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Touring an $18,950,000 BEL AIR Modern Mansion with Incredible Lake Views

Jun 02, 2021
- What's wrong everyone? Here is Enes. Welcome to another video. This week we're in Bel Air and we're about to tour this newly built


home right behind me. This home has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 11,624 square feet of interior space and is currently for sale for $18,950,000. And we will leave more information about the property below in the description. And before we begin, I want to thank all of the property agents for allowing us to tour this


property and share it with all of you. Now let's get started. (upbeat music) From street level you go through this door right here, and on my right side is where we have the telescopic door that opens to the driveway, which takes us to the garage of this house, very well hidden under the fireplace .
touring an 18 950 000 bel air modern mansion with incredible lake views
More on that later. We have this staircase that takes us to the main entrance of this house. Beautiful


architecture, smooth stucco finish, floor to ceiling glass doors and windows, and we have this beautiful glass entryway right here. Now let's get in. Alright everyone, here we are at the entrance. Beautiful glass door and window above that bring all this natural light to the entrance of this home. So, this house consists of four levels. On the 1st floor we have the entertainment area and the pool deck. The second floor is where we have the living room, dining room, kitchen and two additional bedrooms. 3rd floor, we have two bedrooms plus the master suite, and finally on the top floor, which is the 4th floor, is where we have the roof terrace.
touring an 18 950 000 bel air modern mansion with incredible lake views

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touring an 18 950 000 bel air modern mansion with incredible lake views...

So, we have the two bedrooms on my left and right side. Why don't we start with this one? This room faces the front and gets lots of natural light due to this corner glass detail here and the slider that accesses the balcony in this room. Good size room, and this side is where we have the built-in wardrobes right here. In this direction is the bathroom of this bedroom. Here we have a frosted glass window that lets in natural light. Nice textured tile walls, floating vanity design with fabricated countertops, and on this side we have the walk-in shower with rainhead and handheld fixture.
touring an 18 950 000 bel air modern mansion with incredible lake views
Now, leaving this bathroom, let's go to the other bedroom on the other side. This bedroom is currently converted into an office. Again, flooded with natural light thanks to the corner glass detail right here, and another slider and a corner glass detail on this side. Quite a good size room, built in wardrobes on this side, and this one also has a private bathroom. Nice tile floors, separate sunken shower with rain head, textured tile on the walls and here we also have the same floating vanity design with fabricated countertops. Now, returning to the hallway, let's continue our tour.
touring an 18 950 000 bel air modern mansion with incredible lake views
On this side we have access to the elevator on this level. Continuing in this direction, I have the staircase to my right, and this is where we have the formal dining area of ​​this house. Here is a beautiful live edge walnut table, complemented by a chandelier just above, right in the center, and this section of the house is slightly elevated from the family room and formal living room overlooking this


view. And this formal dining area is complemented by floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, and these doors fit completely into the wall and open up to this little patio where we have the skylights.
I'll show where those skylights are as we continue our tour. Again, a beautiful formal dining room and once these doors open, it is essentially an outdoor dining room as well. Now, this is where we have the dust for this level. Again, textured tiles on the wall, a beautiful modern pedestal sink here, and they use the same wood flooring on the wall here as well, done to create this modern detail. Alright, now let's take the stairs to the lower level where we have the kitchen and family room. Here we have a beautiful modern kitchen. I love the contrast between the cabinets and the quartzite double island setup, and starting here is where we have the waterfall edge in the perfectly blended island layout, the bar seating area, and in this direction, the cabinets continue.
This is where we have the main sump. The same countertop is also used as a backsplash. We have these glass upper cabinets, very well lit underneath, and in this direction, this is where we have a second island. There's plenty of storage on this side and this island has one of those pop-up outlets. That looks really cool. - Let's do it one more time. - You got it, here you go. - Very cool. - Agreed. Now, here we have the induction cooktop with these pop-up vents, there you have it. - Which do you like more, the aerial ones or these? - I like these better.
I don't like vents that come down from ceiling level. - It clutters the space a bit. - Exactly. These look more elegant, there you have it. And we have the microwave settings right below here. Nice linear sink setup on this side, and behind me is where we have the 36-inch Thermador refrigerator and freezer. - Brand new. - Brand new. Alright, built-ins on this side, and we've got the extra pantry storage space right here. Now we have an exterior door on this side that takes us to the outside kitchen. Right next to the kitchen, which is great, very convenient.
We have the same quartzite on this side. Also here you have an additional sink, some open shelving, and this is where you have your gas barbecue area, with cooktop. I feel like this is a great space. Well covered outside the kitchen, making it very convenient. - Yeah, I think I would probably use this more than the normal kitchen, just so it wouldn't smell in my house when I was cooking. - There you have it, good point. Now, we have a sliding door that opens to the family room, which is right off the kitchen. Here we have a Venetian plaster wall with a linear gas fireplace, a top mounted TV and a nice seating area.
You get an additional seating area on this side, and down below is where we have the formal living room of this home. Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors looking out onto incredible


