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Top 3 BEST 22 LR Handguns

Jun 10, 2021
They told the guys to chat here with green light shooting and welcomed this new video from the top list, so today we are here in Murray, Utah, we have TNT guns and we practice one of my favorite shooting ranges, ever They take care of me here. They are fantastic, their staff is OnPoint, their selections are spot on and of course the facilities here are their man second to none. If your local rancher says what's wrong, tell them I sent it. If it's not there, check out their website. All that information is in the video description below before we dive in, I also want to let you know that this video is sponsored by Vikings War of Clans.
top 3 best 22 lr handguns
Now I would make the sponsored video. I'm not going to sit here and talk to the camera so we can put something together. It's fun for you so I'll show it later in the video but for now let's dive into this video we're talking about the three


22lr pistols and to start with this is not a video about the validity of 22lr and concealed carry or anything like that that's for another video this is purely talking about the validity of the guns themselves so what's that minute? Okay, so our first choice at number three is the Ruger sr22.
top 3 best 22 lr handguns

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top 3 best 22 lr handguns...

Honestly, it's one of my favorite guns. This is my personal weapon. Like I own this thing, oh actually it's my wife's, but she loves this gun and I love shooting it, so it's a fantastic first choice. A couple of technical specs on the gun itself, it has a three and a half inch barrel and has a pretty full barrel. grip, you can see it has a little pink extension on the magazines, so it gives you a good overall positive grip on the thing and it's a good size it's a good size for concealed carry it's a good size to start with it's a good size for the scope it still feels like you're shooting something substantial now a couple of things I really like number one is the grip you can see what the Griffis organ is like.
top 3 best 22 lr handguns
I'm just holding it, there's a little swelling in the palm. on both sides here, as well as the fact that another thing I like is, first of all, that it's rubber on the bottom. You can see how it has this outline here. It is very rounded, which will help a lot with concealed carry. Do you know when? You've got this thing sticking out, but you know you're wearing it at five o'clock behind your back or something. It won't print as much on your shirt. This thing holds ten rounds in the magazine and the magazine is actually easier to handle, a lot of these 22 guns have this kind of feature where you can pull down right here on this feeder and load rounds easily.
top 3 best 22 lr handguns
This is one of the easiest to maneuver. Some of them are It's really hard, they pinch your fingers, it's kind of a nightmare, but I really like this one. This one holds 10 rounds like I said and has that paint spread on the bottom. I believe the gun comes with two magazines in the slide. Here we have. I have recon shions on the front and rear, this slide is really easy to maneuver, by the way, one thing was letting my wife know when I was learning to shoot the whole semi-auto slide thing, it's a little hard to get used to.
You know, some of the bigger guns, the slides are really hard to manipulate, that's one of the reasons she would really like this. When you're learning about semi-automatics, the slide can be intimidating and this one makes it really easy to not necessarily be afraid. What she really likes about this gun is the fact that it is very safe, so you have an external safety on both sides that is ambidextrous and shows you clearly when she is on fire. and say if you can see the red means it's on fire as soon as I put it down now I'm on safety and then in addition to the manual safety there's the trigger I mean the trigger is double and now if you're not familiar With this, a really quick overview is essentially that the double action trigger set when this hammer is forward means that this trigger will require a lot of force before it actually fires, after that first pull, it will then be single action where this hammer is now back and you can see that the trigger just requires a very, very light Chris group to be total through the single action.
It's great because it allows you to get back on target for follow-up shots and taking target shots at the range is much easier and much more accurate, but the double action is a great safety feature because, like I said, it requires so much force that the trigger won't be pulled accidentally, so let's say you load this magazine, wrap the slide, or put it on the rack. around the chamber and now you want to holster it, you want to hide it, but you're a little worried about the trigger, so once you put this safety right here, not only is it unsafe but it also acts like a screwdriver, so it takes that double action trigger, so even when it's in state, I know nothing is fired with that trigger and then as soon as you take it out of the safe, you still have that really hard double action group, which means that will not be triggered accidentally.
It has to be an intentional group to activate this thing, so it's very, very safe, that's a big selling point. There's also this Picatinny rail on the front, which means you can attach lasers, any type of accessories you want on this gun, the sights up. the top is adjustable and can be removed in the field, it's extremely easy to drop that, pull this back, there's this little safety lever, pop it open and then just take the slide up and over the barrel, super super simple to keep clean and maintained and that's just Overall, it's a great weapon to learn the basics of.
