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TOMICA Thomas and Friends: Animation Compilation! (Short 39-51 inc. Unstoppable, Timothy and more!)

Dec 09, 2021
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enjoy the video kids oh my brakes


use your brakes use your brakes no no and I've been opening my regulator all this time I can't use my brakes you're on fire Oh right, blocks of wooden brake, how could I forget it? With all the unsubtle foreshadowing from before, aren't we made of plastic? It's okay though, James, we'll dock behind you to slow you down like I did in that movie. It's time, Mr. Washington, hurry up, Thomas, I need to stop James, uh, sure, oh, no, try again, try again, keep trying, we can do it, we shouldn't give up, we have to try, yeah, we'll do it Yea, I know.
tomica thomas and friends animation compilation short 39 51 inc unstoppable timothy and more
I'm crying. Where did that come from? Wait a minute, you don't even have a facade. I forgot to attach that cheap merchandising. Oh wait, I can't move them normally. It doesn't matter. Hmm, I'm suddenly a lot less interested in this. there's a big mess to clean up, you're joking right, it's okay, stay here James, I'll go get help, oh no, and I was thinking about going for a quiet puff in the future, do you want me to help you? or not, now I will get you the Burnett Stone, no you won't, because the magic you refuse to believe in will overcome you, wait, I thought he did believe in magic, that's why he wants to destroy the lady.
tomica thomas and friends animation compilation short 39 51 inc unstoppable timothy and more

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tomica thomas and friends animation compilation short 39 51 inc unstoppable timothy and more...

None of the dialogue in this movie makes sense, you can run but you can't hide right, the pinch bitch is hungry, I got you now, come on lady, come on, puffball, look here, I'm coming, hey, look, I was supposed to be in the movie, oh are you trying to take me away? Down with the bad puns now pretty quick for a puff pastry ball, well lady this is your shining moment too. I hope so, what's the shining moment? Sorry, I haven't seen the American version of the show. Well done, Thomas. Well done, oh am I really that heavy? oh, what's going on? oh wait I wasn't even on this track, wait how did I get back here? eh puffball kettle long live the king oh ting kettle that scene was poorly executed wait so why did the fire chute collapse in the first one? place is better if you don't think about it one day Henry was pulling a very important freight train on his way to the mainland oh this is so exciting I can't believe I'm finally getting my own special train that's all. according to plan oh that's the signal well hello percy what brings you to the other side of the island oh oh no henry what happened oh no I guess I'll have to take that important freight train to the mainland now you're kind to offer to thomas but you have to work on your branch james will deliver the good special strain to the mainland oh thank you sir yes finally a special all about me silly henry silly james silly everyone this is my show and I will be the star of all the specials, I regret everything, oh , there is no immunity for the main character, so although he was not fully repaired, thomas was sent to take Gordon the part he needed, he ran along the main line to get to the bridge, but then there was trouble, oh no, I.
tomica thomas and friends animation compilation short 39 51 inc unstoppable timothy and more
I have to cross, I can't stop, my God, it was this year and Thomas was going on an adventure. It's going to be the most exciting ride of my life, at least until next year's special, but then there were problems. Oh no, it's an overturned narrow gauge standard gauge truck I have to stop are you okay? all I can see is the back of another truck, yes, petty humor, oh dear, however, will I make it to my final destination with this truck in my way? hmm, got it, Chuggington fans eat your With all my heart soon Thomas arrived at his continental destination thank you narrator.
tomica thomas and friends animation compilation short 39 51 inc unstoppable timothy and more
I guess we won't hear from you again until the end of the special, if that. Hello, I'm Bertie Barry's office because I'm an experimental engine. I am driven by the centrifugal force of Reverend Audrey spinning in her grave. Well, I think that's enough adventures for one day. Thomas was happily traveling through the American state of Arizona. I have no idea how I got here. He also traveled very fast. quickly, oh look, there's an unrealistically sharp bend ahead, what could happen, oh my goodness, oh no, that's good, at least that's over, oh, for God's sake, so Thomas, how was your ride?
To united states? I do not want to talk about that. I'm the fastest unless of course you can Spencer, Connor and Caitlyn, but they weren't even in the railway series so no one does. Oh Gordon, looks like there's something in line up ahead, huh huh, it's just a pony shoe. Hello, Rainbow's


