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Top 20 Scariest Characters of All Time

Jun 08, 2021
We hope we never meet any of these people in a dark alley. Welcome to Mojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 20 Scariest Characters of All Time. Sorry, I have to go, I don't need to go yet. For this list we'll be looking at


from a variety of genres that gave us chills. They can be scary in appearance, attitude or motivation number 20. Gustavo Fring Breaking Bad Gus is the successful owner of Los Polo Cermano's chicken restaurants, an expert. businessman and philanthropist, his seemingly good qualities, however, are a cover for his involvement in methamphetamine trafficking.
top 20 scariest characters of all time
That's not what scares him. What scares him is the fact that he remains calm and collected while he carries out the most gruesome acts of violence that he inflicts. His professional demeanor in all undertakings, whether good or bad, he runs his chicken empire with expert precision, but threatens to kill Walter White's entire family with the same robotic stoicism and directness if you try to interfere, this becomes a Much simpler matter imagine that your boss is a secret. drug lord and brutally murders in his spare


number 19 ramsay bolton game of thrones franchise ramsay bolton is a terrible person in every way, he is plotting, scheming and murders ruthlessly, what makes him terrifying is the pure fun he seems obtained by torturing his captives In one memorable sequence, Bolton tortures the captured Theon Greyjoy by removing his limb and then sits casually next to the newly created eunuch eating sausages.
top 20 scariest characters of all time

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top 20 scariest characters of all time...

He heartlessly takes advantage of Sansa Stark and unleashes his bloodthirsty dogs on anyone who has the courage to go against her wishes. The indifferent and bewildered attitude throughout his endeavors makes him a truly disturbing character and we can't say we were disappointed when he met his well-deserved 18th end. Features nosferatu door lock when someone mentions horror, one of the first images that evokes the mind is that of count orlock in the 1922 silent film nosferatu a symphony of terror the character was played by german actor max shrek in a film that was greatly influenced by bram stoker's dracula orlock does not have the aristocratic appearance and stoker's elegant vampire, he is more of a folkloric creature reminiscent of rats and more visually demonic, his movements are tight and fast and his furtive style is almost cartoonish, his eyes seem to be constantly wide open and his nails look more like claws, What really adds to its terrifying profile is the fact that the film is old and silent like the inevitable rapid.
top 20 scariest characters of all time
Creepy movements and music provide deeper scares number 17 patrick bateman american psycho franchise the protagonist of brett easton ellis's novel american psycho is much more sinister and grotesque in the source material, however, in an effort to keep things kosher , let's focus on the movie version of patrick bateman and while I can hide my cold stare and you can shake my hand and feel the flesh squeezing yours and maybe you can even feel that our lifestyles are probably comparable, I'm just not there. Bateman is a stereotypical '80s Wall Street investment banker by day, but he's a horrible man.
top 20 scariest characters of all time
Serial killer at night, after a day of business lunches and materialistic behavior with his pretentious friends, Bateman returns home to practice his sinister habits, brutalizing prostitutes and feeding his hunger for violence and taking lives. What brings bateman to our list is his success in leading this double. life and his calm demeanor when going to work after a night of furious homicide number 16 the colossal attack of titan on titan attack on titan represents a terrifying world in itself humans must live in walled cities to protect themselves from gigantic creatures called The Titans They come out to attack them and eat them.
The walls are basically impenetrable until the Colossal Titan breaks through. In that terrible moment in our hearts we knew that our home was a corral. He is the largest of the Titans and is known for his powerful steam emissions that he uses. as a defense mechanism against anyone who tries to get close to the titan by burning it and we all know that steam burns are the worst, if that wasn't disturbing enough it looks like a huge humanoid of skin whose muscle mass decreases with the use of its power until all the remains are bones number 15. the martians the war of the worlds franchise h.g wells the war of the worlds is one of the original alien invasion stories the martians invading the earth are described by a first person narrator thus leaving something to the reader's imagination, although the book describes them in greater detail, the essential thing is as such a four-foot head from which two arms emerged that branch into eight appendages in the shape of tentacles and a mouth shaped like a bird's beak that They feed on the blood of animals and humans and only wish to claim the Earth for themselves, they are said to possibly be the result of humanoid ancestry reduced to a simple head or large brain and two arms, the reader can create their own image of the Martians, which ups the potential horror factor who might be as curious about us as we are about them number 14 missing faceless faceless is a solitary wandering spirit known for swallowing other beings and absorbing their personalities and physical attributes he is influenced The face is essentially genderless and is a long, tubular black figure with a stoic white mask.
There's something about an expressionless mask that adds to the character's creepy factor. His initial appearance is not particularly frightening, but it is made so by his enigmatic actions and motivations. feels like a sinister creature and that never leads to anything good, take the gold, take it, are you going to eat me?, take it number 13, the weeping angels, doctor who is home to many scary creatures and


