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Travis Kelce won't risk Chiefs season by playing vs. Lions, Brock Purdy, Caleb Williams | THE HERD

Sep 08, 2023
He played for almost a decade, was a four-time Boulder pro, 134 consecutive regular


starts, which is almost unheard of for an offensive lineman, a four-time All-Pro and Super Bowl champion. Former Browns and Chiefs boss Mitchell Schwartz joins us, so the numbers. It almost makes no sense that Andy Reid is this good in September it's like it's almost Nick Saban's first games in college it's like in the world it's possible so you were there for years you saw the intelligence you saw the preparation what is it? I mean, he's the best September inaugural coach or the best September coach of all time.
travis kelce won t risk chiefs season by playing vs lions brock purdy caleb williams the herd
Mitchell, what about Andy Reid in September? Well, he's a combination of you know, we know his bye week record, so we know he's very smart and good with any extra. time against an opponent, so that's part of it, but I think it's the training camp that he runs and the way that he operates because you know training camp gets a lot easier every year, it gets easier every year. the scopes and then we as players fought for a lot of rule reductions on the amount of time you're allowed to be there and the coach still runs a tough camp.
travis kelce won t risk chiefs season by playing vs lions brock purdy caleb williams the herd

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travis kelce won t risk chiefs season by playing vs lions brock purdy caleb williams the herd...

It's one of the few shows that actually attacks live. He has his own players tackling others. He plays with his boys at all. the games you know, other than the home ones, they don't play that their game, but the starting offensive line was there, the starting defensive line was there, so put the guys in, execute things in a difficult way on purpose and the purpose is hitting the ground. running back in September and the numbers confirmed that he just knows what he's doing, so now we know how valuable left tackle is. We always understood that left tackle was important, but most reasonable people think that left tackles are the second or third most important position and the Chiefs.
travis kelce won t risk chiefs season by playing vs lions brock purdy caleb williams the herd
They are starting Donovan Stith, Smith and Juan Taylor, so they have two new tackles, so after being a great tackle, this is difficult, cohesion on the offensive front, it is the most difficult unit on the team, it is usually the smarter players, it's a lot of work. You're dealing with the biggest, best athletes, are you a little worried? Two new tackles for a highly complex fluid system, so it's not because of the two guys that are


. You know you have Donovan, who has played in a lot of different schemes and played at a pretty high level.
travis kelce won t risk chiefs season by playing vs lions brock purdy caleb williams the herd
I know people look at the retention stats or maybe look at last year when he was injured, but he's played some really good football, so you've got a veteran that understands it. he looked amazing in pre


action, you know, obviously I follow a lot of cheese people on Twitter and all the clips of him just me and the management guys were going around and it doesn't matter who the competition is if you look like a beast and you're just throwing guys left and right, that's the kind of thing that travels, so I feel pretty good about him and then Juwan Taylor comes from Jacksonville.
I mean, Doug Peterson is pretty much the same scheme, it's the same foundation, so you're speaking a lot of the same language, you're familiar with the way Andy Reid does things, so I think you just throw them in and you're talking of probably the best interior offensive line in the NFL, so it's not like you have two guys that are maybe newer and don't quite understand things, you know, you have two veterans that played very good football, they're coming into a system that Coach Reed will definitely have some things to protect. they do feel like they need it and then they have the best interior


