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Torsten Sträter - Als ich in meinem Alter war

Sep 03, 2022
thank you thank you i'm banned yes yes stop if you think no one on youtube is overdoing it or you have to keep a bit of control so welcome to my 45 minutes which will seem longer to you still happy to have one more place for coffee it's so nice it's 28 already going back in time so nice you're here i'm so happy this year that's really wonderful i also notice it's a bit stinky it's going to be wonderful i just my broken hand i'm ready to log in i'm already logged in jackal that's why we start the literary evening well many faces look at me and think what doesn't matter let's talk seriously now we have to concentrate there is no one but I don't like that we want to do it together first talking about these things, I can see it more in their faces and also that I They ask a lot here why the old man is wearing it. re herne coin nodding i see many many nodding faces i could then nod i don't know in the whole periphery yes i would like to talk to you about it so of course i don't use it because i think it would be important that's clearly elegant is what else i don't know what but they are now it's not that i wear this cap because i sweat i also sweat because i wear it it's a vicious circle for sure but you can't imagine that it's very hot on stage and when tv comes on now i'm still a makeup like bela lugosi that's all she sings underneath from the skin instead of when you remove the makeup space and thick stream from which now diverts to the middle that is already half full you see that you can do that from there I am also having more fun than her, it will be great and then seriously now we can for a very short time otherwise I'll trade her sorry but why am I going to her?
torsten str ter   als ich in meinem alter war
Could you take it easy and let the detectives take what no one understands outside? This is a whole different show, so cap please let's talk about currency. for you about that somewhere i need the content i use these benefits of course they were always very hot on stage i always did well with them that means they see me more often and say what a funny hat but at least i don't sweat it's not visible to you and that's fantastic always up to it last year in the south i would like to name small towns but i'll tell you briefly anyway it was very dramatic i went south to take part in a small tv recording and i'm happy to take i love the south I think it's fantastic that's why I have they also have the kicker in the south and I don't care about football anymore I don't really like trains my Football is not my thing I just wanted to say when I drive south I don't mean specifically to Munich or something.
torsten str ter   als ich in meinem alter war

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I don't mean I'm from Munich. this headline where bayern munich played against porto my first thought was too little money because they had 80 pfennigs there i really have no idea but i digress listen to different let me finish that briefly tell you the light goes out please turn it all the way down i cant concentrate a bit don't sit still that was fun that was a metaphor for load what a light i want volker next no seriously i went to munich to do a tv recording i'm happy it was an invitation war munich and i love being there beautiful city and it was 34 degrees outside last june it was very very hot and on the other hand my limits were showing in the hnet studio it was definitely 40 degrees i guess and that's too much for me then i would have said clearly in consultation with editor friends i put my performance cap on the freezer, which is a good idea in the summer you can do it with clothes don't get in your pants but in Seriously you can put your shirt in the freezer and it's nice and cold in the morning don't get it wet we've got the counter but if you put it dry no problem that's what I was thinking for seven hours everything got a little mixed up for seven hours, my performance was with you in this freezer compartment and then the assistant director comes and talks, yes, they talk, yes. eagle has landed knick knack and then you have to get ready and then i went to the freezer a minute before my performance and i have this hat i put on my hot skull we jumped out just eyes in cant you imagine immediately i got all my whole childhood i was there again all the brain was wide awake amazing and then i went on stage and then i opened my book and while reading on camera because of the vape hats and that's what i realized i don't immediately vape like i nothing at all that's what that young people should also learn to vape like me nothing and just thought to myself what are people so resolute?