of the mountains,


and city, it's amazing. And here we have a large formal living room. It has two sections, lots of seating and lots of natural light. I mean, the scale of this room is incredible. We have 16 foot high ceilings here. Again, glass doors from floor to ceiling, and on this side is where we have a little corner where they put the piano.
Imagine sitting there playing the piano and looking at this incredible view. I feel like I would be inspired all the time. - There is nothing better than that. - It is not like this. Now, the best way to experience this space is to open all these glass doors and take advantage of that patio space and that view. Alright everyone, now we have all the sliding glass doors open. We can take a look at this incredible view. The scale of this room is incredible. And I want to highlight these sliding glass doors. They are 16 feet tall and were custom made specifically for this home.
And as we go down this path, this is where we have the outdoor dining room. This terrace wraps around the entire living room, and when we walk out, it is nicely tiled and in this wing is where we have the outdoor seating area, additional seating further hidden inside, here is a gas fire pit, and again, This space. It's all about these incredible


. You get the mountains, you get Stone Canyon Reservoir, you see the city. It's a very different setting compared to some of the houses we see in the Hollywood Hills. It's super refreshing, very calm.
Another big selling point of this house is the fact that the land between the reservoir and the house itself is owned by the city, which means that in the future no one will build in front of you and you will actually preserve this view for always. I feel like most people wouldn't guess a view like this exists in Los Angeles, but it does here in Bel Air, and I hope you're all enjoying this video so far. And if you do, don't forget to give us a like. If you have any questions or comments, please leave us a comment below.
And now, let's take the stairs so we can take a look at the third floor. (soft music) Okay everyone, before we go up to the 3rd floor, I wanted to briefly talk about the design of the staircase in this house. It is a steel staircase, open riser, beautiful modern design and each step is a stone slab. And as we get to the middle landing, we can take a closer look at the steel structure of this house, and this cross beam detail that we have here looks beautiful, it gets a lot of natural light thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. right here, and it adds to the modern architecture of this house. - Is this cross beam just for looks or does it have a purpose? - Gives shear resistance to the house, so during an earthquake, when the house rocks from side to side, this will actually lock the house in place and give it stability.
And as we go up to the third floor, we have this beautiful chandelier that starts here and goes down to the first floor of this house. Now here we are on the third floor landing. On the right hand side we have the elevator, behind me two bedrooms, laundry room and master bedroom on this side. Why don't we start this way? This is the first bedroom we have on this level. Again, flooded with natural light thanks to these glass details in the corners and the sliding glass door found here. Like the first bedroom we toured on the second floor, this one also has a sliding door and a balcony.
They are actually identical to the first two bedrooms we toured on the second floor. In this sense, this is where we have the ensuite bathroom, textured tiles and floating vanity design with fabricated countertops. And lastly, here we have the tub setup beautifully clad with this natural stone and the same textured tile continues on top, with a rain shower head and handheld. Now, let's get out of this bathroom and go to the other bedroom. This one downstairs was prepared as an office, the one here as a bedroom. Again, it gets a lot of natural light, here there is a slider that opens to the balcony, it has a glass detail in the corner and the bed is situated on this side.
We have the built-in wardrobes right here, and continuing to this side is the bathroom in this bedroom. We have tile going into this sunken walk-in shower, with rain head, handheld, and we have the floating vanity setup here again, with the countertops fabricated. Now let's go back to the hallway, so we can talk about the laundry room right here. Additionally, the Venetian plaster wall details continue here as well, and we will see them throughout the house. And this is where we have the laundry room. Pretty simple, you get your sink, countertop, lots of storage, and this is where you can put your washer and dryer stacked right here.
Alright, now before we go through the master bedroom, we have this other space here with a water feature. Let's show it real quick, and that's actually the round steel staircase that takes us to the roof, or you can go there with the elevator if you have to. Nice little outdoor seating area. And now, let's talk about the most important bedroom in this house, the master bedroom, come in. As soon as you walk in, you're met with these explosive views of the hillside, the city of Los Angeles, and the reservoir. But before we talk more about the bedroom and the views, why don't we go this route, where we have one of the two closets for the master bedroom.
This looks like a high-end boutique store. It looks amazing here. The symmetry, the alignment, the space for hangers, the drawers, everything about it. It has nice panels and I also love the LED lighting on the hangers. It looks very exquisite and obviously a large size dressing room. And Mikey, I don't know if you can see it, but right behind these glass cabinets, we actually have frosted glass on the bottom and a regular glass window on top, which lets natural light in through these doors glass, which is amazing. - Yes, it's really cool. And there is a lot of glass, a lot of mirrors.
