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Top 70 NASCAR Crashes of the 2020 Season

Mar 20, 2022
Chris Gabart, the crew chief, would rather walk to victory lane than go into the spotlight. oh ryan newman came down and everyone behind piled up. down low dont mess around three wide for third and go for a slide daniel hamrick cant save it theres a caution still not aggressive enough coming to pit road you can see they tried to go to the outside of daniel suarez oh suarez had to get up on miss keselowski and made heavy contact with ryan blaney's 12 it didn't look like blaney was part of that group that was going to pit because that inside lane was packed and oh he had a flat right front , ago the 10 has a flat right front right there you can already see it's down there it was a weird move like the car should have stayed on the bottom and cut and it shot right into the 22 yeah but just smash to the guy because if you're going to bite if you're going to get penalized when you get pushed below the yellow line there are two options: stay on the throttle and spin the guy off your nose or go under the line yellow and get penalized so if


penalizes people to keep them from being pushed under the yellow line that protects that guy i hate the call i hate the rules well the 21st of zane smith right in the middle of things he gets in in 26 and that's all she wrote you see a little wig on zayn smith as he was coming out of the corner right there no It doesn't look like it came loose but on the inside wall they were fighting for 13th there was a slow car on the outside of Jones oh and he just misses Fitch's inertia barrel there in the head towards pit road and catches the pit wall no but thank goodness there's a safer barrier on that inside wall to help that impact eckis in the middle of the screen and so yeah it looked like stewart maybe thought michael was going to be clear to move up and we know how important it is to get moved up in that fast lane because of the current of air and not quite clear a po john hunter help co nemechek possibly see john hunter on the side there they definitely made some contact that's how ben rhodes started from the johnny sotter bumper but you don't know he may have been on the side already just these guys were so close and pushing so hard yeah you're pushing three wide and set this up and i mean you know that thing is usually pretty accurate that virtual car position wise so pretty likely somehow blaney oh, it almost looked like stenhouse was going to lean out and try to get past him and maybe he misjudged it made the contact turn william byron right oh you know those guys had so much wow it didn't work for oh kyle busch turns chase elliott on the wall and almost back into traffic oh clint boyer being pushed almost picks them up man oh yeah you can see 17 or the bushes just loosen up a bit makes a little contact that side wall checks him and the 48 and jimmy johnson that ally chevrolet make contact boy oh stenhouse all the almost four wide on the bottom makes contact sends him right into that inside wall and then into that more secure ridgeline barrier right there and in that case it was almost like if ricky was coming up the race track in fact john hunter was going down i got you out of crafton there he is on the high side heading into turn one and he rolls but no robots got hit. by the 22. like austin wayne myself lined up robot ball did nothing wrong crafting no stewart freeson barely slipped away again todd you talked about the wasp nest half the group was so avoidable the first truck i saw turn it was the 68 the blue truck at the top of the screen and yeah tanner spun it gray tanner was probably just trying to push it into a bush down the first turn and johnny sauder's truck was like a pinball eric jones with help h here comes almarola crashing into the wall i think it's stenhouse could be blaney oh my god nothing you can do and all these guys coming there like i say you can't slow down you're doing everything you can to slow down and stop this car but you've got that hard tire sliding across the track surface 88 try to go outside and around go eric alvarez's 10 in the air while kyle busch's 18 ryan blaney is stuck on it may as well ' I won't say who's stuck against the wall with Álvaro right in front, I see what it is and then he slid up, what's right in this tire track, so I don't know if something is leaking or coming towards him . just so you know when you're coming through the corners that fast from blaney's 12 car that's a hard hit yes it is and austin dillon oh looks like he had a good run on the outside and couldn't do anything matte with a big hit it's almost like 22 has a flat left front tire he's looking at that before we hit the fence left front looks really two between two teammates chastain lots of drive he gets into the back of almandinger and then the rex in cendrick almost climbs on the side there he is oh ok explain a jamie knocks that down well not much to break that down huh it looked like something must have happened before you cant really see what what's going on up ahead it's going to cause trouble and that's all that truck convection that was doom and brewed on the outside and then lassard on the inside which is a terrible place to be yeah you see it right there yeah , you want to push that quarterback off right backfield, i'm with you, i thought when ross came up, noah, maybe he had to. take a good look at this and that's one of those cases where it's almost like you've got a magnet on both of your bumpers and you didn't hit the gas and you're trying to slow down but you can't get out of the car in front of you great race contact made ji mmy johnson got stuck in the 48 yea big damage to jimmy's car oh he just shoots it up the hill and then tries yea jd motorsports check that out right there's a huh you know where they clap together it's hard yeah that hurts and you see tommy that has to be a bit disappointing he starts from pole and you find yourself all the way back oh and now majeski's 45 after a bit of contact and a hard hit so you can see i mean you the 18 achieved he drops it good didn't run after him but when he goes down they make contact hard to tell if joey logano was trying to keep his car a little lower there to even continue the block but they definitely finally made contact for him the first time he gets back up to speed it's a crosstalk problem aj justin aldon turns and


