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TOP 5 business ideas to boom in the next 5 years for beginners

May 01, 2020
Hey guys, welcome to Silicon Valley girl, today's video on top 5



for an online


. These


come from the current market situation and every day I look for new contractors looking for people to work with and I see a lot. of gray areas. I'm seeing a lot of areas where there's a lack of talent, so I'll give you those ideas and if you feel like something makes your heart beat faster, explore, do something because we really need you. the market so if you are interested continue watching this video the way audible brings it to you and at the end of the video I will give you an audiobook that you absolutely have to listen to because it is going to improve your marketing skills and you would need your marketing skills to Market your new business online.
top 5 business ideas to boom in the next 5 years for beginners
The number one business idea is to manage online learning content. Imagine what I am seeing now as a blogger: every blogger who has at least 10,000 followers starts an online course, but the problem for us bloggers is that not all of us have a team, I need someone to help me upload the courses to a platform and there are so many platforms out there, think if we capture a website like all of those. resources I need someone to help me create a landing page I need someone to help me manage clients because some of them have questions and you need templates to answer them, so there is a lot of work involved behind producing the course and you don't really I need specific knowledge to do that, my personal assistants started helping me with my YouTube courses and she didn't have any prior knowledge on how to manage or whatever, but together we are doing this and we are doing quite well, we had more than 1000 already students, so just explore what kind of platforms are out there, explore how you can communicate with customers, like create ticket systems, how you can create landing pages like tilde and so on, and start reaching out to bloggers who have their own courses, no I know yes.
top 5 business ideas to boom in the next 5 years for beginners

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top 5 business ideas to boom in the next 5 years for beginners...

There is a specific name for this online business. I would call it production because ideally you're not only managing the back end of the course, but also helping the bloggers with promotion and suggesting ideas like, oh, let's do targeting, let's retarget your followers on Instagram. or maybe you would say: we're going to create a special offer, we're going to give 50% off your course for 24 hours and do this massive sale. Ideally, someone like a producer of my courses will come up with ideas and share them and being proactive in marketing usually depends on how skilled you are.
top 5 business ideas to boom in the next 5 years for beginners
I know something that takes 50% of the course income. I think it's a little unfair because, again, the content comes from me and it's basically my audience that buys, but I think it's somewhere in between. like five to ten percent, depending on your skills, depending on what you can offer, it's a great way to start and then when you have your name, you'll be able to reach more and more bloggers, you'll have more names on your client list. than you You can always increase the percentage you make of revenue, so this is something that is going to grow over the




because they have projected that the online learning industry will grow to 20 billion dollars a year and again I see people launching courses everywhere I see all the bloggers launching courses.
top 5 business ideas to boom in the next 5 years for beginners
I see companies that used to teach offline starting to launch their courses online and we need talent to help us spread our knowledge so look into this and please if you feel like you are a great producer reach out. Oh, the


