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¡Top 20 Guitarristas Masculinos DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS!

May 30, 2024
Hello, welcome Aguayo Spanish, it's me and today we will show you our top 20 of the best guitarists in history. In this list we will be looking at the most iconic and influential musicians on the guitar, taking into account their legacy and where they are today. We will have a special list to talk about women of rock who are your favorite guitarists do you prefer the most technical artists or the most creative tell it here in the comments number 20 Carlos Santana there is always something to say when you mix styles especially when you give it a new life to a genre and it becomes popular among the public Carlos Santana managed to do this in an incredible way in the late 60s and early 70s when he combined Latin rhythms and melodies with jazz fusion and some hard rock the style of playing so fluid and powerful by Carlos is something that deserves recognition but his work with the future leader of Turin and New Sound on the band's third album managed to turn Santana into a tremendously influential progressive group but at the same time heavy and with a lot feeling when playing carlos santana has never been one to stay the same decades of success at the beginning of the new millennium this artist continues to innovate and supernaturally released another successful album from his 19th discography mark knopfler we have all heard the phrase less is more but mark knopfler of dire straits took this idea even further with his very light style. knopfler plays with his fingers in a style similar to that of lindsey buckingham of playback and usually avoids complicated and outlandish riffs instead no wear uses silent melodies techniques to create compositions full of feelings in each note and phrase for each solo as in the famous sultans of swing we also find moments of brilliant calm as in the delicate intro of romeo and juliet ah nothing more principal by lady writer he also had a solo career after dire straits and was even the composer of the fantastic soundtrack of the princess bride a classic 80s movie number 18 how billy gibbons is famous for many reasons from being the pioneer in psychedelic rock with the move inside world to being part of royalty of blues and rock with cindy tap it is said tiki pons was one of jimi hendrix's favorite guitarists along with terminus from chicago and it is easy to know why this guy is a virtuoso perhaps the large number of influences that bausch has made him in such a versatile musician and has managed to combine everything from blues and boogie boogie to that rock and roll full of fritz characteristics of visiting perhaps it is the way in which Teams and his team took advantage of the arrival of synthesizers in the 80s in their disco audi mineiro and with hits like lex and gardner preisser the answer is all of the above because primitive is the best number 17 remember that we said that less is more well forget it because this idea does not apply to the swedish yngwie malmsteen this because austin's style is like a type of wild neoclassical where more is more and the technique in speed and precision are the most important thing.
top 20 guitarristas masculinos de todos los tiempos
The solo work of this artist after he stopped smelling a metal band from the 80s is strongly influenced by the classic compositions of the bands of the 70s this motivate tree where themes of fantasy and romance are mixed with sorrows that will make you shake your head is found in that group of guitar masters like scribe and joe satriani whose talents on the strings are of fire this world number 16 prince became a legend for his work in pop rock and funk fusion but with all the successes he had as parwan it is easy to forget how talented he was on the guitar, there is no need to see his performance at the inclusion ceremony to the hall of the rock and roll fame of 2004 where he managed to outshine all the other stars on stage with a performance that had the house he was a maestro in every sense of the word a man who played the guitar as if it were part of his body with lick yes solos that came out of his fingers like electric shocks no matter if he played with the revolution or alone prince had a unique talent number 15 has not impacted heavy metal like any other musical genre it is constantly evolving with incredible musicians taking it to new levels Pantera, an old hard metal band that adopted a more power group style starting with their contemporaries outside, influenced several of these changes during the 90s, however Tie Brak Arrow's exclusive hit single is one of the main reasons for Pantera's impact.
top 20 guitarristas masculinos de todos los tiempos

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top 20 guitarristas masculinos de todos los tiempos...

