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TOP 10 iPhone 11 Cases (Pro and Pro Max Included!)

Feb 27, 2020
so the new iPhone 11s are here, shiny, pristine, and smelling like a Foxconn factory. My favorite


for the iPhone 11 right now include products from Urban Armor Gear Moshe Rhino Shield Loopy Catalyst Ghost Tech Spigen Pitaka and specs now the best case from that bunch right now is actually the Mouse case specifically the most unlimited 3.0 3.0 no 2 3 and montine mobile reviews I base all of our opinions on actual use and we've been doing this for years from $1 Aliexpress


to $300 Element cases from fidget spinner cases to multitool cases I've literally seen it all and the I've rated them all and dropped iPhones on them.
top 10 iphone 11 cases pro and pro max included
I'll note that certain cases will work better for the iPhone 11 than the 11 pros and pro maxes so I'll point those out as we go now, if you have a good idea of ​​which case you'll get check out the pin comment on this video to see if I've secured a discount code for you guys, now some of the cases The videos shown are for last year's iPhones, but since the overall dimensions of the iPhone haven't really changed in the last two years, it just means that the new cases won't they will be very different, and some companies just won't play nice. with that let's start now number 10 should have gone to the quest for OtterBox but OtterBox is not looking for the iPhone Elevens which is incredibly disappointing because they were designed for that quest since the 10's and it was so awesome. now number 10 goes to the phantom tech atomic slim 3 the pros of this product is that it has a metal frame it's unique in terms of its design and it's tough as nails the con is that it just doesn't handle as well as everyone else other cases on this list and the metal bumper will show wear a bit faster also the phantom tech atomic slim is an evolution of the old Atomics which were waterproof cases that had aluminum bumpers which are pretty cool those are just tanks absolutes in terms of waterproof cases now the atomic slim 3 is an update to the slim 2 which was already a tank but coast tech has added another layer of impact foam called our 7x which when i read it made me miss the rx-7 de has de but this stuff is supposed to be good up to 50ft now Ghost Tech has upgraded a ton of their cases I haven't seen so I'll try 50ft drop protection but as of now here's a 6 ft drop it with a new - 11 pro maxint and as i said before the wear and tear depends on where you drop it the metal bumper can get a little scratched the ghost tech atomic three stands apart in terms of design as it has ghost Tech did a great job fusing clear polycarbonate TPU and aluminum together.
top 10 iphone 11 cases pro and pro max included

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top 10 iphone 11 cases pro and pro max included...

The edges of the case are tall enough to keep the screen off a flat surface and Ghost Tech added a TPU strip along the side which helps with handling of the product my only complaint is that the buttons aren't quite as sponsors like the other cases on this list. Number nine goes through Spigen's hard armed pros for this product is that it's affordable and it handles well and it's a very well known quantity in terms of cases the cons is it's kind of boring I'll say that mostly because it hasn't really changed it in the last six years, now being a tough farmer, it should be on everyone's list as a reference case if you don't know. which one to buy or you just don't care how the case looks.
top 10 iphone 11 cases pro and pro max included
I have been using hard farmer for years on a variety of different devices and they generally hold up very well with a version of twenty nineteen iPhone 11 that spigen has made. A couple of small changes, the most notable being the addition of some of the shock absorbing foam to the back of the shell. This phone will also help with some potential back scratches. Now be sure to get a darker colored casing like the liners in certain colors. it may not handle as well. I'm talking about the soft rubber coating on the darker cases. Also on the website, spigen believes that tough armor has his go nimac grip.
top 10 iphone 11 cases pro and pro max included
Also, this case is the only one on this list that has a kickstand that sits flush. on the back of the box so it'll be perfect for you to watch HBO Max when number eight comes out you're going to suspect the presidio grip is like heavy duty armor this is a known quantity handling is very nice in this case and there is I will say it has a unique design element, the downside is that it is 10ft exaggerated, please do not drive head-on and there will be some wear and tear issues with this product. The Presidio grip is the second best handling case on this list, the first. is the wacky case the case will suffer from slightly higher wear issues as the rubber nubs can rub off over time, although these rubber ridges are not glued to the case it is actually part of the TPU that is injected from the inside out of the box and so honestly they're not as dumb as most people make them out the presidio grip spec is not bulky on your


it will feel very solid on it the front edge of the case is nice , the TPU adds to the handling of the iPhone now this case is one of those products that is going to be very good for the iPhone 11 because the one that I have a crush on is much thicker than the pros and the pros now maximize the added thickness in the


