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"Toughest White Guy On The Planet" Joe Egan | Sit Down with Michael Franzese

Jun 02, 2021
Big Joe Egan is a tough Irish fighter from Dublin Ireland, very close to Mike Tyson No Sugar Ray Leonard Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier had an incredible career, he has had ups and downs, he always seems to overcome adversity, he has a heart as big as the frame he carries with him so I want you to enjoy this with Big Joe Eagan foreign welcome to another meeting with Michael Francis I hope everyone is doing well and today I have sat down with a lot of people in my life you know in my previous life. and certainly now what we're doing here with these videos, but Big Joe Eagan is a guy that I really enjoyed very, very up close.
toughest white guy on the planet joe egan sit down with michael franzese
Mike Tyson knew all the big names in the fighting game Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier Sugar Ray Leonard and has an incredible story. It's a comeback story and I can tell you that Joe has a heart as big as the frame he carries with him and it's big and you'll really enjoy it not just for fight enthusiasts who want to hear a lot about Mike Tyson and him getting in the ring with him and him just knowing Mike, not just knowing Mike as a wrestler but knowing him as a person and the good things he has to say about him, but just his own life experiences.
toughest white guy on the planet joe egan sit down with michael franzese

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toughest white guy on the planet joe egan sit down with michael franzese...

I mean this guy has overcome adversity in so many ways and I learned something through this. You can never learn enough in life. You know I'm 70 years old. I'm going to have this year. I sit with the people. and they can say a word or a phrase that really lights you up and that's what happened to me, with Joe I really enjoyed this and I know you're going to enjoy it, so let's sit down with Big Joe Egan Joe, let me tell you it's a honor and a privilege to sit with you. I'll tell you how this came about.
toughest white guy on the planet joe egan sit down with michael franzese
I was having dinner with Mike Tyson and Tom Patty, who, by the way, send you the warmest regards from him, Tom. I talked to him, uh, just a couple of days ago I told him we were going to sit down and Mike and I were talking and you know, I told him I was asking Mike about UFC fighters and all that and I said, Mike Have you ever entered the UFC? like that and it made me laugh, Michael said, he said if two termites were at the table fighting each other, he said I'm interested, whatever they're fighting, he says I'm interested, so it made me laugh, but we started talking. about Fighters and you know, I sit there, who's the


guy you've ever fought and he immediately said the



guy on the


, well, it was you, Joe Big Joe Eagan, and he came out right away, not even I doubt.
toughest white guy on the planet joe egan sit down with michael franzese
I said it right away and I said really tell me because I had heard about you, but I know too much about you, you know, and he was so he went on and on telling me about your training days and you know, with bad words and all that's what which I want you to mention a little bit, but I want to tell you how this goes. You know, I'm not really interviewing you. This is called sitting and you know, in my old life, this is what we used to do. We used to sit down and discuss anything, whether it was a business deal, some kind of life or death negotiation, whatever it was?
So if you have any questions for me or anything you want to ask me, that's fine too, you know, it's more. More of a discussion than an interview, but one of the things I really want to get into after talking a little bit about Mike is that you have a great story about how Joe came back through adversity in your life and a lot of my viewers like it . To hear that because I came out of a difficult situation I was very blessed in my life to be where I am now and I know I think we can say the same about you so I want to delve into that a little bit but you know, tell me. me about Mike, you know about your days with Mike, I'll tell you those are the most beautiful compliments from a man like Mike Tyson, but that particular company tournament, Big Joe Eagan, the toughest


man on the


, it was a strange day , Michael, we were training.
One particular day and there were four white sparring partners, which was unusual because normally there would be some black guys, but this particular day there were four white sparring partners and Mike, not three of them. I was number four. I took a beating from Bill on the post, but I was never put down and at the end of the Mike Tyson sparring session, when Joe Egan is the toughest white man on the planet, far from it, Michael, but I was the toughest white man from the gym that day. It was a huge compliment from a guy like Mike Tyson because Michael, if you're going to get hit, you better get hit by the best.
The best of my time hit me. Mike Tyson hit me made me cry many times, but what he did in my mind because boxing is a great psychological war, sometimes men are great before the first bell and I have seen many fighters defeated at the weigh-in. I've seen a lot of fighters at the press conference before the first point. His opponents think their opponents can get into their minds, but subconsciously I think if I could take Mike Tyson's punishment, I could take anyone's punishment and even when I was paired up to box Lennox Lewis, he was knocking everyone out and he got picked. to box, but the Canadian All-Stars versus the American All-Stars the New York All-Stars were boxing in New York at the time and he had knocked out the American champion in a previous International America versus Canada, so the champion American but he knocked him out he knocked out the New York Champion, so the New York Champion actually pulled out of the fight, so they said there was no one to fight.
Lennox Lewis Frankie Lyles was the star of the New York team that we won the super middleweight world title with and Leonard Lewis was the star of the Canadian team, so they were stuck looking for someone to fight Lennox, so I said: I'll fight with Lennox, they said that Joe, the man who beat you, was knocked out, but Lennox knocked out Amanda and I said yes, but Amanda beat me. Don't knock me out. I said I've been taking Tyson's punishment. This is 1985. I can handle Lennox Lewis's punishment so psychologically that I think deep in my heart and the madness in my brain I could drive Leonard to Spanish, but because he was taking my toys as punishment and I did.
I went in and got hit by Lenox Lewis but I stayed. I'm afraid Lennox paid me on points, but it was a great honor to share the ring with the two biggest heavyweights of my era. Mike Tyson and Lenox Lewis because every Mike fighter that goes into the ring dreams of becoming a world champion, that wasn't good enough to become a world champion, but if you're going to box with world champions and you'll be able to post but you stood up and yes I do both because it was a great achievement for me to stand with the two best punchers and the two best heavyweights of my time and share the ring with them and still to the day of today.
Mike and I have a friendship that will stand the test of time when he visited my mom and Ireland and my mom used to talk to him on the phone and I'm very, very proud to say he's my friend. Well, I'm telling you. feel the same way that he spoke highly of you, he really did and I have to ask you this too, you know, and it is a great privilege and an honor to be in the ring with two of the greatest heavyweight champions of our era, without doubt. about it and I have to ask you you know Mike knows the power of punches is legendary how did you feel the first time he hit you well?
I always joke with people, I say Michael, I said if Mike Tyson missed with a punch, you would get pneumonia. of the draft the power, but I will tell you how we came to box together. I boxed on the Irish team and I boxed in Atlantic City in 1983. I think it was '83 and I bought the American champion. He was 17 years old. age and um, the great American navy power or fighter was too strong for me. I had not understood that mature man well. He was big for my age, but he was still only 17 years old.
I left school when he was 14 years old. age he was in doors and nightclubs when he was 15 years old. He was big but he didn't have the strength of that mature man, but he was brave and brave like all fighters, you walked to the ring to box, you are a brave person, be it. whether you are a man or a woman you are a brave person you play football you play basketball you play darts you play tennis you play golf you don't play boxing it is a fight and years ago modern gladiators entered the arena with a spear on their sword now they enter with gloves and fight in any sport, It's a combat sport, they have them in the cage, now they have them, you know, I admire all fighters, but this great American beat me up. and Floyd Patterson was there and everything I showed in that fight impressed Floyd Patterson.
He didn't have great skills but he was brave and had a good chin and a photopolice. Poor Fitzgerald of art or the federal way he impressed Floyd Patterson was married. an Irish lady, she took a lot of interest in the Irish team, she was one of Otto's custom world champions in Uncle José Torres. I don't know why they were the three world champions, of course, I tried to train many other fighters too, but Floyd gave us the opportunity to stay in the United States, he said the poor thing surely, the Federal Way, you impressed me by winning and he He said, he told you that you have a lot of heart and a lot of courage. can we improve your skills can't we improve your courage or are you born with courage he said oh you don't have courage he said you can't give courage to a person and he said we can work on your skills would you like to stay in the United States I said yes, I wasn't interested in the money. to go back to America, so I remember calling my mom and I said mom, I'm staying in America Floyd Patterson has given me the opportunity to stay in America oh she said Son, you're never coming home.
I said I'd be home next year. I went to Gleason's gym. I started with a couple of professional heavyweights and Gleason Al Gavin and Bob Jackson, who bought the original equipment, of course, were friends of Mike's and were the closest. friends they were interested in me at least since the year was part uh I took it I don't remember the name of the heavyweight very good heavyweights and I got a good account anyway Alan and Mike told me they said uh I m Bob Sorry, Bob told me there's a young man we were on the calculator, his name is Mike Tyson and they said he's looking for training partners.