As for the price, I think the MSRP is like four hundred and thirty-nine dollars right now. TNT has this gun listed for $360. You can also get a version with a three-threaded barrel. one hundred and ninety dollars, so yeah, that's our first choice, the Ruger sr22, fantastic gun. Now, as I mentioned, this video is sponsored by Vikings at War plans. A big thank you to them. We put something more fun into it, so I hope you enjoy it. check it out right now let's attack okay let's do this oh guys yeah I said this video is sponsored by Vikings War of Clans.
If I'm going to make a sponsored video, I'm not going to sit and talk to the camera. So I hope you enjoyed that little skit we put together. You know how to let out your inner Viking when you play this game. It gives you a little excitement. You know, this game was inspired by the old strategy RPGs from the 90s. I know I'm talking about Baltar's concert, the old Diablo, stuff like that, you know, I grew up with those games, I played them a lot, you'll see it around too often so these guys are doing it right so as I mentioned it's a mobile game. on your phone and what makes the Viking world so addictive: More than 20 million online players constantly change the way the game evolves, endlessly fighting for resources, forging new alliances and even competing in life events , so help support my channel by downloading Vikings. free only from my links in the description box below and get the special bonus of 200 gold coins and a protective shield and don't forget to find me and join my viking clan under my nickname gl shootin okay it comes at number 2 .the compact Smith & Wesson M&P 22.
I am a big fan of this gun and I am a big fan of the MEP line in general. If you've watched the channel you know the reason I like this gun so much, especially as a first time shooter and first time gun owner is because you can learn your fundamentals extremely well with this gun, it's very easy maneuverable and very easy to shoot, but then transitioning to a full size M&P is much simpler, right? It's the same platform that you're not learning in this separate 22 gun and then you feel a real need to move up to larger calibers, this thing that you can learn all your fundamentals and then that transition is super, super simple, so I'm a big fan. of this gun, let's go a little deeper, we have a 3 1/2 inch barrel here.
I don't know if I mentioned it, but this is just a reduction of the full size enemies, so it's almost identical. a little smaller so a three and a half inch barrel on the grip, here we still have that palm swell that you see on the larger ones, it's not as pronounced but it's definitely there, the grip feels good, It really feels like a hand full. easily and yes I will say the rear grip is fixed it's not adjustable you can't change them we can hold ten rounds in this thing and like I was saying with the sr22 you have this option to load rounds easily.
It doesn't have that lip that the sr22 has so it's not as intuitive, but the spring is still pretty easy to maneuver, it's not too tight, you have that Picatinny rail on the front once again so you can turn on laser lights like you want. to do and we have an ambidextrous safety on the back here, so on both sides you can turn it up to be safe and down to be on fire. You don't really have that visual indicator of red that means fire or anything like that, but again. you don't do it in the full size you know what I mean it's training you for the full size version of this which I love it has teeth on the back of the slide here again the slide is really easy to maneuver, so you know, learn. you learn the basics on this, the sights here have a little bit of adjustment on the back.
I really like the trigger on this gun, probably because I'm very familiar with other MEP guns, but it has the same style of trigger pull. Like those other weapons, it's very easy to become familiar with them. You have a little safety on the trigger, but yeah, it's just a striker-fired gun, which means as soon as you take it up to that wall and it breaks, it's going to break. be the same post every time, it's very easy to get used to once you feel the trigger pull, that trigger pull will carry over to larger scale guns, breaking it down for cleaning and field shipping, it's extremely easy to lock, slides back, make sure your safety To remove, you pull the breakdown lever and then you'll just lift that slide up and over the barrel, so it's very simple to take care of.
This would be my choice to start someone who wants to start shooting but doesn't really want to dive in. Straight to nine or three or something like that. I would absolutely recommend it all day long and for the price it's hard to beat this is three hundred and fifty dollars here at TNT Guns. I mean the MSRP is like three ninety eight. something like that, so yeah, three hundred and fifty dollars, a fantastic boot camp gun to transition with moving forward, so today we come to number one on the list, we have the Ruger Mark four, this specifically is the edition light, now there are a couple.
There are different versions of this, but all Ruger Mark scores are a really good option. The reason I have this at number one but said I liked the Smith & Wesson M&P a little more is because I think this gun. It is


