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Top 20 INSANE NBA All Star Dunks

Apr 18, 2024
some people feel Kobe Bryant is the favorite 18 years six six oh yeah, welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 20 crazy NBA All-Star Game


coming from another oh that's important to this list . We'll be looking at the most elegant, creative and downright incredible slams performed during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest during All-Star Weekend. Is there a dunk we missed? Let us know in the comments number 20. Victor Oladipo 2015. with the festivities split between Madison Square Garden and the newly built Barclays Center in the Big Apple Orlando's Victor Oladipo decided to honor his performance with a moving performance of New York New York to be a part from her a New York New York okay, I'm not mad at you not probably a better singer than the average NBA player Oladipo would have looked pretty dumb if he hadn't backed it up with some serious Slants, luckily he did, the adrenaline is pumping now Young man, a full spin dunk is nothing new in the contest, but all the Depots showed why.
top 20 insane nba all star dunks
It will never get old when he goes under the rim, he almost overshot his jump and even had to confirm that he had done it, but he honestly could have fooled us, Mr. 360, in fact, number 19, Isaiah Ryder 1994. You could argue that playing in front of his home crowd in Minneapolis gave Timberwolf Isaiah a ride or something like an advantage as he managed to win a dunk contest, but how can you look at this masterstroke and not recognize it as pure skill? Oh, between his legs, how are you? Charles Barkley. What do you think he could be defensively after meticulously establishing his route?
top 20 insane nba all star dunks

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top 20 insane nba all star dunks...

Ryder drove to the rim and put on an incredible display of aerodynamic ball control by transitioning the ball between his legs mid-jump. Rider followed the wonderfully fluid but wild movement of his arm. To bury it, even Charles Barkley had to acknowledge the majesty of Blake Griffin's 2011 18th dunk. Remember those Blake Griffin Kia commercials that were everywhere in the early 2010s, apparently their endorsement deal extended to the contest.


in 2011, when one of the manufacturers The Sedans were parked in front of the basket for his dunk, intercepting a pass from Clipper teammate Baron Davis, Griffin hit him hard, so the mechanics of the dunk are not revolutionary.
top 20 insane nba all star dunks
Griffin proved that sometimes the theatrics that put you on top literally in In this case, there is some controversy as some claim that the NBA had predetermined rising