He is 17 years old. He made me very happy to know that he was going to box with a man of mine. older men and I said yes, yes, that would be great, so we went to the cat skills course I met and Camille, Marnie, Tom and Jade, and it was the warmest, most beautiful welcome I've ever had anywhere. In the world you could feel the warmth with these people, so I met Mike and I thought, "He's younger than me and smarter than me" and I thought I was going to outgrow him because he was big, he was six and seven months old. older, but what I didn't realize was that Mike was knocking out Men Out Left Right Center I had never heard of Mike coming from Ireland.
Mike was making big waves in America knocking out powerhouses anyway we got on really well, we talked about the history of Irish boxing. um I was fascinated with the relationship that Barry Mcquick had with Mr. East, it was like a father and son relationship, he was a famous Irish world champion from Federal Way and Mike had that same relationship because his father and son relationship we talked about The history of Irish boxing. and we got along very very well and I thought this guy is a good guy. He was actually starting to feel sorry. I'm going to beat you up.
Inspiring. This is the crazy area. I didn't realize how brilliant it actually was. I didn't know who he was, we spent the whole night talking about boxing, we went to his room at the top of the house, he had access to the largest collection of fight footage on Jim Jacobs and Bill's planetary planet and Mike had fight scenes I didn't even know it existed in a choice like I said, the biggest access to the biggest in the world, so we became great friends overnight, the next morning we went for a run, we jumped about half a mile, it took off like a gazelle, she was like an amazing runner amazing athlete and I thought it's true, bring it to justice, they're running and burning you because I'm, I'm saving my energy to vacuum later anyway, back home, some breakfast, lying down For a couple of hours we prepared to train, so we were in the minibus.
Now all these great, powerful men appeared. I had met them the day before and they were very, very somber, like they were walking around like men in the Chain Gang. to The Gallows, but what they knew was coming, they didn't know what was coming, they knew Mike was going to beat them up later that day, I didn't know this, I really was sure I'm bigger than you. I'm older than you and uh, I was so relaxed on the minibus that these other guys, big men sitting in a minibus like this, very somber, came to the gym, to the police station and to the CAT scales.
I'm nice and relaxed. Shadow boxing warming up blindfolded. I got up because he said, "Okay, come on, let's put on the gloves, now let's save." I look in the ring. Mike was walking around the ring and had taken off his shirt and, at 17 years old, he had a physique like he had never seen in a 17-year-old. my life then our sins is the physique his neck his biceps his chest hisback his body was incredible the shape the muscle definition he had well I have to tell you I have to tell you this Joe I remember it because I like to fight a lot I loved it since I was a child my dad was BIG my dad was an amateur fighter actually so I want I mean, I've been interested in the fight, you know, I was involved with antifermo veto for a while, he was a fighter that I had and I agree when I saw Mike the first time I said, Oh my God, this guy has the build of Adonis, you know, like a brick wall. people didn't know athletics in the mouth people just gave him credit for a slam pedal his speed was phenomenal his athleticism is his coachability he was I was just a brilliant athlete , brilliant, brilliant and imagine what he could have done to an American football, imagine what he could have done to anything, because you know, if you're also in a great mind, anyway, cus pointed to the first training partner, Michael, and this big Powerhouse came in, I could knock them out with the first hit and I.
Well I'd say I ruined a good pair of underwear in that Split Second, no, with a 17 year old, I should have this power anyway, knocked out a couple more, I was number four, I got in three minutes with him that day, I came out a I came in a couple more I came in I have done another three minutes I will still remember six minutes but the madness hit me I thought that one day I would surpass you I never did but it was an honor to share the ring In them I stayed for a long time in the Spiderman CAT scales many times and I learned a lot from sparring, but Mike and listening to the tutor, of course, and Tom and J, were probably some of the best moments of my life, even though they were turning me to a pulp, it was probably one of the best times of my life and I am very proud to say that my Tom Jays are still my friends to this day.
I classified them because I have affection for them, you know? I love them so much and people say how can you love him? In fact, they were headlines in the Bulgarian newspapers when I went to Bulgaria, headlines in the newspaper How can you love a man who beats you to a port that makes you cry constantly? you understand the sport unless you understand a sport you can't explain it I love the man every day let me ask you this you know this this is really interesting you get in a ring you're good friends you're training and Mike knows it He's going to hurt you He knows you It is going to hurt with that blow and you know that you will hurt yourself.
How do you think what it is about? I mean, could Mike know that you're a friend he can still hit? and hurt you is that the mentality of a fighter, uh Joe, what it cost you to say what my experience as a collector uses an aggression and launches points of bad intentions when, desperate on the high seas, he can leave men unconscious and then duck and cradle him in his arms and bring them and Satan and brother, you're okay, you're okay, come on, you're okay, brother, and he would have an affection that after he finished hitting you during the disparent session, he would have aggression, but once they were done the seasons spiral, once he knocked out his opponent, a bell rang, he had affection for all the fighters, he loves all the fighters, you know, but it's a sport, it's nothing personal and people who don't understand the issue of sport and They say, how can anyone?
I'll give you an example, Michael. I boxed in the Irish championship when you accepted Mike Tyson. I want to get to the Irish final and I was working the door of a nightclub and the head was asleep in the nightclub. named Cara Ryan and Carl Ryan had won their way to the Irish final I had won my way to the Irish final he was the sleeping boss where I worked we were friends but when the bell rang it was a fight and we hit each other the fight the finals Irish women we went to work after he was at night work all the broken people coming and going it must have been a bad fight tonight we were there boxing I was the best man at his wedding it was a friendship That's the best thing about boxing: there's a friendship and camaraderie that cannot be expressed in words.
Boxing with Michael, first and foremost, gives you respect for yourself and then for your opponent, and that's a very important word in life: respect yourself. and respect for others and that is the best thing about the sport and Mike, along with all the fighters that I have met on the planet but I have been all over the world, the boxes have great respect and camaraderie for each other and like me Tell me what it is the best sport in the world, maybe I am biased, I have been an experienced fighter, but it is a very important part of life to have respect for yourself and others.
No, I agree with you, Joe, and I have to tell you, you know, gentlemen. Like you and Mike, I have a lot of respect for Mike, you know, I relate to him as two guys who came out of a tough situation and came from Brooklyn, but the way Mike changed his life, he's so honest, he's so transparent. . It's just a pleasure to sit and talk to him, whatever's on your mind is on his lips. I mean, sometimes he has no filter, but it's very refreshing because he tells the truth, you know, and it's nice to see that.
He's come out of all that and you know that he's having success and he's really doing well with himself right now. It is a story of joy. Michael that you will appreciate and your listeners will appreciate. Mike spoke to my mom many times on the phone. for 22 years before I met him because I had been talking for 22 years and I had met her at this stage, so this particular day we are doing a tour, we will do a Mike Tyson talk after dinner and Mike said Joe How are you? your mother? I said she's not that good Mike, as I said a lovely movement from her neck and we're very worried.
She answers because she is a smoker. My uncle Brian. My mother's brother. He died of cancer. They arrested him. He had never smoked. her life and I told her that we are very, very worried about her with the lump in her neck Mike, she had surgery, she was discharged from the hospital because of the MRSA book, she is now staying at her sister's hospital, being careful with my aunt, my mom. Sister Mike said we have to go see our mother jokingly. This is after the 22-year-old speakers were on the phone. He insisted we come see you stop the tour.
We got on a plane. I, Mike Scott Welch, who fought for the world. for the heavyweight title he fought Henry Ackerman, Holyfield's publicity undermined, we landed at Dublin airport, they picked up and Dublin airport was taken straight to my aunt's house, there was chaos, it was unreal that the crowds, the paparazzi, but Mike wanted to see my mom because he was worried about her after surgery and wanted her to be with him when he saw my mom anyway, we went to my aunt's front room and this man who can break bones with blows he hugged Hug the fragile woman recovering from surgery on her arms, he hugged her, Scott Welch and I were standing there and he was hugging her arms and he said mystic and he said: I'm going to tell you something now, he said I remember that on my 18th birthday I was with Mike when he was 17. he said I remember turning 18 he said you sent a shoe box with some chips in the shoe box Irish chips he said some money and an envelope It would have been very little money Michael and some sweatshirts would have been second in sweatshirts first birthday, this was 22 years ago.
