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Top 5 Poker Moments - Phil Hellmuth vs. Dani Stern | PokerStars

Feb 27, 2020
We pick up the night starting with hands sixty-two of 150. Don Ea


Pocket Five raises to 1500. Eugene cachalot folds Jack four for Daniel. He's out of the game for the big man raised to 5,500. Phil continues to show a more aggressive preflop style. I've seen this week Andre looking at ten suited threes and calling them. I think the wheels may have finally come loose. Andrew's racing car. Donnie calls with his pocket pair. We can honestly say that this is the first loose cannon he's playing like it's not his money. that's the first flop of the night Queen Queen eight two-spades Hellmuth checks Andre checks everyone, which means Donnie's pocket fives is the best.
top 5 poker moments   phil hellmuth vs dani stern pokerstars
He's looking for a continuation bet even though this will be the best hand a decent percentage of the time Donnie does 8,500 So far this week, Phil has had a hard time floping an ace-high, especially for Donnie, How deep are you, little Lissandra, to start the hand? he's still down over 50 bills calling Andre folds Donnie doesn't really look very strong, which is surprising because his hand isn't strong enough to purposely try to look weak six of spades on the turn, giving Hellmuth the best flush draw. happens at this point both players probably want to have a cheap showdown there's donnie pass the river the seven of diamonds he'll still only get an ace high tell me pass it's like donnie struggles with thoughts of value betting his fives gotta wonder what worse hands will call him


checked ace king and stern wins a pot over 34 grand for you checks there wait wait wait that's my favorite part he had a lot going on it doesn't really seem like you I might have cheated on him too.
top 5 poker moments   phil hellmuth vs dani stern pokerstars

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top 5 poker moments phil hellmuth vs dani stern pokerstars...

I think so, I took a hit. You bet on the river that you are going to fold. Great Donny. You called the river. pick it up right there us Wow that's what I'm talking about ma'am let's just fill in the form to say good hand sir 1600 bill goes up to 1616 uh yeah yeah yeah couple jacks to donnie stern stern and


got in at the table last night. Donnie llamas looks like Donnie. continuing his tendency to get in Phil's way, Donnie hasn't raised because he's out of position, gets under his hand, two, ace, king, two diamonds, Stern checks, tell me with Jax Hills off the flop, Donnie but he checks to control the pot, Stern now with a bunch of jacks after the turn terrible card for Phil Donny looking to value bet and start building a pot for an even bigger river bet Stern bets 2800 Hellmuth calls quickly with the second pair hard to tell the jack hit Donny the river the eight of clubs the eight doesn't really change anything for Phil he's still likely to call a fair value bet on the stern river makes it 6,500 Phil just fell twice , which is strong, but he hates being cheated, he may be trying to convince himself that Donny is lying since Phil checked the flop when you check a marginal hand sometimes you end up calling bets you shouldn't convince yourself Even that your opponent is lying because you gave him a chance to bluff.
top 5 poker moments   phil hellmuth vs dani stern pokerstars
Let's see him fill up to one of his classic lay downs with no P call. You're going to like it. Josh. I knew Jack hurt me. I almost said something out loud. You know what that is. other than that i should have said i should have changed something on the flop i was trying to milk it i'm going to make you milk me little moon eugen folds just like


el 16 oh that hurts create a monster bill raise hill i should probably make it less obvious that he's exciting a suited donnie in the small blind called the hurl odd Also fitting, this is a hand many players would defend on the big line, especially against a smoking


brat and Friedman will make it three on the flop which is nine jack six over four Hellmuth Phil's closing the tractor makes Stern first to act Donny's open end with an over card and it's 3,600 Friedman folds and Phil raises to 15,000 Donny was hoping to knock him down with a semi-bluff Phil just told Donnie where he can put that semi-bluff but Phil's raise is pretty big on the off chance Donny has a set, he's painting himself in a corner, keep in mind you want draw players to call you still get what you want Wow nice hand the turn is the eight of hearts Donny did it straight


was just kidding but I think your mindset coach must be teaching you the secret or something like that, or maybe instead of reading the book blink he accidentally read Donny's in a great place because he's got the nuts and he's pretty sure Phil's got something big too Stern bets 25 grand Hellmuth calls quickly to quote Phil from yesterday who he's a fast kid even though he's dead to a boat the river the seven of hearts that you only think donnie cares about is a slim chance of filming a runner-runner hearts and since Phil did his With big moves before hearts came into play, Donny can be pretty sure Phil didn't make a flush. the fourth card straight up his three hearts