business idea is a marketing agency and yes, I know there are many marketing agencies, but the landscape is changing the way we make advertisements these days, it is completely different. I can't just do it as a basic banner and you know, because I work with some marketing agencies and they come to me and say, oh, let's make a banner, let's say this YouTube course will help you develop your degree and, for example, come on. people already know my face, let's make a creative video and I don't want to be the one telling the marketing agency how to market.
I want ideas from them and there are some ideas that worked very well and I came up with like an ad that is a shot with the iPhone like it is very true, it is very close to the viewer, it works much better than the banner and creating viral videos on Facebook, like researching what kind of videos go viral and hiring your client to do that, that's cool and then Of course, there are technical things where you upload everything to take on Facebook. I think it is the main marketing platform. There's Facebook and YouTube, so you upload videos on that platform, so I would love to work with someone to do the research for me and tell me. what works best right now not a year ago because everything changes so fast, again there are so many social media marketing agencies, there are so many video marketing agencies but I'm struggling to find the right one and I worked with several and finally found. one, but again, I still feel there is room for improvement.
I don't want to be the person who runs everything and comes up with ideas all the time and stuff. I want someone to be there to help me, so this is another idea of ​​how you can do that. Start with this idea. I would say follow the top bloggers and see how they advertise, for example. I like how Russell Brunson announces click on Panos. I like, hello, how Tylo Bus releases something every week and advertises it, and the ads for it get over 30 million views. Just follow those. people follow someone you admire in the marketing space, see what they are doing and this is exactly what you need to do because you know just copy what they do, this is super easy and then you will generate your own ideas, networking agency social number three.
I think everyone has already understood that social networks are needed for their business. Whenever I find a website for an online business, I always go to their Instagram and check out what they're doing because if the last post they made was in November 2017, I'll come back. thoughts maybe not everything is going well for this company because they don't have money to invest in social media or maybe I already closed and maybe I shouldn't buy products from them so now everyone understands that you know that you are active on social media it is crucial to create content that is not just advertising, but actually the content that educates your customer is super marketable and businesses need that, like again, for example, I'm teaching this YouTube course, but I also run another business and I can't just manage all content.
I would love to have an agency come to me and say, "we can write articles about YouTube for you, but the thing is, I worked with a couple of cooperators and they wrote a couple articles about YouTube, but what habits are so so generic? If we take out the word YouTube and replace it with an ergonomic table, it will make sense because, again, this is very generic and not something that real entrepreneurs are looking for. Real entrepreneurs are looking for a social media agency that you'll go deep into your topic and you'll do research, you'll come up with great ideas and great copy and you'll create copy for your social media, so again, if you're passionate about writing and creating content, just go up a level and I.
I guarantee people will come to this, it's slow processing and I'm going to talk about marketing your startup company, but people will come to you and it will be like a business, everything we've been waiting for, yes, the next idea channels the agency, another thing I was struggling with. I wanted to create my own funnel and a lot of people use click funnels. There are also other platforms you can use. I asked a guy to create a funnel and he charged me. I think it was $350 and it was very basic. funnel that would have taken me a couple of hours to create the texts or, again, a really generic replacement.
I was promoting my book on how to get US college admissions, like if you replaced the name of my book with the name of a cookbook, it would still be the same because um, their quotes said that you would benefit a lot from reading this book. This is amazing content. I've been collecting for you for fires. a lot more research to find someone decent and decent people charged a lot of money and if you hit the market there is a slightly lower price if it is a one person company or a two person company, I would say for that you would need to be a professional on the platform where you create funnels yourself you need to be a professional and get response for example this is a company that helps you automate marketing emails and this is what you need for a funnel and then maybe hire a copywriter who sends text messages. for you and that's it and he can be a contractor, so all the companies that I talk about today are very easy to set up if you are passionate about the main topic and the rest you like designers, copywriters, the rest you can find them, They say a funnels agency is the future and last but not least, my cameraman Alec from Lost every time he comes to San Francisco to photograph me he spends a couple of days just filming the Golden Gate Bridge he wakes up at 4 a.m. goes to the dustiest footage of the Golden Gate Bridge and comes I came back around 8 a.m. and then we start my session and I ask him why do you do this every time you go to San Francisco and he says because these are the best selling shots I do Golden Gate Bridge in fog Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise Golden Gate Bridge at sunset no fog rainy lo whatever these have one of the best selling shots he has on Shutterstock and I think he is now making 2 to 3 thousand dollars a month just selling them and you know if If you are passionate about creating content, create a company where you can first upload your images on Shutterstock or other platforms where people can buy your product and then you can always work with other contractors with other people because platforms like blinds service are just about uploading and waiting for whatever. happens, you should also do some marketing on the platform, you should optimize your footage, you should try to get into different lists of what they are creating so that you can generate more traffic and then again, if you master it, if you know what content works best.
