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Travis Kelce's INJURED and NOT likely to play vs Lions!

Sep 06, 2023
let's talk about the Chiefs' most recent injury report which unfortunately now includes the best tight end in the game and discuss the odds of Travis Kelce


ing and what the Chiefs would look like without him on the field, but first, how about that? First of all, it looks like everyone practiced today at least for kickoff, which we'll talk about later with Arrowhead Pride's Pete Sweeney on hand for the media saying that all of the


ers listed on the Chiefs' injury report are wide receivers Richie James and Cadarius. Tony's offensive lineman Nick Alig defensive linemen BJ Thompson and Turk Warden and defensive backs Nick Jones and Leria Sneed were seen at practice today, but there is still no sign of defensive tackle Chris Jones.
travis kelce s injured and not likely to play vs lions
More on injuries in a moment, believe me, but for now let's stick with Chris. Jones appears here very quickly because Andy Reed mentioned that there was no progress or update on Chris Jones while waiting for him since he spoke to the media on Sunday. I think that was what basically confirmed to me that Chris Jones won't be playing in Thursday's game and No, he's not funny, but that's my nervous reaction to laughing. I mean, I'm not even sure it's really a surprise to anyone as we've all seen the writing on the wall during this standoff where both sides are reportedly still very far apart on this deal.
travis kelce s injured and not likely to play vs lions

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travis kelce s injured and not likely to play vs lions...

Also, Andy Reid said he hasn't even thought about whether Chris Jones will be there the first week or not because he's solely focused on the next game, who's in the building, not who's outside smoking cigarettes in a pool, all that stuff. good things. and then another player who has been around but was recently cleared to have contact with very little preseason action is running back Isaiah Pacho and when Big Red was asked about people and if he would be ready to play given those factors and he said quote if it is up. is playing, he will be ready, he noted that Cadarius Tony also had a good week of practice and a few others that have been practicing well as a unit is the offensive line because starting center Creed Humphrey spoke to the media today and said that both the new tackles have They've improved a lot, they've created great chemistry during camp and preseason, and they fit in very well with the group in general.
travis kelce s injured and not likely to play vs lions
His confidence level also seemed high that they were ready to protect Mahomes in Thursday night's game against the Lions, a game they are approaching. they're not focusing on any of the distractions, the banner is up, none of that, they just want to get the W and I will say that while I have the Chiefs winning against the Lions, the odds are starting to stack up against them with Chris Jones still offering one minute suspended, but also due to some new injury news that happened in practice today, so let's go there after taking a look at the most updated injury report seen below.
travis kelce s injured and not likely to play vs lions
Wide receiver Richie James was limited yesterday with a knee injury, but was a full participant today, which is Good news, Lerus sne and cadarius Tony were limited on Monday and Tuesday, as Tony is still recovering from that knee cleanup about 6 weeks ago and sne is still being careful with that knee that has blown up several times this offseason, so while they remained limited, defensive tackle Turk Wharton went from a limited participant on Monday to a full participant today, which which is great news for an already thin D-line and then cornerback Nick Jones was a full participant on Monday and Tuesday despite breaking a couple of his fingers.
In the first preseason game, the other two who were listed as full participants on both Monday and Tuesday were offensive lineman Nick Alig, who hurt his shoulder a couple of weeks ago in practice, and then defensive end BJ Thompson, hamstring, he also participated fully both days, so although most of that. The injury report isn't too far-fetched and has some positive news that positive news may be short-lived because a very important VIP actually got


somehow in practice today, which you can see at the bottom of the injury report. injuries and your eyes do not. Don't fool you, it's tight end Travis k Andy Reed took the podium today during his press and let everyone know that Kelsey extended his knee in today's practice saying it happened right in front of him.
Sky Moore was interviewed after practice and said quote I was on that play So I was running a route I was talking to someone and he Kelsey was limping just coming off the field, it was a good sign to see him get up on his own and walk off the field, so yeah , it's definitely positive. sign I guess he was able to get off the field under his own power anyway Andy then said this, we'll see how Kelsey does in the future. Kelsey was literally getting an MRI during Andy Reed's press, so he had no details on the severity. of the topic, but he did say that if Kelce can't quote the next one, he steps in and we do that, that's what we'll do if that's the case and I imagine if that's really the case, they'll most


call Matt Bushman from the practice squad who has been complimented more than once for his route-running ability and will