I don't know many people who remember what the government never forgets. Wow, Mike was standing there with my mom, Scott and I, well, today and my mom said to Mike, do you remember Mike said yes, Mrs. Eagan? He says very few people have given me anything in my life I choked Scott Welsh choked Scott had to leave the room My mom started crying I started crying Mike looked at me He excused the language Joe says, you're always crying, he told me It made me cry but this man, this man could have been a multi-millionaire athlete, yes, remember that two years earlier, a couple of packets of crisps, some second-hand sweatshirts and some money that my mother had sent him for his birthday, That shows that you even know it.
With all his success and achievements I don't envy his introduction into this world, he has such a difficult introduction into this world. Michael and the fighters come from difficult times. Wrestlers come from humble beginnings, well I tell you there aren't too many men in this. planet that has had more humble beginnings or more difficult times than Mike Tyson, you know, growing up on the streets of Brownsville, he must have had it very difficult because where I come from, in Rings End, in Dublin, I had spoken times. I am one of the seven children I have. I have four sisters, two brothers and seven children in a working class family, you know, we had difficult times, but nothing compared to what Mike Tyson had and, like I said, with all the success, I am not envious of the performances at this point .
Well, it shows you what kind of heart he has and look, we have another thing in common. I'm one of seven and I also have two brothers and four sisters, so oh yeah, here you go, but you know I have to ask. You, yes, he has a big heart like you, Joe, because I read about you and searched. You know you have a lot. They both have a lot in common. That way, I have to ask you this Custom Car. You obviously had a relationship with him back then and we know the impact he had on Mike's life.
Can you talk about that a little bit? Yes, of course, he was a very, very special human being. You know, if the world was full of more people, it would be personalized. I thought it would be a better world, you know, he was a genuine, caring man and I speak for myself, but I also saw the way he took care of the inspiring partners they brought in who were hurt and beaten by my costs. They made sure we were okay, he cared about so many people and what he did for boxing, he would be remembered not only by Mike, by Mike too, but by what he had done with José and Floyd Floyd.
Patterson, true, is a great man, a man with so much knowledge and his name will be tested over time. You know that he will be remembered in boxing history and as boxing he will be remembered along with Mike. Mike cemented in stone, the first, the youngest. Always heavyweight champion of the world, he took it from Floyd to train constantly and he is just an incredible man and it was a privilege, it was a privilege to be in the cataclys with curses with Mike with Tom with Jay Camille and Manny and the Hilton Brothers, there is many other people that I met when I was there because, like I said, they are some of the best moments of my life and memories that I will take with me to the grave, you know, and to be able to carry on to this day and for the rest of my life to be able to say that Mike is my friend.
You know, I'm very proud to be able to say that, but to say that I was there with Cursed because he was the man who made Mike. Know? if any other mentor or coach had a god, Mike, they may not have been able to do the same job which caused the cost. He was a father figure because protector Mike and the fighters need protection. People say how fighters need protection. They are the toughest people. the planet they need to be protected from themselves and from the traps that come with success, you know that the Entourage will come with success because as soon as you succeed, this trap will be put on your weight, your obstacle will be gone.
They will get in your way and there will be an entourage that will join in because they want to associate themselves with the champions and sometimes they are not there for genuine reasons, they are simply there because they will not have to travel alongside the champion as soon as that champion loses his title. , they will jump another champion, because he prepared Mike for life and that's what he did with a lot of these fighters, he not only taught them how to protect themselves in the ring, he also taught them. how to protect yourself outside the ring because he knew the boxing ring was safe for the fighters because they knew what was coming to them Mike Tyson was the safest he has ever been in a boxing ring I was safest in the boxing room because there is only one man punching him even if it's Mike Tyson I learned Knox Lewis there's only one man punching here when I was outside the Ring I was shot twice I was stabbed many times They attacked me and beat me with poles and buttons because of the gangs the boxer was safe it's a strange world the one we live in Michael, you know, because we'll teach you how to prepare for life's obstacles and that's what he was, he was a great mentor, not just a great boxing coach.
Tragically, he wasn't there to see Mike Window World title, he saw it from heaven because, believe me, I believe in heaven. I pray all the time and I know there is a God, you can call him Allah, call him Buddha, call him whatever you want. As long as you worship him in the right way, you respect yourself, you respect others, you behave appropriately and you are a good ambassador for your family, for your country, for your religion, and that's what I think the cost would mean, He would make sense of things. You would say that because looking back to when I was young, you think what this is all about, but looking back, now I realize that the teachings you gave were not just for the boxing room, but for a lifetime, you know, and he was an incredible and amazing.
Tragically, he wasn't there long enough for Mike's life. Very interesting what you just said, Joe and I. I think you know that Cuss's passing had a big effectat Mike in a negative way because I agree with you, Cuss would have protected him and Mike admits it himself but you know what you said and I have heard nothing but good things because from everyone I know in the wrestling world who knew him , but what you said was so interesting that for a wrestler the safest place for a wrestler is in the ring because of everything he has to face in life outside of the ring.
You know all the praise and all the things that come with it that can really ruin you in some ways, yes, in certain places. the ring that is that's really uh I've never heard that before but you know what I certainly understand you're really trained for that you prepare for your opponent to attack him the way you know he's going to attack you because your stomach associates to trigger his style, so you are prepared for what is coming at you outside the ring, it is like that. It is difficult to prepare us for what is coming here because you have to teach us things that would help us prepare for what awaits us in life because there are so many things that come with us for which we were not prepared and I say that I said it in my book I am not trying to promote my book my technology Canary War that is my book we never saw the best of Mike Tyson because at 20 years of age Michael had not even matured as The man hadn't even matured when the custom was taught since Us and the thing is, Mike never really reached his true potential.
People say Joe, how can you say that when he won the world title and then won the world title back? I said we never saw the best in man. I said because he imagines that he was capable. to do that when Chris was taken away from him, imagine what he could have done. I said he probably would have ruled the world. The Klitschkels ruled the world for 10 years. Mike could have ruled the world while Chris was alive because it costs. I would have kept them tight, I would have kept them wrapped in a cotton wall outside the boxing ring and I would have protected him from the traps of the Entourage life that sometimes comes when you are successful because it would have made Mike disciplined and live the life. of a fighter, a gladiator, a warrior that he is, and bad words would have kept Mike on the right path and Mike would have ruled the world for a long time.
Joe Egan has a unique perspective on fear, a fighter's perspective. and he says you can face it all and rise up or you can fear it all and run and think about it. You know a fighter. I'm sure as long as he gets in the ring I don't care who he is as long as he gets in the ring. There has to be a certain amount of fear, a certain amount of anxiety when entering the ring, it's mono Amano one on one and what do you know? You face it and you rise to the occasion or you cower and you run and I think that's how Joe has faced fear in every situation in his life and I think that's something we all need to hear.
You know, you can face it and rise or fear it and run away and hopefully most of us will face the fear and rise. The occasion like Joe has is incredible, you know, the way you say that, you know, I have to ask you something now and this is really about you and, like I said, my viewers like to hear how people overcome the obstacles in their lives and me. I think you're a perfect example of that and I want to ask you a couple of things: You know fear is a factor in everyone's life and it doesn't matter how tough you are, how strong you are, you know, I spent 20 years in the In the street had so many guys around me, but there were times when one night I walked into a room where my knees were trying, I mean, I thought I was going to pass out because I didn't know when the door opened in the room I was in. enter if they were going to shoot me in the head or if I was going to leave the room and I was afraid.
I'll be honest with you and you know I lived a life on the street every time you meet me. I have been in a ring many times, you were very successful, you know that as a fighter and you were a tough guy. I understand that you know that you came back from a pretty serious accident that you had after uh, I think it was after your first fight, I know that has to be depressing, your career is just beginning, you're doing well, and all of a sudden, boom, you get knocked out for something like that, then you had some adversity later in your life, you were in prison, all of this. things have to weigh on you, how do you come back from something like that?
Joe, what do you have to tell yourself that just says you know what, no matter what I'm going to do, I'm going to come back and I'm going to reform myself. I'm going to get back in the ring, so to speak, what about you or anyone else? that is capable of doing that? There are two spellings of the word fear, the coward spells sphere forget everything in Rome, the fighter spells fear face everything and stand up and that's what I've been. I have been a fighter Michael because I learned to fight from a very young age because I have been bullied all my years in boxing.
