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Top 10 Most Feminist Grey's Anatomy Moments

Jun 06, 2021
beautiful, how about a bright welcome to Ms mojo? And today we're counting down our picks for the ten best



on Grey's Anatomy. For this list, we take a look at the


empowering scenes for the female characters on Grey's Anatomy, since there are over 300 episodes, we only choose one moment per episode, badass ladies, this place is run by ladies, it's a game of checkers No, it's not a checkers game. The checkers game says what my grandmother calls her vagina, ha, number 10, Callie defends who she regrets things. both the fact that you came with dad, Father Kevin, starting our list is this moment from season 6 when Callie stood up to her father when he tried to condemn her sexuality, she came to the hospital hoping to fix it, but instead of bending Under pressure, she defended herself by stating that her sexuality and religious beliefs did not conflict.
top 10 most feminist grey s anatomy moments
She thinks you can pray to eliminate homosexuals. I could just talk honey, but you can't pray to eliminate homosexuals. Although Callie and your father continued to struggle with the issue. I finally accepted it, yours, we find our way back to the things that matter


. I was driving to the airport with your mom and it hit me. I've been looking forward to dancing with you on your wedding day since I first hugged you. in my arms if I turn the car around and come back so here I am I have this dance with my daughter this powerful moment showed that it's okay to be proud of who you are, especially when it comes to being part of the lgbtq+ community bless those who have been persecuted for the sake of justice for their sake is the kingdom of heaven jesus is my savior daddy not you and Jesus would be ashamed of you for judging me would be ashamed of you for turning your back on me would be a shameful number 9 Meredith declares her independence Meredith and Derek have been through a lot together, lies, sabotage, adultery and more tragedies than they're worth, we were in a plane crash, plane crash at some points, their relationship was tested to its absolute limits after a particularly bad fight in season 11.
top 10 most feminist grey s anatomy moments

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top 10 most feminist grey s anatomy moments...

Meredith realizes that although she still loves Derek, she could live without him if she had to, and I'll do everything in my power to prove it. I can't live without you while he was away. She thrived as a surgeon and learned to live. Without him being present, this moment is especially important because she shows that having independence in a relationship is not synonymous with breaking up. I can't live without you but I don't want to. I never want to. The number eight that Christina sticks to is her decision not to have kids, you know, I think I'll order pizza if you want.
top 10 most feminist grey s anatomy moments
I can get it. I'm pregnant. Christina has always focused on her career as a surgeon, prioritizing it above all else when she married her fellow surgeon Owen Hunt. They hadn't discussed children yet I don't want one I don't hate children I respect children I think they should have parents who love them so when Christina mentioned that she had no interest in having children one day it caused some problems despite the arguments that created their differences, she maintained her conviction without wavering. She made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy, although this played a role in her eventual termination.
top 10 most feminist grey s anatomy moments
It was essential to see that Christina did not compromise on her relationship and that she stood firm on her decision. I'm asking you to do something for me. Can you just consider doing something for me? Have a baby. This isn't pizza versus toy. You don't give a single bit for a baby. Tub. I am asking. I'm saying it's not number seven. fight this problem, don't you? Before her surgical internship at Seattle Grace Hospital, Izzie Stevens worked as a lingerie and underwear model to pay off her medical school student loans. Oh wow, I guess she got her tattoo airbrushed out.
Wasn't it like that when her co-worker Alex Karev found out that she had heard plastered images throughout the hospital as a prank? Needless to say, his response was incredible. She took back his body showing that she had no shame in effectively taking away all of his power. men harassing her do you want to see it do you really want to see it let's see that tattoo up close and personal, this scene from Grey's Anatomy is wonderful goes down in history as an iconic


