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Top 10 Terrifying Submarine Discoveries You Weren't Supposed To See

Apr 04, 2022
Starting our list at number 10, a mammoth tusk, scientists are currently trying to bring the woolly mammoth back to life, so it's only fitting that we include this recent discovery on our list here in 2019, Aquarium Research Institute Scientists At the bottom of the ocean they were scavenging at about 10,000 feet not far from the coast of California and found what they thought was an elephant tusk. That alone would be a pretty interesting discovery. Animal remains in the depths of the sea. Come on, that's great, not this one. It was even better: at first we found a mammoth tusk, the team only took a small sample, but last year in July they were able to go back and get the whole thing, voila, it belonged to a Colombian mammoth, those were mammoths that didn't have much hair They didn't need it they lived in North America so things got a little heated sometimes ten thousand years after they died we're still finding their fangs what do you think about bringing them back to life if we make that sound below?
top 10 terrifying submarine discoveries you weren t supposed to see
I say no, definitely not, they are too big and scary, plus they died before they probably die again, sorry, I don't know, giant ghost jellyfish number nine, beautiful, yes, scary and safe, and alien too yes , this beast was discovered in 2021 in you guessed it, Monterey Bay, apparently the classic spot for sea monsters, the research team sent a deep sea robot to take a look into the abyss and they discovered this giant ghost jellyfish again. Yes, I said it again. This jellyfish was originally documented in 1899. Living at depths of 3,000 to 13,000 feet, it's more than fair, it's hard to catch who it is down there, you never know, but luckily we have a video of it in action last year.
top 10 terrifying submarine discoveries you weren t supposed to see

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top 10 terrifying submarine discoveries you weren t supposed to see...

Check it out, that's why I never go. in the oceans ever applaud number eight, the deep sea anglerfish, these guys are so scary we have to talk about them, they live at depths of over six thousand feet, the deep sea anglerfish lives in complete darkness like the vin diesel and total darkness, it was first discovered in 1833, when it washed up on the coast of Greenland and was then brought to johan christopher hangman reinhardt in denmark, it was first known as the football fish or the man-eater. Great names ok female anglerfish have a shiny lure on the top of their head that's how we recognize them it's like it's true and finding nemo is scary and something I'm glad is hiding in the background of our oceans, but it is necessary for their survival.
top 10 terrifying submarine discoveries you weren t supposed to see
Light is created due to bioluminescent bacteria that thousands of fish have and in the depths. The sea anglerfish uses it to hunt, it attracts fish right in front of its enormous and


mouth and then , oh, they see the light of the disco and moments later they see another light, the light of the fish lords, the spiny dorsal fin hanging above their heads. It's called esca, it's an organ and it emits photos to get light, it's its main hunting method, which is pretty badass, it has to be because it doesn't have arms or anything, it's just a big scary face that moves across the ocean and , as for prey, she I'll take what you can get, no matter how big, well she ate it with her head first because this thing probably came in to look at the light that the anglerfish has and then the anglerfish grabbed it towards the weld and his stomach expanded to fit.
top 10 terrifying submarine discoveries you weren t supposed to see
All in the depths fish can expand their jaw and stomach and can eat prey that is twice their size, although they often eat snails, shrimp and other smaller fish, but once you're in, you're in, you're not going anywhere. part. You're screwed, males aren't really equipped with the natural allure of light and when they reach adulthood their digestive system no longer works, so they need one of these protagonists to survive. I'll let that speak for itself. Number seven, old coral reefs. or dying coral reefs, this one is really a bit sad, after all the list is dark


, all of these are scary or dark, literally dark, for some of them back in 2009, after a four week expedition to explore Deep in the ocean southwest of Tasmania, scientists found deep water. coral reefs, which is exciting at first until you realized that these coral reefs are dying, they are about to disappear, so now more research needs to be done on why exactly these reefs are dying.
We would like to know that is something we are currently working on if the reason they are dying extends to the shallow reefs as well, this could cause massive problems for both marine life and us, our human life scientists need to find out if Coral was dying due to ocean warming. up maybe it was a disease or maybe it was an increase in ocean acidity whatever the case if it spreads to shallower waters it's bad news for us 25 marine life would lose its habitat coastal fishing industry would be affected, of course so no more fish and chip specials save the ocean you know for the red lobster sink let's be smart and save the ocean chuck lagoon number six this lagoon was Japan's main base during war, but in 1944, the United States launched an attack on what some consider to be the pearl harbor of Japan, where 60 ships were also sunk around 250 planes, so for 70 years there has been a huge cemetery literally located on the depths of the Pacific and it wasn't until recently that we got a good look at these haunting artifacts of history that this photographer took. some photos and they said it was one of the scariest shots ever described, they described the atmosphere filled, of course, with you know, human skulls, remains of gas masks, bullets, obviously, it was eerie to look at, no one wanted to go down, so That's when we sent a