I've only read one, two knocked out, I have two. The bullies knocked out my teeth I was Irish My dad worked in England and we came to visit my dad in England and I made my Holy Communion in England I was seven years old I was seven years old Michael when I entered the Maori community and I was harassed in England because with the Irish accent I learned the English accent and when I returned to Dublin I was harassed in Dublin because with the English accent I learned to spoil and then I made my Holy Communion.
My two front teeth fell out in Manchester and I was bullied as the eldest of seven children, so when the police finished beating me I used to jump up and say, don't hit my brothers and sisters, hit me, hit me, no. beat them I can take this and use that part of me until the way the pain made me immune to pain is like my pain nerve endings have just disappeared. Bullies and boxing gave me that courage, confidence and ability to stand up to bullies. Joe talks about his dislike of bullies in his life. You know, when he was a kid he ran into some bullies and that motivated him, maybe even to be a wrestler and to get in the ring and do what he did and talk about the time when, you know, these gang members were trying to blackmail him.
Shake it up in his pub, the bar he owned, and he looked at them like thugs and I look at them. as cowards they were looking for protection money for Joe and who they were protecting Joe from themselves, they were extorting him, you know, when gangs come and extort people in their own community in their own neighborhoods, that's cowardice, that's not strength, that's not gangs. I know in my own life and my cousin Oyster if people would do that, they would look down on it, you know, no, you don't take advantage of people in your own neighborhood, your own, uh, you know people that can't stand up for themselves. talk, but Joe could, he stood up to them and as a result he got over it and Joe, I agree with you 100, you know, don't take advantage of people, I don't care who you are or what life you lead.
Many things that have happened in my life, being able to stand up and fight against bullies, has given me the character to face many things. You know, if you can get in the ring and box, if you can take on the police. and fight if you can walk upright, there is nothing in life that will confront you, you know why I believe that if you can get into that boxing ring to fight any man or woman, because now there are women boxing, nothing in life will confront you and Yes I can confront the police because no one likes to be intimidated Michael, no one likes to be intimidated and eh, I have had many things in my life that have tested me over time, but the Box in this gives me the character and the ability to withstand the trials that have come in every real life um when when my boxing career ended I went into a bit of depression and people used to tell me about depression and I never understood it, they used to say what is depression It even actually hits you, you see when it hits you, it's like Hell Michael's Sucker Punch and for two years into my professional career because I suddenly got paid for a sport that I loved, whereas before I was fighting for trophies, I loved the sport.
Now they pay me for a sport that I love. I'm going to make a living doing a sport that I love. I thought this would be a wonderful trip, but it was tragically cut short after my second professional fight was involved. In a very serious car accident, a trainer I was riding on the way back from my flight was hit by another professional driver, a taxi driver, and I was seriously injured in the accident, my boxing ended and my life became a kind of spiral of error control as two. years of depression and until it really hit me, I never knew what depression was.
I never understood her and my life got out of control. I didn't know what to do with my life. He was in limbo and he was a very personal friend of my family. a man called Paddy Finn his family had founded my amateur boxing club he had gone into the pub business and came to the UK he was very successful in the pub business he contacted me he said Joe I had to retire from boxing because to my bad back he had to catch a puck on his back and his career was cut short and he said there is life after boxing, he said: "come and work for me and appropriate in the United Kingdom," he said and uh, we will train you.
He had left school. When I was 14 years old Michael I left with two swimming certificates 800 meters and 1500 meters I was I was not very academic I knew that my life was boxing and I was going to make a living in boxing I don't need any real education. I regret it now because I think education is a very important platform for life and I only got an education to go out and work the doors of nightclubs and pursue a career in boxing and they regretted it a little bit about my sister, one of my sisters became a childhood accountant, so I know there are brains in the family because she became a childhood accountant, but anyway Paddy Finn gave me the opportunity to work for him.
I worked for him for two years. I did a bii Institute. but certificate from the British Institute of Innkeeping or donation to MBQ certificates I learned the pop trade and within two years I got my own Puck and with my business partner at the time and Thomas McGill we took over a pub in Erdington called Lyndhurst which had a great feature. In the hall we organized boxing tournaments and it worked very, very well, that was in 1997. I came here in '95. So in 1997 I am now climbing the ladder to success in the pub business, but then the gangsters, the gangsters who wanted. to cash in on my success, my hard work success and they put a protection money lawsuit on the port now I thought this only happened in the movies even though it's still on doors and micros I didn't understand in the world you know , I thought confrontation at the door and knocking on the door.
I have to ask you, Jody, with these uh, you know, blackmailers from where they weren't Mom, you know they weren't causing the Austrian mafia, who are they? I have been blackmailers for 15 years. in the protection scandal burning one of the family members, one of this particular family had killed his best friend to make him his best friend, so if they can do that to his best friend, what chance does anyone have? What do you not like? You know, that's how they put it and then on July 19, 1998, we were in the pubs since September '97, very successful with the public, living a good life, a second chance at life to be successful.
My boxing must be hard on my part now. I have a second chance, I know not many people have a second chance, not many people have a first chance, so now I have to say that I am very lucky and these, in other words, scum tried to ruin that opportunity. I had done so and before 19 July 1998 they demanded £500 a week protection money for my business. I am a fighting man. I grew up facing the police, but at this stage I was a businessman and I wasn't saying I had gone soft. Michael doesn't say I've gone soft, but I thought he'd say that for a puppy I'm a pillar of the community.
I don't need to fight anymore. Let the police handle this. I spoke to my local sergeant, a gentleman. You know about the force because he was how a police officer should be because people criticize the police people say oh what a police everything else sees what society is like with the police here imagine what society is like how bad it would be if the police were If not, we would have anarchy, we would have chaos. You know, we're living in a strange society, even with the police. There they criticize the police. The husband of my sister.
My brother-in-law just retired. in society and I see what the world is like and that's what the police try to keep control of. Imagine what it would be like if the police weren't there. You know Joe. What he said is so true. Know? when it comes to the police and when it comes to God, the same people who scream for the police to go away, we don't need the police and the same people who don't believe in God or don't want God in their life and yet , the way Joe says it and I agree with him when something goes wrong and when you're in trouble or when things get bad, who is the first person you turn to or the first thing you turn to?
God, God, help me and when something goes wrong on the street. we are the first people you call 911, the police, okay we need the police and we certainly need God in our lives and actually it's the other way around, we need God first and we need the police and any thought about getting rid of the police. It is simplycrazy and Joe, you said it best and I agree with you in every way. Well, Joe, I have to tell you, you know it's very interesting that you say that because I agree with you. Some people questioned me.
Michael, you were on the street. You were on the other side of the police and I tell them to wait a second. I said I have. I have seven children. I have a wife when they walk down the street. I want them to be protected and I hope the police arrive. To do that we have to have police in our society, yes, and there is a movement here in the United States now to eliminate the police and I think they are completely crazy, we need the police, we need law enforcement, listen to Michael, do you? TRUE?
People who criticize the police and people who criticize religion just when the fan hits and it's funny to a lot of people, what comes first? say God help me God help me God help me find the police but the same people who condemn religion and criticizes the police when they find it the first thing I say father please God help me absolutely and I think the police have to be there, I've been checking them you know I don't like to see them in my review mirror but I'm glad that they are there and on this particular day, on this particular day, when I was attacked I found my sergeant, my friend and I said Andy, this guy is gathering, they are going to attack.
I knew during that week because it was an imminent threat and neutral that week, tension was rising, but I didn't want to attack them, my business partner said, let's attack. them, let's go take it and I told them: no, no, no, no, no, we are business people, we have, I live upstairs in my business, I have my house above my business, you know what we don't need. attack, we are not Vigilantes, let the police take care of it on the day of the attack. I get a phone call to say this game is on its way to attack.
I found my sergeant, my friend, I said Andy, these men are gathering to attack, he said. Tell mom, wait here, radio the police station. I will have the men physically attend his premises and disband them while he was heading towards me. He was sent to a Mickey Mouse alarm call. There was nothing worrying about what was going to happen. It was happening to me and half an hour after I made the phone calls, 37 men in my parking lot and weapons, axes, machetes and knives attacked my premises. I had an assembly hall with a Holy Communion in the assembly hall on July 26, 1998.