torsten str ter   als ich in meinem alter war
I never said a word and only realized something was wrong when an older Bavarian in the front row said very loudly now start thinking and then that was the only time anything went wrong actually it was the only time I ever did. I use it and I like to walk around it and every time they recognize me more on the street, it's very flirtatious but I don't think I like it at all if you start to think that I'm already here I'll say it in the temple of political cabaret I'm not strictly an academic not strictly speaking i don't strictly speaking not an academic basically a teacher but for mettwurst no i don't actually have i go to completely normal school school done in the ruhr area school in the 80s in the ruhr area school you understand school that with work lessons in a very closed there are only three schools really good school after that then 15 months prisoner of war in hannover waiting time and then from 1988 to 1991 i learned men's tailor actually i learned the yahoo a bit like that or c how do we know the butcher with whom knives or what total nonsense everything as a craftsman looks like lightning is yes i could earn something so wonderful anyway thats a real beautiful trade i learned my trade but will not continue now boarding school and wise to teach or something now not as long as a construction site to worry about because you don't have to worry either young man everything has gotten so much better we had to in the past.
torsten str ter   als ich in meinem alter war
I'm still good old. battle I can say that very clearly and anyway wear what you want i'm not the one from akkord court i can't recommend it what has you should know that yourself but corp makes you old basically you can say nothing makes you as old as akkord court that's it obvious and age itself but it comes speeding up the quad can't you imagine the goddesses in texas can buy four year old brandy if you're wearing corduroy pants that can't make you laugh don't take it of course i made it up but it sounds extremely plausible and , as I said, I don't want to appear to be lecturing, do what you say, myself, as I said, I am who I am, I don't have a child and I don't want to act with you in a learned way towards my child just for that reason it is not nature of the children my son is a little older now and a little what 720 he is studying mechanical engineering not he active 12 you find funny numbers or later i will give you even tighter numbers why did you think of the woman now we can cut the place but now a sudden movement like that there you are sitting 112 that's a very solid age I think it's already noon at work and again I don't have to work there on the 12th and of course all my pride is pretty clear though also there is in the cookie right here we this smartphone smartphone i'm smartphone i don't know important debates that used to be smartphones whatsapp friends then school forest we hit cow we set fire i know that's all but no the topic can't be the topic yes that's right or smartphones you should dear ma rkt be clear that your mothers and fathers when your smartphone app sees exactly where you are you are all bar handball i don't think i should wish for that i don't think i wish for my son that if my mother always me i was twelve i had a pair of platform jeans opinions on the plug on the computer i almost don't want to open it at all it won't be the time just don't cry don't go on d and immediate is easy i just try to impart knowledge to my son how it is there are two classes organic process and often i go out with my son on weekends if in the small tactic of understanding more i am a single father I work Friday Saturday Sunday and so on.
I go out with him and then I do things with him, the really important thing is that you learn something and that brings us a story that I would love to read to you n It's been a long time since I read alone but it's beautiful what I always wanted to do was open a desk like this so I didn't like that it's nice to know you know I'm actually reading that's why I learned this time and of course I could memorize the story and then pretend like it just came to me but you know? Stories and stories want to be read aloud.
Here's a meat sausage. look out especially for witty ones who are particularly fond of numbers beware of that saying i'm proud of my nine year old like this my friend is exactly like this and he's pretty amazed this is what a game library looks like from the inside that sounds educationally questionable at first but he was told at school we have to give all our money to greece and he thought just show you really 24 hours a day money will be destroyed your son objectively happy sic I have grown if you are allowed to throw money at a rudely blinking box, replied why isn't it just a gameboy to buy for the same reason chimpanzees hit a banana with the skin in rows, son, because they can do it all of a sudden.
