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Top 3 CRAZY ways people escaped DEATH | Part 2

Jun 01, 2021
Today we are going to look at three of the most amazing survival stories of all time, but before we get into today's stories, if you're a fan of the weird, dark, and mysterious delivered in story format, then you're on the right channel because that's all we do and we upload three, four, even five times a week so if that's your interest please invite the like to your house for oreos and milk but replace all your cream filled oreos with play -doh also subscribe to our channel and turn on all notifications so you don't miss any of our weekly uploads, okay let's get into today's stories in 1994, maro prosperi, 39, took


in the brutal saber marathon, which it's a six-day endurance race that covers 155 miles. the sahara desert competition was known as one of the toughest in the world but prosperi was a former olympian and stayed in incredible physical shape he was also a police officer in italy which kept him even more active for to feel ready the desert terrain of the competition was so dangerous that


icipants had to indicate where they wanted their bodies sent if they did not survive the race in preparation for the race prosperi would run 25 miles a day for the weeks leading up to it and he gave himself less and less water while running to get used to dehydration, but despite how hard he was training and his incredible athletic resume showing he is someone who can probably do this, his wife was very concerned, but he was telling her: you already know.
top 3 crazy ways people escaped death part 2
The worst thing that will happen to me is that I get a bit of a sunburn. The race started at its starting point in Morocco on April 10 and at the beginning it went very well. Prosperi was al


in front of the peloton and I was al


the first Italian to finish. that day's stage and when it was over he would go to his shop and put an Italian flag outside to show the other Italians who were doing the race where they could find it invited him in and talk and told him that part of the race was very funny then things went wrong on the fourth day during the longest and most difficult phase of the race when he went out that morning it was already very windy and he found himself in the section between these two big sand dunes and the pioneers had already gone ahead , so he's totally alone and then out of nowhere this massive sandstorm kicks up and completely blinds him, he can't go anywhere because he can't see where he is. going and he manages to grope his way to this rock where he hides behind this rock and thinks to himself I'll wait and then move on but the sandstorm lasted eight hours and when it finally ended it was pitch dark outside so Prosperity didn't he couldn't see anything so he decides, "You know what, I'm going to have to sleep in the dunes and tomorrow morning I'm going to have to get up and move on and his biggest concern at the time wasn't that he was in a survival s situation was man , I was in fourth place in this race and now with this big hiccup I'll probably finish last so when he went to sleep that night all he was thinking was man I gotta get up and go as fast as I can like this I didn't finish last morning, but when the sun came up the next morning, Prosperi looked around and realized he had a much bigger problem.The sandstorm had been so strong that it had completely upset all the landscape The dunes had moved. he had no waypoints and, although he had a map and compass, he had no way of orienting himself, so he had no idea which direction to go.
top 3 crazy ways people escaped death part 2

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top 3 crazy ways people escaped death part 2...