I was shot twice there were people dead headlines in the newspaper said that the Lyndhurst attack made the movie Braveheart look like a Walt Disney movie established that it was damaged as I said it was seriously injured many people seriously injured but on That particular day, in the pub, the customers gathered and four like Gladiators fought like Trojans and fought and we defeated the gang that attacked and the people who fought from my local broke stools broke chair arms to fight knives, guns, axes and machetes and It was a bad day, it was a really bad day and I'm not saying it was my fault in Birmingham, but he gave me great support from the people from Birmingham because this gang had ruled Birmingham for 15 years. and people were terrified and I stood my ground and people supported me from that and the friendship and the spirit that I got from the community of Irvington and the surrounding areas of Birmingham encouraged me, you know, because when the business was closed for a good time we rebuilt the place because the place was very damaged and many things destroyed people came to support me people helped me and uh when we opened again the business flourished because I told the people I told them if the business does not flourish if we do not manage to this business is a success the people who attacked me on July 26, 1998 win because they didn't beat me that day if the business fails in the long run they win so I said we have to achieve success in this business, I have to rebuild it and that It's the fighting spirit and I rebuilt the business and we made the business a success and then we sold it because, um, I just got tired of the pop business, but when I was rebuilding the business, I'm ashamed to say, Michael, I got into problems trying to get money to rebuild the business because I had a lot of things that drove me to succeed in a business because I don't want this scum who had attacked me the day they didn't beat me that day to win in the long run, so I took a path I had never taken before.
I had never had problems in my life. I was honorably discharged from the Irish Army, registered Delta Airlines licensee with the FAA for a pub. I'm not trying to be a case of me, but I've never had trouble in my life and, um, getting money to keep my business afloat and trying to do. It was a success again I got in trouble and turned to crime um I'm ashamed to say it and I'm ashamed to say it the only time in my entire life until then that I never saw my dad cry in the eyes of all the children, his dad is the most hard. man on the planet and in my eyes my dad is the topless man on the planet and one time when I was little I saw my dad coming home from work and my mom if she didn't greet him at the front door with a hook. would you say Anne, whatever I did, I'm sorry, we fixed it, but this particular day we were waiting to see my dad come home from work because he brings candy for me and my brothers and sisters, but my mom sent us to go to bed early to wake her up to get her up to pick up the bed it was only 4:30 in the day I thought it was too early to go to bed what's wrong and my mom was walking down the hall like she had this chicken but what had happened?
It was my grandfather, my dad's father had actually died, oh, and we didn't understand what was going on, so when my mom ran into my dad in the hallway, she was looking through the panelists, I put my arm around him. to one of my brothers and I saw. my mom talked to my dad in the hallway of the house and I saw my dad take his head in his hands and start crying and I got the shock of my life because my dad was crying I thought he's my hero why is he crying ? Anyway, we found out after us that his dad had died and it was a big shock to him and to us, years later, Michael, when I was found guilty of a crime and I looked up at the gallery in the gallery and I saw him take his head in his hands and cry and um, even talk about it now if you're sick, yeah, you know getting in trouble is my dad's cry and I swore I'll never get in trouble again.
I didn't make it out to him that I'm a man or my family, but at the time it was um Desperate Times Desperate Measures I didn't want this guy to succeed where he didn't succeed in the attack on the Daily and uh and to keep the business. afloat I turned to crime. I'm embarrassed to even talk about it now, but they captured me. I went to prison while I was in prison. In fact, I saved a man's life when he was in prison, so you know the way you've done it. get out of it and the way you talk about it now there's nothing to be ashamed of we've all heard you know you're preaching to the choir here because you know when I was on the street I was doing the wrong thing for 20 years and you know I have no excuses , there were decisions that I made in my life and I suffered the consequences that were well deserved at the time, but you know, look, we all make mistakes, but the fact that you feel it in your heart that way and you know that you have gotten through this, you know it says a lot about you personally and I'll tell you this, you know, I can relate to that it was in 1968, I think my father was in jail, he was accused of murder, it was a serious case, I thought you know, my family was devastated by that and at that time my grandmother passed away and my dad was one of 19 children, but he was my grandmother's favorite, they only had four boys, the rest were girls and I will never.
Forget the day we were at the funeral home and my father was allowed God to come visit him and they brought him there. The police brought him there. He was handcuffed and my father was always this Pillar of Strength, you know, tough guy, Pillar of Strength and when I saw Him walk to the coffin and he had a nervous breakdown right there and I Paula's whole funeral was because we never expected that thing about my father was devastating to me and I mean I can relate to that seeing someone that you admire that's so strong and it's always our parents to see him have a nervous breakdown like that, you never want to see that again and The only time I let my dad down, you know, in my life, I know he was, he was.
It hurt me pretty bad I didn't see tears in his eyes, but I know I heard it and I never forgot it. You know, and my dad did some things with me that, you know, really bothered me too. I felt very disappointed, he broke my heart. but other than that, Joe, I always loved my dad, I always forgave him, I always loved him because I knew he really loved me and sometimes things in life just happen, you know, and you have to forgive, forgiveness is everything that cannot be done in life. I want to carry the burden of you knowing animosity toward someone you love, especially so I can relate to how you felt about your father, because I feel the same way.
I will tell you that my father motivated me to do so many things. In my life, I mean, I went out because of my dad to try to help him. I tried to be the best kid I could on the street to make my dad proud, that's what it was about for me, you know, for quite some time. so I identify with that and it's wonderful to know that we have parents who meant a lot to us and we wanted to shine in their eyes, we understand them. I love grandma. Mom and Dad. I I I love them more than words can say, you know, simply because there is nothing in this world that can compare to what I feel for my mom and my dad and when, when, when I get out of prison, Michael, I went back to the boxing.
I needed the money. That was one of the reasons, but the most important reason was that I wanted to make my father proud again, you know, and I thought I didn't want to be Joe to condemn. I want to be known as Joe the boxer again and I came back to boxing, there was a breakthrough in boxing news, which is a world famous boxing magazine, yes, and that's the ring, but a news box is just a magazine from the UK, but is sold worldwide. There was a headline in the boxing magazine that said George Foreman returned after 10 years.
Big Joe Eagan returns after 12 years to be mentioned in the same paragraph. Like George Foreman, one of the best fighters of all time, it was a great honor. Anyway, I am mentioned next to his name. I came back after 12 years out of the ring and I actually forgot what Michael's fear was walking into the boxing ring and the place where he was going to fight, a guy named Mark Williams. trained with two occasions for children, the spider prepared him for the victories of children, a tough guy, a tough man, being boxed for two and a half years, in fact, he had been shot and, two and a half years out of boxing, was returning after two and a half years was returning after 12 years with a press conference.
He hoped to fight in the United States. He was hoping to fight all over the world, so I thought if I had anything left, he was 38 years old. 37 years. 38 38 maybe I thought I had something left. I'm in a box in Ireland because the Irish will tell me you've got nothing left, if an English boxing town might be saying oh you look good, the Irish will tell you. For me, the truth is, then I boxed in Dublin. I'm in a place where I boxed as an amateur. Now I'm on the scene boxing as a professional and I used to enter the ring to Irish music, but my ex, my ex-fiancée, her.
I had run away with Michael Flatley, the world famous Irish River Dance star, so when my ship was sinking, she jumped ship and jumped ship with Michael Flatley, the world's biggest star, and it was a bad time for me going through what I was going through, but her leaving me was even harder, so when I came back I didn't want to play Irish music. I was like no, I'm not going to go in and use her music because I didn't want to. I didn't do anything for Michael Flatley and I was very bitter towards him anyway.
I spent that day of the fight listening to some music with my friend and his wife, who used a show choreographed by Steve Dawson, who I trained, but many times and I'll tell you. you're a funny story about me and steve in a second life of the story but he and he are missing at that time she helped me choose the music and I chose a song by the Fugees Ready or Not Here I Come You Can't Hide And I thought what song to enter the boxing ring because there is no hiding place in the bathroom, right?
But that night of the fight I'm nice and relaxed. I slept. I ate my carbs. I already had the preparation. I'm sure I'm sitting in the locker room. They are bandaging my hands. Darren Corbett, the Commonwealth champion, comes to the locker room because Joe, the fight guy in the next room, I know the guy I'm fighting. We've done the press conferences together, we knew each other, we trained together before he said, girl, scream, let the madness in you come out, put the fear of God in him, so I start laughing. They will ban my hands. I'm laughing and that photo was on the back page of the Irish newspapers for nice and relaxed, so it was nice to relax.
