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Top 5 Galaxy S20 Ultra COMPLAINTS

Feb 19, 2020
I'm Joshua Vergara. What's going on with everyone? Let's talk about the Galaxy S20 line again. However, after the launch of these phones, there are some concerns and I will talk about five of them in this video. Quick disclaimer: remember that these top five


are my opinion. And they are based on my short experience with the phone so far. I'll go through them in my full review and see if these particular


actually work. But besides all that, this is to incite discussion. These are particular aspects of these phones that I feel like people might have an opinion on.
top 5 galaxy s20 ultra complaints
And I'm just expressing those here. I invite you to have a conversation with me in the comments sections below about these potential pain points with the Galaxy S20, S20+, and 20 Ultra. We're going to go from the outside looking in and start with the design. Every Galaxy S20 device remains an attractive phone, especially since the smaller Galaxy S20 is easier to handle and it's a good thing we still have this option. The Galaxy S 20 Ultra might be pushing a bit with that really big rectangle on the back, though, but my main gripe on that is that we don't get as many crazy colors anymore.
top 5 galaxy s20 ultra complaints

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top 5 galaxy s20 ultra complaints...

Many of you know that I love my Galaxy Note 10, the smallest, easiest to handle, but it also comes in that really cool red color. In fact, I put money to buy this version of the phone in a place in Hong Kong because I was really in love with that color. When it comes to the Galaxy S20 line, I really don't feel the same way. Yes, there is a Cloud Pink version of the S20 and also a Cloud Blue version of the S20+; but when it comes to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which I think a lot of people will weigh in, there's only black and grey.
top 5 galaxy s20 ultra complaints
It would be nice if all those colors were available for all devices, like a pink Galaxy S20 Ultra that could go very well. Of course, Samsung is really good when it comes to accessories, so you can find ways to personalize each and every device. If you get the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you might want to do something like grab a Grip case from dbrand that also has the new Robot Camo skin on top. In fact, I had one with me and was able to see it on the Galaxy S20 Ultra and even the other two devices in the S20 line.
top 5 galaxy s20 ultra complaints
They look really cool, if you want to check them out for yourself. I have a link in the description. It looks like Samsung decided to dial back the shine on their new devices and focus more on improving experiences, which makes a lot of sense and you know what that particular point is, something I'll touch on again a bit later in the video. . Once you turn on the displays, you'll see that there's only one camera at the top, and personally, I'm a bit annoyed by this. Just one camera on the front of each device means you only get one experience.
It could be a wide enough lens for things like catching people in your shot or even vlogging, but it would be nice if we could have more than one in there. But this time, it's a single center right at the top and on the Galaxy S20 Ultra it's a 40-megapixel sensor, which probably means you'll get some high-quality photos. But if Samsung is focusing on more experiences with this phone, maybe the front-facing camera could get a little more love. But that also brings me to the rear cameras, which is another concern I think I have here. And it is related to the prices of these devices.
Now with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, you obviously get all those levels of zoom because not only do you have a lens that's capable of 10x optical zoom, but you can even digitally hybridize it up to 100x. Now that's pretty crazy, but I'm still a little skeptical about how much zoom I really need in my day-to-day photography and videography. 10x is really quite silly. 3x is probably the minimum I'd need, but going all the way to 100, I just don't know if that's ultimately going to be useful for someone like me. I want to know what you think about it – hit the comment sections below.
But one of the other reasons the Galaxy S20 Ultra is so attractive from a camera standpoint is because its main sensor is the 108-megapixel sensor that we've come to expect in a new Samsung device. This provides some very specific benefits, namely the fact that you can cram nine pixels into one huge pixel at once, making 108-megapixel photo giving you really detailed and honestly better 12-megapixel end results in low light. . I think a lot of people would love to have that level of power in the main sensors, even if they don't necessarily need that telescopic zoom. Fortunately, if you choose not to want that zoom, you also lose the main 108-megapixel sensor on the other two versions of the phone.
Which I think is a huge loss, especially when you try to weigh the cost benefits of each device. Now, don't get me wrong: Samsung phones generally have very good quality when it comes to the camera, both in stills and video. And for the most part, you'll get very similar experiences between all of them. But if you want to go a bit further, you should go with everything Samsung included in the more expensive Galaxy S20. And so you can't make a lot of compromises if you want to have a smaller phone, but also a cheaper phone. I'm giving an honorable mention to the lack of a headphone jack on these phones because I know someone will get into the comment sections and say, "Hey, no headphone jack?
Deal breaker." But honestly, we've been at this for almost two years now: it's not going to be headphone jacks and all the devices, especially the ones that people might want more of. And I have to give Samsung at least a little credit for trying to provide good wireless audio. We are improving the audio with Qualcomm processors. Every year it's getting better with aptX and stuff like that. And even Samsung is trying to build on that with easy-to-use Galaxy Buds+ that have 11 hours of battery life on an extra charge in that little case. So I have to admit that while not having a headphone jack is always going to be a bit of a pain, at least we're making some big strides when it comes to good wireless Bluetooth audio.
And ultimately, I know you've been hearing me mention it a little bit throughout this video, but price is going to be a primary concern or even a complaint for some people. Samsung is clearly experimenting with a few different ways of pricing its devices - not only did the S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite become something a bit earlier, they also have the S10e last year, which was a more affordable version of the flagship phones. One could argue that each and every phone today is now a flagship device. You may have to expect an S20e or S20 Lite at some point, but right now we're looking at three 5G-capable flagship phones with great specs and high-powered cameras that are in different configurations, but ultimately for Samsung: that justifies a starting price of $999 for the base S20 model.
That's pretty crazy, I'm not going to lie. And Samsung has now re-established that expectation that the flagship phone should always cost around $1,000. For which I know some people might not have the stomach: it's a hard pill to swallow. One thing that softens the blow a bit is that Samsung still believes that the S10 line is more than enough for most users, so they are still offering them at deeper discounts. In fact, you can get the S10e for $599 now and then go up from there, making the price of those phones probably the perfect level for most people just looking to upgrade to current flagship experiences.
Really, the S20 lineup is like that cutting-edge argument once again. If you really want to have the absolute best specs that may not be found on many of the other phones we'll be seeing in 2020, you can certainly go that high. But the S10 is still around and it's not like the S20 completely replaced them: it's just another teardrop Samsung created. Which actually, I like, I like that. But of course the point of these videos is to start the discussion with all of you. I want to know if you feel the same way about the S10 line still being there.
And I also want to know if you still feel reticent about the prices of the Galaxy S20 line. Let me know about all of that and all the other things I talked about in this video in the comment sections below. Let's have that discussion. Let's go ahead and talk about everything. And there's a lot to talk about with the Galaxy S20 line, so be sure to check out my hands on video so you can hear some of my thoughts over the phone in addition to these discussion topics I started in this Top 5 Complaints video. From there please like my videos and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already.
Be sure to hit the bell on the side to let you know when I'll be out with any videos Galaxy S20 and beyond. And of course the MWC is right around the corner. So stay tuned to my channel for that and more. From there, I'll see you in my next video. I'll call him on this one. And I'll just remind you all to enjoy your tea. I wonder if I spilled the tea well enough on this one.

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