It's like it gives this room a kind of feeling of being much bigger than it is. - I agree, many reflections, right? - Yes. - But again, lots of storage space. We have the island setups here with these beautiful drawers and the hidden drawer right here, but you can see it from above, thanks to this glass top here. And finally, you dress here, you put on the jewelry, you want to see yourself. Ah, there you go. - Very pretty. - Nice detail right there. They also did the same Venetian plaster detail here in the entrance, and on the other side is the other dressing room.
This one is a little smaller, but again the same design is here as well. Again, you get a glass back wall for natural light, you get the same details of hangers, drawers, open shelves, all that good stuff. Now, let's talk about this amazing master bedroom. This might be one of the best master bedrooms we've seen on this channel. Very spacious, we have the huge bed located on this side with a Venetian plaster back wall. And this is where we have the bar for the master bedroom, with someopen shelves above. We have the sink setup here. Let's not forget that you also have a small refrigerator.
Now, this entire wing of the house has sliding glass doors that open to the incredible view and patio space. And Mikey, do you think we're missing something here? - Are we missing something in the master's degree? - Yes. - I mean, what more could you need? - So, we have the living area right there with a double sided gas fireplace and the TV is mounted there. Obviously you can watch TV right there, but if we wanted to watch TV while you're in your bed and look at this incredible view, guess what? Right above us is a drop-down projector. - How did I miss that? - Yes, it is a very interesting detail.
And also, this house is new, so it's not even plugged in yet, so it's not working right now, but I wanted to mention it, because imagine lying in that bed, looking at this incredible view, watching TV like that. . - Living the dream. - There you have it, living the dream. Now. Living area for the master bedroom. As I mentioned double sided gas fireplace, the TV is mounted on top, again the Venetian plaster details. And I feel like I'm not talking about the standard details, but obviously we have built-in speakers and recessed lighting and all the good stuff.
Now, this is a double sided gas fireplace, because if we go this way, this is where we have the master bathroom. It is totally open and fully integrated into the master bedroom. We have the gas fireplace on this side, the freestanding tub here facing this incredible view and the patio deck, and right here we have the floating vanity, a beautiful quartzite with these built-in sinks with hidden drains. Again, fabricated sinks, wall faucets. We have this textured wall tile that continues all the way to the ceiling, and Mikey, can we get closer to that lamp over there? - In fact, I just noticed them.
Those are really cool. - Really unique, right? So those are hose bibs with an LED light on the end. I've never seen a unique lamp like this, but I wanted to make sure we covered it too. It definitely gives a certain whimsy to this house. - Yes, it's quite creative. Now before we talk about the shower, toilet number 1 and toilet number 2, side by side. Now, let's talk about this walk-in shower. The same quartzite is also used here. It has a bench design on each side. Nice linear drain, and the same tile from the master bathroom continues into the walk-in shower.
It is continuous with a very gentle slope, and this is where we have the drainage. It's obviously a steam shower. Here we have two rain heads with portable devices. Shampoo niche on each side, even the ceiling is beautifully tiled. And finally, natural light, natural light. We even have the frosted glass here with an awning window on top in case you need some ventilation. Now, we don't do this bedroom justice unless we open all these sliding glass doors and look at the incredible patio that the master bedroom has. Now, let's stack all these doors all the way up.
There are a lot of doors here, but it's worth it for this amazing view. There you go. Mikey, can we get over to this tracking system they have? It's crazy. I mean, the amount of tracks there are, because there are so many glass panels. Incredible, but worth it. It's worth it for this incredible view. Now, before we talk more about the courtyard, why don't we go this way? This is where we have the master bathroom that opens to this patio, freestanding tub, incredible view. And this patio is very well tiled. And on this side, we have a small seating area with a fire pit.
Once again, this house is all about the outdoors, this incredible view. I feel like we're going to keep talking about the views, but I mean, come on. This looks like Lake Como, as part of Italy, or even Lake Tahoe. It's so peaceful and calm. Finally, I want to talk about an outstanding detail that this house has and that I personally like a lot. So this house is extremely private. Whether you are in the living room or master bedroom, all you will see is this incredible view. And it is thanks to that terrace design that this home has.
What I mean by this is that, if you look at the exterior architecture of this house, we have terraces on each floor. And those patio terraces serve as a roof for the floor below, which in turn waterproofs that area, but also, since it opens up, it also provides privacy at that level. So, for example, we are on the third floor patio terrace. And if you look down, we can see the roof of the second floor and the roof of the first floor. But if you were on the first floor deck and looked up, you wouldn't be able to see anything from the master bedroom.
