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Top 10 Greatest Tom Brady Moments of All Time

Jul 07, 2023
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Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, who holds virtually every record for a quarterback. Welcome to Watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Tom Brady Moments of All Time. Television 12. now hanging it up leaves an unparalleled legacy for this list, we are looking at the most illustrious


of this legendary quarterback's career. It's Tom Brady, the goat, if not him, who makes his case in the comments. Brady's number 10 becomes the starter. Tom Brady, the second year quarterback of the University of Michigan, it is not very often that a quarterback loses the starting position due to injury, the job usually awaits them when they return, however, it was also not very common for Tom Brady was playing as a substitute.
top 10 greatest tom brady moments of all time
To be fair, Draw Bledsoe was an above-average quarterback with the Patriots, but the team's trajectory changed forever when he was knocked out by Jets linebacker Moe Lewis in just the second game of the 2001 season, although We didn't know it at the time. Tom Brady, 24, would take over as the starter and never let go, even though the Patriots lost that game. Brady would win 11 of the next 14 in what would be a historic season, as evidenced by a subsequent No. 9 entry in the 2018 Afc Championship Game. With the Patriots traveling to Kansas City for the right to go to the Super Bowl, People were wondering if the New England dynasty was coming to an end while another one was beginning with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.
top 10 greatest tom brady moments of all time

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top 10 greatest tom brady moments of all time...

Although they might have been onto something with the latter, Brady proved he could still compete with the league's most agile athletes. to decide


fires complete both teams wanted this one badly with a combined 38 points scored in the fourth quarter alone here they come after