Anyone competing in this race really needed to be self-sufficient and prosper. I had a knife I had a lot of dehydrated food I had a sleeping bag but I had very little water I had about half a bottle of water because at each of the checkpoints during the day the race officials gave you all this water and the idea. would you drink it all at the time? If you made it to your next checkpoint and he hadn't made it to the next checkpoint, so he was very low in water as he looks around and realizes that this is a really bad situation, he thinks to himself, You know that other runners must have had the same thing. for them, they probably had to hunker down yesterday during the sandstorm and now they're waking up and looking around.
top 3 crazy ways people escaped death part 2
I'm bound to find someone, we'll come together and make it to the end of this race. and we'll be fine then he runs to the top of a sand dune and looks around expecting to see someone and he doesn't see them there's no one in all directions it's just a completely barren desert so he leaves that sand dune another climbs up and does the same thing is looking around and there's no one there and over the course of several hours he was just running towards the peaks of these different sand dunes expecting to see someone who doesn't see anyone getting more and more scared and expending more energy and finally in the afternoon A short while later when he's sweating profusely and the sun is beating down on him and he still hasn't seen anyone he realizes he's going to die if he keeps doing this and he needs to be smart about it so at this point went into survival mode and Decided that the only times he will move will be at night and early morning because those are the times when the sun is not high and it is still quite cold and he can conserve energy from that way.
top 3 crazy ways people escaped death part 2
He also started urinating in bottles and started saving his urine to drink later when he ran out of water and so for the next two days he conserved his energy, but he was drifting through the desert and wasn't really getting anywhere that He did not know. if he was making progress because he had nothing to go to, he wasn't seeing anyone and he was starting to realize that his situation was getting worse and worse and then in an incredible stroke of luck he finds himself with this Muslim shrine in the middle out of nowhere that the Bedouins would wear while traveling through the desert and he ran inside hoping there was a person there and there was a person there but they were dead inside a coffin but he was happy he now had a shelter over his head. and this felt like progress he started to take stock of his new surroundings and as he was inside the sanctuary looking up at the ceiling he saw he was lined with hundreds of bats and at this point he is very hungry he is very thirsty so he climbed up on the rafters and started grabbing handfuls of bats and drinking their blood after drinking the blood of 20 bats he used some of the wood that was inside the sanctuary and started a fire outside and that would be his way of signaling to the planes and helicopters passing overhead that he assumed would be looking for him, so he lights the fire and goes back inside hoping you know that in the next few days someone will find him, but no one does and they spend four days and three separate times.
A plane or a helicopter flew right over it, it's got a fire going, it's out there pointing it out, but nobody saw it, so at the end of those four days, now it's been wandering the desert for almost a week and it's starting to show Realize that This is the end. He will not survive. Nobody knows where he is. No one has seen it so far. He is running out of supplies. He was going to speed it up and say later that he didn't feel sad about it, it was just a logical choice he was making.
He thought this way that if he died inside the sanctuary, they were more likely to find the sanctuary than if he had died. somewhere in the desert where the sand would cover him and he said


were more likely to find sanctuary and therefore find him and there would be closure for his family and prosperity would take a piece of coal from the fire wrote a message to her w She slit her wrists and lay down hoping she would never wake up again, but the next morning she woke up and had hardly any bleeding because her blood was too thick.