Again, it increases privacy and adds to the terrace effect this home has. And that's it for the third floor of this house. Now, why don't we go up the stairs so we can rotate the roof? (soft music) Alright everyone, here we are on the 4th floor where we have the roof terrace. This is a 2,000 square foot rooftop deck, and on my left side is where we have the outdoor kitchen, sink, and gas barbecue. And before we talk more about this outdoor terrace, why don't we go this way? This is where we have access to the elevator that goes up to the 4th floor.
I wanted to cover that too. And now let's talk about this space on deck. As if the third and second floor views weren't enough, you can get a rooftop terrace on this home, which is amazing. Outdoor dining area, plenty of seating and two gas burners. And from here we get even higher views. What I mean by this is that you can see the entire hillside, all the way to the San Gabriel Mountains. Again, the view of the reservoir, the city of Los Angeles, you can even catch a glimpse of the views of downtown Los Angeles right there.
And looking over here, you can get a little opening where you can see the San Fernando Valley and lastly, if you go up a little bit, you can even catch a glimpse of the ocean view from here. This has to be one of the best rooftop decks we've toured on this channel. As if the outdoor spaces weren't enough, you even have this incredible rooftop terrace with panoramic views. And we save the best part of this house at the end, which is the 1st floor, where we have the entertainment area and the pool, let's look at that next. (upbeat music) Before you go down to the first floor, there's actually a room right here.
Why don't we check it? Currently there is a games room, here we have the poker table, a beautiful Chesterfield sofa and a Venetian plaster back wall. And remember I told everyone I would show you the detail of the skylight we saw on the second floor next to the dining room, well there you have it. In fact, it's bringing all that natural light into this specific room here. Now, let's get out of this room. Let's return to the staircase and the first floor landing. By the way, there are many details in this house. I wanted to mention this too.
All art staging in this home is handled by Creative Art Partners. Their taste is incredible and all the art you saw throughout the house is provided by them. Now, first floor landing, here we have the elevator access for the first floor, and this open space is currently organized as a gym area. Good size room and thanks to these external doors, it also receives natural light. And following this path, is where we have the complete bathroom. Beautiful tile floors. In fact, they also use the same tiles in the shower, just smaller pieces. We have the rain head, we have the handheld, and we have a cool modern pedestal sink right here.
Out of your gym. Now, let's go back to the landing again and we have another hallway that's right here. Following this hallway is where we have the laundry room. Beautiful countertops. This is the main laundry room so there is plenty of storage, lower cabinets and upper cabinets. Continue here too. You get your sink and right there, Mikey, let's show it real quick. This is where you have the washer and dryer hookups. Now, this hallway continues and this is where we have the staff quarters. Good size room, gets lots of natural light and the bed is located here.
We have the built-in wardrobes on this side, and this is where we have the bathroom in this room. Beautiful tile floors. Again, the same tiles are also used in the walk-in shower, a good-sized walk-in shower and small sink. This bathroom is a little smaller. And I want to talk about this detail right here. So we have these windows that let in natural light and we have a staircase here because they are egress windows. I mean, in case something happens and you need to get out of this room, well, you really can. These come out completely and there you have it.
This is actually the entrance way to this house. I wanted to make sure you guys could see this. - Do those stack or put in your pocket? - In fact, they probably stack up. Let me show you guys. - We don't want to kill you now, don't fall off that. - Well, my arm is getting a little tired, but since I'm up here, I hope everyone is enjoying this video. I wanted to make sure they saw every detail possible. And for that reason, make sure you subscribe to our channel, hit the like button, and even hit the notification bell because we only post one video a week.
Trust me, you don't want to miss the videos. Now let's go back to the hallway. And now, before continuing here, why don't we go up these stairs? Because there is a room here that I want to show you. Enters. This is the garage of this house. Very well polished concrete floors. I'd say it probably fits six or seven cars here. You even have the Venetian plaster detail on this wall here. In case in the future we want to put a television here, modems, anything, you have the connections. And an interesting detail, they have this hidden window right here, where you can see your living room area on the first floor, see your infinity pool and even the view. - I love this.
In a way, it turns the garage into a potential gathering space. - Or even your cars can enjoy this view. And let's continue our journey. Back to the landing. Now let's go, following this hallway. 1st room on the right. Cinema, come in. We always love


