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Top 10 Idiots Who Challenged Professional Fighters - Part 8

May 04, 2020
welcome to a certain man that channel that doesn't live up to its name here we go again guys yeah we go here this is


8 of a series where normal untrained guys get too arrogant and think they can actually beat a pro or a highly trained fighter, at least we don't come across as complete


, but they manage to show it off every time. I love doing this series. If you enjoy this video please like and subscribe below. in those notifications so you know when I upload another video and let me know in the comments if you know of other times people challenge the pros that I haven't included yet because I want to continue doing this series in 2007.
top 10 idiots who challenged professional fighters   part 8
Tom wayes was a belgian actor decided challenge the


women's kickboxing champion Germaine from random II to get into the Guinness Book of Records but things didn't go very well Tom trained for three months for this fight but that's how it went It wasn't enough because he didn't really use anything he learned, he mostly tried to use his larger size to push Jermaine around the ring. He tried to go all out in the last round to get the win but since they both landed him with a hard right hand for me he was the one who got the knockout and won the fight never challenge women because you can't win if you win you don't mocked for being a girl but if you lose you will be destroyed for losing to a girl, this guy named area entervan who worked for BuzzFeed decided to train for three months to fight a


MMA fight he faced because he later coincided, who to be honest was a perfect opponent for the box as one loser another which makes Mark referee, they both seem to be pretty conservative in this fight with pretty bad jabs and punches as they weren't committing to landing them with power.
top 10 idiots who challenged professional fighters   part 8

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top 10 idiots who challenged professional fighters part 8...

Rei held his head very high and then at some point he remembered he had to keep his hands up and he wou would but then forget again then he got hit with a guillotine choke because three months is not enough time to learn how to punch let alone how to break free from all the different kinds of choke codes out there according to the comment of the person who posted this video but some giant guy in red walked into this gym in Philly and claimed to be professional and white I and MMA and he was from Russia and he wanted to train with someone from the gym so he hacked the awesome matchup with him. badi badi stop he can open his head you know he has old kolavari equipment the guy in red started going real hard so the smaller guy evened out the intensity and taught him a good lesson which is that in sparring you are supposed to get hit so hard strong as you are willing to get here he has some pretty bad balance and the way he finishes his punch is hilariously bad this guy got tired after only fifty seconds of combat obviously his whole backstory is a complete lie and damn those body shots look vicious now we have five more youtubers who decided it would be fun to do a challenge video on a professional MMA fighter and in this case it was Miesha Tate the former UFC champion the youtubers are from Janoskians channel who claimed that Tate offered them each two minutes to look how many times he could tap on them and well, he had each of them tap several times.
top 10 idiots who challenged professional fighters   part 8
The guy, misha, is only five foot seven and she made these guys completely her own. I don't know if it's just smaller guys or what, but her. she seemed bigger than all of them, even the really muscular one. One of the most popular comments in this video is that every guy would pay to be in this position and be fighting with boners, but to be honest this doesn't seem like fun at all. It just seems so painful now that we have a kung-fu master named Chi Tran who decided to challenge a much younger and smaller professional MMA fighter named Lam fan, you'll be able to see exactly what's wrong with a lot of martial arts when you watch this video that The goofy t kung guy actually started off pretty well using his larger size to stifle the smaller man, landing some big punches, but he doesn't have his hands up.
top 10 idiots who challenged professional fighters   part 8
They hit him in the face, but still he doesn't pick them up. this is actually something he learned and kung fu or he's just too confident and doesn't think he's going to get hurt but he learned a lesson in the end, he reeled early on the jab and then got knocked out with a heavy right hand which should have been a big hit. i stopped this fight after the first knockdown because it was bad, it's supposed to be one of those funny japanese videos where a comedian takes on a professional, which in this case is the scary chris.
I think this has had some kind of training. before because she doesn't look too bad and does a good job of blocking a lot of the punches and pokes that would have landed on a lot of untrained


pretty easily, then she got hurt with a body kick that made him try to take her down but come on man she is highly trained in brazilian jiu jitsu so she was able to take his back pretty quickly and finish with a very strong punch. I can tell that the first thing she would do is wake me up. the newscaster is interviewing bj penn and he decided to take your mom on a quick and fun challenge and things got too intense the newscaster is really trying to let go and using all his strength but bj penn just holds him in place with full control he finally goes for the arm lock it was all for fun and games but the presenter was really trained hard enough to at least get up but the funniest thing is that the other presenters actually thought this was serious and penn it would actually hurt him.
The professional here is called Robson Moura and he has a school in Tampa Bay in the United States. This big guy walked into the school and


anyone to a fight for $20 while Robson accepts the challenge and tells him that he will beat him. five minutes is and when you do you have to register as a new student and we all know how this one I mean size will help you if you're fighting an untrained guy but technique will always win he choked him in about ten seconds and then put him in like three different blocks in 30 seconds and he was out of breath in five I didn't pass him Oh Oh come on tell us this teacher is pretty awesome because he taught this guy that size doesn't mean when facing a trained fighter and he can teach him how to win in a real fight, that's pretty awesome.
I think this is the fastest video I've ever included in one of my videos. This guy wanted to challenge him. a really quick lesson that was unbelievably easy he dropped his hands completely thinking it was going to be a low kick but then it went on and on his face was full of feet it wasn't even that hard but that's all it took I take. may this challenge be over and may he learn his valuable lesson now we have Charlie Zelenov getting beaten yet again but this time in a real fight whether it was the referee and whatever he was facing Andre Hartley was at a huge disadvantage in terms of of range, but still managed to completely embarrass the so-called greater undefeated champion. of all time i'm not going to sit here and say hartley's a great fighter but he was so much better than charlie you can't even see him here trying to pull off one of those disappearing bummers but realize he couldn't just run.
He then he tried to surprise Andrew, but again he can't fight for real because the ref stopped them. He eventually quit after being knocked down as the big loser. He is there. I guess he's actually 9, since Charlie will never learn. I have no idea what's wrong with him, but he keeps going. I wonder if he's making money off of all this fame he has, because I don't know what other reason he could have. I have to go out and be constantly destroyed thanks for watching this video until next time

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