suit up and at least see some time against the Lions with the other two tight ends on the roster, besides, of course, Noah Gray and Blake Bell and That means Noah Gray will surely have to step up with some big shoes to fill, but the wide receiver spot as a whole will have to do the same because it will take more than just one player to fill the void left by Kelsey yes In fact, he does not play and although his status is still up in the air just before recording this video, I am recording around 5:15 on Tuesday, September 5.
Ian Rapaport shared an update on Kelsey saying that his status is in doubt. for Thursday night's opener against the Lions due to his knee injury, but sources say it is not believed to be a long-term injury, they will wait for the swelling to go down and go away from there and while That's certainly some form of positive news, the Chiefs have It's a tough decision to make about this upcoming game, as Kelsey sees it after this game as basically a 10-day mini buyout between games, which would provide valuable game time. recovery for Kelsey and his KNE, so the question is: will the Chiefs proceed with caution and rest knowing that a mini bu is coming.
I mean, yeah, missing the first week is tough, it won't be an easy fight against the Lions, but missing more of the season is worse, especially if you aggravate that knee even more in this game, but luckily I'm not. The doctor, Rick Burkholder and staff will either get it right or make the best game day decision for Kelsey and her health, and again, while I'm not a doctor, fantasy Dr. Jesse Morse, the doctors weighed in on the knee Kelsey's hyperextended knee and this is what He had to say, if we look at the knee here when we see it from the side, this is the inside when we hyperextend a knee, what you're going to have at the very least is a bruise on the bone down here, somewhere down here, usually ativia. but it could also be a proximal femur, so what are we probably dealing with here?
A combination of a bone bruise which is a swelling within the bone that simply takes a while to go away. It is possible that he has a small meniscus tear, but not enough to be concerning. and he probably has a sprain or stretch of some of the ligaments inside the knee, probably the ACL, probably the ACL, but a little bit of stretching, but there's still a good chance that he'll be back relatively soon. I don't think the first week is realistic. Too risky for his knee, plus we're looking at probably two to three weeks. I think it's a realistic scenario and he goes on to say that bruises can be very painful and take weeks, sometimes months, to fade, although players can certainly return sooner.
Other than that it's just a matter of pain management at the time, another thing he noticed was paying attention to what happened to KN because Kelsey basically missed his entire rookie year due to a left knee injury that required surgery in 2013 and if this is her left knee that could mean a slightly longer recovery time depending on several factors and at this point I still don't even know what knee it is, anyway I don't really expect Kelsey to play in the game on Thursday, which will end a nice wild streak for Kelsey because since 2014 Kelsey hasn't missed a single game due to injury, he was healthy twice and missed a game once due to coid in 2021, but that's everything and if that's really the case, the Chiefs are rolling.
In the first week without Chris Jones, Charles one minute suspended, without Travis Kelce, as well as Sneed and Tony possibly on a limited snap count, the odds are certainly a little against the Chiefs here, however, if anyone can find a way to get the job done. and get the W, they will be Patrick Mahomes and Andy freaking Reed, bringing out the best in the available players and planning plays to suit their strengths, although I admit they don't have much time to prepare given Kel's injury. It just happened today and the game is Thursday in case you were wondering how Momes performed without Kelsey in a game.
Did that ever happen? Well, it's a very small sample size, but the last game Mahomes played in without Travis Kelce was in December 2021 when Travis was placed on the coid list and in that game Mahomes completed 23 for 30,258 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions. Now Tyreek was playing in that game, but he came off the coid list himself, I think, if I remember correctly, and because on top of that, he didn't play many snaps, catching only two passes for 19 yards, and while Mahomes had a good game, it was against a Steelers team with a great struggling group that finished the year 9-7 and this burger ended up folding afterwards.
Ironically, the end of the season after they played the Chiefs again in Arrowhead in the playoffs and the Chiefs beat them to it, so happy retirement, Big Ben wishes you the best of luck, but hey, Kelsey didn't play and Hill barely made it, which is my point. However, moles still broke out in that game and the Chiefs won it 36-10, so it's not all doom and gloom because as long as Mahomes is out there, the Chiefs always have a chance to win. I will say that although the Lions are a much tougher opponent than the 2021 Steelers I want to make that absolutely clear and therefore the final score may not be as one-sided as the Chiefs winning 36-10 against the Steelers, but I am thinking about the Chiefs getting the W anyway and here are a couple of reasons why Andy Reid is 9-1 in week one games, he is the Chiefs head coach and Patrick Mahomes is 5-0 throwing for 18 touchdowns, zero interceptions, 1,542 yards, had a passer rating of 133.5 and also averaged 37.8 points per game and no, that's not a typo. and that's why I'm going to go ahead with the Chiefs winning a one-score game, which will make it close here 31 to 28.
The defense may struggle a bit without Chris Jones or Charles. I'm less, so obviously Sneed could be on a quick count. and the offense might take a little time to get into a rhythm without Travis Kelce if he doesn't actually play, but I still think between Momes and Andy Reid they can and most likely will get the job done. That being said, are you at all worried about the Chief's ability to score points without Travis Kelce or not and also what are your final score predictions for this game against the Lions? Let me know what you think in the comments below and until next time.
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