Blake Griffin to be the winner over the most deserving contestant who we will see very soon, number 17, Kobe Bryant 1997. He thought Isaiah Riders' between-the-legs dunk was impressive. wait until you take a look at the black mambas, even in his rookie season, Kobe Bryant was showing why he would ultimately be remembered as one of the greatest to ever play the game, but perhaps his greatest feat of spectacle came in the 1997 dunks, oh that.
top 20 insane nba all star dunks
It was big he fell between his legs and got the backhand Jim after advancing to the final round Bryant showed why he deserved the crown more than anyone by quickly hammering a dunk for good and then they will do it one more time. Check it out. The look of arrogance on Kobe's face afterwards is palpable but totally deserved, as he posted a near-perfect score of 49 before becoming the youngest winner at just 18 years old. Number 16 D Brown 1991. There have been a lot of behind the back dunks through leg dunks. and 360 dunks, but have you ever seen a dunk blindfolded?
Well, if D Brown wasn't literally blindfolded, but he did have the confidence to cover his eyes on the way to the rim, oh my, that's the cherry on top of the Celtics' Sunday Brown. had been having a stellar dunk contest up to this point, the clear winner and boy did he come up with an original way to finish the Knight by crossing one arm over his face while blindly hitting the ball with the other, this dunk came two years ago years. decades before dabbing existed, but based on Brown's bravado, it can also be assumed that he invented Jabal McGee's 15th emote in 2011.
The player many believe should have been crowned victorious over Blake Griffin, Javale McGee, then from the Wizards, it may not be a relative. name, but those who know him know that the hoop is in danger whenever he is around. In this case, two hoops were in danger when McGee managed to knock down two at the same time, a double dunk is impressive enough, but the fact that McGee had the skill and wherewithal to also launch one of the balls off the backboard towards himself beforehand gives it an extra layer of cool. I hate to say this, Dwight.
I don't know if there is anyone else on the planet who can do this. Surely the dunk over the car is more striking. but this makes us never want to play against McGee in a game of the number 14 horse Andre Iguodala 2006. It took a few tries for Andre Iguodala to achieve his most impressive dunks in the 2006 iteration, but once he achieved them, it was worth it the wait That's it, as innovative as a dunk behind the backboard. Iggy showed that the best was yet to come. The future Finals MVP began this attempt by simply laying down a generous rebound as he flew from the free throw line, however, it wasn't until he made the transition. he ball behind his back and arched it over his head we saw the genius of what he was doing whoa whoa that's it, it's done, it's done, that's hard.
Iguodala 2 would lose this fight in a controversial decision and we can definitely see how deserving the number was. 13 Sean Captain 1991. What you got, the balloon, the bounce, the windmill. Jam by Shawn Kemp. It will be hard to top that Sean Kemp of the Seattle SuperSonics had a number of impressive dunks in the 1991 contest, proving that he could slam home every time. on a series of Bounce passes thrown, however, his best basket of the night came when he retained possession on an oldie but a goodie, Kemp took flight from just beyond the free throw line sliding toward the rim with precision and Grace double grab with a one hand that comes out just inside the free throw line, the speed alone makes this a dunk we love to see again, but look at the angles Kemp makes on his arms and legs, gaining a lot of Spectacular points, however, when it comes to dunks from the free throw line. shooting line there's really only one name you can mention as we'll get to him later, that's spectacular, you're talking about a six ten and a half guy, look at him, look at his leg extended behind him, that's beautiful, the number 12, Julius Erving, 1976.
Good evening everyone, this huge, record-breaking crowd at the ABA event that featured the first 360-degree Jam Dr. J emerged as the winner and the ultimate innovator the restaurant gets to work Today the free throw line has become a classic mainly thanks to the Air Jordan and its legacy of aerial techniques, but Julius Irving did it first and he did it well, with a little touch of the 70s and that makes everyone really in these days may not seem like much given the athleticism and training of modern athletes, but Dr. J. was already a legend back then and his Artistry dunk exhibition defied expectations by setting a new standard of excellence.
He didn't know it would be something that would be picked up by the NBA and carried forward and taken to new heights number 11 DeMar DeRozan 2011. This is called the show stopper. Midway through his second NBA season, 21-year-old DeMar DeRozan had already established himself as a legitimate scorer and potential super


