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Top 10 Weirdest Things Found In Russia

Aug 04, 2023
Russia is the largest country in the world, so there's no doubt you'll find some strange and fascinating


there, from some of the world's most famous lakes to a couple of strange monuments and the oldest wooden sculpture ever


. . We have a wide variety of


to talk about today as we go over the 10 strangest things


in Russia, starting this list at our number 10 spot, we have Lake Karachay, this is a small lake that is located in the center of Russia in the Southern Earl Mountains, although it was once just a normal old lake, starting in 1951, the Soviet Union began using it as a Mayak radioactive waste dump, which was the nearby nuclear waste storage and reprocessing facility, while This lake was originally too small to be used.
top 10 weirdest things found in russia
As a source of cooling water, they discovered that it was the perfect size to be a convenient dumping ground for high-level radioactive material that was too hot to be stored in the facility's underground vats, while the original intention was to use the lake only for storage. and one day, returning the radioactive material to the plant, this, of course, didn't go anywhere near according to plan, considering the lake quickly became lethal. I didn't know it took a genius to figure that out, but I guess hindsight is 20 20. This lake is now one of the most contaminated and dangerous places in the entire world and the radioactivity in the lake is comparable to what it once was. was in Chernobyl, being on par with the worst nuclear disaster of all time is certainly not. a good look at the lake is definitely interesting to see, but maybe not in the best way.
top 10 weirdest things found in russia

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top 10 weirdest things found in russia...