movie theaters on this channel. In this case, we have comfortable and very high seats, acoustic panels on each side of the walls for better acoustic insulation. The built-ins on this side, stairs, and even the bottom of the floors are nicely lit with this LED lighting strip, and let's not forget that you have your 4K projector above.
It's just a good sized comfortable movie theater. Now let's go back to the hallway. Oh, it's brilliant. Now we're back in the hallway. We have the bar area on my left hand side. Before we cover that, let's go this way. Powder room for the first floor, check the sink. How cool is this? - Yes, the sink is great. I saw this when we first got here, it's really interesting. - I've never seen anything like this, great. This is where we have the faucet, down the drain to here. Talking about cool modern architecture. Now the textured walls, the same hose bib lamp we saw in the master bedroom, there you have it.
They have one right here. - One thing Enes, how are you going to show them the sink if you're not going to open it? You have to turn that thing on. - Sure, it's very satisfying to see. - It is, it is. Alright, we also have the same tiles on the wall. Now let's go back and cover this beautiful bar area that we have on this level. Double elevation, we have here the beautiful quartzite, absolute black granite. Again, we have these fancy plugs here, countertop plugs, I love them. And this way there is a lot of storage space.
These glass front bi-fold door cabinets look very elegant. You even get a glass backsplash here. You now have your sink, let's show all the details. You get a dishwasher. My personal favorite: you get an ice machine. Look at this, I have to have it. And here we have the wine refrigerator. And before we leave this area of ​​the bar, Mikey, can we place a tray on top of us? That's the hidden window we have from the garage looking out at the incredible view. That's where it is. This beautiful leather covered quartzite countertop, again the bar located on this side.
And right next to the bar is where we have the 1000 bottle temperature controlled wine cellar. This is your wine tasting room, your showroom. We have the beautiful chandelier right above us. And as we leave the basement, right next door is where we have a full bathroom and a cool surprise, the sauna. Countertops made with floating vanity design, and this direction is where we have the new sauna, it smells amazing. - Yes, it smells very good. - Smells good. And this is where we have the walk-in shower. Mikey, can we see it up close? You have your body sprays.
You've got your steam vents, your steam control, your handheld device, your rainhead, you've got it all. Now let's return to the living room area. Now, this is where we have the pool table. Glass walls, and here we have a set of stacking glass doors that open to the terracefrom the pool. As we move in this direction, we have a seating area outside the bar, an additional one here. Once again, the scale of the room, even on the first floor, is incredible. Recessed lights, built-in speakers, we've got it all. The same details in Venetian plaster are also found here.
We have a double sided gas fireplace, a TV mounted above and an additional seating area even on this side. Imagine hosting parties here, inviting people over, serving them drinks at your bar, it's an amazing space. - Yes, and I think we have one last room to go through. - Yes, it's right here. Enters. - Here we have a full bathroom, a floating vanity design and again, the textured wall tiles continue here as well. Rain shower, many bathrooms in your house. Now, we don't justify the space unless we open all these stacking glass doors and talk about the pool deck.
So let's start with this one. This opens up this section of the living room right here. In this sense, this is where we have the big boy. There you go. We now have the entire living room entertainment area open to the pool terrace. I hope this video shows the scale of this house as we walked, because it is incredible. The ceiling heights of the living rooms and their flow to the outdoor terraces are simply incredible. It's a great property. And right here we have the 70 foot infinity pool. I love the combination of the infinity edge view with this hillside and the view of the