He literally couldn't bleed out. Taking this as a sign that he was supposed to live and suddenly feeling motivated to survive, he decided to leave the sanctuary and follow the advice that one of the race organizers had given everyone at the beginning: if you get lost, follow the directions. clouds you can see beyond the horizon at sunrise there you will find such a thriving civilization i jumped up and started heading towards what he thought were those clouds he walked for days in the desert grabbing snakes and lizards off the ground and eating them raw said his man from the inner caverns came out as his primary desire to live and he had no problem eating the things he ate prosperi became so dehydrated he couldn't even urinate anymore so he started drinking the liquid inside the succulents growing inside the cave beds dry rivers and also began to suck the moisture in her wet wipes that were in her backpack on the ninth day prosperi saw a little shepherdess in the distance and she followed him she saw and was afraid of her and she turned and ran away and at first the prosperity is devastated because he doesn't have the strength to chase her, but she actually had gone down to her tribe and told them about this strange man who wandered in the desert and they came running across the dunes and they brought him and gave him food and drink and they sent someone to find the police after the police picked him up and took him back to their headquarters found out that he had walked over 181 miles from where his family had been lost en route to algeria and the race organizers had gone looking for him after he disappeared but all they found was his shoelace so they assumed he was dead it would take two years fully recover from this ordeal, but after that, he ran eight more races in the desert in 2012.
José Alvarenga, 35, was an extremely experienced fisherman who spent years and years weighing when commercially. In November of that year, José volunteered to do a 30-hour deep-sea fishing shift for his company off the coast of his hometown in Mexico. able to catch some sharks, marlins and sailfish three of the most lucrative fish you can catch unfortunately the guy Jose usually went deep sea fishing with couldn't go last minute but Jose still wanted to get out and do the turn and so on. he took the only other fisherman in his company that was willing or able to go and it was an extremely inexperienced 23 year old new fisherman named ezekiel cordoba and even though jose knew he wasn't going to be much of an asset on the seas he thought you know he is a short trip and we're not that far offshore so you know what's ok i'm taking it on 17th november the couple set off in their 24 foot fiberglass dinghy with a small motor on board they were v various tools fishing a radio and a large cooler to hold all the fish they were going to catch once they arrived at the area they were going to fish their trip immediately began to pay off and in just a couple of hours they were already nearly overloaded their luck was so good that when they saw a storm coming they decided to wait and continue catching as many fish as they could before turning back at the last minute but the coming storm was like the storm of the century and when they turned around to head for shore it was too late they got caught in this wicked storm where the rain was so heavy they literally couldn't see too short they tried to use their compass and other instruments to navigate to shore But between the winds and the waves and the fact that their boat was so heavy with nearly a thousand pounds of fish they had caught, they couldn't get any closer to shore when the storm continued to rage and were just flopping around in the water, They decided they needed to dump their catch, so they dumped the thousand-plus pounds of fish back into the water, but even then with a more nimble boat, the storm was so severe that they simply couldn't sail effectively, so Jose turned off the engine and told Ezekiel that their best chance here was to simply wait and once they were done, they would head back to shore, but the storm continued for five days.
The torrential rain never stopped. the waves were huge the winds were terrible and before long they were being blown out to sea and had no idea where they were now they had only planned to be out for 30 hours so they didn't have much supplies and so after a few days they ran out food and they ran out of water, but luckily because it was raining so much they were able to drink the rainwater, but the real immediate problem they faced is over the course of those five days. the storm was hitting his boat and when the storm cleared his boat was wrecked, his engine had been ripped and he was just gone, his electronics were broken and all his fishing gear was damaged or missing, there was enough charge on the radio for jose to call his boss on the mainland and send an emergency message, but the radio went off before they received a reply message, so they couldn't confirm if someone on the ground was coming to pick them up and they left. they were left with minimal supplies no radio no motor jose and ezequiel just had to wait for someone on land to hear their message and they slowly began to adapt to life at sea jose was able to jump into the water andcatching turtles fish seabirds and jellyfish with their bare hands and that was what they ate and then the two of them tried to collect rainwater whenever they could but most of the time they had to drink their own urine and turtle blood despite from their initial optimism that their boss had probably heard their emergency message and would be sending