into the concrete outside oh man i'll take a contact heavy heavy for him also involved down here is jeffrey earhardt it all started with the o4 losing maybe a little bit of momentum tum and well look at that right there and Raphael had a lot of room I don't know I think it may be the mechanical problem inexperienced but as fast as this race track is you can easily separate the nose it has a hole in the nose it will . affects downforce we have to watch out for the 11 who shot for 42 on the wet grass big huge crash but all these cars that were low on fuel now it's more laps under caution yeah so they're going to be in a position where I think you're going to have to see more cars coming to pitt road yeah you're right jeff every radio I listen to basically everyone feels like they're going to have to get fuel or with these few cars in the lead lab you just take a chance and you go but that was a big hit i think everyone had an idea he was going to do that so yeah he caught christopher bell for 95 right there and then a little bit of 21 there this is violent alright , so we talk info if i see this as a g and rc crew chief drivers race and i said hey can i drive one of your race cars?
top 70 nascar crashes of the 2020 season
Oh my gosh, he almost flipped over so all that debris is there on him and he just makes contact with the left rear of the 47. I don't know if Stenhouse had. to double check when he caught kenzit's 42 in there but it seemed to me that maybe jimmy misjudged getting behind stenhouse's 47 i think kirk bush may have some damage as well for that i'd like to look at that again there's no nothing you can do at this point and everyone has to go somewhere crash into each other and then look how close everyone is and there's not enough room look at that 18 car man yeah that's Truex.
top 70 nascar crashes of the 2020 season

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top 70 nascar crashes of the 2020 season...

No tough defense there yeah he did they hit them hard yeah thats a bad angle stenhouse jr thats mike snyder on the outside of the nine i dont see another repeat of that from another angle what a move michael annette to overcome all that was right. in the middle of where everything uh first career win at talladega goes to justin hayley here's the man allmendinger gave chastain a big shove who gave haley a big shove on somebody's back oh yeah we got a rollover car in 61. the 22 austin three cars the 22 crashed into the inside The wall in front of you happened very often here corey roper oh it's part of it too check this out right in the same spot I think that's what sends the 11 , danny hamlin, to turn three. what went down had to be hamlin he said on the radio he lost the right back corner of 99 he said i'll hold tight yeah and if ben rhodes is loose in the driveway he wants to trick him a little bit that's the tendency you have to brett moffatt you barely made it through there without getting picked up you talk about whoa a bit of a block there's that aj omendinger oh man how close was that for aj barely missed daniel hamrick it's a big hit on the inside wall great you and i hit concrete walls how refreshing it is to see these guys bounce off those safer barriers caring in the voice of brewing oh this isn't going to end up being a good big hit gustine driving for timmy hill and the hill brothers this weekend they run parallel race car very sharp yeah 26 laps on that right front tire well i knew those cars were going to stall you can see right there ryan priest push chastain onto the rig so pro As soon as he gets off the platform, he loses control.
top 70 nascar crashes of the 2020 season
I'm not very clear, I can't say who it was that got hit right there. It looks like Mike Snyder might have been picked up. Harrison Burton barely sneaks around on the bottom before making contact with both hooks. The bumper of him makes him spin. oh he hit alex bowman and then he's on and for the second time in less than a handful of years eric almarola you said it junior right here tyler clearly read it too aggressive of a block no way kyle busch could really do something there and t So all what lies behind is complete chaos.
top 70 nascar crashes of the 2020 season
A big hit. He just goes back up the track. Yeah, head over to that outer wall and I don't know. You think that's too much damage. that was a hit right there wanting to make sure the guy behind you stayed in line so there's just a lot going on and that was a big hit josh williams took a big hit to his drivers side front wheel but when you consider the impact that would have been for Harrison Burton. Head first, it wasn't the Xfinity series and the trucks, and then it's those guys in the back that end up with the big unfortunate gear shift for that 24-hour chase.
Look at that job the 15 tanner gray does yeah gray went through there that was amazing he just worked his way through that mess yeah it looks like austin centric is after him but its hard to tell if he got into it right there reagan maybe a little contact if anything you know Brandon may have had to revise a bit as they got three wide right there. Austin might not have been ready for that. There's a significantly lesser amount and obviously it's affecting you only inside another car. what you said and all the safety improvements and you added such a nasty nasty angle into turn three one of the fastest parts of the race track for these guys and you know it's just no practice it's a track green it's unbelievably abrasive everyone's going to push it's the last lap and oh go around yeah very similar to what we saw in the crash just before this with austin cendrick and jeb burton got a report all the networks of the windows are down for the drivers involved a big push comes from the carl tent and on the 16th he flips a j allmendinger hits the inside wall they smashed behind them will the green stay out all the way but as that advances, the energy returns as it did here? eight cars couldn't take a push he was already lifting up and slowing down then he gets hit by the rear cars and the light instantly makes him spin it's just to me it's just one of those racing deals there are some blocks that I think are bad blocks I don't think it was a terrible block.
He made a move and it all piled up. Do you know something. I saw that it didn't quite come to the front. It seemed loose under him. outside got loose under him going for it you're trying to make up time you're out of time that's a shot right there that car completely unstuck and that's you know mario gosling team a team that doesn't have theresources and I have to race again tomorrow night very difficult situation for them a little bit of contact on the right rear tire look how fast that car the contact the head-on smack into the outside walls really scary you have to react fast there's the crash and look at those two already going to the bottom, let's go down, go down, let's go down that road together with ben rhodes and they can prevent that accident that really arises, you know, and it's hard to see through these things, these big spoilers behind these trucks here when ryan c gets off to a good start and now they have four wide going into one that's it oh and the round goes on. seven pours on the outside wait wait wait for anthony alfredo he was up against the wall hard he's upside down sliding through one and two oh christopher bell trying to stand in front of him then they make contact no poor ryan priest we talk about he's had a series end from last places and wow so junior and me in this booth as he was going to that wall we were both cringing no its not what denny hamlin try to go outside then inside block bumpers and turn ryan newman da turns upside down goes corey away and coming making contact just lifting newman's car and on me you

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