11 is surprisingly notable between these two different phone sizes now if you're thinking other spec cases are going to be good well you'd be wrong because the presidio ultra spec hard case is absolutely terrible number seven goes For the monarch of urban armor gear, the pros. it's that it's a very unique stylish looking case there's a lot of texture to this product the downside is that it's a bit thicker and the edges are incredibly noticeable on this product the urban armor kit monarch is on this list because, like the Spectra Sedo grip well it handles great but the monarch isn't as grippy as the grip wraith city and like most urban armor products there's a lot of attitude towards the monarch so you know which gives your iPhone a bit of a different look I will say.
My biggest issue with Urban Argumentador Monarca is the edges, heavily rounded edges are annoying to use, they get in the way and this is a sore point because most newer cases nowadays go with a tapered edge and that tapered angle enhances the look. of the gestures now. Glad the urban armor team has stopped using actual metal screws on the case as they were a bit loose in the earlier builds and you could hear the rattle now if you bought an iPhone 11 not the pros with the pro max this Your monarch's urban arm I'd say sits further down this list because of the thicker edges thicker iPhones edges noticeable those are two things that don't go well together number six goes to Moshi plus the pros is that the back it has a unique design there is a lot of texture on these cases and the wrist strap accent is nice the downside is the edges are slightly slippery the Moshe ultra is a very unique case there is a lot of texture on the back of this case and its hard to find a rugged mixed material case that isn't boring there or just plain carbon fiber boring the edge of the moshe ultra has a bit of tpu on the front which helps with handling of the device but the edge polycarbonate is pretty slippery now all the softness is offset by the texture on the case back the rubber the fabric is very very nice and none of that really matters if you decide to use the wrist strap that comes with the product now that the wrist strap is quite bulky but you can remove it from the case if you don't want to use it to the fullest.
Its ultra also sits right in the middle, standard 810g, and the edges of the case are high enough to keep your device with a screen protector flat. come back if you know which phone case you're going to get, check the pin comment for discount codes to see if i was able to secure any of them for you and if not, use my animal law amazon links to go. to Amazon to buy them because that's pretty much the only way I get number five is going to the potaka mad case Pro this is a very unique looking case it has a carbon fiber back which is quite nice despite the fact that I only use rags, you know? the carbon fiber case is from the older version and there are a lot of unique accessories, those are the pros and then when it comes to the cons it just isn't as fancy as some other cases.
Smooth looking case now from a handling perspective, the Pataky Mackies pro handles almost as well as the Speck Presidio grip. The main reason it scores higher than the Speck Presidio grip is the fact that there are magnets in the pitaka. McKeesport allows you to use it with qi. Chargers as well as other car magnetic mast chose a compact pro case which has a carbon fiber back which enhances the look of the case and I will say the back is racing so it won't wear out as easily like other carbon fibers. cases now the inside of this product has a bit of foam which will also improve the drop protection of the glass back of the iPhone and minimize scratches now i have used a similar carbon fiber product from SEF carbon fiber simple and honestly class plain carbon fiber the alcatraz i have doesn't even come close to this Accomack case pro starter both cases are pushed up a notch but the pitaka case is so much better better designed its sturdier and the edges aren't as terrible how it's hard for me to take SEF seriously when they have products like this that are $60 number four goes the crazy case and the pros well this is the best handling case ever full stop it maximizes the functionality of your iPhone and just prevents from falling stops falling now the downside is that while your iPhone ends up getting a hump and wear and tear on the edges of the case shows up after a while now hands down the loopy case is the most useful case which I have used now. i realize they are not more popular because they are so much better than a pop socket or auto pop the loopy case is easier to use most ring products as well as fabric loops so all my family will only use loopy cases. think about that i have hundreds of cases for them to choose from and they always default to the case that gives their iphone a bit of a hump the crazy case will work with most cheap chargers if you squish it down a bit my only complaint with this product is that it doesn't work well with our minutes now with all the ones i have and still have a lot on Carmack's loopy has improved the buttons over the years and there are two versions of the case the normal loop at the end the loopy max, which is a drop rate with six feet so even the clumsiest person will have their iPhone protected whether their finger is in the loop or not if you go with the iPhone 11 the loopy case should be on the top top of In my opinion, lest you have this leopard skin print.
Wow, number three goes to the catalyst impact protection professionals. It's that it's difficult. amazing the downsides are this is a very wide case so if you have the iphone 11 it will feel even bigger and the back will get scratched because it's clear and the edge of the case if you wear it long enough it will get dirty over time. Now this product is one of the few cases where I am comfortable dropping my thousand dollar iPhone from ten feet constantly. The catalyst impact protection looks like it would handle like a wet bar of soap, but it doesn't really.
I don't know what they are. it's used on the edge of the box, but it just works. I love the buttons on the case, especially the rotary switch on the back, like I said it will scratch a little easier because it's not as raised, but that's just me being very, very picky about this product again. this is number three now i have to point out that between number one and number ten the difference in terms of my scores there is only 0.2 out of five so not a huge difference so in order to differentiate between all the different cases i gotta be an idiot you can also attach a wrist strap to that case also if you're looking for a headphone case that doesn't look like it's from a cartoon check out its waterproof in shockproof one last thing i'll note the edges of the case some of them get a little grotesque over time but this is a pic of my friends insensitive impact protection and i think it's been two years of daily use so i was expecting that . number two goes to the Rhino shield mod NX and it suits the pros with this set of products there are a lot of different finishes and customization options if you like to dress things up you should get all these cases that could dress your a - oh it's a premium looking case that has premium materials the buttons are removable which makes them awesome the downside is that it is a bit more stylish than otherscases and it's a bit thicker than the average case now when it comes to ranking iPhone cases my general train of thought is these average scores are given to cases that just cover your iPhone and make your iPhone a bit of a pain to use from time to time; above average cases are the ones that allow you to use your iPhone.
Conn has its offerings. A little bit of protection doesn't get in the way, now the best cases are the ones that don't get in the way and simply allow you to take your iPhone even further, which is why the last two cases on this top 10 video list fall In that category the biggest benefit of the Rhino shield line of cases is the ability to customize your look, for example with the Ryan will shield solid suit you can get a black leather version and a Dre with buttons or yellow buttons or buttons blue or green buttons, my favorite case for older iPhones was this gray microfiber fabric case with yellow buttons.
I love the look of it and I love the feel of it for the iPhone 11 Rhino shoe.has


