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Top 8 Mistakes: The TV Buying Guide (End the Confusion!)

Jun 06, 2021


a new 4K TV this year, but you're afraid of missing out on the right features, the right specs, it's all overwhelming. Stop the FOMO because this video is for you. We've listed the top 8


you should avoid when I'm


a 4k TV this year, so let's play catch and see what happens. Okay, you've been saving, you have the money but you want to spend wisely and there are so many options now. Now you have all these new things. year HDMI 2.1 8k What are you supposed to watch? Where do you go to get help to get us to the first mistake number one?
top 8 mistakes the tv buying guide end the confusion
Don't listen to the salesperson at your retailer, whether it's Best Buy or whoever you go to. Best Buy has a thousand stores in the US you think there are thousands of qualified sellers the probability that someone at Best Buy knows what they are talking about is very small yes there are exceptions there are always a few excellent sellers we are talking about a thousand stores, there are not so many excellent sales People, the chest is that the opinion of their seller deceiving them is very high, it's just that they have no idea what they are talking about, so instead of listening to the sellers, where do Should they go to ask for advice?
top 8 mistakes the tv buying guide end the confusion

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top 8 mistakes the tv buying guide end the confusion...

Well, it's called the wisdom of online crowds on YouTube. There are a lot of people with opinions, no one person has all the right answers, but if you add it all up, some patterns start to emerge from this multitude of opinions, including my own reviews. I have my favorites, I have my prejudices, but outside of my reviews. you have digital trends, you have seen them, you have Vincent, oh there are countless other youtubers and online media that really try to give you an idea of ​​which is the best TV, like our teenagers or the flat screen, the HDTV test that you mentioned and more, I mean.
top 8 mistakes the tv buying guide end the confusion
More are coming every day, don't trust any source, but if you add it up you will see a pattern, for example recently these models keep appearing. TCL six series Hisense h9f samsung q eer LG c9 oullette, correctly, these models appear. wait for the reviews to come out and then compile all the shortlists, um, in this review, these are the top three in this review, these are the top five and over the course of the next few months you'll see a pattern emerge, so that it is the number one. Avoid the store clerks and trust in the wisdom of the crowds who tell stories that lead us to number two.
top 8 mistakes the tv buying guide end the confusion
Don't check the TVs at this door, whether it's Best Buy Costco or any retailer that has them on display, it's exactly what you see. screen because you're assuming they have everything set up perfectly and their source actually matches what the TV can handle right when you're in the store, the focus should be on the cosmetics oh, this remote feels pretty good, right or mmm, this is good? size, it has a good thickness, bring your tape measure and look at the physical appearance of the TV, whether it's the remote control or the buttons, you can check that, but avoid checking the picture quality, not only is it inaccurate because the TV has been there without being calibrated correctly.
Burnin because it was run incorrectly and also remember that TVs have what is called demo mode. In demo mode, it makes everything bright and saturated to make it look exciting, so the demo source looks good. This is not what you are going to do. look when you get home and you will actually put it on the most accurate movie mode and it will look completely different so don't use it and then store comparisons to make a decision. You can use it just to get a sense of reality. you bring it home, you won't use the stores mode, it's not an exact movie mode, it's a demo mode in the store and now, mistake number three and this is the mistake that probably gives people the most stress and It gives a bad impression of FOMO. mention the fear of missing out specs, oh the numbers and features of all these things, people are so afraid that if they buy this TV and they miss out on it, you know, it's going to affect and damage that experience, affect and destroy the viewing experience. .
Temporarily say specs don't matter, trust the collective wisdom of number one, your no reviews, these are the TVs that promise to be good according to 25 reviewers, trust that before you trust raw specs, so what do I want say with spec dimming? zones, you are seeing that many of these LCD TVs have 500 dimming zones, one thousand dimming zones, they only have 100 during sales, they do not have dimming zones at all dimming zones, they are more likely to not fool you, let me give you a perfect Example from one of my reviews, the amazing TCL 8 series or maybe not so amazing, the eight series which was first launched with a mini LED, introduced almost 1000 dimming zones or in this case 800 zones 65-inch attenuation, something like that didn't do it. make a difference, Samsung which only had 480 citation zones looked better while dimming zones are important dimming zones, dimming zones help control black, reduce blooming and generally make a LCD TV looks as good as an omen or as close to knowing it as possible, here's how The assumption is that the more dimming zones, the better deep black levels you get without blooming, well guess what this slavish Edie from TCL , which was a passive matrix with incredible technology, i.e.
LED with almost a thousand dimming zones, didn't help it beat the Samsung? which was an old school non-multimedia LED with 480 bite zones, it looked better and if you looked up the specs your guy said "Oh what a deal, a little cheaper than Samsung's thousand dip zones, let me get those safe attenuation zones, very misleading or nits". has 2000 myths, it must be amazing, not necessarily last year, P quantum packages had a lot of myths, but there were other problems that affected the viewing experience not related to the brightness you get, in fact the brightness of the TV is measured in nits. most of the time it is not important to you, for example, most of the content you watch, even if it is HD, the content itself is 2 to 300 minutes long, it is the specular highlights that can reach thousand minutes or more.