out to find them as days turned to weeks and weeks to months they realized that no one was likely to come looking for them now their only hope was that a plane would see them flying overhead or maybe they could drift into a shipping lane and a boat could spot them, but with no way of navigating their boat, they really were letting luck have their way despite their dire situation.
Jose stayed very positive and focused on catching food and water and he tracked the time very diligently tracking the phases of the ezekiel moon however he just didn't have a big role on the boat because he just wasn't skilled enough so he found himself sitting in the boat most of the time doing a lot of nothing and fell into a deep depression he was not used to being in the water the way jose was jose he had been raised in the water he practically only ate shellfish and a lot of it raw so in a way jose was kinda home ezequiel was not and then by the fourth month ezequiel couldn't stand the food they ate anymore he got sick every time and so he gave up and left to eat and even though jose urged him to eat he would give him food he did not eat it and eventually starved to


even though ezekiel was not a great asset in terms of helping them survive he provided jose with an enormous amount of consumption elo it was like you had your partner in crime here and then once jose died he was alone for the first time in almost half a year and he fell into a very dark depression and for six days he didn't touch ezekiel's body he just sat there and he looked at it and even contemplated taking his own life, but on the seventh day he doesn't know what it was, but he had a sudden need to want to survive and he gave Ezequiel some kind of makeshift funeral, he said a few words and then he dumped his body in the ocean and then after that Jose laser focused on just surviving and surviving he would do it for another nine months alone in the middle of the ocean just floating around drinking turtle blood and drinking his own urine but after those nine months he would finally see the thing he had been dreaming of land managed to drift all the way to the marshall islands so he jumped out of his boat he swam to shore and there was a shack right on the beach he called the shack and a p areja came to the door and they were totally shocked to see this guy i mean he didn't look very good and they couldn't believe his story they couldn't believe he had survived this long in the water but they quickly took him inside they gave him some food and they drank and they contacted the authorities and his parents and little daughter were saved when they found out he was alive they were overjoyed they along with everyone else believed he had perished they had sent a search party for them and they found pieces of his boat that had blown off in the storm so they assumed you know they must have sunk then in a weird turn of events shortly after he got home people started accusing him of lying about whatever happened, people said it looked too good to have been out in the open. ocean for 1 4 months he should have been emaciated and at least had scurvy but the doctors would say he ate so many turtles and seabirds that he was fairly well fed and that turtles and seabirds contain a high level of vitamin C which would have protected from scurvy, other skeptics said it would have been impossible for his boat to float these 6,000 miles to the Marshall Islands, where he finally found land, but then a study conducted at the University of Hawaii confirmed there was a current that would have carried him off shore from mexico straight to the marshall islands and then lastly ezequiel cordoba's family accused jose of killing ezequiel and eating his body for sustenance that's the only way he could survive but ezequiel flatly rejected it and took multiple lie detector tests that proved he did it don't do that today jose lives in a small town in el salvador completely surrounded by land and says he doesn't go near water in 1971 julianne kepka was a light-eyed german teenager who had just graduated from high school on christmas eve 1971 she and her mother were at the lima peru airport waiting for a flight to pacopa to visit her father who was or a zoologist working in the amazon, she and her mom and everyone else waiting for this flight were really upset that the flight was delayed seven hours due to bad weather finally arrived and julianne and her mom and everyone else who had been waiting they boarded lance flight 508 and immediately after takeoff they started experiencing some pretty bad turbulence because of the bad weather, but julianne was really into flying so she didn't mind that her mom, on the other hand, went blank. , but after 10 minutes or so, as they got closer to cruising altitude, the turbulence wasn't getting any better, in fact it was getting a lot worse and julianne was starting to get worried and then when the plane started to shake so violently that all the overhead compartments swung open and the gage dragged in and the wrapped presents and Christmas cakes began to spill out.
Julianne now began to rap her white knuckles on her armrest as she sat there. She looks out the window and sees all this lightning right outside her window and it was clear that they were literally flying through a thunderstorm and so on. Julianne and her mom look at each other speechlessly because they are so scared and they hear the other passengers screaming and screaming and everyone starts to panic and then the plane starts to shake like it's being lifted 50 feet and dropped 50 feet over and over again time and then all of a sudden there is a bright flash inside the cockpit and then the lights go out and then they look to the left side and they see smoke and flames coming out of the engine which is on the wing and then the plane felt like it it was falling out of the sky before it dove into an aggressive dive and began bombing straight for the ground it spun out of that big flash in the cockpit it was lightning striking the engine julianne would say despite this unbelievable chaos the worst moment imaginable her mother grabbed her hand and said this is it it's over and that was the last thing her mother said to her after that all julianne can remember is the sound of other passengers screaming and crying and the The horrible screeching sounds the engines were making and as she listens to these horrible sounds preparing to die, all of a sudden the noise just stops and she's out of the plane she's still strapped to her seat but now she's free falling away from the plane and she remembers thinking how incredibly alone she was and then she looked down and saw the jungle canopy fast approaching and she knew she was about to die and then she passed out, she doesn't remember anything of the actual impact but would later find out the plane broke two miles apart higher up, so he was free-falling for two miles in that seat before hello.