and that's when we sent a drone because we don't like looking at skulls and picking things up from the sand.
I would like to do something that no one expected that these artifacts would be so well preserved after all this time, like all these things. Even in mammoth tusk, they are all in perfect condition, it is almost like the disturbing and unexplored holes number five in the ocean. If you have trypophobia, you may want to skip this one or face your fears together. I don't like holes either. I'm diving into them. do it off the coast of Big Sur, California, which is a real place and not just a Mac upgrade. One study revealed about 15,000 holes on the ocean floor and they are all the same size, which is strange, they all They are 11 meters wide and one meter deep, the team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute are our friends, they found about 15 thousand of these and then they found 5000 more that were even bigger.
The small ones are microdepressions in the earth and the large ones are smallpoxes. At first, the scientists here thought it was methane from under the sea floor coming up to say hello and, you know, leaving a big crater, a big poof, so the explorers went down there. Tests were done without methane, in fact there hasn't even been methane for 50,000 years, so what is going on here? These craters are doing a good job with the ecosystem, albeit in a wild way, because now this deep sea creature simply lives in them. They even found a whale skull lying in one.
Imagine being a crab returning home. Up I go little vomit bubble in the ocean number four mv derbyshire this ship was twice the size of the titanic but james cameron didn't make a movie about it so you may not have heard of it let me tell you I'm not james cameron, but i will do my best the mv derbyshire was the largest british registered merchant ship of all time to synchronise, that's a strange boast if you think about it, but it was assembled in 1976 and was lost in 1980 en route from canada to japan A distress call was never issued and the ship was following proper ocean routes with weather route companies so they were doing all the right things but somehow it sank on September 15, 1980 the search began for the missing ship and crew , but six days later the search ended. canceled nothing was found not even a clue honestly the ship was declared lost the derby shire's sister ship also ended up sinking due to a crack in the deck so the families urged officials to search again in 1994 the derby was found shire number three huge squid I'll talk about this every chance I get I hope you haven't seen or heard about this because I slept so much better the less I knew honestly big fin squid best friends big squid is rarely seen that's why it's In Our list today actually lurks in many oceans, hiding in the depths.
The bigfin squid lives in the permanently dark areas of the ocean, about 1,200 meters or 4,000 feet deep in the sea, so it can't see anything. He is blind. Down there, like most of these monsters, on November 11, 2007, a rover was searching the deepest, darkest waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and lucky for us, they got one on film. Yes, 23 feet long. I know you're probably wondering as soon as I saw that video, the perception of death is like, oh, maybe it's small, maybe it's this, no, stupidly big, they look like balloons, scary, disturbing balloons, floating casually looking at you.
I hate how he looks too, he looks like he's stuck on you, like he's following your moves it's a boss battle this feels like a boss battle let's get on with scary number two this guy is a fonocuatro is a photophore okay, where do I start? This is a real thing, not an alien, okay, cool at first glance, this appears to be a single multicellular organism, but in reality they are an entire colony of polyps and medusoids that are collectively known as a zooid. Yes, I'm saying real words, I'm not just making them up. A few years ago, scientists found the longest saphonophore ever found. and it was 154 feet long, you thought the last creature was long, this thing is stupid, just a huge long piece of spaghetti floating in the ocean, but it's not actually spaghetti, it's a bunch of different little creatures all working together, reading about This Thing there was a quote I read that said we at least need to know what's down there.
No, we don't leave him alone. Leave everything. This. Leave him alone. I can't even deal with a spider in the apartment where. Do I even start with this and finally at number one, an ancient city? Well, on this list with a recent discovery, the lost Egyptian city of Heraklion was found after disappearing under the Mediterranean Sea twelve hundred years ago. Now this city has a bit of history behind it. You know, it was founded in the 8th century BC. C. and all researchers believe that Heraklion was the port you would arrive at if you traveled back then, recently, last summer in 2021, this ancient sunken city in Egypt was found more and it is changing.
History I dare say this was run by the European Institute of Underwater Archaeology. This sunken military ship. This 25 meter ship was found in this ancient sunken city. In another part of this lost city. Remains of a Greek funerary area dating from approximately the 4th century BC were also discovered. C., so this discovery connects the historical dots for us, the Greek merchants living in the ancient Egyptian city. This tells us that the Greeks settled here during the last dynasties of the pharaohs, which is crazy, we are literally connecting all these pieces of this historical puzzle. and also refine treasures at the same time, so it's not all scary fish, we just need to send underwater cameras and


