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Top 10 Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Career On Jimmy Fallon

Apr 20, 2023
Jimmy Fallon was the new kid on The Late Night block when he took over the show in 2014. The long-running series has remained a staple on television since 1954. Some episodes have been known to make us cringe hello I'm Stacy Taylor and today I'm counting down the top 10 celebs who




on Jimmy Fallon, so which celebs do you think didn't leave as good an impression? Let us know in the comments below, starting our list today at #10. Pete Davidson Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson made his Tonight Show debut in 2018 to discuss his short-lived engagement to his then-fiancée.
top 10 celebrities who destroyed their career on jimmy fallon
Ariana Grande. The interview started off easy enough, though the comedian gushed about the relationship. The Late Night show itself would be a perfect place for the Hollywood duo to get married. Davidson applauded back by saying why people care. matter with Stormy Daniels, the audience responded to the comment with some scattered chuckles, while Jimmy himself laughed it off, but seemed a bit awkward. Davidson then launched a couple more profanities throughout the interview. he words on live television and then jokingly told the comedian that he had been fired from the show. Pete then told Jimmy that he didn't care about him and that he would just go on the Seth Meyer show before claiming that he had Seth's number but not Jimmy's.
top 10 celebrities who destroyed their career on jimmy fallon

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top 10 celebrities who destroyed their career on jimmy fallon...

Jimmy then quickly responded by saying and you'll never understand, the entire exchange was met with a shocking house from the studio crowd quickly. Pete and Fallon's awkwardness together made for such a comedic golden moment that NBC seemed to excuse the verbal ex. hiccuped and gave him the green light to return to show number nine, Leah Michelle, when Jimmy Fallon welcomed former Glee star Leah Michelle to the Tonight Show in January to discuss her hilarious Broadway debut, Michelle, which She wouldn't be the only big-name star on The Show that night as the Whale and Stranger Things star Sadie also joined Jimmy on the couch for a chat, but when the primetime talk show invited the two in In a game of charades, some eagle-eyed fans claimed to have seen a rather awkward moment after they pointed out that Leah pushed the sink out of