I see that one out of the corner of my eye employee is heading towards us child raunig the serious case occurs we do it as we discuss it you can not have a child with her urgently the woman sees immediately this is a game room that violates the protection of minors good woman what a child your son there I answer you is not my son that is my father-in-law he suffers from short stature and ages in the opposite direction my father-in-law hardly dares to socialize anymore I mean what would you do as a former 74-year-old qualified engineer you can't anymore go nowhere everyone stares it's not unbearable become the woman died my son who nods and says it looks like i'm sorry d the woman says it sounds honestly sad it's ok i guess you can't help it what you think at first glance there is a man who he lived his life in patched up jeans and a pokemon hoodie this all takes its toll on us we just want a little dignity for him can i get you a cognac? he asks the woman he says my son probably doesn't say i say get up think about the pain in my ears i'm not saying it hurts a lot but i will have a cognac i add because plato already said it's valid because everyone you know is fighting a tough fight the ladies don't and she sees she's devastated the food was what my son says what i say plate the food was was quiet father father in law suddenly my phone rings i stare at a second screen then i get up i leave here is your mother says my mother already suspected that it showed a photo of my mother on the screen along with the words mother and cracking whips at the ringtone are you with the boy when i talk to my mother?
He mainly tries to speak in a military style. Everything else drags on in the conversation. On the weekend, God, I think so too. What else was there to eat? My mother is financially good, but with her refrigerator, she's outside the room as if it were a war. She prefers to cook things like turnips. the kohlrabi is kohlrabi right now but it's still cooked, the kohlrabi smells like you put a depressive clown in the pot. I don't ask too much about Dalaman and have a nice day, so I say confirm yes, then replace him tonight. The lichdi meat should be back in my fridge. son we actually have to buy a meat sausage there will be no money i don't remember flashback so early that day in dortmund from karstadt from karstadt a man had stood with a fat little horse and collected fodder money for the circus the animal was kept himself does not move at all pictorially he told my son a stuffed horse is not stuffed says with the collection box yes but the vehicle does not move said the gentleman the companion very lively that did not happen like that but grammatically the first sentence was cream that's why I said Evidence we need evidence if the horse eats it moves that's why it has money for food it drives slot machines or what if I give you ten euros if we can ride 100 the man said i don't want to say that I personally met my ass on the 20th I was awarded the contract at some point at 38 euros get on how my son said I don't want the argument is a little late heavily on what was planned I managed to balance the child and n the horse but you could see the person directly and your partner was now not really willing to go back down since he was a child the anti has not been able to sit on it lined up and take the saddle the k ostet 38 euros makes the circus I also left a photo of the elephant to spin or what not to ride was the good man now she said hold on tight my son I think the horse a brave blow to the buttocks and what can I say neither did we have Pegasus disguised as a donkey or since time immemorial there is a very sensitive turbo switch on the buttocks of the hoofed animals so that they can sometimes get involved on the far left of the a2 anyway the procedure blew up and all that stopped in the karstadt and already in the first steps for panties , I knew this was not going to be cheap, I don't want to go into too much detail here, so just my gamefind mismatch sentences, winter bees, honey, hammer, nail, shetland pony, escalator, it wasn't pretty and now i'm my partner for life they're ponies that have to be brought in with the sack truck and that's why i'm naked now that's the state of things ends the flashback now that's now here we are kids and i don't have pasta where it takes meat sausages for mom i think soon after at least i'm not and an idiot but author a little later a butcher in the center of the city my plan is clear I buy I can't do anything here I don't have money but to cover it up I have to make an impossible wish child and I go into the butcher shop on Monday I say I want three boiled beef skulls we don't have any of that my son clears his throat the butcher war is not coming with me so he clears his throat my son takes another awkward pause the butcher finally looks at my son then says a little man with too much meat sausage outside i should be super nor nah we only do that 30 times then we get it as send it worked too exactly 29 times good 29 malsch norton wish us with dubious meat through dortmund only one to put together a sausage very good performances in ande rs the last butcher is a bit Outside we go in hello I would like to slaughter two kilos of fried goats the butcher looks at me and likes to say something else shit I think my son is starting to clear his throat he doesn't realize so 457 toads consumption is a waste product kosnik said there will be a longer pause my son has already got it again then the butcher says what you don't want with that I don't ask with the goats toads it's a very shabby bundle the needy constantly mark what the needy some need a huge bag of killing goats one thinks that in Dori's conversation here is none of my business and if I stand for the waldorf school foil wrapped surprise toad eggs that's still my business that brought so Here's what happens.