I have my hands bandaged. Theofficials came to check my hands. They piled them up. They say I put on gloves, but fear. He kicked Michael forgot what fear was like Wow, but George Foreman George Foreman, as I said before, spoke in a video called Champions Forever with Ken Norton Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier and Larry Holmes, five of the greatest champions of all time and George Foreman speak. about the pre-Ken Norton era and said: I'm looking across the ring at the finest specimen, not specimen of a man, I've ever seen. He said it was chiseled. He said I walked to the center of the Ring.
Can Norton walk up to the center of the ring and George said he was really glad Ken didn't look down because my knees were shaking and I thought of George Foreman George Foreman might even be more comparable to that man anyway, the fear appears and that's the best thing about the boxing game is if you can overcome that fear and walk around the ring to fight, like I said before, no, nothing in localfasia, so now I've been told to put on the glove, do my entrance to the ring. I walk out of the locker room and I've walked before because I boxed in the place before as an amateur.
I walked, so I knew my way into boxing. I walked from the dressing room into the arena to the ring and walked right past the ring. He was actually leaving the place. Fear had entered me. I had forgotten about it 12 years ago outside the ring. I was going out. At the venue and a couple of guys at the exit door knocked on me and said Joe and I did what they said, you missed the steps to the ring and I said oh yeah and I had to turn around, he hadn't stopped. I would have left directly from that place.
I would have gone home, but I walked back to the ring. I entered the ring for two rounds. I had a pasta. I returned to my corner after two rounds and my old man. Coach Tony Mindy is dead now go to Dresden Tony slapped me and I said well what he said wake up you're not in the fight he's blasting you were punches he said come on get in I was a little rusty 12 years he was at his sharpest for me is the third round. I entered the fight in the fourth round. I got more into the fight and in the fifth round I had him in the corner and I pushed him to keep him in the corner because he was moving around the ropes and I was.
I pushed him but when I pushed him his shoulder dislocated and his arm came off and he was trying to fight with one arm. I can't fight with more than one arm in a boxing match, that's fine, unless you're something exceptional. Danny Williams did it for Mark Potter in the 10th round caught him with a shot on the British every time it was an exceptional performance but most of the time you can't fight with one arm it's hard enough for two for sure and there would have been fought, but it was a win Michael it was a win and I asked people Brendan Eagle a great trainer train nasty mom he trained many champions he had a tendency to fight around the sign called John O'Brien the Thunderball Dean Smith the promoter I asked him how I looked they said you looked good, Joe, the first two rounds, you're Rusty, you come alive around the third and fourth, you looked good, there's still some left in the tank, so I thought about a fight around the world, Now I'm going to have some more fights. get some more money get my pride back make my dad proud my mom never wanted me to box no mother wants to see a zombie beat badly but my dad was happy with my boxing so now I'm preparing again for another fight so I spoke to my friend Steve Dawson, who I had trained with many times, he would help me prepare for this fight.
I told Steve, I'm going to fight again. Get well. I've been told I have some left in the tank. help me get ready, he said it was okay so I will stay in this house. I'm getting ready to fight again. We're going out to train this particular day and his little Tristan was there and Tristan said where are you going. I told me and you. Dad went to train, he says who is the toughest, known in every kid's eyes, he starts talking to his man on the planet, so I told Trish that Dad is the toughest man on the planet, Tristan, so we went to training, nothing cruel it wasn't even a big hit, it hit me, I ducked into the hit and it opened my eye and I felt the tear, I felt the blood running down my face, I was 38 and I met Michael at that moment when that blow landed.
I knew my career was over, how do you know? I knew that last hit, yes, that was the end point of my comeback. My boxing career and I went to the hospital. They put stitches in my eye. My head is swollen and we've gone back to Steve's house and his little Tristan's is at the front door and he's looking and my face is bruised and stitched up and he calls what happened Big Joe. I told him, oh, your dad caught me when we were training, he said, you said he was the toughest man on the planet now, if Everett was inside the injury, it was at that time, yeah, you're telling me that, but I knew that everything was over, but I would end my career with a victory even if it wasn't the best. of wins, the guy had to retire because they got a shoulder sell, it was still a win and then I went back to being a cold boxer again and got my pride back.
I received my affection and love from a father that I had not lost anyway, Mike, in my heart I felt that I had done it because I had embarrassed and embarrassed them and my family, but now I showed a boxer again and they have happened wonderful things since that comeback fight. I got a friend of mine, Ken, to buy it. He came up to me and said Joe, could you talk a little after dinner? This was so I don't remember what year it was Michael 2003 2004. So I said yes. I said I can speak well. I am Irish.
If you had the gift? Blarney Stone, you know, we can talk well and he gave me the opportunity to sit at the top table with Joe Frazier and Marcus. I trained with Mike for The Marvelous fight and shared a top tape with these guys, Legends and It was an honor and the best feeling in the world to be applauded alongside these guys and when I was there there was a man called Cast Pennant, editor in England and He talked to me and he said Joe, he said you're a fascinating character, your story is great, he said I'm a book editor and I half-joked and I thought and I said, well, you could write a book about me, he said, well, I'm sure. that if you could get Mike Tyson involved we could I had a book out so I contacted Mike Mike and Tom did the book trailers well why can't K and Tom release the book and Canary Wharf crippled Canary Wolf one of the best days of my life, thousands and thousands?
Thousands of people attended Canary Wharf in 2005 for the book launch. I know everyone was there for Mike Tyson, but Mike Tyson was there for me, he was there for you, that's right, he was there for me and it was one of the best days of my life and the cast of Penance, who published the pennant book Publications, he had also written a book about his life and they were making it into a movie called Cass and he said to me, he said Joe, do you fancy acting in the movie a little bit? and I thought to myself, well, I've acted to get a career in boxing.
I'll try. You know, he gave me a role in the film and I played the owner of the Britannia Pub and a famous British actor called Tama Hassan. who's in the movie and said Joe, you have a great screen presence. My agent could do something with you if you'd like to work with my agent and then get you a pass to the movie. I said yes. I said I ate two bites of Apple. I have the boxing book for myself because of a car accident. They took my portrait away because of the gangsters. This is the third bite of the apple.
This doesn't happen. This doesn't happen. How many people in Michael's life? You know that to take three bites out of Apple you're right on the dirt bike and acting right, so I thought so? I said, please introduce me to his agent. His agent said there is a role in a Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr and Jude. Law, his character named Mac, kills the fight, Robert Downey Jr and Sherlock Holmes. It shows that the Warner Brothers production said that Joe would you like to go to the audition, so I went to the audition. A strange casting agent said that Joe looks into the camera lens. gives an intimidating ladder save the line, so I looked at the camera lens, I gave him the intimidating status, they said wow, they said you have an amazing intimidating status, I said another look at Mike Tyson's eyes and they are I have no idea a couple of casting agents, no problem anyway.
I got the role of Michael. I went to the reading and I'm wearing my name badge Joe Egan along with Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams, who won the Academy Award for sale. sitting across from Joel Silver, the CEO of Warner Brothers and Guy Ritchie, and the guy said Joe, I've been trying to get you in one of my movies for a long time. I said you're kidding. I'm Robert Downey Jr. and Indian, this is Iron. Man and he said Joe, you come with a face and a reputation. I couldn't believe Michael that these people knew me but they knew me through Mike Tyson and I felt honored and humbled that they knew me through Mike Tyson anyway we traveled in the minibus to do the practice fight and the guys said how are things going Joe, I said things are good Kai, I'm making ends meet, he says your agent told you what you got for the fight scene, I said boy, I didn't even ask, I'm so It's an honor to be on your movie, Michael, when he told me it was more than I got in any of my professional fights and that he was taking that guy for that money.
I told him that Robert Downey Jr can really hit me. You can also kick me if you want. and he laughed funny and said Joe, I don't want you to get hit like a boy. I've been hit for a lot less. For that money I spend a few weeks in the hospital. I didn't have to do that. I'll tell you seriously, Michael, they would have hospitalized me for a few weeks. I get it, Joe said, you don't have to get beat up, and he gave me a scene in prison that wasn't in the script where Guy Ritchie called me Big Joe, a production manager at Warner Brothers, and an award-winning actor from the Academy, Robert Downey Jr., called me great work and that made all the beatings I took worth it because it made my mom proud because it was immortalized on the screen and my boxing career made my father proud and now this movie made to my mother, you know, she was very happy and since then I have done more films, the roles are getting bigger with the experience I have gained.