top 10 celebrities who destroyed their career on jimmy fallon
The moment came after Fallon had welcomed the two of them backstage and she awkwardly stood in front of Sadie before Sadie stepped away from her so Leah could slide. the place of her Leah also cuts to Sadie as she made her way to the couch. The outcome of the episode would have fans talking and squashing Leah on various social media platforms while labeling her as an actress who was a rude mean girl number eight. Cardi B Cardi B is as well known for her over-the-top demeanor and trademark catchphrases as she is for her catchy beats and overall lyrical flow, so she thinks that before Jimmy brought her on the show, she would have done a little research on what she should have expected when He brought the Bronx native onto his show in 2017.
top 10 celebrities who destroyed their career on jimmy fallon
Equipped with all her signature sounds and clever banter, the Bodak rapper was in full Cardi B mode, the problem was Jimmy didn't quite know how to handle her unique energy, which It resulted in an awkward interview that left some fans cringing at the start of the segment that the performers had already kicked off their weird noises which Jimmy apparently tried to ignore at first after asking Cardi B about her upbringing in New York to which she responded by saying his trademark sound, leaving Jimmy to just sit quietly before taking a sip of water as the interview progressed, seemed to fall more and more into this hilarious beat with the rapper, but it all came off as a nice awkward moment, as the Twitter users even expressed it as entertaining for Cardi but really awkward for Jimmy number seven.
Singer Shawn Mendes and Canadian Sean Mendes hadn't won, but two rather awkward appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with The Hitmaker. Who was first on the show. in 2016 to help the host with his hashtag fall song segment, but just as Mendez was finishing the second song, he would call out Fallon for giving him a lake for starting to sing before making a series of jokes to point out the comedian's age. while the audience laughed at the first joke, it was quickly cut short when Sean continued to throw similar verbal jabs at Jimmy, such as when he told the host that he sounded like his grandfather. and Jimmy and it totally gave off this as a really scary vibe.
Somehow, Sean was able to return to the show two years later and would go on to talk about his performance with Justin Timberlake at the 2018 I Heart Music Festival. Jimmy then interrupted his guests. as the banter continued throughout the interview, things got progressively a bit more awkward when Jimmy's finishing move to crush the playful meat was to share his infamous over-the-top laugh number six Donald Trump. Jimmy Fallon's 2016 interview with Donald Trump would leave countless Americans disappointed and enraged with The Tonight Show host keeping things rather light-hearted. He did his best to avoid pushing any political buttons, however he ended his interview with the notorious distance piece of resistance after he playfully messed up Donald's wig, but the move that brought Donald to the show was widely criticized and ultimately it cost Fallon 21 of his audience the following year, as fans were furious with the host for pointing out that he would later admit it to The Hollywood Reporter Awards talk podcast those days. after the incident, it was a down time for him and he was very sorry as he didn't want to make anyone angry.
Donald came out and accused the host of just whining before claiming Jimmy just needs to be a man by 2019. The Tonight Show later rebounded with top ratings, but it seemed Fallon's image was still somewhat tainted. Martin Short's number five comedian. Legends Steve Martin and Martin Short aren't just showbiz best friends, they've been absolutely hilarious together ever since. starred in the 1986 film Three Amigos, these two have been known for their fabulous banter, however, when they appeared together on The Tonight Show in 2019, they took the opportunity to blast host Jimmy Fallon by turning the interview into something more like a pot roast.
Comedy Central. than the casual late-night occurrence of Rapid Fire jokes directed at the talk show host supposedly untrue when Martin greets the show by saying this is the best show on TV because there's no late-night host who pretends to care like you do. I mean, no one picks up on phoniness the way you do it's a gift then he would take things a bit too far when he went on to say it was really weird Jimmy's teeth looked so good even though he was on narcotics for a short time and then moved on to Declares that he proved that all handsome white men can succeed in show business near the end of Rose.
Jimmy looked noticeably calmer than he usually is as he tried to get over all the hurtful things that were said so he could move on. The Number Four Louis CK Interview Just Once Before Five Women Accused Him of Making Unwanted Advances was exposed by the New York Times in November 2017. Comedian Louis CK was making his rounds on the talk show circuit to promote his Netflix as a stand-up special he and Jimmy Fallon apparently hit it off on top of his appearance on The Tonight Show that March, well, that is until the host seemed to forget how to use his brain when Lewis began the interview by telling Jimmy how much he loves to take naps Midway through his Rave on activity Jimmy was asking if you like more than sleeping which it took to have Lewis completely stumped and then he moved on to Grace us all with the most epic side eye before joke with you really that's stupid you just said that that was silly to say that was so silly to say that the comedian then lashed out at Jimmy when he offered multiple analogies showing why he felt the question was so absurd of him that the ex SNL star tried to salvage the whole situation through his rationality before Lewis finally dropped the jokes with a chuckle asking him if he could skip this part number three Ricky Jarvis known for his brand of self-deprecating humor Ricky Jarvis certainly has no filter on a In a 2019 interview with the New York Times Magazine, the comedian explained that the notion of himself taking things a little too far is one of the things he does for comedy by laughing at what's wrong because you know what's right with his self-proclaimed vision. of what is right and what is wrong.
If that makes sense, particularly through the lens of comedy, it should come as no surprise that the British entertainer immediately latched on to Fallon's bogus compliments during his 2017 appearance on Late Night after the host began telling Ricky who looked great which was enough to send his guests on a long tirade about his appearance when he said I look great is that sarcasm you see this is what's up with you the talk show oh you look great though look at me of course Which doesn't look very good, the creator of the UK version of The Office then silenced his hilarious four and a half minute farce about weight gain with a series of profanities that caused Fallon to look away from the camera and playfully cut him off. the gut so he can try to continue Continuing with interview number two, Blake Shelton, it's hard to imagine upsetting Blake Shelton, as he's such a laid-back country singer, however, when he almost lost his cool when appearing on The Tonight Show in 2017, he lost the respect of many of his fans Jimmy began by interrupting Blake about the cover of his eleventh studio album, Texoma, sure with what started out as a lighthearted conversation, Blake would have a furious moment with Jimmy asking Blake what I was thinking and about the memories I had. was on Blake would sour and try to keep things friendly as the audience laughed as he told Jimmy he wished he was there instead of on his show, but the comedian missed the slight hint that Blake was trying to urging the comedian to move on Jimmy began bringing up Blake's upbringing by imitating southern accents and stereotypes.
The Voice judge seemed mildly annoyed as the alleged joke continued and refused to laugh at Alan's sketch. However, after a couple more minutes, Blake quipped. he seemed to have enough and he finally taunted Alan saying you'll interview me for God's sake when Jamie finally interviewed the country singer who would apparently mutter thank god it seems like Blake isn't the type of person to have a good sense of humor and Jimmy should have known better than to bring him on the show as he is the number one king of humor John Oliver while he is famous for his involvement and animation with his guest.
Jimmy Fallon seemed to tone things down a bit as he sat down. for an interview with his late-night rival John Oliver in 2018. When Jimmy asked John about his role as Zazu in the remake of The Lion King, Oliver would say I'm a movie star, you respect me Jimmy, I'm a movie star Now and a few things are about to change around here, the British comedian then opened up about his experience singing the Disney classic I Can't Wait To Be King Oliver then went on to ignore Productions' note that he sang so well and we became a wry Mark, especially considering Fallon's next move when Jimmy turned his attention to the small role of Oliver on his award-winning HBO show.
Jimmy would start by saying the best headline on any show without missing a beat. Jon would respond by leaving a blank space. expression saying best title wow that sounds like Fanning me with fake compliments Jimmy I really love the title goes downhill once it's finished but it seems like even if the two of them didn't take things seriously John was too full of himself well that's all for this video My peaches and until next time remember to stay juicy foreigner

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