leaves the field the gronk turns around makes the catch he needed overtime brady showed why it's better to pray for he didn't win the toss despite facing third and ten three times brady marched his team down the field to set up the game winning touchdown mahomes didn't even get the ball into the end zone hello super bowl new england returns for the third year in a row number eight the 2021 regular season tom brady's final season was arguably one of his best, leading many to wonder if he even needed to retire, maybe he just wanted to break the records for most yards started and completions in his career, all of which he did in his 22nd season, taking it all the way to win.
top 10 greatest tom brady moments of all time
He even became the first player to record a whopping 600 touchdown passes in his career. Oh, that was the six. on the board, got you, never heard of 600 or anything in football, but brady has it, even though he didn't come out victorious, his last game showed exactly why he was a force to be reckoned with, the buccaneers were down 24 points, but Brady somehow managed to come back and tie the game with just 42 seconds left, he'll hand it over, take it to the end zone as the Rams eliminated the Bucks on a last second field goal. Brady still played like a champion number seven. the 2004 afc championship game, if the last inning showed that brady could overcome any deficit, this one shows that brady could overcome any illness at this point, having won his first seven playoff games, brady's streak ended put it to the test when he had to go to Pittsburgh to face one of the only two teams to beat him earlier that season, what's more, Brady had had to deal with the flu the night before and had a temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit .
top 10 greatest tom brady moments of all time
We didn't really know how sick he was because he didn't really want us to know. Like he didn't want to, he wanted to feel like he was being a weak link or a distraction when we were talking about it, we knew he wasn't feeling well, but there's nothing stopping him from playing that football game. He certainly didn't play like someone sick, however, he set the tone early with a 60-yard touchdown to give the Patriots a 10-point lead on first down and Brady threatened to go long and actually threw him into the branch, which has in the 10 and in the touchdown of the end zone new england the pats never looked back winning by 14 and sending brady to his third super bowl that would also win tom brady now has a record of 8-0 in the playoffs number six the 2007 regular season if tom brady had a better year than 2021, it was 2007.
Hell, the entire New England Patriots never had a better year becoming the first team to go 16-0 in the regular season. Brady stands in the pocket, shoots it right down the right sideline and catches it for a touchdown. The Patriots 2015-10-5, though his year was ultimately overshadowed by their Super Bowl loss the Giants in a thriller that can't be taken away from everything they accomplished before, Brady to boot claimed his first of three MVP awards as the Pats broke through in a single season. records for touchdowns and points scored second and six there's Brady Open Randy Moss touchdown.
They were so good, in fact, the team only failed to score 25 in those 16 games twice. They are often called the best team that didn't win the Super Bowl. And a big thank you definitely to Brady. I want you to savor and enjoy what you just finished here today. It is a great tribute to each of you. They made history. The coaching staff made history. Our family couldn't be prouder. five super bowl 49 as good as tom brady was all year playoffs brady was like nothing else as our last five innings will attest and brady is going to throw deep to the right side for gronkowski for a touchdown against a team from the Seattle Seahawks and a legion of Boom defense that notched a Super Bowl victory the year before, Brady, 37, once again defied time to show why he was the last quarterback any team wanted to face. falsification.
Brady dances, throws and will be caught for the touchdown. by 10 points brady threw two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to give his team the lead brady caught the touchdown julian edelman of course most people remember this game for the goal line interception that ultimately sealed the victory for the patriots, but they definitely would have never been in a position to win if it weren't for brady number 4 super bowl 55 brady's only super bowl as a tampa bay buccaneer super bowl 55 was also the first time the big game was played in one of the team's home stadiums, an advantage as big as for the Bucks their biggest advantage was having Tom Brady Brady's pass is Gronkowski again despite once again facing a Kansas City Chiefs team that seemed poised to establish a new dynasty after winning the previous year Brady once again showed why you couldn't bet against him Brady Play Action third option, he threw for three touchdowns as the Bucks cruised to a 22-point victory here's the fake, there's the pass and there's the catch for the touchdown, Brady was not only named Super Bowl MVP for a record fifth time, but he also claimed his seventh most Super Bowl ring. wins than any team, that means the best team in football is tom brady number three the tuck rules game in a game that will live in nfl infamy tom brady still managed to make it to the top steps within five touchdown in A snowy playoff game against the Oakland Raiders, Brady and the Patriots needed to drive down the field for a game-tying field goal just out of field goal range.
Brady had the ball taken away by cornerback Charles Woodson with a Raiders recovery that apparently ended the game in which the ball is. the ground covered by the raiders, but due to the now defunct doubling rule, it was determined that brady had initiated a forward pass before losing possession, resulting in an incomplete play after reviewing the play, the quarterback's arm field goal was going forward, Brady, of course, would cause more controversy by not only setting up the game-tying field goal, but also the winning goal in overtime Brady pumps again throws and that's complete for first down number two of Super Bowl 36, just two games after Brady appeared in his first Super Bowl with the infamous doubling rule.
Something we would get used to in later years The Patriots David Patton made a great catch Brady led the Patriots to a 14-point lead at the end of the third quarter, but the Rams initially came back tying with just one minute 30 left with 37 remaining The Legendary commentator John Madden initially suggested the Patriots kill the clock and play overtime, but even he soon recognized that 90 seconds was too long to leave Brady. I'll tell you what Tom Brady just did. He gives me goosebumps with no timeouts. he marched the team down the field and masterfully set up a 48-yard field goal to win the game, although Adam Vinatieri deserves credit for scoring it.
That's when Brady first showed how decisive he could be before we revealed our top pick. Here are some honorable mentions. 2000 nfl draft tom brady was the 199th pick how lombardi trophy toss maybe daredevil brady proved he can throw anything shaped like a football they did it by marrying gisele bunken, one of the


athletes and the biggest supermodels, they form a serious power couple returning to New England Brady's Bucks won a close game against his old team, so the count right now, counting that pass, is that he is now four yards ahead by Drew Brees. In the 2004 Afc divisional game, the Patriots erased two 14-point deficits in a victory over the Ravens. brandon lafell 23 yard touchdown leave it in the bucket right there you're talking about a guy um i mean that's why and by the way i think this is number nine you're going to his ninth championship game uh yeah before continue, make sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to receive notifications about our latest videos, you have the option to receive notifications for occasional videos or for all of them if you are on your phone, make sure to go to your settings and turn on notifications number one.
Super Bowl 51 Forget the nearly 24-point comeback against the Rams, this time Brady was down a whopping 25 points in the Super Bowl. In fact, the Falcons had avoided this by leading 28-3 in the third quarter, but somehow Tom Brady was able to push through. together four scoring drives having to score two consecutive two point conversions just to tie the game this is a tied game amendola for two the fourth quarter made the Falcons play scared and for good reason as the Patriots forced the first overtime of the Super Bowl and they got the ball to start true to form Brady led the way down the field to set up the winning touchdown, completing an epic comeback and cementing his status as an absolute legend.
The great Tom Brady had completed 10 in a row and now second goal 319. Shooting at target, he is in the patriots, he wins the super bowl, do you agree with our selections? Check out this other recent clip from watch mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos.

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