I worked with several Academy Award-winning actors. I have been portrayed on screen as a tough guy or as a gangster and in life I have had to live the life of a tough guy. I guess I haven't been to prison. I can say it was a little cancer. It wasn't, but portraying it on screen is easy enough. I'm not a great actor. You know it yourself. You probably find it easy because you are being yourself. Roles are not just great acting skills. People say Joe, you play the tough guy very, very well. I said I had to live the tough guy life and portraying that on screen is pretty easy and they say you know what the phase is. a dialogue with Academy Award-winning actors happened.
I said no because if you can walk into the room to spell Mike Tyson and Buffalo Nick Lewis, nothing can stand up to me, you know? And I love my acting career, the roles are getting bigger, the Michaelwood experience and um. Like I said, that makes my mom very proud. They kill me a lot in movies. Two movies where they die twice and people say, how can you get killed twice in one movie? I said I can kill this human being and become a vampire and they can kill you as a vampire, okay, there's a werewolf, so two movies where they kill you twice.
I get killed in a lot of movies, but it's fun and it's just on the screen, you know? And I'm enjoying the third part of Apple. Well, Joe, I'm telling you, you know I could honestly say this just by sitting with you and hearing that it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I mean, you have a great outlook on life and you know that through the ups and downs and everything in between, the way you perceive life is just as wonderful, everyone should have the same perspective and I want, I want to say this, ya You know, when you talk about those gangsters that took advantage of you, you know, you know, it's an act of cowardice in my eyes and I'm a street guy or I was a street guy when people take advantage of people who are looking for protection. money who they protect they are protecting you from themselves from the same people who want to take advantage of you and me I find that you know it's active cowardice and it's despicable and I didn't even respect the guys on the street who acted that way like that that the fact that you faced them at that moment is, you know, I really commend you for that.
I mean not many people can do that, but you know you have to have a hard heart and you know the fact that you did what you did to come back and show them that they're not going to do it. beat you, you know, I really respect that and you, Joe, and I mean it because I hate when I hear that I hate bullying of any kind and that's a bully and it's a coward to come in there with 37 guys and you know, I mean, what is that? That's not a man, you know, it's not men who do things like that, so I congratulate you for what you did and how youyou faced, but that particular day, as I said before, talking to you, I was very fortunate that Those people at the Pope who were really there and helped me one guy in particular, a guy named Steve Dalton.
I'm going to mention his name because Steve. I asked Steve in my book. Can I put his name in my book because this man ran towards the bullets and I was shot twice before I was shot and two weeks before that attack I knew who this guy was, he's a tough guy, a fighter and I was a little wary of him and I thought I didn't want him in my pub. He's not a troublemaker, but I wasn't afraid of him, but I just distrusted him and he came to my pub, but his brother-in-law Jason Michael, in them, Steve is married to Jason's sister Tina, and they have a little boy named.
Jack Dempsey Dalton famous heavyweight fighter and Steve came to my doors with Jason and said Joe, I've got a bit of a reputation and I'm welcome in your pub. He said I'm not a troublemaker. I told him I appreciate it. Steve, but Trouble is following you and I would prefer that you take your business elsewhere in the hope that he would walk away, but have the courage to confront him if he didn't walk away and I was very glad that on that particular day he walked. Far away my business partner told me, said Joe, we are judging him on a reputation that we know nothing about him, just what people say, why don't you give him the benefit of a Doubt and let him use the puppy if he causes problems , we should be able to turn them off and I followed him to another Pub, the Cross Keys, and I walked into the other Pub that same night and I said Steve, I said I've judged you and what people say.
I have no right to judge you but how I'm going to tell you something now, you are welcome in my pub, but if you cause problems for my pup, if I can't beat you from the front, I will beat you from behind, I will adapt to win. I'm ashamed to say it. I would adapt to win because my dad is my livelihood. It's my second chance to make a living. I live above the premises. It's not just my livelihood. It's my home and I will fight to the nail for my home. I said, so don't cause problems.
He said oh I won't cause trouble weeks later when that attack happened in the pub. Steve was in the pub where his wife Tina and his two sisters were, but some of his relatives were having a drink enjoying the family atmosphere. in the pub with a family pub and the attack happened, we were thinking the police were going to stop this attack and the attack happened and Steve Dalton was the first man who ran past me to attack the men who attacked me and attacked towards up and attack the bosses of my problem I hid behind the wall I saw him get shot he blessed me I thought oh my God he's dead blessings from God he wasn't but then like I said there are a lot of people hurt that day he was the bravest man I had ever seen and I have been in many companies of brave men afterwards, when Mike Tyson came to the UK to prepare for one of his fights, I took men and women from my pub who had fought that day. to put a life at stake on my part, but Steve Dalton always says Joe, if those animals have gotten into the pub, he said my wife, my sister, my family was in the pub, he said I had to protect them, I said Steve , so I'm worried that you won't know it from me or the pub patrons, but when we went to see Mike at the London hotel at his training camp, Mike Tyson hugs Steve like you know Steve from all his life and he said Joe.
I need more trouble in your pub and I'm landing and Steve Dalton and the other people who were there on the day of the attack before Mike Tyson's jaw dropped knew what had happened in my pub. I said. Mike is my friend. He said I keep him up to date with what's going on in my life. I have never asked Mike for money. Everything I have asked of Mike is what gives me love and affection. He will be there to help me if I need it financially. I have never, ever been with anyone in my life.
You know I'm a hard-working man. I don't drink or smoke. I don't take drugs. I have worked hard all my life and I will be a Hardworking Man until the last breath leaves my body I enjoy I have a good work ethic I have worked hard in boxing I have worked hard in the pub trade I am working hard in acting and I enjoy I enjoy rewards that work brings and how that day made me proud again because he let the people who were with me that day in the hotel in London know and be aware that he knew what they had done for me and he thanked them for what they did. had done for me that day and for Steve Dalton in particular and when we had a big dinner at the Metropol Hilton in Birmingham, 1500 people attended, Mike Tyson called Steve Dalton on stage and presented Steve with a signed copy of my book signed by he.
Anton Patty, who also thanked Steve for what he did for me that day and gave Mike a signed copy and another gift and thanked him again in front of 1500 people in the 10 minutes of that dinner for The Bravery that that man showed bravery as you can't prove the words who runs towards the guns who runs the bullets you can't you can't explain someone running towards the bullets you know General Costa used to say right at the sound of the cannons yes you are riding towards the sound the bravery of the Cannons , but in reality he was the one doing the shooting and to me, when a man risks his life for no financial gain for the sake of friendship and affection for his friend, that is the ultimate sacrifice, bless God, he did a lot. of people hurt but no one died that day well, I'm glad to know that you and Joe know this, the more I talk to you, the more I enjoy it and I know we can't go on forever, but I want to share a couple. of names I want you to think quickly and then we'll have to say goodbye, but a couple of names that I know you know and I know you have respect for in some ways Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali I, Muhammad Ali, was not only the greatest man to walk into a boxing ring, he was one of the greatest men to walk into the world.
Boxing was a blessing to have Muhammad Ali, as God says, the greatest of all time. I was at his house in Michigan. Al Capone. I used to own his house and I was in his house I was in his company in Louisville I met him at the Mike Tyson fight with Mike McBride and Laila Ali boxing on the pill and I met him I was very blessed to be in that man's company Four times my father had met him before me and I used to envy my father for having met Muhammad Ali. He used to do a random alley when he boxed as a tribute to Muhammad Ali.
He adored him, idolized him and knew the man. It was something else to meet him four times and meeting him at his house was very, very special and when I met him the first time I was actually shaking more than he was when he had Parkinson's disease, but he's that man. He was the oldest Parkinson's disease victim to fight Spirit, you know, he was something out of the ordinary, out of this world, he was very, very special and he could have turned his hand to any sport, he could have been a player. of American football, could have been a basketball player like me said boxing was a blessing to have a man like him, Andrew, the world could do what a man like him today to unite us because Muhammad Ali made a statement once that He said: I wish people could love each other as much as they love each other.
I want a beautiful statement because everyone loved Muhammad Ali and he wanted people to love each other as much as they loved him, he simply had in that way the affection and admiration that people had for him, we agree on that and that's great. tribute to him smoking Joe Frazier smoking Joe Frazier a phenomenal fighter who was partially blind in one of his eyes and as I said the fight and a sport when you have all your attributes and all your blessings, whether it be a blow, whether it be a height It would be reaching your reflexes, we need all the advantages that we can achieve together to try to get ahead and fight in the sport and he was, uh, he was fighting partially blind one night, you know, to achieve the success that he achieved being partially blind imagine how well he would have done I would ever see it in full so I have a friend of mine I have a friend of mine Barrington Patterson and Barrington fought one of the clitics for the world kickboxing title Barrington is a referee now and the Bear Touches, there is an organization that It's going to take over the world.