I run to my son, then he clears his throat very loudly. Does your son have a problem? the butcher asks no to the market he just really likes meat phoenix sausage in the butcher's egg one of the usual pauses occurs at some point you can tell it's rattling in the smallest man's skull because too much a piece of meat sausage my son nick Thank God I think I'm going to run and even the little man 74 says my son nonsense I was nine he is 9 what happens here before the butcher asks for a piece of sausage nothing swings in the air all gristle the absolution says my son says so the butcher that either he doesn't like to use it or he doesn't like to play with it or maybe even the two of us here your toad goats get off we're going to ring my mother's bell and we're going to the bag with the sausage 80 percent already assembled so as compensation you i put something delicious next to it i tell my mother to be nice she says ok i think if you are the toads it wont necessarily improve the general condition such rutabaga fits very well right now sitting , still, now I was, I haven't read for a long time, well, now it's okay, I'm going to do TV. -au fdrawing I used to be in front of four people and now that's cool but I don't want to be famous because you don't have to worry they get it regularly every time I think I'm the biggest they fire me it's me It really was last year.
Then the railways went on strike. dresden of beautiful cities you just leave it like that and then i had something to do there and i have to go back and suddenly the train didn't show up there and i didn't know how to get home first i thought about this by land i also have to do the flick buses i don't know no I want no brand they know very well buses 20 euros sounded good but I saw this bus only on the internet and I remembered all of lloret de mar I don't know if you already know where I've been there twice I'm not learning anything about it twice on the bus to lloret 399 margrave traveler dortmund sensational even the flyer that had everything clear then there were bus trips to lloret and included 14 days spain 5 nights twice but this time when we are the last none of it is worth it in fact then i was according to my agent i didn't agree but i told my agent i'll stomp because i'm being completely honest so i'm separate and it worked out fine and then i ended up on the rastplatz hannover-langenhagen from a Somehow it didn't go beyond what I have to say honestly I thought to myself sträter that's basically how it works for you you can stay there and part get up and say c'mon I have a polite one too.
I'll really hit sträter. everyone knows you from TV. everyone knows the streets. TV. then someone said I know him. check out. from so fucked up you really can't imagine i really would be every car that came or slower the driver looks through the window the guest from hungary crossed himself i stood there we an incredibly long ox every cdu would be a weird guy smurf in a hat big the weapon is that i stayed there people only recognize me when nothing is at stake you know when i go shopping the photos they run after me and call jürgen sträter i never forget a face that happens often and then i should have at least the Half the reason as it can't be similar and then I say that I know you from the television of this series they are there every month has the institution as a number I know your institution you how if you already have an institution jürgen schröder I say man this month now never counting but do it in wilster and then i say i'll put up with what i have to get rid of my grandma bring some cake and wine excuse me and then you give it to me g 20 meters and then it comes suddenly ah now i got it günter strätker now you know i'm in his women's boutique again son try better gone i was there too scared of christ but i have a whole different story i stayed there and hitchhiked and no one came caught me no one took me with them somehow So I thought to myself what am I supposed to say and then it got confusing and that's where unfortunately it's all really true I swear it's the truth after four hours I took my cap off I'm not done yet the first car pulls up and lowers the window and the driver tells me get on a victim thinking at least there is no reason to get angry but still it's me the self-image what you suddenly think you always need with us a canon or older is on, it's always good, everything is bad, all nonsense at the end, think about how I can optimize myself, I'm not really interested in free notoriety uen, if you know me, you will be useful, but it is not absolutely necessary either I'd like to be thinner than I'd like to be, which isn't that easy either.