s everywhere and just check under each shell, what a wild list, this was the start of the list, dad number 10, glow in the dark shark, yes you.
I thought the left shark was the coolest fish in the pond, think again dude, glow-in-the-dark sharks are apparently scary to us two years ago, scientists were able to identify three deep-sea sharks, the kite fin, the lantern black-bellied shark and the southern lanternshark, all three. They look like Pandora, they shine, they literally shine. Bioluminescence is fascinating. We mentioned deepwater anglerfish in the first part of this list, so now we have Gil Gary around to worry about. I will never swim again, these sharks were found in the twilight zone, about 1000 meters deep off the coast of New Zealand, yes, I will never swim again, ever again, let's move on to number nine, the frilled shark, another scary shark, amazing, back in 2004, marine biologists discovered this dinosaur.
Frilled shark, if you want to call it a shark, okay, it was lurking about 870 meters below the surface, this one looks like an eel,It's almost so scary, I hate this, I hate the ocean, frilled sharks can grow up to seven feet long and they fight. Like daredevils, they can hunt in complete darkness, they don't need to see anything to whip your ass, remember that next time you're swimming naked, unless you can hold your breath for a long time, you won't run into the frilled shark anytime soon. . Soon they are only about a mile below the surface, so sleep peacefully tonight.
The number eight black dragon fish, all these fish are so scary looking and no, not all of these things are fish, only a few of them get out of the jump because take them out of the The way the black dragon fish is the first time scientists They find an ultra black deep sea fish. This thing is amazing. I love it. The black dragonfish literally has the word dragon in it and I'm not surprised it fits. Fits the image. The little ones can be found at depths of 1600 feet and you will see this one coming towards you as these fish also possess bioluminescence, if you can't see it in these photos they also have teeth, they have big scary teeth like a dragon's, even Khaleesi I would see them.
This and saying no, no, I'm good, number seven, Apollo 11. They say space in the ocean is pretty similar, but no one expected to find this. The Saturn V rocket engines that fell during the Apollo 11 missions should never have been there. realistically found, the odds here are mind boggling right in the coastal waters of florida, found 16,000 feet below the ocean surface, these things are huge, they're so heavy we could barely lift them out of the sea, do you know who found this thing?at the bottom of the ocean for over 40 years jeff bezos yeah amazon ceo jeffrey bezos jay bees found this found them in 2012.
What's the shipping rate for a couple of Apollo 11 rockets? Probably not cheap number six uss johnson once in the US the navy destroyer uss johnson sank during the battle of samara back in 1944 sank after a battle with a large fleet of japanese warships victor viscavo One of the few to reach the Mariana Trench was the first to stumble upon the remains of this sunken cult. The remains were recently found in 2019 and are now known as the deepest known shipwreck of all time, which is a strange boast that it was found 6,450 meters deep in the Philippine Sea in the Pacific Ocean, to quote Victor, who was leading at the time, said. expedition, says that the wreck is so deep that there is very little oxygen down there and, although there is some contamination from marine life, it is remarkably well intact, except for the damage it suffered in the furious fight.
Final Quote: The ship is so deep that it took Les several trips just to completely locate it. There were 327 crew members on board the ship during the battle and sadly only 141 of them survived. The dive team was respectful of their mission and placed wreaths before and after their dives. Honestly, it's good to keep in mind at this point, underwater civilization number five, as we discovered in the first part of this series, the fact that the ocean is almost undiscovered is