In terms of income, you can always hire more people, more photographers and videographers in different parts of the world and say, "Hey, I'm going to pay you someone from Russia. I'm going to pay like 100 dollars, please take this photo from the Plaza Roja in Moscow sends it to me and then you reset it on Shutterstock if I were a photographer I hope it's totally Oh like a videographer would Now let's get to the audiobook that all of you should listen to as well as being a professional In the scope that I've talked about, you also have to be a marketing professional because yes, you can be amazing at creating funnels, but you also have to be amazing and reach the people who will buy your product, that's why the audiobook is called influenced by Robert Cialdini.
Aldini is not a morning guy, I was writing everything based on the 60s, 70s and 90s, but these are crucial principles that still work and sometimes we forget about them. I always listen to books on audible because it helps me save time, you know when? you run a company. I actually run three companies and YouTube has possibilities. You know what I mean, right? I'm sure there's a lot going on in your life. Audiobooks are lifesavers. I can clean my house, cook something for my family and then. I listen to an audiobook and there are times I pause and just write down different thoughts and I'll tell you what I wrote from the influential book.
By the way, you can listen to this audiobook for free if you sign up for audible. using the following link, slash Silicon Valley Girl or if you're in the United States, text Silicon Valley Girl - 500 500 if you sign up for a 30-day trial, you'll get a free audiobook as well as two . audible originals and audible originals our exclusive audio titles created by celebrated short stories from worlds as diverse as theater journalism literature and more. an audible membership has been amazing in the sense that you pay a monthly fee, you get access to audiobooks, you get a discount on regular audiobook prices and you get access to exclusive sales, which I like the most, so every month you get a credit, You get an audiobook, but if you don't like it, you can always return it, you get your credit back, and you can access more books.
What happened last month? I started listening to Steve Jobs' biography and I was very bored because it was too long and there were too many details. I love audiobooks that are very applicable and I want to work on them right away and that wasn't the case. an audiobook I was looking for, so I returned it, bought another one. I think it was Greg McHugh's essentialism. I think it's also an amazing audiobook, so if you want to listen to Robert Child Edie's influence for free. remove silicon valley girl or if you are in the US text silicon valley girl - 500 500 get your 30 day trial with audible and get a free audiobook the first thought of this audiobook is scarcity, something you can work on immediately when people see that the number of offers you have is limited They have less time to make decisions and are more able to buy, for examplewhich when you are just starting out, I suggest you tell the clients you communicate with, for example, bloggers.
She was saying, “Hey, I'm doing this learning content.” producing I know you're launching a course. I can do this and that for you, but please note that because I am very busy, I can only accept two new clients this month and one client has already signed up so if you want to work with me please give me your response as soon as possible , so scarcity is something that works very well and I've given you a very basic example, but you can always do a special offer that you can only like a certain number of customers, a special discount that works very well.
Another principle is called likes and that means if you're attractive, if you're like that, I try to be interactive with the videos because people tend to watch more when you know. when my hair is done when I look my best so this applies to your website if you think you can brand it with a Craigslist ad or whatever not when people see that you actually invested some energy into creating your own profile or the landing page for your website, they really care because this shows that you are serious about what you are doing, so you know that being nice is something you should strive for, so make sure your landing page look great if you hold in-person meetings.
Make sure you look good, make sure you're smiling, make sure you stand up when you meet a client, shake their hand. I'll get back to all that if you're producing videos, make sure your camera is good and I'll update it. for a new camera it's just more expensive because I feel this difference and I really strive to achieve the best quality for my viewers and my clients so this is also something I took from the influencer audiobook and also another rule and this is probably the last one . What I'm going to mention is the rule of reciprocity, people feel obligated to pay when you do something for free and that's how I hired our first social media marketing manager.
He started responding to all incoming requests on my and my Facebook group. I didn't have time to do that and I didn't have the budget for a social media marketing manager, but then I saw how passionate he was and he was doing that for free for two weeks and I felt obligated to hire him even at like an hourly rate, but I did it. I hired him because he is our sales manager. This is where the reciprocity rule worked for him, so do something free for your client, for example, again if you are doing it as a social media agency, analyze his Instagram profile and tell him. they like hey, you forgot the hashtags here and here maybe you should launch Ana to retarget the followers that they owe you and that you already have because you have a hundred thousand followers but you only have a thousand likes, which is not the best conversion rate, communicate with them. them that and see how they like us again when they see that you have really made an effort to analyze his profile.
I never miss those DMS as my assistant checks my DMS, but I tell him that every time you see that someone has invested some time in helping. I become better. I always go back to them and they always let me know that maybe we are going to hire that person. Well guys, I decided to give you $100 to start your company and I will give it to one of you who comments below. Best idea for an online business I'm going to select the idea myself, so just comment below and please be specific, don't say I don't know how to sell books online, this is very general.
I want you to delve deeper into the ideas. and comment below with the idea you have in two weeks. I will select a winner. I will contact you. Please check your emails on YouTube because sometimes you don't check and I can't communicate. I can communicate? I say hello and I will give you $100 and then I will post the winner here on the channel also in my stories so stay tuned for my stories. Thank you very much for watching this video, guys, I am waiting for your comments. and I'm happy to give you $100 to start your own company and yes, please like this content if you liked it and I'll see you very soon, bye.

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