It is said that even being near the lake for just an hour is enough to deliver a fatal dose of radiation, so I think if you're heading through Russia anytime soon this might be a tourist destination worth skipping on. our place number nine today we have a monument to enemas. This super strange monument was first unveiled in 2008 outside a Russian spa and is the only monument dedicated to enemas in the entire world. world, I'm not going to lie, I can't say I'm surprised that the 770-pound bronze statue stands almost five feet tall and was created by a local artist named Svetlana Avakova.
top 10 weirdest things found in russia
If you can believe it, this statue was inspired by Botticelli's painting Venus and Mars. The inspiration painting is one that shows cherubs stealing the god of war's weapon and the inspired piece features those same cherubs stealing. Well, you know what the reason is. this statue apparently to commemorate the region where the spa is located. He said the area is home to many mineral springs and has long been a destination for Russians seeking rest and cures through the healing waters. I don't exactly see the connection, but I respect it in our number eight spot today, we have strong zarev.
top 10 weirdest things found in russia
Originally built in the 1870s, Fort Zarev is one of several forts in Kronstadt and is located along the shores of the Baltic Sea. The fort was originally mushroom-shaped with a curved roof that was of a different design than any of the other forts that were built in the early 20th century, the fort became a warehouse of sorts for storing things like sea mines and dropping ammunition. and even after the Second World War ended it was still home to a lot of military training and practical shooting in the basement. There were warehouses of what is considered the equivalent of napalm and this caused a lot of problems when a fire broke out. which lasted for weeks and was over 2000 degrees celsius which is crazy due to the extreme heat of this place.
However, when the fire was finally put out, it was realized that this fire had melted the brick from which the fort was built. The result of this burning fire and melted brick is now an extremely creepy fort that is dripping with some sort of artificial red. the brick explodes, the photos look super creepy and the fort is still there so if you ever want to pay a little visit you can do so at our number seven spot today we have mcshrimp if you ever wanted to eat fried shrimp from mcdonald's. apparently all you have to do is head to Russia, as this is a Russian exclusive.
I guess everyone in Russia got tired of the old chicken nuggets and decided to move on to popcorn shrimp. Instead, you can order the shrimp as a side or you can. order them as the main event as a combo that comes with the standard fries and drink and apparently you can also substitute the fries in any meal combo for the shrimp, which seems like an unfair trade, but hey, I'm sure McDonald's can afford it or maybe shrimp are easier to get in Russia than potatoes apparently instead of the normal tartar sauce the shrimp are served with thousand island dressing which seems like an odd choice.
I don't know, I'm not sure I trust McDonald's shrimp. but if anyone watching this video has ever tried it, let us know what it's like, it's worth it. I can't believe I spent an entire minute telling the Internet about McDonald's shrimp. It's strange. I love this job in our number six spot today. we have the batagaika crater, this crater was formed when rising temperatures melted the permafrost and the nearby forest was cleared and the warmer summers and shorter winters are now causing the ground to collapse. This combination has led to this being the largest permafrost crater in the world.
All over the world and it is growing, it is already at least a kilometer long and a hundred meters deep, but that number continues to increase. There are now regular landslides in the crater making it a super dangerous place to be, according to research that was published in 2016 the crater is growing at an annual average of 10 meters per year which is definitely very fast , although this could be disastrous. The crater has revealed a large amount of fossilized material, which is also incredible for researchers. Rapid expansion has uncovered ancient fossils. forests and pollen, as well as carcasses of animals such as musk ox, mammoth and horse, along with many more animals, this type of discovery has given us information about climate data from between 200,000 and 650,000 years ago, which is really incredible, although This crater could pose a major problem. it's good to know that something interesting also came out of this at our number five spot today we have the lena stone pillars, this remote forest of stone pillars is located along the lina river and it really is a sight to see these natural rock formations.
They are approximately between 150 and 300 meters high and were formed in some of the marine basins of the Cambrian period, so just 500 million years ago the pillars consisted of alternating layers of limestone, marl, dolomite and slate due to the time that These pillars have been here combined with their remoteness the pillar forest contains amazing information about the land and the development of its living population. Numerous fossils are found here that are from ancient organisms and really give an insight into the life that existed here 500 million years ago if you want to go visit the pillars. It's not an easy trip, but just looking at the photos I can say that those lucky enough to go will certainly not be disappointed by our number four spot today.
We have this terrifying monument. Well, I guess Russians really like strange monuments or something. Totally fine, no judgment here, but this one is a little strange. This monument is a collection of bronze sculptures that represent a variety of adult vices that affect children. The figures are apparently approaching the two unconscious children who are playing in the center. Poignant but also very sinister and a little creepy, the children are seen as indifferent and almost oblivious. The official title of the monument is Children Are Victims of Adult Vices and it was first unveiled in 2001. With the unveiling, of course, came controversy because well.
Of course, many people were worried that this monument would scare children, but maybe that's the point. Don't know. It's kind of strange and I'm really not sure how to feel. Let me know below in the comments what you think. I think I totally get the message and the point, but do you think it's a little too much on our number three spot today? We have Lake by Call when I was researching for this video I got information from an article on the Smithsonian magazine website and written by alistair bland I started off by saying that no lake is more similar than a lake by call and that made me laugh but the more The more I learned about it, the more I realized how true that was, not only is it like the largest freshwater lake in the world. but this lake is also the deepest, the oldest and the most voluminous of all lakes.
This lake is more than 5,300 feet deep and its crescent-shaped figure first appeared 25 million years ago as a vast rift valley through the divergence of the current planet's crust. This lake contains about 20% of the water in lakes and rivers on Earth and if this were not enough to describe its size, apparently it takes one molecule of water an average of 330 years to flow through the lake from inlet to outlet. , I'm not exactly sure how they know this, but as you all know, I'm not a scientist. One of the most fascinating things about this lake is that it is home to a wide variety of species and many of them cannot be found anywhere else on Earth.
If you visit this lake in winter, you will find it absolutely frozen with a layer of ice up to two meters thick, so if you are going fishing you better be prepared for ice fishing or maybe it is better. to wait until summer in our number two spot today we have the dancing forest the dancing forest is obviously a forest but it is full of pine trees which are most notable for their unusual twisted pattern the trees can be seen in shapes like hearts, rings and spirals that They bend into the ground, the trees were planted in the 1960s to try to stabilize the sand in the dunes and no one really knows why they have this strange curved pattern.
Some would suggest that the trees follow the movement of the sand, others believe that the curvature is due to the activity of the pine moth caterpillar, which may have damaged the trees' buds, causing them to start growing strangely, but Since trees simply end up growing towards the sun, the more they grew, the more they straightened out, this makes sense since most of the curvature occurs at the bottom of the tree, but it's still strange to think that maybe this is all due to to something completely different. Folklore says that the dancing trees appear this way because in this place many centuries ago they were made to dance.
To demonstrate the power of the Christian god, climbing through tree rings is said to add a year to a person's life or grant them a wish, so if you're in the area, I recommend climbing through those. trees. just in case, but stay away from moths, they sound gross. In our number one spot today we have the shigeru idol. This idol is the oldest known wooden sculpture in the world and dates back to the Mesolithic era, just after the end of the last one. ice age the wood on which the idol is carved is said to be around 12,000 years old the sculpture was first discovered in 1890 at a depth of four meters in a peat bog on the eastern slope of the middle earl the idol was found into 10 separate pieces which were later put together by a professor and then reconstructed again in 1914 in a different pattern by an archaeologist.
It's really cool because researchers have been able to reconstruct how they believe the idol was made and what it would have been like. Using three different chisels, one of them was the lower jaw bone of a beaver with sharp incisor teeth, this discovery completely changed the insight into when it was believed that humans began making ritual art. Before this discovery, it was thought to be 8,000 years ago. but this idol tells a much older story, guys, that has been our list today. Thank you very much for watching it. I've been your host today, Olivia Kozlowski, and I'll see you next time, bye.

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