, yes, I will never go back in and come back for sure , but discovering a long-lost underwater civilization is okay.
I admit it's not scary, it's actually cool, it's pretty good, we like the ones that were found 65 feet below sea level off the coast of Sweden. Researchers from Lund University found a Stone Age civilization dating back to around 9,000 years. They found artifacts that are in excellent condition all things considered, they even found an elk antler axe, how epic is that, that's kind of like some ancient rings, that's some pretty good loot, some of these


still have to be sorted out, they're not even sure of what they found. What researchers do know is that this ancient civilization had a healthy life from what they found.
There are many food finds that suggested it was often hot, it was great and all you know until the sea rose and swallowed the Swedish lagoon that surrounded the forest. The lagoon just ceased to exist and we're not really sure why the more ocean we discover, the more we learn about our past and if we could also find treasure along the way that would be useful, that would be a big number four. The USS Nevada was lost in 1948 and it wasn't until a year ago that she saw it again. Yes, the USS Nevada was referred to as the unsinkable ship and here's why during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, the USS Nevada was the only battleship to escape in one piece, but it barely took her years of repairs after that. , but returned to battle later in 1944 to support the invasion of Normandy, a year later assisted in two atomic bomb tests, and after World War II was eventually considered too old for service.
So the Navy used the USS Nevada as target practice and it took them five days and a lot of energy to finally sink it. How impressive it is that they almost couldn't sink the ship when they tried. She's kind of brilliant. A torpedo was the final attack. After it sank, the navy wasn't even sure where exactly it ended up, it was over 15,000 feet below the surface, so it could have gone literally anywhere, until just a couple of years ago, an expedition joint venture of ocean infinity and search inc led by dr. James Delgado was found just 65 nautical miles southwest of Pearl Harbor to Amelia Earhart's plane number three.
Yes, you heard me how epic this is. The first woman to fly across the Atlantic was on her way to setting even more groundbreaking records, but her plane tragically disappeared over the Pacific in 1937. Since then, it has been a big mystery where Amelia Earhart's final resting place is now, but we may have found her remains in 1940 on the Pacific island of Nicmuraro, the exam initial of these The remains were reported to be that of a man, that was a general idea in 1941, but in 2018 we have a different idea. Now some things arise. Researcher Richard Jantz took another look at the long-lost remains and photos of Emilia have since surfaced. compared bone measurements to her body type and we're pretty sure it's her, but in a recent discovery in May 2021, a murky image went viral and many believe it's Amelia Earhart's plane submerged in the Nicumaroru Lagoon in 1991, part of a smooth fuselage was recovered, but it was too damaged to confirm that it was his plane since it crashed in 1937.
Do you think it is his sound from below? I definitely believe it or someone else's remains are out there and that's wild too, let's find out who crop circle number two is. Before we finish this list, we'll have a cute little challenge. Say. The crop circles at the bottom of the ocean are these aliens. Alien fish. Do we have this now? Is this a scary shark? What's going on here? These crop circles were first seen in 1995 off the southern coast of Japan and for 16 years these things amazed divers or deep sea explorers, no one knew where they came from, they would be there a week and a day next they would disappear, little aliens or little puffer fish, that's true.
In 2011 one of these guys got caught in 4k and it's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. I had to put it on some sort of deep water list. I love showing this little guy these male puffer fish that they try to attract in the ladies making art some birds dance like crazy some fish make art it's okay animals have soul deal with it what baffles me here I worry if something is that these puffer fish they use a shell they use a shell in their mouth they grab it and then they pull out these designs he uses a tool to sculpt his emotions, small but powerful, and he is also an artist and finally the number one squid graveyard during a 2012 expedition in the Gulf of California, lurking to the bottom of the seafloor that scientists found. a bunch of squid carcasses and sheets of squid eggs, which I mean, you know, in your work day there's a lot to see and all of a sudden you're like, oh, okay, but whoever took pictures got pictures, everything it was ok.
They returned in 2015, although that's when these deep dives became a bit mysterious when they returned to the exact same area, finding even more carcasses and more sheets of squid eggs. What's going on? Why is it like a hot spot here? So many questions, many species of squid will see the adults join together in large groups and lay clusters of eggs on the seafloor, but soon after many of the adults will die. Nature is cruel. This is the case for most things, but it is not the case for all squid, however, there are some. mothers who instead lay their eggs on an egg sheet that they hold in their arms for months and when the babies finally hatch the mother will head towards the seafloor so this answers why the squid died but it doesn't answer because.
There are so many bodies and so many types of squid births and things that happen in a specific area and that answer remains a mystery, that's why it is our number one today, starting the list at number 10 ss garasopa, we will start this deep water part . 3 with a shipwreck when it comes to things underwater I think I have tolasophobia they were difficult to look at and examine it rather gave me chills looking at these photos honestly the ss garasopa was once a prosperous british freighter in 1941 during the Second World War. The freighter was en route returning from India carrying a fairly good amount of silver.
It was a lot of money. An alarming amount of silver. A storm occurred, so the captain made a quick decision knowing what was on board to avoid rough waters. as possible, the ship changed direction and began heading towards Ireland again. This was 1941, during World War II, so it was not a good time to be heading in that direction. The ship was sighted by a German plane and a submarine later claimed the lives of all 85 of the SS Garasopa. News from the passengers traveled quickly and once the war came to an end, some divers checked the area.
Now there was nothing, in 2011, it was strange to see that the team of marines found the ship fourteen thousand feet below the surface, surrounded by pure darkness that the team kept around. eighty percent of the treasure found and the rest went to her majesty's treasury in case you are wondering about 150 million dollars worth of treasure was found, yes if you can do it then go look for it it sure is like a one of those things where someone says: "hey." You, 150 million dollars, invest in this deep, dark, scary thing, would you do it? No, my answer is no.