for people who are experienced shooters, you have several guns and want 20 for the playground. Let's shoot the target. I think this is a fantastic option if you are a first time shooter and want to get into concealed carry things like. that I still think the M&P is a slightly better option for you, some things that make this gun so interesting.
The number one has a four and a half inch barrel, so it already has a longer barrel that allows for a little more accuracy. Out of the gate, you can see that this receiver up here has a type of port here that just keeps everything light, keeps the weight down on this gun. You don't really need a heavy gun with the 22lr, because we don't. You need to absorb a lot of recoil or something, so the lighter is a little easier to learn. The grip style down here is a 1911 style, it's got these like panels, it has fun doing back checks, so it's a very positive grip it's definitely not designed for concealed carry or anything like that.
This is pretty much a single-target weapon. I would say it has a full Picatinny rail here on the top which is awesome because you can throw your red dots or whatever and the slide this is not a slide everything doesn't move this is a receiver that is being put on its place the only part that moves is this cylindrical bolt back here so that's the only real part that's moving so when you have a sight right here that thing staying in place, it can stay on target and the sights stay fixed so now this one has a 10 round magazine, I don't like the others but this one has this little circle style and it's a pain.
I hate this, I pinched my finger. Manysometimes I don't know, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, it's not that bad, but relative to the other two, they are much easier to deal with. One thing I like about the specific magnet on this gun is the clock. when I press this magazine release button, now the magazine comes completely out of the gun, so if you're shooting and you're trying to be quick, you want to reload, you just throw it on the ground and reload it, and you don't. it has like one of those magazines, it just drops halfway down the gun and stands up, has a strike, reloads, the safety is ambidextrous on this, I think on the Ruger Mark 4 base it's only on one side, but you can't really flip.
This easily has the ambidextrous safety although the sights up here if you don't want to throw a red dot are just target sights, they have a little adjustment. I like target sights because they are completely obscured so you just make that line and cut your target in half and you have a little more accuracy than then lining up three dots and of course being a target gun the trigger is bound to be a little more precise so it has a slight reach towards that wall and then once you're on that wall it will break extremely cleanly and easily.
One of the reasons target shooters like this gun is because there are a lot of replacement parts for it, there are a lot of different triggers available so you can adjust that trigger. exactly how you want, obviously you can throw a suppressor on this thing, you know, change the grips, whatever you want, throw a red dot and this thing really becomes a fun gun to shoot at that point and as I mentioned, there's no glide. to worry about fiddling with everything it's just this rear cylindrical bolt so you just pull back and it locks into place very easily and keeps your view and keeps your image locked in for your follow up shots now one of the biggest drawbacks to the fame is with the mark 4, it's how easy it is to take this thing down, drop your charger, make sure this thing is in safe mode, then there's this button right here on the back, press that button in and the whole receiver superior. it comes apart, you remove the bolt and it's that exact rail to take care of it, you know nothing about the previous generations of this gun, they were a nightmare to take them apart and clean, so they made a really big adjustment on this one.
I think it's been huge. upgrade, as I mentioned this one is coming in at number one, but especially number one for those shooters who were a little more advanced and want a fun 22lr target shooting pistol, this Mark 4 light edition specifically is $475 here at TNT in Guns. and there are a couple of different options, you know, I think you can get them as low as 325 or something like that and you can also get them a little bit higher than this. The MSRP I want to say is in the 500's, so it's a little bit more expensive gun, but like I mentioned, I think it's a step up in terms of what you can expect, especially if you're looking for a good target gun.
Anyway, that was my summary. I hope you enjoyed it if so. please hit the thumbs up button share the video comment below let me know your thoughts on the best 22 lr pistols and until next time thank you so much for watching see you next time in green my shots.

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