, one of the scarier, however, it has to be done. be the weeping angel, weeping angels are quantum locked, which in layman's terms means that they freeze when observed and can only move when out of sight, therefore the unfortunate human affliction of blinking is a problem when If you are potentially attacked by one, keep your eyes on a drug link. if they touch you, they can send you back to another point in


, leaving in play the potential energy you would have spent living your life and that is what they feed on, oh and they are born from stone statues, therefore they look like those cemeteries. angel wings and everything as if their actions weren't scary enough regenerators number 12 resident evil 4 regenerators are biological weapons created by the illuminates they are human bodies that are injected with enough parasites to cause mutations and the ability to regenerate parts of the damaged or missing body They can also stretch their limbs very far to attract enemies to bite them and slide across the ground at accelerated speeds.
Their heavy, labored breathing and monstrous growls also add to the anxiety of finding these things in the game if that wasn't enough for players. reports that it takes up to 77 knife cuts to kill a regenerator, so get your thumbs in shape if you plan on taking on these number 11 guys. Annabelle, the spell franchise, dolls are inherently creepy, they're humanoid imitations of light, If that's not enough, some are. It is believed to be cursed or haunted. Enter Annabelle. The original toy was basically a tattered andal. It is believed to be possessed and investigated. It was then owned by Ed and Lorraine Warren.
Demonologists and paranormal investigators of the 1970s. In more recent years, Annabelle's story has been used in the Conjuring film series. which represents Warren's research, demonic spirits do not possess things, they possess people that he wanted to put inside you. Annabelle has a new look reminiscent of a ventriloquist's dummy and smiles grotesquely with her exaggerated makeup. Batman's 10th wild card franchise, that's my cue, the wild card is. One of the most iconic villains in comics and was created decades ago in 1940. His design was based on the character Gwynplaine from the 1928 film The Man Who Laughs. Who himself is a disturbing sight.
The Joker has undergone a great transformation in the comic field since simply. joker to complete psychopath to say that he is Batman's archenemy is an understatement, he is completely obsessed with the destruction of the hero's world, everything he does or happens to him is part of a plan, I don't want to kill you, what would I do without you? He would scam mafia dealers again. No, no, no, you, you complete me, for example, he allows himself to be trapped into entering Arkham Asylum to meet the doll maker who surgically removes his face to hang him and announce his rebirth number nine sadako yamamura samara morgan the franchise of the ring remember that girl who comes out of the television in the ring movies, right?
She actually has a pretty elaborate backstory, the gist being that she was conceived and considered violently. For a demonic personification almost drowned by her biological mother and finally drowned by her adoptive mother, she has supernatural powers that basically manifest in psychologically affecting those she targets. Her adoptive mother trapped her in a well in which she would drown after seven days of fighting. to live she is a girl with her hair covering her face, dressed in a white nightgown and coming out of a well in that kind of creepy stop-motion camera, all the ingredients for a horror casserole, you can't have my son, so take me to number eight. pazuzu the exorcist franchise who are you?
Would anyone like some peace soup? William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist features the demon Pazuzu as his main adversary. Blatty basically adopted the tradition of Assyrian and Babylonian myth in which Pazuzu was considered a king of demons. There are actual statue depictions of the character that exist for our viewing pleasure, however. , we witnessed the possession of Reagan Mcneil by the nasty demon and it is forever etched in our nightmares. The film spawned many exorcism horror tropes, such as head-spinning projectile vomit and other similar visual elements. delight in the fact that an essentially invisible demon could do all that to a girl is scary enough how long do you plan to stay in reagan until it rots and lies stinking in the earth number 7 leatherface the texas chain gang franchise out of all ? the famous horror franchise faces Leatherface is perhaps the most disturbing; he wears a mask of human skin and essentially does the bidding of his sadistic cannibalistic family.
She seems to be somewhat afraid of his brothers and therefore commits murder to appease them and obtain human meat for her diets and cooking contests, it would be sad if it weren't absolutely horrible. The Leatherface and Texas Chainsaw Massacre films were heavily influenced by the notorious real-life serial killer, Ed Gein, who actually wore a mask made of human skin, among other heinous things. titular chainsaw to pursue and brutally exterminate his prey and then takes the remains to his sinister family for his sinister activities number six pennywise it franchise hello georgie what a nice ship you want it back the second clown on our list pennywise it fame is spectacular creepy When creating the character, author Stephen King asked himself what would terrify children more than anything else and the answer he came up with for his novel is the clowns first betrayed by Tim Curry in the 1990s television miniseries. 1990 and more recently by bill skarsgard which the character has become.