The number nine squid with ram's horns. This squishy little guy was discovered about 3,000 feet below the surface and scientists can't stop talking about the way he moves. Look at it. It looks like a really slow submarine, which is pretty surprising when you think about the schmitz ocean rov that's down there getting these images it's also a submarine how funny it is that I'm looking at it, I'm looking at them they are how they are how they are how they are They both just look at each other. They move trying to balance each other. His body acts like ballast on a submarine carrying fluids and gases and in return this little guy can float up and down while wiggling his toes.
Look at it, I never thought a squid would be cute until now I didn't know it was a possibility, but here we are part of the three most amazing number eight cute squids katherine sullivan is not really a deep sea discovery, but I mean, when you talk about all these discoveries you gotta ask who goes down there who gets it right when an artist wins an oscar emmy, tony and grammy we call it a fun little title for the ego that only a handful of artists can claim but what about someone that has been both in space and in the deepest part of our earth, what do we call them? well, so far it's just one person, her name is catherine sullivan, the former nasa astronaut decided to change the direction of this trip, so she joined victor viscavo on one of his eight trips to the deepest known point of the earth on July 7, 2020 Catherine Sullivan officially became the first person to do both, get out and get off, that's crazy, your Fitbit is like, what are you doing?
What's going on? How many steps are these? How can we call this title awesome? He has a deep, a deep ambitious, a deep ambitious, yes. you're a big go-getter that sounds horrible we're doing our best here maybe a quarter we have a funny name it's awesome it's so awesome my ears hurt thinking about all these trips bravo congratulations to you number seven holy grail of shipwrecks okay , going back to the shipwrecks, it's hard to read about these shipwrecks sometimes,well all the time because on the one hand it's fascinating to discover parts of our history that we thought were once lost forever, of course we find tons of treasures which are always fun and noteworthy but we're also exploring the scene of a horrible shipwreck every time is pretty grim, not on paper.
In 1708, the galleon San José was headed to Spain from Colombia, but when the British attacked, the San José sank to the bottom of the ocean and almost all of her 600 crew members. members lost their lives yes, dark story in 2015, the ship was found with around 17 to 22 billion dollars worth of looted valuables. See in the 80s. The gloca mora company claimed that they had found the ship. Colombia lacked the financial and technological resources to dive in and they actually succeeded, so they agreed to give GMC 35 of the finds in 1984, then they handed over the rights to an American company Sea Surge Armada, then the game changed from then until the Today legal battles have raged over this lost treasure.
Kova's late enough, so if you can hold your breath for a long time, he's still waiting there, no one knows what to do with him, but I look like you'll be right back, number six, the vasa shipwreck back in 1628, the vasa sank inside. 20 minutes into sailing and it claimed the lives of 30 souls on board. How tragic it is that just 20 minutes and it was gone the Swedish navy launched the ship on August 10, 1628 and it was once considered a high-tech cult, even called spectacular. What happened? How did this thing sink in 20 minutes? That's crazy. Well, the first gust of wind took him by surprise and he swayed a little.
The second gust of wind sank it. There has to be more. There was a crowd around and everything to see him off, but. The 64 bronze cannons that were installed during the rapid construction process of the ship were too heavy, so she sank and the lack of oxygen in the water allowed the rediscovery of her to continue her story. The vasa was built with carvings around the centered wooden carvings. around the king of the time, king gustav ii, so when the wreck was rediscovered in 1961, 95 parts of the wood were still intact, so story number five still tells under the ice, this dark discovery was fairly recent, as in October 2021 the hakon project is one I would never sign up for personally, but I'm surprised it took so long to do something like this.
The Haygon project is a group of about 30 scientists who came together to send a marine robot 13,000 feet below the frozen surface of the Arctic. ocean, this was the first time we were able to see the hidden volcanic vents that have been hidden for centuries because it's obviously so deep and so cold and now we have the resources and the people who are brave enough to go and camp in the arctic to go . Explore that crazy ancient Greek shipwreck number four. I remember hearing about this back in 2018, so I'm excited to be able to include it on the list.
The oldest shipwreck discovered in the Black Sea. It looks like she sank 50 years ago, but in reality this ship is. from 400 BC It is an ancient Greek trading ship and it is not very big, but somehow it is very powerful 2,400 years later, more than a mile below the surface. The lack of oxygen again preserved the ship, which is why it does not look ancient. John Adams, the principal investigator of the Black Sea marine archeology project, describes the findings as something he never thought was possible - yes, more than fair, a long time ago, as if we were still trying. to discover the pyramids we thought, oh my god, this thing is cooling down there all the time only a fish stares at it this discovery changed what we knew about navigation in the ancient world the oldest intact shipwreck known to mankind that's not bad title 2,000 years from now we will find nothing but plastic at the bottom of our oceans number three underwater river We've heard of this one at some point I'm sure, but how is this a real thing?
How is it possible? We're looking at what this is in 2016, researchers working in the Black Sea found these very strong currents of water that flowed on the bottom of the sea almost like its own river and this 115 foot deep river was on land rather than very below black. sea, it would rank number six in the world just for the amount of volume that constantly runs through it, it is so impressive that the river transports heavy sediments along the seabed, hence why it makes those grooves Over time and yes, over time those currents forge their own. road and now it's huge, extremely powerful and unstoppable, but luckily for us you need a deep sea rover to take a good look so you won't go down anytime soon.
Number two, deep debris, I mentioned some deep sea plastic in this channel before. but this 20 21 discovery is just a new bass pun destined just off the coast of Los Angeles, hidden about 4000 feet below the ocean's surface, sitting there for quite a while, where literally barrels of trash just waste the column of evil that comes from these things too. It looks like a nuclear wasteland, probably because it's a literal nuclear wasteland, how horrible is it that there