It was dramatic and brutal at the same time as an indomitable desire to play the riffs as fast and heavy as possible in the specialty of time by combining sounds from behind with phrasings had the power to start more pets anywhere sadly the life and career of this iconic metal came to an end when an obsessive fan shot him on stage in 2004 number 14 townshend style and essence these two characteristics perfectly describe the way of playing of the guitarist and co-founder of the hot & chandon who helped him define the sound of rock in the 1960s and 70s is a perfectionist with an attention to detail that makes his networks feel very well thought out and thoughtful no matter how chaotic the performance.
top 20 guitarristas masculinos de todos los tiempos
With his incredible energy on stage this guitarist inspired many young musicians. who practiced in front of the mirror have you ever seen a guitarist rotate his entire arm while playing yes well that was started by townsend however it was more than a show on stage he could also write songs which made deja one of the best bands in the world british rock of all time number 13 ryan mail recording an album involves a lot of work but what if you want to do something never seen before well then you need someone like brian may a guitarist who is not satisfied with a few riffs and who is happy to carry to the limit the sounds may's initial work in queens is full of rock elements but as the years went by ryan managed to add more and more guitar elements to his productions this can be seen in the albums and night at the opera and news of the world the queen brian may is a very technical and melodic guitarist but he also knows how to let loose when the situation calls for it.
top 20 guitarristas masculinos de todos los tiempos
His compositions are a French number 12 work of art for genius or madman, the truth is that both words describe frank zappa a guitarist who could never be categorized under a single genre mainz returns to berlin le meters and jazz fusion hard rock and psychedelic all these genres are part of this composer a guitarist with unlimited talent and that is the beauty behind the works of that peace there is something for everyone you have something more psychedelic you can listen to one of his albums with tea matters of invention you are looking for a more experimental and clip sound and for that there is the tunja rhythm dels soundtrack or his conceptual album and obscuras sadly frank lost the fight against him prostate cancer in 1993 we can only imagine that another type of madness could have created number 11 tony iommi there were other guitarists with heavy sounds before tony iommi of course but none managed to define the sound of heavy metal as the co-founder of black sabbath the legend says This was due to an accident that Tony had during his last day of work in a factory where he lost the tips of his fingers on his right hand.
As a result, he had to use new prosthetics which completely changed his style. playing heavier and gloomy riffs that seemed straight out of a horror movie; on the other hand, his underrated solo work stood out for its lighter sound and a style that placed more emphasis on feeling than on technique, in other words before. that any metal band would do something ayoví and sabat had already done it number 10 which blackmore if tony iommi is the father of gardener ritchie blackmore of deep purple he deserves a similar title blackmore had a more striking style with classical influences that completely contrasted with the Marvel's seventies rock sound was a psychedelic band with songs full of wild rhythms and decadent solos whose sound became more extreme over the years to enjoy one of Blackmore's best works you should listen more to Vettel who would become In the singer of White Snake, the wall guitar and the emotional notes of Software Sports are a great example of the talent of Flag War Machine.
He was not satisfied with a single genre and years later he also experimented with something more melodic in Blackmore Ses Night, a project by english post number 9 and viking and what can we say about the blues legend bb king that has not been said before more i can be difficult to stand out among so many men and women who seek to leave their mark on the blues, a genre so deep-rooted and traditional, the blues being from the deepest and simplicity is the key to bringing the heart and soul to the audience who managed to connect with everyone using his faithful guitar allusion or singing classics like the new vision his technique was perfect he glided easily through the strings of illusion and as he told us different stories i there is a raw honest feeling and a lot of value in the way i lived that he played and that is just part of what made this man so incredible number 8 brandy rose or what could have been no It can be denied that former silver and the quiet riot guitarist Randy Rhoads achieved a lot in such a short time, yet this young man was so talented that it is difficult not to imagine everything he could have done if he had not lost his life in a plane crash, but make no mistake roads inspired generations of guitarists during his time thanks to the perfect way he had of combining rock elements with classical music techniques you want to hear proof when you send the quiet riot or any of the two albums carrots recorded met was a icon who died too soon but whose spirit will live forever number 7 eric clapton clapton is god is what a famous pint in the united kingdom said and who welcomed this young man to the world of music after forming green in 1966 for a Of the bands that took the British love of the blues and made it harder, heavier and more psychedelic, the band was the vehicle for a genre in transition and would help turn Eric Clapton into a guitar icon.