I try a lot of things so I don't have to so I have to hello. i drink water when i am louis so i do sports yes moderately so far i have done yoga i have done yoga for seven months i already have the figure on my feet the older man but in general it did not contribute much but i try to do it myself try to do it yourself we do not optimize it younger I realize that I say I also want to grow old I want to grow old I will grow old as much as I can I wake up in the morning or turn into pana miraval i yes and I discovered that, in principle, it is no longer possible without movement, actually and at Contrary to sports, as I said, always unattractive, because things like jogging make you sweat immediately, what's the point?
I mean tip now I don't move at all it's supposed to lead to that but at some point I said sträter so you bite some more for your son and generally that I don't look good for the dark sun running alone i want i just want to be able to lose weight too and i actually started sports which brings us to a story you probably don't know yet but very beautiful still moving but first it's fluid movement thanks if i ever get that with a pair of underpants you will spin the roncalli circus about our son


sträter do you know where you are i saw a penis i will mostly have have anyway it's sports friends i want to read this story because you don't learn anything from this story again but it doesn't help I just like to read it sports newspaper april 2014 i sit on my balcony and look more aha i think so, so the body is a temple said wrong someone who is also my body, however, the templars were driven out for their own needs to make room for a flourishing potato chip shop.
I'm a bit of a gangster, it would be nice to do sports. I get up and look at my garden as the birds are buzzing asking about the cost of food beat some millet without refraining from using your wings food and exercise the balance is right i will do the same with the protocol starting tomorrow day 1 oh well i have to point out the text i have written or texted a lot i don't know how to call it correctly the letters you also know the plural i at least did write mainz fans know if there is any way rubbing bitterly is correct I wondered from your place anyway that of all the stories I've done is the story and I'm almost proud of it the story bothers me with the absolutely burned out now it's the stupidest conclusion I hope you can enjoy this here on day 1 I look at myself in the mirror for a long time I do not wear anything except a pair of sweatpants that have to be unbuttoned on one side I wonder why there is such a thing and where I understand why you need years of clothes unbuttoned to the side for pant legs to run dramatically those who wear something like that also like it crazy but it doesn't matter because what i see in the mirror looks pretty good so i step back a meter then 5 now i fully see myself i have my arm bz comm out nothing to see where it is melted my legs are so borrowed i tense my abdominal muscles instead the effect is immediately agreed i must go to port class so no more from now on day 2 of training i am looking a gym but even though I live in a very quiet settlement and the studio is only 50 meters away so next to this very quiet settlement I can't find a place to park tracks shop drive home and go f let's go back to the studio when I get there there will be a free parking space I go home and take the car so I don't have to clap later it's time to think it's the spirit that builds the body di ce schiller also walked into the studio unsurprisingly it smells like a cougar cage someone has put a coffee machine everywhere too bloated gentlemen traveling with weights grabbing their labors all but also all bodybuilders make sure they have the same hairstyle outside the sides are shaved to 0 5 mm and but on top it has handles that can be my world i'm going home go home dvd shelf take the movie rocky day 3 my analysis of the film footage reveals that the boxer rocky balboa does many things well train with what there is rocky work especially a lot I take on the rocky fanfare extremely motivating nonsense for the music part on my phone the sneakers put the headphones in my ear I pass in front of the door I run I run offender the energy flows to through my body and then suddenly pain i wake up at some point my face is bloody lying on the street a man in a suit leans over me worrying ado reason kind g10 fits me well can lets say i probably expanded too much it pulls you in everywhere yeah diyo i'm cold here too says the man called by a jacket no problem no problem my jacket is buttoned on the side you hid six very idiot i said i won't take you home where you live i need a moment of orientation so you know i say at my doorstep since the conclusion of day 4 today don't talk like mine at all you don't need any muscle at all that involves a workout real i watch the movie rocky again then i call my butcher and put in pure pork halves like in the movie i hang it up and gently pack it my butcher clearly says and puts it delivery arrives four hours later and consists of 92 small bowls with a transparent film in which there is probably half a pig calls the norm when all my thought half a year but completely what causes the problem is not of the all good says the metz ger half pig be careful i need the whole half so you understand the half but in one piece it takes three days the rest of the day simple nutrition spherical theme it would be good for the muscle development i experience and it would be imperative to avoid sugar fat white carbs plus rice potatoes and everything else is safe just wood on the 5th i licked the door frame for breakfast and when a trader ordered 18 parts almost 50 kilos on the internet then i drove back to the studio project protein area I mean, a can behind the desk in the studios is a woman who is almost absurdly well trained and is reading a book called In Search of Lost Time I point to the book and say I think you'll find it in Paderborn she just eagerly leads me past the can there is the protein to know, what do you plan to do before building muscles then take the best white yes I say because you also have to do sports s i drive i yes i ch also every day 130 km by bike to work you come because japan says i have to leave on the 6th the posterous package with the dumbbells delivered to you outside the post box unfortunately i can't pick it up so bad i'm going to return pure treated protein from the can with which it is advertisedthat you can mix it with food almost without realizing it.