with them so it's very advantageous for Mr.
Mahomes up front and obviously the organization has put a lot of resources into that group for him, I could make an argument because you'll have time extra preparation because you're playing on Thursday and you should just sit Travis Kelsey, just sit him down, that's something we talked about today, what do you think Andy's mentality is and he likes September and he likes fast starts and he loves national television games to show off and have fun. What do you think Travis Kelsey is thinking if he comes in after warmups and isn't 100 percent? I think he won't jeopardize the season and especially what the playoffs will look like for this first game, but to your point, I think he'll go right against that line.
You know, if there's a question one way or another, he'll trust Travis to tell him honestly, like he can. If you do this, will you be okay? You know, Coach Reed and Rick Burkholder, the head athletic trainer, have a great relationship and Rick has pretty much seen it and done it and been through every injury you can imagine, so Rick has a really good idea. Many of you know what Travis' specific injury is going to be like as far as recovery and what effect it will have if he plays today, um, but I think you're going to want him there and to me the biggest question is not necessarily if Travis plays, but if he is playing, are they going to play with him and just use him like Travis Kelsey?
You know the best team in football or you almost play it hoping that the Lions are going to treat that like, oh yeah, or Travis is healthy so let's double up. Cover him and you kind of unlock what you expect from his defense, so I think that's going to be the interesting piece of the puzzle. Detroit is interesting tonight because Detroit has been a losing franchise and then they get a little bit of momentum, but we have to hand it to them. They didn't make the playoffs last year in the weakest NFC and now you go to Kansas City, one of the loudest stadiums, and they're hanging banners and it's a great moment.
Go to your NFL, you played for the Chiefs, but you also played for the Browns, a losing franchise, so for Pivot it's a big part of this league, it's a cultural right to Pivot from loser to winner, it's not just personal, maybe you saw some of that in Cleveland, that Detroit team, we're sitting there talking to them and I think so, let me look at it first to talk about your experience in Cleveland and the difference between winning regularly and knowing you're going to win thinking you're going to win. . Oh, it's a big difference and I think it all starts at the top with Dan Campbell.
That is why they incorporated him because of that belief and that confidence that he has and how he instills it in his players. You know, we started talking about those great head coaches and Campbell, to me, is their biggest motivator. You know he understands. the best of their guys and they're going to fight hard every game and I think that's maybe one of the things that you look at in terms of a franchise that's not winning as much and maybe, like you said, they didn't go to the playoffs on last year, but that Week 18 game was cool to see that, you know, technically they had nothing to fight for, but they wanted to beat their division rival and they wanted to put on a good show and they did it. and they played really hard and when you play hard in games that don't matter, when you play hard in the fourth quarter of games, maybe you're behind a couple of touchdowns and you're trying to come back, I think. that's what you're looking for to see a cultural change where a team doesn't give up, it's not good, we're losing again, whatever, let's move on and be healthy and let's go into the offseason and you're looking at that fight you're in. seeing that mutual responsibility as teammates and I think that's the first sign and um, you combine that type of attitude with the talent that they have and especially me being an offensive line guy, seeing what they've built up front, um, ya You know.
That's one of the key successes in this league, especially today with all these pass rushers now making 34 million a year and they've built this the right way, you know the team they have. I understood the culture um and like you said now, the last point is not necessarily expecting to win, but knowing when you get off the bus, like I don't care if it's Kansas City, I don't care if they're hanging a banner, we're walking here and we're going. to beat them up and I think they have that attitude and we'll see what they can do during the season with that, listen, you were a second. round pick, most of the best left tackles in league history have been first round picks, you know, I mean, it's one of those positions where we have quarterbacks that have been great at right sixth , undrafted quarterbacks, Kurt Warner, but I've thought about this a lot.
A lot of the great left tackles have been first round picks, I mean it's very difficult to play and I say that because of course there have been players that were drafted later, but Brock Purdy is the last player taken, they all passed it overlooked, including Saint. Francisco five six seven times and there's a part of me that thinks okay, now everyone has film on him and he's a seventh round pick. You're right. I'm not saying Cam Chancellors and Richard Sherman aren't there. Everyone is overlooked, but you were a second. round pick and a multiple pro bowler when you look at Brock Purdy at 7-08, no, do you think to yourself that lightning in a bottle is a great roster, he's not that good, he's going to come back, he's going to back off or do you think maybe he?