has to wonder what hands would have called a big raise on the flop and then led the turn and river is this real i mean is this real sense phil's impression of david post dentist phil can't i think he got run over again he may be trying to talk himself into doing a cant be this unfortunate call is gone it's also giving him a good odds to make this call 35K more to win over 120 around four to one Phil should maybe be suspicious of getting such a good price Wow can I beat him?
top 5 poker moments   phil hellmuth vs dani stern pokerstars
I mean, I guess I can beat Jack Eight Hills trying to figure out what hands he can beat and that's why this is taking so long that there aren't any. -Seat in three, two, one, take off. I'm surprised you called. ed really I didn't even hold hands for real dad I don't know what you might have to call the Rays and just fire that was a weird game you gon drop that bro nice y'all good hand , friend, where is it? my puffy kara, she's so sick, she finally decided to play a big hand with the big ones with the nuts and they made the miracle of her there.
I bet he did today. I didn't think you were stupid enough to believe it, but you are, I mean. I think you're stupid enough to call, but while we're at it and again to finish making personal attacks, yeah, another bad winter, huh? I'm a bad winner. They all just say I did it. just say i was stupid enough to be a sore loser you're 10 times meaner than a bad one are you kidding are you kidding i should because i gave it back to you i gave it back to you after you called me stupid so i'm the sore winner.
Are you kidding? You teased me for having tonight for something real. You said he was ten eight. Obviously, I was ki. dding so you need obvious you called the river when there was a force to go straight to the board why is it obvious you didn't have ten eight ok ok ah look this is the beautiful thing you honestly don't think you've been out of line at all and that's amazing to me that's what i know i've been out of line but i'm a man i admit it now it's your chance to 23 i don't think you can admit it admit i'm out of line are you kidding me?
Wow, are they the cat for all this fur for the comment? first i want to say how old are we this is ridiculous you said i didn't think you were stupid enough to believe me i had tonight so essentially you're saying oh i guess he's so stupid and then he actually said that then he said i guess you are so stupid would you say about tonight well why did you make that comment to me? because you did? that started to tell me something about me starting it's who started it now that's what they're discussing let me inform you we're adults here i think he reacted though you guys i don't have to listen to all ten eight parts what did you say there? he said she goaded you he goaded me with you tonight first when i what woody goaded me you said a comment about him he was goading me oh yeah i thought you were ten eight no i didn't know you know you didn't say that no no i didn't you said, you didn't say any of that tonight, no, you said you were the Nate, you said you were a 10-8, yeah mm-hmm, that's what I said, obviously, I was kidding, why should I? i know you were kidding i mean you were saying every other time you say what you had and this time i'm supposed to know he said you had ten and you laughed about it or something oh i didn't know hey no he peed on me . he made a smart comment phil phil but the thing is all he wanted to do was admit he had a part he didn't so i mean what a surprise doni with pocket kings talking cowboy straddles raised to 3000 per LOD alright its like he wanted to play that high five out of six times the action finished to fill the Queen wow boy queen get ready haha ​​nine thousand three raised the nine thousand Donny is in a place where he could do a four bet, but he doesn't want to go after Hellmuth if he's overstepping the line.
However, we know Phil has Queens and he'll pay just about anything. in that he just put in nine grand there's a straddle in it Phil we're not asking for a double straddle just the one that both the straddle and the colder hand are to blame for the size of this pot a juicy pot preflop coming out jack The advantage of eight kings to shake all Donny needed was for Phil not to miss. Evaluate bill passes. Donny is in position, so if he bets here, it will look like a continuation bet. Eleven thousand bills equal. I was going to suggest that the king could upset Phil, but he doesn't. 'hit pear so Jack of Hearts on the turn his full Stern Phil is now dead - someone pulling the fire alarm tell me Jax Phil put Donny in a jack maybe the second hit will save him some money Don's trying to figure out how reach max value bet thirty thousand these guys have their hands in their mouths which was intentional as a sign of weakness bill calls donny's case it might actually be a setback tell hill he just called thirty thousand drawing dead stone the river the ten of diamonds Phil checks here me Tommy those are the yellow ones around 60 make around 60 left there's 100k in the pot and Phil only has 60K behind would probably look stronger if Donny hadn't made a fill all in come on here goes Donny putting Phil all-in At this point, all Phil Hellmuth has is a bluff taker.
I think he knows. There's no way Donny is worth betting a hand worse than a pair of queens in this spot, so either Phil is crushed or Donny is lying in his eyes. This is fun to w Look at him with angst I don't know it's the sickest thing I mean why am I coming here yeah he's some ridiculous guy who probably has a stack of chips and he just won a miracle like it was nothing , he's just bragging and Phil is trying very hard to convince himself that he can call see him I know he knows it's going to be a while here's my thought okay can't close 35,000 when he wanted the call I think this maybe he's not lying at all I think those who are leaving he's welcome to me I think he's gambling because he thinks Phil is sick and upset and he's going to call 52 he thinks wait I don't think I don't think Danny is lying no let's go on how to love drunk for life oh hi % everyone here bill and donna have had some history this week maybe clouding phil's judgment oh you might be lying here i don't think there is any james book yes rick was like zero close to Zero I don't even know how would he bet on the turn i think i think a helmet has a scheme he thinks he's a bitch he might have a ski you think he has a queen you might be crazy anyway he queened IGS no runs because he made 9,000 he has a queen because he da Cruz only did 9 always raised his pyre i think it was that Rat Pack over there guys he might be bragging here guys you might be bragging here he wants to be a hero right here sure well i got a feeling he is bragging. a big nose in this you're like superman yeah yeah he's supposed to have my bait I mean I don't think Phil gets the feeling he's lying I think Phil wants me to be lying I slowed Danny down too I see the way he that Danny asked how many you have from so natural to so comforting it's like seeing what you guys have as gay so come on give me a break you got it for sure so I feel sure you're cheating on Donny wow I just feel I'm sorry you're bluffing.
He wants to win today. He wants to win a good month. ney so this is your chance to make a hit be a hero sixty eight thousand dollars here we go this is this is not the calm before the storm i see it when it happens i want to come back come back yes based on marijuana The odds that Phil won't get the odds right for how often Donny would be bluffing here but I don't think this decision is due to pot odds for Phil it's ok now that everyone's back and I'm sure the cameras are on and we should get one decision soon Wow, last time I made a decision like this, I was wrong, I look pretty bad.
I hate, I hate to give this one up, I just hate to give it up, myReading hasn't been perfect lately, though that's one problem I can't wait to flip on that queen, ten of those two twos or whatever, my contacts are running dry. you could call him the brat you

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