Something of an icon when it comes to scary clowns, lore has been around for centuries and used to prey on native tribes. It reappears to rain terror every 27 years. The most recent incarnation of Pennywise is particularly unnerving thanks to Mr. Skarsgard's atrocious performance. smile, higher voice and bright eyes number 5. jason voorhees friday the 13th franchise when one thinks of horror serial killers, the first image that comes to mind is often that of jason voorhees jason appears as a secondary flashback character in the first friday the 13th movie franchise pamela voorhees son jason drowned at the camp and she blames the negligence of the counselors, so she stalks them and kills them in an effort to prevent the camp from opening, you never paid attention, she She was murdered and Jason is somehow still alive and now grown up, he continues. legacy of defending the camps, she does not do it in the best way;
However, the iconic hockey mask only emerged in the third film of the franchise in which Jason removes it from one of his victims and uses it to hide her number four face. freddy krueger a nightmare on elm street franchise please god this is god freddy is the literal stuff of nightmares in his life he was theSpringwood Killer A serial killer of young children was captured and burned alive by the parents of his victims the morning of which he died. Of course, he continued to attack his prey from within his dreams in dreamland. Freddy is basically unstoppable and the almighty sticks and stones may break my bones, but nothing will kill me.
He reigns over the realm of dreams, feeding on memories and fears. The town's residents remember his horrible crimes in real life, both in life and in dreams. He uses a gauntlet loaded with knives and blades to kill a device he built himself in his creepy boiler room lair. His face is badly burned due to death number three of his aforementioned hannibal lecter hannibal lecter franchise dr. Hannibal Lecter is a talented and highly intellectual psychiatrist, we would not recommend his services; However, as he is also an avid cannibal, the double life he leads is reminiscent of Patrick Bateman as he goes unnoticed by his peers.
What makes Lecter such a terrifying character is his Michelin-starred chef's attention to detail when It's about cooking your favorite food. I ate his liver with some broad beans and a good Chianti, this is what the television adaptation focuses a lot on. The character played to perfection by Mads Mikkelsen, unlike the wild cannibals of old Lecter, is, for lack of a better word, a cannibal. refined, has organized recipes, the best kitchen utensils and the rarest and tastiest ingredients, number two, xenomorph, alien franchise, the aliens. From the extraterrestrial movies are some of the most memorable movie characters of all time the creators of The creatures in the film basically point to a sexual but predatory race.
The xenomorphs are motivated by two things: the spread of their own species and the extermination of others. The creatures were visually designed by Swiss artist H.R Giger, whose works primarily focused on a strange kind of marriage between human and machine, he suffered night terrors and was artistically inspired by the otherworldly beings his mind conjured up during these episodes, which definitely adds to the fear factor that these creatures are, in essence, something who chased this man in real life before we reveal our top pick here are some honorable mentions frank stand blue velvet violent drug dealer slash oxygen enthusiast max katie capa fear franchise the ultimate stalker i'm going out wherever you are the family of the peacocks, the generations of inbreeding from The , thank you. thing the franchise a terrifying monstrosity carnage spider-man franchise the psycho alien symbiote good night detective lee i told you we would meet again to settle old scores before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to receive notifications about our latest videos, you have the option to receive notifications for occasional videos or for all of them, if you are on your phone, make sure to go into your settings and turn on notifications number one, michael myers, halloween franchise, michael myers is a deeply disturbed individual in At the age of six, Meyers killed his teenage sister and was committed to an asylum.
Michael escaped 15 years later and went after Lori Stride and everyone around her. John Carpenter found inspiration for Michael on a college field trip to an institution where he observed a child. around 12 and I noticed the cold empty look and the true darkness in his eyes, the blackest eyes, the eyes of the devil, Michael becomes more disturbing because of his white painted mask, he removes all emotion from his face and really shows the coldness of his actions, he is also something superhuman, he is shot several times, set on fire, etc., but he always comes back. Do you agree with our selections?
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