I'll try it with nutella. Three Worst Substances Ever Tested Third place is 2003 potato salad, after two people had eaten empty the train recorded that instead of mayonnaise it was keeping a tube of pokal den wood glue 2 dt cabinet space which it was given away at the pharmacy and it turned out to be a sachet with herbs on the barbecue when it was prepared I had a lot for three days heavy bowel movements it was actually more of a teary rodeo kind of but it was also h always delicious a provence first place newcomer pure protein tastes as you can imagine freeze-dried the hooligan's sperm nothing dissolved is incredibly expensive and dust that fills up in the year I understand things in my garden at least the birds seem to like it day 7 half the pig surrenders my war of matches puts it in the store with the sack truck and he wishes me a lot of pleasure so that he says sure I'm going to the apartment and you make war on me you put the headphones in your ear press play and turn the door there is the first knock has to come more and more often take the joke of the pig and what my photos by animal crack day 83 the plaster comes off half half the pig was frozen I have not left the apartment for the last few weeks and notice that the pig is also outside meanwhile it thawed again and no longer consists of 92 parts at least no one stole the plot it's my favorite to have s I have nothing more to do here the story could well have ended but unfortunately it's not because of the evening i sit on my balcony i have tried everything and nothing worked of course my left forearm and clearly you are losing weight but that was not the goal i must admit i am a bit depressed i look back at my garden the sparrows are flying on one perches on the balcony railing is very muscular i'm not done yet i go in and take my razor to cut the state's hair if it resists i'll try to tie it open on one side, thanks, one more sip of coffee , you have to drink the coffee, it's cold, thank you, I think the coffee is cold, I think it's about time too, it's over, that's good, they are currently delicious, yes, you have to go back to your bourgeois life thanks for being there Unfortunately I can't give you any wisdom at the end of the day, so of course it was all fun. element I can't you there now either with the one I try to write things all the time where I say give young people a wisdom with I don't know he doesn't open his eyes when you buy eggs either I don't know I'll try because what should I give him?
I always give 100 percent, except when I donate blood. I have nonsense I could do everything I got a 1 of course I can give them that's why it has always been so difficult today I always have inhibitions to read the story with the meat because my mom died two years ago I no longer overlooked the funny story and it's because that I always have such inhibitions but she liked them and then after all I have the last one so the only message the flag is now for you two boys listen to your mother I know it's n No it's easy especially at the age where you think it's silly it will stay that way but do it anyway cause i know how it is it's always always the same with all of us because you can from left to right course always the same the principle has been commands the vips sound has always been the same for 1000 years remember the rule when mother speaks to her the first word in the sentence is a name so ass has games if you know it's enough keep your guard up and listen to your mother e at some point you can't do it anymore i always did it always to be a mother my mother really you can always do it like this thorsten thorsten if you come to visit me and use my bathroom then please use the toilet brush afterwards i have always done that of course then it caught fire, I couldn't sit down for three days, anyway, listen to your mother, what else can I say, I have nothing else for you, volker, turn off the light?

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