He had other important moments with Derek. facing paths as well as a successful solo career, although his drug addiction, a racist speech against immigration in 1976 and the tragic loss of his son ended up affecting his career, it is still impossible to deny the influence that Eric Clapton had and continues to have on generations. and generations of guitarists number 6 steven reid pan stiver rey played traditional american blues no more no less but it was the way he played the blues that made him a legend fascinating but very real songs for the working class if my king could take four simple notes and turn them into a symphony of solos and Alex with basic drum and bass lines managed to light up the frets of his guitar with songs like Texas Butt and Cross Fire being acclaimed by critics and adored by audiences around the world sadly band passed away in a helicopter accident in 1990 leaving the world of rock and blues without one of its great stars number 57 richards sometimes the best reps are the simplest and most direct and there are people who do not use this action are two great examples of this and both have a great guitarist as one of their composers 10 richards who has that unique charm of a true rock star maybe it's because of the way he plays the guitar his voracious appetite for life or his unmistakable rates who has it all but that It doesn't mean that Richards doesn't take music seriously as many Stones fans can confirm.
After all, your Rolling Stones didn't become part of rock royalty by doing things half-heartedly. Number 4 Davis Young Pink Floyd was already getting looks with their style of psychedelic rock before 1967 but the band reached a new level when David Gamer joined the group in December of this year. He went with Gilbert to record their important albums such as animals mail and dark side of the moon, however, eating no He was only a guitarist as his influence continued to grow until he took control of the band after Brian Waters decided to leave in 1985 although this divided fans the albums after that point became lighter more melodic and more emotional thanks to Tyler's technique and style are truly a unique guitarist number 3 angel his fingers inspired thousands of careers the guitarist who with his incredible style put all other bands on notice his name was editan yale in the song era irruption and rock he was never the same again all of germán sánchez's bands tried to imitate eddie's technique and style but no one did it like van heiland this is probably due to eddie's classical influences with elements of music theory each pam geller song revolutionized the genre from atomic band and james craik to and fire the sky and mean streets eddie had the riffs the style and a band of amazing musicians backing him up he was perfect storm number 2 jimmy page jimmy page's critics have called him lazy and let's say enthusiastic about taking borrowed the reps from other bands but some of those people have played the guitar with a cello bow no we don't believe it leaving criticism aside he is one of the most influential guitarists in the history of the instrumentIt has a wide range of influences that we can see in the music of Led Zeppelin, from oriental scales and melodies to impressive and heavy riffs that preceded heavy metal.
AP Chile loved the blues and without a doubt rock goes harder than everyone in its time both in the stage as after the shows there were very few artists who could top jimmy page on the live stage at his best in the rock star of the rockstars before we reveal our first place there go some great honorable mentions chuck berry for the jaguar and boogie boogie robert johnson for supposedly having sold his soul to robert fripp can light up the world of progressive rock paco de lucia for his incomparable talent and technique django reinhardt for doing everything with just two fingers eric johnson for all the heads he blew up with clip software We are not at the end yet remember to subscribe to our channel and activate the bell to receive notifications of our latest videos very good let's see the number one position number one jimi hendrix his career ended too soon but this rock legend revolutionized the use of the electric guitar Hendrix and his experience band were more than a blues and psychedelic rock group, they were a great example of the evolution of rock, thanks to the talent and presence of hands, who was a hurricane of charisma that went beyond playing with his teeth. or setting fire to his guitar when he played there was not only enormous talent but also immense energy this phenomenon of nature captivated anyone who was lucky enough to see the maestro in action and you agree with our list which is your favorite guitarist let us know in the comments and don't miss these other wat fjo videos spanish bye

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