It's called BKP. Boxing originated from bare knuckle fighting and then the rules to adapt the sport to make it a little safer. You know, expand the hand wraps and then the gloves, but. It's come full circle now it's back to Bare Knuckle, you know? Because I'm not saying boxing has become too safe, but it has become too political. The best boxers are not fighting the best boxer managers like they were years ago right now. we have Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, the two-word heavyweight challenger, and their management teams seem to be making them avoid each other.
Years ago they would have thought they were No. 24. Pacquiao was five years too late for Pacquiao, you know? It should have happened when we were both at the top of that game, and boxing promoters and managers, if they have a product in their fighter, they want to try to protect their fighter from someone who is too risky, so they put them in with fighters that are not as risky for them because they are protecting their merchandise. The fighter wants to fight the best because he wants to test himself against the best. He was the best he could be, so he has it. fighting the best to get the best out of him, but the managers and the promoters say: "oh, this could be a risky fighter, we don't want to lose this asset that we have because this is our little Golden Goose or our Golden Goose." egg and people have become a little disillusioned with boxing because the best don't fight the best, then the UFC came along, which is another competitive sport, so the best were fighting the best and suddenly their fighters were protected, you know, Dana White wants.
The best avoid the best, but some of the managers of the individual fighters say: oh, wait, that might be a little risky, so I'm not going to fight him and they are avoiding each other, so now that the best Bare knuckles are back, the best thing is. fight the best and the fans get good value for money, the fights are 50 50 fights, the best man to ever get women into it yet but I'm sure women will eventually get into the fights maybe there will be women to the fights, none from the organization. I have been involved with the BKP, women definitely fight on any of the shows I have been on, there may be women fighting in other parts of your world with bare knuckles, but they are the best fighting the best and as a referee it is Barrington calls.
Patterson, who referees bare knuckles in the UK for the BKP and is blind to the monoi, his sister threw a can of marijuana at him and when he was a kid and some kind of pop hit him in the face and took out his eye and that man left. fighting for the kickboxing world heavyweight title in one night and losing in one of the clinics for a kickboxing world heavyweight title, a phenomenal fighter and then achieving what he achieved being blind in one eye and so Joel Frazier He managed to partially blind everyone. the night is something else, you know and we're not going to talk to Joe Joe said he used to throw his left hook, a big wide left hook, he said because he couldn't see his opponent properly, the bigger the swing, the more possibilities I had to do it.
He hit his opponent. Wow, they had a wider range with that punch. I wouldn't have wanted to be the referee in any of Joe Frazier's fights because I got hit with the power of the app, but they boxed for 15 rounds and Frazier never backed down. he just knew how to move on that was it I loved him I loved him too but I loved him I loved Ali they were great I have one more for you Sugar Ray Leonard Sugar Ray Leonard for me boxing at its finest you know Sugar Ray Leonard he is a person beautiful and if you look at the man who came out of a sport in the fights he had with some of the best fighters of all time, he had an effectiveness with Durán with Hagler, Tommy Hearns, he was in an era of all the greats to be a great To be recognized as a great you have to beat the greats and he beat some of the best fighters on the planet, but come out with all your powers and be able to speak and be as articulate as possible. just the way he is and without having a mark on his face, he's a beautiful man, yeah, you know, and I've had him.
I'm in Dublin. I remember the first time I met Sugar Ray Leonardo at cat skills and he came to cat skills and he had a great affection for Mike, he had a great affection for costs and a great affection for Tom Mike tells a story that when he was at the Young Offender Center, Sugar Ray Leonard came to the Young Offender Center and I'm very familiar with this story of Michael, but he said that Mike at the time was a shy kid at this young offender center and that Sugarland had come to the center and he received all the attention of all the playmates and Mike was in the corner staying. alone and when Sugar Ray Leonard was leaving he saw Mike and approached Mike.
He didn't leave the Young Offender Center until he talked to Mike Tyson and Mike Tysonremember that he has a great affection for Sugarland since that day anyway, when I met Sugar Ray in Cataclys, I talked to him and told him that one day you could visit Ireland. He had him on the phone with my mother in Catskill, one day you might visit Ireland and he visited Ireland. like Mike Tyson visited Ireland to visit my mother and I'm so proud to have walked through the city. I'm from Rheem's End and Doppler with Mike Tyson, how real you are in it and they both visited my mother.
They had cups. To take it from my mother, you know, and Ray Leonard is probably one of the best ambassadors of the sport you could ask for because boxing doesn't just need great fighters, it needs great ambassadors and I don't think they're much better. that Sugar Ray Leonard, he is one of the best ambassadors that boxing could ask for, they have it in him. I'm one of the greatest fighters of all time, well Joe, I have to agree with you on all three, uh, those. Men that you just mentioned and I have to tell you this, you are a great ambassador not only for the fighting game but also as a human being and you know I have done many of these interviews or meetings and I have to tell you that I really enjoyed it and Mike and Tom me They said it would.
He said you know Joe is a great storyteller. He's a great guy who had nothing but good things to say about you. Much affection. I watched while they talked about you. I'm sure I'm going to watch this and I know you're going to enjoy it and I have to tell you I really enjoyed it and I'm going to read your book now and watch all those movies. where you were I'm going to keep an eye on you for now and tell you if I want to meet you one day, whether here or across the pond as they say.
I hope we have the opportunity to meet. I can't wait to shake that off to give you a break. Yeah, any friend who can do it, and Tom Patty is a friend of mine, and Mike and Tom, if you watch this, I'm sure you will. I want to tell you that I love you both daily from the bottom of my heart, thank you Joe, and thank you, thank you so much, and I know that heart is as big as that body I'm looking at right now, so I will. I really appreciate it. , I really enjoyed it and let's keep in touch.
You know I'm going to contact you. Yes, I want to send you a copy of a couple of my books. I want you to read them. You know you mentioned Anthony Joshua Anthony. He has, I think, an Instagram page and he was reading my business book and one day he put it on his page, so I would love to meet him one day, maybe when he comes here I'll go there, but I really really enjoyed this Joe me too. I really appreciate you coming with me. It was a privilege and an honor to speak with you.
I mean, you're a great guy. A lovely afternoon. It's been great talking to you and when I talk. about my life i travel down memory lane and you know it's a great thing we have we have we have memory lane to travel sometimes memories are difficult but if you don't experience difficult times you can't appreciate the good times that's right and I appreciate the good times now I haven't experienced the hard times you know my life I keep saying it can't get better you know my box is great it was hard for me I'm coming back my pop career was taken over by me I'm back, now I'm in the film career, for Please God, that's not speaking for me because I don't think I'm going to get four points from Apple, well, it couldn't happen to a better guy, I mean. that and you continue to be a light to the world because you make everyone around you happy so thank you very much have a good rest of the night and let's keep in touch and like I said I hope.
I'll meet you and Mike will certainly see this Soul Tom. I'll be seeing you in the next few weeks, so you'll enjoy it. I know for sure. Thank you so much. I've really enjoyed it. it Michael and good luck with everything you do, you know what you've had to endure in your life, the adversities you've had to enjoy in your life, I hope life is better, roses to you now, I hope you. you're living and enjoying your family and everything else because that's what people ask me for my autograph and when I sign my autograph I always sign happiness Joey and you can have all the respect in the world and all the money in the world but yeah' No You are happy.
What's the use? You must be happy. You are right in that whole position to work. Michael and I hope to meet you one day. I mean, thank you. Okay my friend. God bless you. Have a good rest. Tonight and we'll keep in touch, take care now, okay, bye, what a great guy. I mean, I really enjoyed this. You know, Joe is, uh, he's a unique guy, you know? and Tyson says the same thing about him. Tom Patty, another good one. friend, you know a great Storyteller, he is a great guy and it was a privilege and an honor for me to sit with him.
I hope you all enjoyed it

michael we are now over 14,000 in my team, my community, all cheering each other on, uh, us. We're putting a lot of good content on there, we're having Zoom calls, it's going great, so I can tell you to join

michael You won't be disappointed. I promise you, especially those of us coming out of this pandemic, you need it. cheer up, you need I hope you need good information and that's what we're giving to all of you, so that's all for today, how do I always leave you, my friends, be safe, be healthy.
God bless you and yes, see you in the next foreigner.

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