Sitting on the ground she woke up the next day looking up at the jungle canopy and the first thing she said out loud was I survived and she's looking around and she's yelling at her mother but there's no one around her no one he yells back and that's when she realizes I'm alone and probably everyone, including my mother, is dead; potentially survivors, but she couldn't see them because the canopy was so thick they couldn't see her. She was wearing a very short sleeveless mini dress and flip flops, but she had in fact lost one of her flip flops, but she chose to keep the other one because she had lost her glasses in the accident and was incredibly nearsighted, so she would wear this flip-flop to test the ground. in front of her before committing to her bare foot before the accident that she had spent a year and a half at her parents' research station in the Amazon and in that time had gained invaluable survival skills from being in the rainforest as well that the first thing he did was get up and go find a stream because his father had told him that wherever there is a stream, that stream will often lead to civilization, so he started walking and sure enough, he found a stream and , instead of walking to the side of the creek, he got into it and started walking right into the middle of the creek. because his parents had told him that you are less likely to be attacked by a predator if you are standing in the water instead of standing on land, he only walked a bit before he found the crash site, there were no bodies, it was just rubble and all he could find that was useful was a small bag of candy so he took the bag of candy and kept walking down the river and for several days he trudged saying during the day it was unbelievably hot and miserable. and at night it was very cold and since she was only wearing this little dress she was particularly miserable but she said the scariest part of the whole ordeal was at night when you try to sleep it's pitch dark and you're in the middle of the Amazons and there are predators all around you she said it was horrible on the fourth day of being in the jungle as she was walking through the stream she heard the sound of a king vulture landing a sound she recognized from the time spent with her parents amazon reserve and the The sound of this vulture was just around the corner, so he couldn't see it, but he knew these huge vultures would only show up if there was a ton of dead meat, so he knew as soon as he turned that corner that he was going to find himself. face to face with bodies from the crash, potentially even her mother, but she kept going, rounded the corner, and sure enough, there were bodies that the vulture took away and what she was left looking at f It was a bench with three passengers on it.They were still buckled up and the heads of all three had been rammed underground, they had clearly landed on their heads, he immediately had an intense feeling of panic because he had never seen a dead body before and thought that one one of them was their mother, but when she left.
Examining this particular corpse, he saw that her toenails were painted pink and that her mother never painted them, so she had an intense sense of relief that she wasn't her mother, but at the same time she felt very sorry. embarrassed to think there was nothing. on or near the three bodies that might help her survive and so she said goodbye and kept walking down the river on the tenth day of this ordeal she could barely hold herself upright from a broken clavicle and pain in her leg and so she began to float down the river in one of the deeper sections and then he thought he was hallucinating when he saw this big boat docked up against the river bank, but when he got close to it and touched it.
He knew it was real he went up to the shore he looked in there was no one in the boat but it looked like a used boat and there was a path that led back into the jungle and so he followed the path and it led to this shack and there was no one there but outside there was a jug of gasoline and she had this wound on her arm that was full of maggots and she remembered her father using gasoline to get maggots out of a wound on his dog, so he took the gasoline and dumped it on her arm and she said that it was terribly painful but she was able to pull out 30 worms and she was very proud of that achievement after that she fell asleep inside the cabin and just hoped that whoever lived here would finally show up and Sure enough, the next day she woke up and heard two men talking outside walking towards her and she said the sound of her voice was like the sound of an angel and when the two men came up the path and saw her they were obviously very shocked and initially thought that she was like this water goddess from a local legend that involved a half woman half mermaid who was light skinned and would tell you in Spanish that she is not a water goddess that she is actually a girl and had just survived an accident plane and she really needed his help.
She was getting late that day, so they couldn't get her out of the jungle right away, so they helped treat her injuries. She was given some food and water and the next day she was brought back to civilization that day. After her rescue, she was reunited with her father and apparently he was so overcome with emotion because he believed she was dead that for several hours he simply couldn't speak. Julianne was the only survivor of the 91 people who boarded Lance Flight 508 her mother actually survived the accident, but then died several days later because she couldn't move.
This is something that haunts Julianne and her family because they think about how horrible those last moments must have been for her mother. Julianne eventually recovered from all of her physical injuries but to this day she deals with significant emotional trauma so that will be enough guys if you found the secret in today's episode please let us know in the comments what it is and where They found it, so give us the timestamp and if you're the first to do it,we will pin you at the top of the comment section. If you enjoyed today's video and haven't already, please invite the like button to your home for oreos and milk. but replace all your cream filled oreos with play-doh also subscribe to our channel and turn on all notifications so you don't miss any of our three four even five weekly video uploads if you want to contact me you can do so send me a message Direct on Instagram or Twitter, my username for both platforms is the same, it's John Ballen416, I also have a lot of content on Tiktok, where my username is Mr.
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