz. I'll be honest. Absolutely beautiful. The real winner here, the crystal collector. Thanks, my man. And a big shout out and thanks to the other experts who helped make this video possible. If you want to learn more about them, click the link in the description below. Crystal collector, register us. hit him. Glass'. See you.

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