that we have as a backdrop.
We have zero edge on this side, a raised bar here, and another interesting detail, a sunken seating area here with a fire pit. Imagine at night, with that campfire going, your pool lights on, looking out over this incredible, peaceful view. Now, going this way, of course, they even put in a low platform for this pool. And that's the deepest part of the house, so you can do the laps in the morning. And let's show the ladder. Very quickly. If you are hosting a party, you don't want people walking past your house and directly to this level.
And you can, because you have a staircase that goes down from the second floor of this house, which is the street level, to here, so that people can have direct access. Now, you may think that's it for this property or this backyard, but it's not. We have the ladder right here, and let's go down. So, this property is built on a hillside. And many times on hillside properties, there really isn't a backyard. You have a pool deck on boxes, but in this case, the developer took advantage of the slope of this property and managed to put this flat deck right here, which is a 3,000 square foot grass area, right under the pool, and as it has this wall here, put this really cool water feature that really complements the space and adds to the tranquility of this backyard.
In that sense, we have this 800 square foot raised deck right here, kind of like your observation deck, which again is incredible how much outdoor space this property has. And when we get here, we have the same glass railing. Look at these incredible views. You get even closer to the lake. The views of the mountains, the San Gabriel Mountains in the back, are just amazing. And from here we can see the back of the entire property. Again, we have these four levels, beautiful modern architecture, each floor has floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open up to this incredible view.
And that's all for the backyard of this house. Now, we won't do a house like this justice unless we see this property after dark, so why don't we go a few hours ahead and check it out then? (soft music) Alright everyone, it's now 8:30 p.m. I have the sun setting right behind me and we are currently on the fourth floor, which is where we have the roof of this house. All the trees are illuminated. We have the outside lights on and the view, again, looks incredible. And since we're around the reservoir and we don't have many houses around us, it actually gets pretty dark in front of us, but right behind that, we can see all the city lights.
And I don't know why I waited so long to mention this, but this house right here might be one of the tallest residential houses ever built in Bel Air, because we're looking down at all the other houses in the surrounding area. On the 3rd floor we have the two bedrooms and the master bedroom en suite. The master bedroom opens to this, again, incredible view. It has to be one of the best master bedrooms we have toured on this channel. The second floor is where we have the living room, kitchen area and dining area, all open to the incredible views and a patio on that level.
Lastly, on the first floor, we have the entertainment section of this home, as well as that beautiful 70-foot infinity pool. At night this house really comes to life. Having the floor to ceiling glass doors that open up this amazing peaceful view with the city views in the back, it's just an amazing experience to see this place in person. And that's all for this video. I hope everyone enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to give us a like. If you have any questions or comments, please leave us a comment below. If you want to see more


tours like this, be sure to subscribe to our channel and even hit the notification bell.
And lastly, before we end our tour, I want to thank all of the real estate agents for allowing us to tour this incredible property and share it with all of you. And we'll see you next week. (upbeat music)

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