We are talking about an explosion. the brightest part of the exposure, which may only be this size, this size TV hits about a thousand nits, but the rest of the scene is two to three hundred nits, focusing on the wrong spots will lead you astray In fact, focusing on most of the points will lead you astray The only points that matter The only spec you should focus on is the size 55 inches 65 75 85 Start with that spec Know what size TV you need and work from there for example you will find a great 75 inch TV, you want a 75 inch but the 65 inch has slightly better specs and it is the same price because these specs make the 65 expensive but you really want 75.
Here It is where errors occur. The price is the same except the TV is the size you want, the largest size, TV B is the smallest size, but it has these exciting ones, you choose TVB, you just made a mistake, you chose aspects instead of size, which will give you a more immersive experience, so talking about specifications, the two specifications that will give you the best viewing improvement is just the size of the TV and if it has HDR that's it, if it's a big TV and it can pass HDR, you are more likely to have a great viewing experience, the other specifications are lesser. important because you've trusted the wisdom of the crowd on number one, these are the TVs, you know they're good, focus on the size and you have a TV you'll probably enjoy next number four, a K, or should I spend an extra thousand for that 8k.
I know we had this discussion in my previous video, but this is important here because when you go to Best Buy you will start to see affordable 8k and when I say affordable I mean last year's TVs. I'm going to start lowering it. Wow, this is 8k and it's only $1,500. Should I buy a 75 inch TCL for six years for 1500 or last year's 8k which is small? 55, don't even think about it. 8k won't give you the same improvement across the board in the same way that a larger TV would, in fact 8k is great if you're buying a huge screen and need that fancy screen.
I'm talking probably 85 inches, money is no object, you want the best possible display for 85 inches, okay? I think 8K can't enter the discussion, but barring an 85 inch TV where money is not an issue, 8k at that point can make a difference, but for everyone else it's not a consideration and probably won't be. for a few years definitely not this year, don't focus on the distraction, it's K because you will see deals, you will see that last year's 8k tvs are on sale, in fact if someone is trying to sell you an lg 8k from last year, that's An LCD screen zooms out, not a good viewing experience, the wisdom of the crowd is that the TV failed to crack anyone's top 5, so number 4 8k don't even think about it, it would be a big mistake to include it in their decision making. next process number 5 HDMI 2 point 1 error number 5 why would it be a mistake unless you are a gamer?
Let's just get that out of the way HDMI 2.1 almost all of its improvements of importance are for the gaming community, it's fine so far like watching movies on an HDMI 2.1 4k TV, it doesn't matter if you have a 4k TV or what you do is watch content like streaming Amazon Prime Netflix Apple, there is an advantage, what am I missing here? HBO, right, Hulu, blu-ray, Ultra HD 4k disc, everything. those hdmi 2.1 things don't help at all, in fact you will have more problems trying to get hdmi 2.1 compatible devices and that will lead you down a different path.
Stick with hdmi 2.0 and you are covered if you are a gamer this advice is not for you so let's leave that aside again hdmi 2.1 for the gaming community and number 6 and this one is very important to me the associate that the TCO in high sense it sucks, it would be a mistake on your part Assuming that only the best TVs come from Samsung LG Sony Vizio would be a mistake now why do I say that, while you would be surprised at the total cost of ownership and high common sense, it most likely to source TV materials from the same companies as Sony LG and Samsung?
Coming off the same production line now the features, fit and finish may be different but at the end of the day we are talking about today. TCM Hisense are not bad brands at all. In fact, there is no guarantee that just because you have a Samsung for several hundred dollars that it is better than the t CL s700 l. It has less to do with the brand and more to do with the price. Laura pays. It's more likely that Brad is taking shortcuts. In fact, I suspect that Samsung takes more shortcuts on the budget line than TCL because TCL is willing to take smaller margins to give you a better TV than Samsung.
Samsung is known to have a very large profit margin. Well, what does that mean? That means the TV will most likely be made at a lower price. specs than the TCL so when it comes to selecting a TV assuming the entire TCL is rubbish would be a mistake, next lucky number 7 this is one I really appreciate and you'll hear it from everyone and I think it's overkill . and it's OLED, bring it, don't buy a Nolan because you're going to burn out a few years ago, that's probably right and if you go online right now and look up all those burning nightmares, you'll hear a lot of stories, but look at the 2016 model year, maybe 2017, but as you look at the 2018-19 model years and this year, you'll notice that burn-in has become less and less of an issue for many reasons, first, the LG OLED panel is now designed with burn-in in mind. -in, if after the pixel structure they have increased the size of certain pixels to match any potential brunette and, more importantly, all manufacturers include certain burn-in functions like NHL, the TV then the panel starts to update and tour to clean possible or risk of burning number eight no, you are a use case, you read a hundred reviews and all the hundred reviews are about amazing TVs to watch Netflix, but you will never watch Netflix, you only watch wireless antennas. the reviews are meaningless;
In fact, what you should focus on is improving the scale and perhaps the image quality of your living room because your living room is extraordinarily bright, but the truth is that you need to know your use case in order to select reviews that match your usage kids, so if your use case is primarily a wireless antenna, look for reviews that actually try to look at the wireless image quality in your use case and, if you know your use case , you'll read the right reviews, generate the right shortlist, and be able to ignore all the other


everyone else will make.
I'm missing something? Let me know in the comments below what you found helpful when purchasing your amazing 4k TV until the next stop. the phone you

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