They just overlooked it. I think maybe they overlooked him and he's obviously in the best situation you can ask for a quarterback and you know not only Kyle Shanahan and the offenses he builds but all the skill position players around him and you. I can say, on one hand, the Niners don't know how to evaluate quarterbacks, they blew a layup, Lance, but on the other hand, they trust Purdy enough to overcome that and admit defeat, hey, we gave up three first by a guy and it didn't work out and we're going to continue with this, you know, in the seventh round, a guy coming off a UCL injury and we're not exactly sure how healthy that elbow is going to be over the course of the year, so I think they're showing faith in him and the way the roster is built, you know, I just touched on the bus assignment, they have a group of guys with big contracts, it almost works better to have one guy at quarterback that maybe he's 75 or 80 percent of what Mahomes can be or a top-tier quarterback, but he's making two percent, three percent, so you're looking at that salary cap and it goes back to that philosophy. team-building strategy of needing a you know, a quarterback on a first contract, but I think there's something also about Purdy that you can say the team bought in almost immediately when he stepped on the field, yeah, and they didn't miss a beat. and there is that camaraderie that you know falls under the can.
I don't really measure it, uh category, but I think we all saw it last year, we all felt it from the way they came together with it, it wasn't just like, hey, this is cool, we like this guy and we're doing it well, like there was a total buy-in from everyone and a total trust and trust almost immediately and I think the buy-in from his teammates and teammates to know that right away, I mean, there are guys that get drafted, I mean, even in the first round, honestly, you see them. in OTAs you say, I don't know, we may have made a mistake there, so they're immediate, yeah, he has it and everyone in the organization can feel it and it seems like Purdy has that, so, most of them.
Of the 32 teams, maybe you could take the Chiefs out of it, but all these other franchises I think maybe they missed something. Sam Fran included, um, but they got it and they're taking advantage of it now that you went to Cal's USC, he was a rival. but I will say that I have never seen more good college quarterbacks come out. This class is going to be crazy. Caleb Williams, head of the class, he and his father in a GQ article, both hinted at the awkwardness of not being able to choose where you go, I thought it was a lazy attempt at Arizona, it basically said we wouldn't go to Arizona outside of Arizona Houston, I think he'd go to D.C for example, new owner he's from there, Indianapolis trainer, GM, he'd go there even though Erza is a little quirky, um, that was my conclusion that he and his father were just saying that we wouldn't go to Arizona, but my bottom line is if you represented it, Eli Manning, John Elway, dad chimed in, we're not going there, how do you feel about that? transformative talent and an ownership space in Arizona that is at best tenuous, at worst problematic.
What if I said I won't play for Arizona? You're seeing this, especially in the NBA, but players are realizing the power they have in all sports and they're taking advantage of it and if you're this Heisman-winning quarterback who looks like he's going to have another incredible year and you have that kind of power to choose your own destiny or have a team make the decision to say well we don't really think he's going to come here and we have to move on and maybe take Drake May instead and turn the tables. selections or whatever. I'm all for a guy using his power if he's got it in that sense and I think now he's got it, the stance and he's starting a little early.
I'm not sure why that necessarily has to be the case. said now and I think if you look four or five years ago we probably would have said similar things about Cincinnati,You know, maybe the property is not at all disorganized, but only in the sense of how that organization looks from above. -Look down and Burrow gets there, now it's completely reversed and now you know almost everything about the organization has changed, they're hiring guys to see for free where they didn't. If they do in the past, they're giving up a little on how they did things financially in terms of contracts and other things, so yes, he could choose where he goes or at least veto a specific location, but the other side of the coin is that he could also be the person who turns the franchise around and that He could also be great, so I'm all for whatever he wants to do.
You know, he would say based on what he's accomplished so far in college. That's right, you know, as we see obviously in Kansas City right now, Chris Jones, there's a stalemate, you know, sometimes two sides don't agree on something, right, it becomes a stalemate, but I think they both Parties are right to do what they think. it's the best for them Mitchell Schwartz nine years as Super Bowl champion Chiefs tonight in Detroit as always a pleasure to watch thanks man I appreciate it hello everyone thanks for watching subscribe here to get the latest from the show and be sure to see more of the best clips. from the flock or go watch some segments of other shows on FS1

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