't 30 or 40 of these barrels. Plus, in case you were wondering, there were thousands, around 27,000 were found in two weeks of underwater searching. a sad expedition that must have been, oh god, these barrels were falling into the ocean between 1947 and 1961, that's the window of time where you think after the 5000th barrel someone would say ah, this feels bad, I don't know and finally number one under a glacier, we had to finish this third part with some new images of the bottom of an Antarctic glacier and this glacier also, in case you were wondering, is the size of Florida, so if you are imagining it like a big ice cube, it's a little bit bigger than just a little bit this is like finding the bottom of a continent this thing is huge and we set out to explore underneath everything the scary thing is that if it collapsed our sea levels would rise 10 feet just to give you an idea of ​​how big it is and in 2019 researchers drilled 2300 feet through the Thwaites Glacier and dropped a robot with a camera and then just wandered around and saw this, hold your breath this is the first time we see the grounding zone.
Of a huge glacier there is only one meter of space between the bottom of the glacier and the rocky seabed. Could you go down there? I do not think I can. I would swim under it and pretend I'm lifting it up. You know, just kidding. I wouldn't even get on the submarine to go down this hole. No chance. Also, can't we drill a glacier the size of Florida? It sounds like a bad idea. Don't know. Maybe it's just me. Maybe leave this project alone.

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