moment do you want to call me dr. model, that's fine, just remember that while you have 200 thousand dollars in student loans, I no longer have debt number six.
Meredith yells sexism at Derek. Hey, how's my dog? Much better was running in Texas, our dog, which is our dog. You said my dog ​​is. our dog or whatever, that's not the time we already mentioned that Meredith and Derek have a lot of problems in their relationship and here's an example of one from the beginning after their breakup, the first time Derek is furious to find out that Meredith has slept with a series of other men I should never have told you about George no, it's okay, I'm glad to know about him and the vet, you really understand what you just told me, it's unforgivable, I don't remember ever saying sorry to you .
Derek's blatant sexism and slut-shaming rightly bother Meredith, especially since he's the one who dumped her and he's the next Alex because I hear he likes sleeping with you two have that in common, she rightfully calls him and tells him. He says he can't judge. She, the way she decided to deal with it, at least seems to take it in. You can't call me. When I met you, I thought I had found the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was already done with all the boys and all the bars and all the obvious daddy issues.
Who cared because I broke up, you left me, you chose Addison number five Christina tells Meredith that she is the son, we will call each other at least twice a month and text all the time. He texts me. I don't let Owen get dark and twisted, take care of him and Alex take care of Alex. He needs to be teased at least once a day or he will be unbearable. Meredith and Cristina are mutual people, so when Cristina made her exit in the season 10 finale it was a tearful goodbye full of promises of love and of course dancing as Cristina turns to leave she has one last message he is very dreamy but he is not the son that you are this means first and foremost that Christina wants Meredith to put herself first, something she has always strived to do and that particularly applies to her marriage;
However, it is also a subtle call to Meredith's mother who calls her ordinary by calling Meredith extraordinary. Cristina is essentially telling Meredith that she is proud of her. A talented surgeon with an extraordinary mind, they may not be blood sisters, but that doesn't diminish the bonds they share. Number four Bailey becomes the first female chief of surgery. The moment Miranda Bailey became the hospital's first chief of surgery was iconic. To say the least from the beginning of the show, Bailey was a force to be reckoned with. I need you to take care of everything else in the emergency room.
You are in charge. Get used to it. Yes, her inmates feared her. Her co-workers respected her and her boss. Richard Webber knew that she would one day become boss throughout the 11 seasons leading up to the promotion. Bailey was a lion-hearted leader who taught lessons to her interns while growing up herself, while there are countless other successful female doctors on this show, many of whom are department heads. The moment Bailey became chief was a monumental victory, so I looked it up and Bailey is the first, the first chief of surgery at this number three hospital. Meredith deserves equal pay.
I need a self and I think you can be a self for me. I need you to be me The fight for equal pay is not something recent. Women have been paid unfair wages forever, so when Meredith learns that she earns much less than other department heads, she is initially hesitant to renegotiate her contract. You earned that job. Okay, you have to go back and renegotiate. I can't because it's too late. I already accept the deal. Come in and demand what you deserve. Men do it all the time, but she finally steals it and tells Bailey that she deserves more from her.
Turns out Bailey. He was just waiting for her to speak. She actually agrees with Meredith. 100% Meredith worked hard to get to where she is. She earned her job and shouldn't settle for anything less. I can make that happen. Everything great, yes, okay, thank you. Greg, yes well done number two addressing sexual harassment, public perception is everything and you will be destroyed if this comes to light. Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is not new either. Grey's Anatomy weighed in on this conversation with the Harper Avery storyline. When several women came forward with stories about Avery's sexual harassment, her former daughter-in-law Catherine Fox planned to take the blame, but Jackson wasn't about to let that happen, you're fired, you can go, now he and Meredith helped change. the Harper Avery Foundation at the Katherine Fox Foundation Taking power away from the abuser and putting it in the hands of a capable woman even as workplace sexual harassment continues was an uplifting and inspiring contribution to the narrative in which we hope Join us in enthusiastically supporting the Catherine Fox Foundation before we reveal our number one pick here are some honorable mentions actually don't do this you're my friend not hers don't take her side I'm not choosing sides I'm just saying she did some good points, she left me and jumped into bed with the right thing, she can't make good points, don't you think your bailiff how angry, offended, disgusted, hypocritical, sexist, mature, she left me, you are very beautiful?
Oh fuck beautiful I'm brilliant you want to appease me compliment my brain sometimes false labor is the body's way of telling you to slow down don't let the surgery I understand the realities of your job but you need to understand the realities of your pregnancy and take it easy there's anything I can do to help oh yes, for starters you can help me get up from this table you want to know why I'm so unfocused so ordinary you want to know what happened to me you happen to me then let me refuse the surgery of the heart No why Not because killing my mother is not going to be something else that happens to me.
I understand. I'm sorry. Okay, I just had to bring in Thunder, bring in the fun when we see him really nice or young or pretty. Sometimes people don't accept you. Seriously, before we continue, make sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell to receive notifications about our latest videos. You have the option to receive notifications for occasional videos or for all of them, if you're on your phone, make sure to go into your settings. and turn on notifications number one Emelia is legendary for considering the idea that for the tumor we are the problem we are the invader we are the danger for the tumor we are the cancer we have all been in someone else's shadow for too long Amelia was in the shadow from her brother Derek, this has never been done before, all these steps in this order, when this type of tumor has never been done, something good or bad, I think I'm the one who could even try this, but in the distance she faces.
Faced with a nasty brain tumor that seems impossible to remove, especially without Derek's help, she's always been the other doctor. Shepherd was never held in the same esteem; However, when she successfully removes the tumor, she proves to everyone, including herself, that she can take care of herself. It's a moment of pride, power and independence that teaches Amelia not to doubt herself and she says a lot about what women can do. she achieves this by making death run like a cry by simply telling her to fuck off and that's the battle and it's the only battle worth fighting.
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