a classic black case that I haven't used before and the back of the case literally feels like a piece of rubber but it's so good in terms of handling that was a solid suit for the Monon X now if you're leaning towards the modern X well the sky's the limit in terms of colorways if you want your iPhone 11 pro to stand out without resorting to the shiny cases then go with the next model. I will note that this is the only case on this list that allows you to print custom things on the back of the transparent panel of the NX mod, as well as on certain parts of the solid suit.
The impact protection screen protector can take a lot of punishment now. I should note that their impact protection screen protector is plastic, not glass, so if you want to know what the toughest glass screen protectors do, check out my top 5 video. glass screen protectors if personalizing the look of your iPhone is important, check out their new Apple Watch cases, which are just as nice to wear and add even more style to your Apple device setup, and the case number one you already know is the most unlimited 3.0 as well as the most clarity the pro through these products is they are very sturdy they all handle very well there is amazing access to the screen and with the unlimited 3.0 you get access to modular accessories.
Bigger than your average case, the Most Unlimited 3.0 is a tough case, well made, smartly designed, if you've been around long enough you'll know we didn't have much success with the first round in most cases, but the redesigned 2.0 was spectacular, the 3.0 version is even better but I should point out that the 3.0 version of the lemon list is only for the iPhone 11, it won't work with anything older, sorry most of the lemon list overall it can take a beating in my rear view of the 2.0 we took it through a bunch of drops ranging from 4ft to 13ft and i still had a working iphone on this 3.0 well i'm going to guess heaven is the limit now in addition to being incredibly strong, the new limitless has an updated automatic alignment system called auto online plus that uses directional magnets to ensure a better connection with your accessories and to eliminate any type of interference with the iPhone, it is difficult say it in a video but the magnets are noticeably stronger on the outside of the case than on the inside which is now clean as i said earlier my scoring system rewards companies that will allow us to take our iphones further when It's all about modular accessories, the standout for me anyway being the flip.
The wallet connects seamlessly to the case and this newer version doesn't have the card slot I used to love on the outside. I love it now inside the case. The texture on the edge of the case has been improved, which is a nice addition. in every iPhone 11 case we've seen since most now also includes space to store extra sim cards if you're looking for a clear case check out the higher clarity the case isn't as tough as the more unlimited but that won't It doesn't matter unless you're throwing your iPhone like a frisbee and if you're rolling your eyes and like a frisbee, or you're drunk or have a lot of disposable income, what convinces me is that the clear hard case doesn't actually, it doesn't scratch easily, most have put this coating on the case which is absolutely top notch and also improves the handling of the product.
The mouse has also released the mouse contour, which is a slimmer, sleeker case that doesn't have the auto inline. system plus now i'm going to put the screws in the outline in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that review so that's all i have for this video questions comments leave them there if there's a case you think that should. I've checked I've already done that but it just didn't make the top 10 list but again ask me anything there in the comments section related to iPhone cases and I'll probably get back to you sometimes the first time I see one of my videos I encourage you to click subscribe I'm going to generate iPhone 11 top 10 lists you know minimalist cases waterproof cases all that good stuff that's all I have and we're done for the third time, the first time, but whatever the rule. it was like well it wouldn't shoot the video correctly the second time i couldn't frame myself correctly in a little bit see these lights that's annoying I this could crop that somehow that's very very annoying very very I don't think that's now same almost 6am on saturday it's been so hard to get this video so i spilled beer on my laptop it spilled on my laptop so im using someone else's to finish this video like you've been anyway go

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