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Top 10 Heart-Wrenching A Walk to Remember Moments

Jun 06, 2021
Having the opportunity to see this movie again is our only hope. Welcome to Ms Mojo and today we are counting down our picks for the top 10. A





. 40 42 What do you mean Woody? 22 42 is making friends with someone I don't like. Before we get started, we post new content every day, so make sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell to get notified about our latest videos. For this list, we're counting down our favorite scenes from this


breaking romantic movie, maybe you are too. I'm afraid that someone really wants to be with you and why would that scare me?
top 10 heart wrenching a walk to remember moments
Because then you couldn't hide behind your books. Are you cursed Telescope or your faith number 10? Jamie tells Landon his only condition at the beginning, it seems that Although A Walk to Remember will have a pretty basic romance. At first the good girl meets the bad boy, they have nothing in common, but eventually they fall in love with each other, but from the beginning we get an idea that there is something else going on beneath the Appear here Jamie and Landon are paired because he needs helps him prepare for the school play after she agrees to help him, he gives him one condition: he won't fall in love with her, please, okay, one condition, Carter, what is that you have to promise? "You won't fall in love with me," she obviously scoffs and the audience wonders how she could say something so embarrassing when we find out why she does it, although we get a whole new perspective.
top 10 heart wrenching a walk to remember moments

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top 10 heart wrenching a walk to remember moments...

Number nine, Landon admits how she feels halfway there. The movie is when things take a turn and Landon finally admits to himself and Jamie how he feels about her after sitting with her at the coffee shop and asking her about what he's reading. Landon tells Jamie that he misses her and that she inspires him. Okay, maybe I miss spending time with you, she doesn't want any of that and gets angry. Landon follows her and tells Jamie that she wants to be more than friends, accusing her of being afraid because she knows she wants the same thing as him.
top 10 heart wrenching a walk to remember moments
Jamie, you don't know anything about being friends with someone. I don't want to be just your friend. You don't know how serious fainting number eight is. Jamie tells Landon that she is sick. Basically, the entire movie is based on this moment after their relationship. It has progressed and they have actually started dating. Jamie finally decides to tell Landon the truth about what he's been going through with her. She is sick and he is dying of leukemia. I'm sick. I'll take you home. You better meet Landon. I'm sick, his reaction at first is gullibility and quickly turns to being upset that she didn't share this information with him sooner.
top 10 heart wrenching a walk to remember moments
No, you're right, you're 18, you need it, you're perfect. I discovered it two years ago. I stopped responding to the treatments, obviously it's a devastating time for both of us and it's essentially the emotional crux of the story. If you don't cry during this scene, you should be dead by number seven. Landon appears at his father's door. Not Landon. He doesn't exactly have the best relationship with his father, but the two are functionally separated, but when his father finds out what's going on in his son's life, he secretly pays Jamie to have private home care to make her feel better. comfortable and can stay.
At his house there is more time to go home, please thank your father for me. When Landon discovers what he has done, he shows up at his father's house and thanks her, breaking down in the process and crying as his father hugs him. Thank you. Landon is forced to be stoic. during much of Jamie's illness, but here he really allows himself to embrace pain number six of his. Landon tells Jamie that he loves her before Landon discovers Jamie's secret. The two are having a lot of fun getting to know each other better after he helps her cross some of hers. items on her bucket list, more on that later, the two


together and Jamie marvels at the perfection of the night.
Landon tells Jamie that he's going to kiss her, to which she adorably responds that maybe she's bad at that, maybe she'll kiss you. Be mean when you break up. He tells her that he loves her, but she doesn't respond in kind. I love you. She reminds him of her only condition and they gave him an indication that there is something bad on the horizon. Not unit number five. Landon's reaction. to the joke Landon is part of the cool crowd at school and Jamie is decidedly not after the two started dating. Landon's friends staged a prank where they glued Jamie's face to the body of a scantily clad woman and printed copies to pass around the Wow set cafeteria.
Jamie is understandably mortified when she realizes what they have done and is about to flee the scene when she runs into Landon, he is unwilling to put up with his friends' behavior and shows where loyalty truly lies. her. Punching Dean in the face, he had no idea this was under that number four when they're in two places at once from the start. Landon knows that Jamie has a list of things he wants to accomplish and when they start dating, he tries to do it. Help her cross out as many as possible in one adorable moment. He takes her to the Virginia state line so she can be in two places at once, just like she wanted.
I stand there, with one foot there, shortly after, he gives it a temporary time. tattoo in the car and she gently blows on it to help it dry off of her, making this undoubtedly beastly scene involving a fake tattoo in movie history. These simple acts showed how much Landon wanted to impress Jamie and boy, did it work. The only hope number three, actress. Mandy Moore was able to show off her vocal abilities in this scene that takes place during the school play while she usually wears ultra conservative clothing that covers her completely. In this scene, she wears a tight dress and does her hair and makeup to help Landon Notice her, tell me about the girl of your dreams, oh well, I don't


everything I know, since you're beautiful, he's impressed by her performance and after she finishes singing, he leans in and kisses her in a totally unexpected move.
Obviously not. However, selfless and it is this action that begins the rest of their romantic relationship number two, the proposal As Jamie becomes increasingly sicker throughout the film, it seems clear that a devastating end is on the way, but before that we might dissolve into a puddle of tears, The writers cheered us up by having Landon propose to Jamie after helping her make a telescope so she can see a comet before you know it. They will get married in the church where her mother said Yes, crossing off one more item on her bucket. list, it's all bittersweet, of course, because we know this isn't exactly a happily ever after ending before we reveal our top pick. here are some honorable mentions.
Well, this storm right here, maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself. afraid of not being with you oh, sorry, I told you I was bad at this but to be fair, you warned me, right, right, Jamie's number one miracle, one of the things Jamie wanted to see before he died It was a miracle and Landon thought she never got to witness one, but when she returned to her hometown four years after her death to visit her father, she tells him he is wrong and says that Landon was her miracle. Sorry, she never got the miracle from her.
It is practically impossible to see this. tearless scene and if you weren't already an emotional wreck, Landon's voiceover as he walks towards the water will definitely do you some good. I will always miss her, but her love doesn't like the wind. The line about loving her. like the wind maybe cheesy but honestly, we don't even care if you agree with our picks. Check out these other great ms mojo clips and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos.

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