, so he gave NBA fans the spectacular dunk, a dunk that would immediately establish his legacy. at NBA All-Star Weekend, oh my goodness, four years before Zach Levine hit the Space Jam dunk, which we'll get to later, DeRozan took the same positional route but executed a reverse windmill showing his airtime and his navigation skills around the edge, it's more of a poetic stroke.
Compared to the traditional Hammer, but it took the contest in a new direction which was Gerald Green's impressive number 10 in 2008. Forget the car, one of the best props ever used in the dunk contest is the cupcake used by Gerald Green in 2008. Now Aiden dives on top, as that wouldn't be impressive, but what he did was place it on the back of the rim with a lit candle on top. Are you kidding? He stopped blowing out the candle. Hey, all he's going to do is turn it off. The commentators knew in advance that he would try to put it out mid-dunk, but that didn't mitigate their amazement when he actually did it.
Green not only put out the flame but his dunk was equally impressive as he used the full extent of his arms to recover. the ball and throw it down now it goes up it's still out take the ball he blew it green didn't defend his title but that's understandable considering a later entry number nine Spud Webb 1986. He has a penchant for the dramatic Rick and is a local guy, the crowd really loves him in his native Dallas. A 5-7 Spud Webb faced his own teammate and perhaps the most brilliant dunker of the decade, Dominique Wilkins at the time Wilkins had never seen Webb dunk and Spud certainly gave him a moment to remember While the ounce itself is something else and Webb's following guarantees first prize and a lasting legacy within the competition itself, if we look back, his high-flying backhand dunk is still in force.
Pretty surprising, but the context behind the dunk makes it even more notable oh Slam Dunk champion with an incredible surprise number eight Dominique Wilkins 1985. Dominic Wilkins gave the Atlanta Hawks their second try in the first round after finishing third in the 1984 Slam Dunk Contest. The film Human Highlight returned the following year for an epic finish against a young Michael Jordan in the final round. Dominique Wilkins started things off with a powerful two-handed backhand and a dunk that combined all the elements needed to outperform someone like MJ. The judges based his score on athleticism. skill, creativity and style, and we saw it there, it's a type of Slam video game that doesn't seem possible in real life, but '80s footage of him playing shows that Wilkins could mirror his classic NBA All-Star Weekend Slams in live games.
He is the definition. of Grace who defies gravity on the court and Dom also brought the goods in 1988, albeit in a losing effort from High Above the Rim number seven, Nate Robinson 2009 after Dwight Howard won the contest in 2008 wearing Superman paraphernalia Nate Robinson arrived in 2009 wearing a green Kryptonite-branded Knicks jersey again sporting a Superman cape. Howard proved to be a good sport, allowing crypto Nate to jump over him on the way to the hoop, if he can jump over Superman he should win, oh as the commentators pointed out, Robinson got a bit. They take an extra weight off Howard's shoulders, but considering the former is a relatively short five-nine and the latter is 6-11, we're impressed that the same dunk was an iconic and instantly recognizable shot.
Robinson won the contest for the second of his record three titles number six Jason Richardson 2004. as one of the few players to win the consecutive dunk contest Jason Richardson is often cited during NBA All-Star weekend and rightly so too as their updated version of the East Bay Funk Dunk highlights its unconventional full length; In other words, Jason Richardson's behind-the-back approach was nothing new, but the energy and urgency of the slam contrasted beautifully with the organic feel of his technique. He has the flu. Thank you, it all comes together naturally and then Golden. State Warrior closes like he's been there many times before number five, Dwight Howard, 2008.
We've never had a guy so tall that he can jump like that throughout his career, this guy has dominated the boards, but despite his massive presence, Dwight Howard has trusted. a mix of strength and creativity to outshine his opponents at least in the dunk contest, OMG yes, in 2008 Howard changed the game by taking a different approach to the rim for a split second, the jam seems impossible once Howard begins his finishing move. but the wingspan of him allows for something truly special Superman is in the building, yes he is, also makes it look easy, as there is nothing sloppy or awkward about the manner or execution of it.
Dwight has become known for his personality over the years, but this dunk reminds us of the essence of him. exceptional skill set and athleticism 2008 Sprite Slam Dunk channel number four Zach Levine 2015. He calls this the Space Jam dunk if you've got Jordan on your back it better be special in his NBA All-Star Weekend debut The guard 19 year old from Minnesota brought some new flavor to the competition with his first round shot Zach Levine had to measure up a bit and themoment was really crucial believable taking off just outside the paint Levine takes the ball under his leg and hits it with precision and polish, this Jam dunk shows Thanks to Levine's creativity and since he was still a rookie at the time, he highlights his explosive athleticism to achieve top honors and successfully defend his throne the following year.
There he is number three Aaron Gordon 2016. So we lost the competition to Zach Levine's Aaron Gordon collection. of high-flying dunks helped create perhaps the best competition in years In years past, these Ballers would get help from their teammates, but in 2016 Gordon pulled things out of the Magic Dragon for a more challenging dunk. He makes this salute in terms of timing. There's no need to worry about a good precision bounce, at least in terms of the ball itself, what does need careful attention, however, is Gordon's bounce over the mascot and he manages to avoid embarrassment as he closes out the deal with both hands number two Michael Jordan 1988 and now.
In his own city of Chicago, Michael Jordan is here to defend the 1987 slam dunk championship, arguably the greatest player in NBA history. Michael Jordan is also considered one of the most influential dunkers in the game. In 1988 he touched on the past to produce one of his most iconic slams. an aerial flight that would become an inspiration for Ballers around the world. I had Dominique stand in front of Dominique Wilkins. Air Jordan had the top-level competition he longed for and his dizzying conclusion displays all the traits that made him an international superstar, personality and technique. It's not just a classic dunk contest moment, but one of the most timeless Chicago championship moments of Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame career.
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Vince Carter had quickly evolved into a top player and his acrobatic in-game dunks would naturally become even more mystical without defenders around, but Vince not only excelled in 2000, he clowned around in the competition and his dunk with the elbow literally left his teammates speechless. true, Vince Carter with his first in the final round, he also did a 360 degree windmill in the same competition, he even brought out his cousin and then teammate Tracy McGrady, but it's the elbow Jam which is still his most dynamic dunk, was one of those things where I want to show people how high I can go above the rim and then I could put my arm on the rim and then just hold on and hopefully drive a girl crazy. crowd where it would be silent in the sand. to receive notifications about our latest videos

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