hip shines. on sodor it was even that hey gordon have you seen my little one oh my god he's okay little pony don't worry percy has you we'll take you to the vet and then you'll be right like Rainbow Dash oh no I'm out of the water oh pony I failed you what are you whining about? oh thomas thank god you're here on the main line yeah i have no idea what i'm doing out here either um i mean i'm taking out the local yeah that's it please thomas you gotta help me it's my pony gordon accidentally hit her and I was trying to take her to the vet but I ran out of water an injured pony uh okay let's see the damage what kind of pony is it is my little pony please thomas you have to help her uh sure why I'm not sure that my Passengers won't care if I leave them stranded in the middle of nowhere for an indeterminate period of time and they don't come back.
Oh Thomas, there you are. I've been looking for you everywhere what happened to my pony what happened to her oh yes, she didn't make it what I'm sorry friend there was nothing that could do oh I see thank you I guess you'll get over it I can't believe you forgot about us and from your passengers Yeah, well, I'm here now, so what difference does it make? There is a big difference. The Fat Controller won't be happy. What are you going to do? Find the title. Thomas. And now? Thomas. You have to come with me, right? far besides why is percy, he is very upset by the passing of his beloved pony, they still said he will leave Sodor forever, but then who will I torment daily and who will act?
It doesn't matter, right now, let's go, what a wonderful day. it's to be cgi i never looked so clean and shiny when i was a dirty old plastic toy yeah this is life hey look at my paint job wait i got paint what am i made of now? Oh, could you look at that diesel? d199 actually made some changes for the build. I guess this isn't just effortless view capture after all. Thomas wakes up. Oh, I didn't, I didn't do what, uh, anything, well, I came to tell you that Sir Topham Hatt has been. Wait, Percy, don't say it, don't say what the word is, this is a family show.
Now remember that you can't talk about such intense topics so explicitly. Oh, right, I came to tell you that Sir Topham Hatt was. Uh, I don't know, I missed the days when we could say whatever we wanted, yeah, those were the days when the diesel d199 is so sold that I can hear you, you know, oh, so you're still here, I've barely heard you speak since switching to cgi, yeah, well one of the benefits of cgi is the ability to tell a story


visually rather than through narration. What story? All we've seen so far are a couple of parodies, some mlp bashing, and some videos with a punchline.
Don't forget the 360 ​​degree videos, those were cool I'm sure, but still the cgi videos just don't have the charm of the toy ones, don't you know? I hate when people use the word charm to justify. his otherwise irrational preference for an inferior medium, but it's true that the toys had charm, just accept it, no charm, stop, charm, don't try me, enough charm, that's all, oh my God, you , well, you, oh God, diddly, doodly, damn, aha, I knew you. I would try something like that, that wasn't the real me, he was just a clone. Now I think it's time for you to step down from your position as director of this program.
Lady. Would you gladly do the honors? I don't remember modeling. his face oh no, I'm one of those Thomas capsule minifigs. I can't even move my arms and legs. Now this is what I get for cheapening human


. I hope you're enjoying the


and don't forget to Subscribe, I still want Gold to play, the next part of our animation compilation contains all of our Halloween specials, so you might not want to watch it right before bed, enjoy, it was a Beautiful day on the island of Sodor and Thomas the tank engine was pulling a bit. troublesome trucks oh thomas, what are you doing here and why did you come so fast?
I brought you Edward's cars, sir, they were pushing me, you have a lot to learn about trucks, little Thomas, oh God, he's talking to trains again, honestly. We should be the ones giving orders around here, not this crazy guy, Timothy, stop, what are you doing? Come back, engine, what if you had been pulling a passenger train? What exactly are we doing here? James, I told you, I invited you. I come here tonight on Halloween so we can pay tribute to the Ghost Engine of Sodor. Aha, the ghost engine. Have you never heard of Timothy's tragic story?
Ugh, no, but I have a terrible feeling I'm going to. I'm in luck a long, long time ago, spare me the history lesson, okay, but make it quick a long, long time ago, on Halloween night, when the Northwest was still in its early days, a little engine named Timothy pulled a passenger train late at night. The special ran from Knapford to Marin, where the line ended as the viaduct was still under construction. Timothy was a nice little e2 class engine like Thomas, in fact I guess that means he was quite an attractive engine. Sorry, Timothy was from the e-.
Class 2 like Thomas, although an older design without the extended side tanks, had silver paint that gleamed in the moonlight and the number zero on its side, the trip was going well and Timothy was going at a good pace when he reached the Wellsworth station, but as you and I know, strange things can happen on Halloween. Okay, Timothy, come on, Timothy. What is certain is that Timothy continued to run smoothly for a while, but as they approached the final station, it happened that neither the driver nor the firefighters were able to turn off the steam and apply the brakes.
Timothy started going faster and faster, the station master tried to flag him down, but Timothy ran through the marine station and away towards the unfinished viaduct and stop Timothy, you'll miss it all, but Timothy didn't notice. stopped and he didn't. In response, he continued to go faster and faster. The driver and firefighters fiddled frantically with the controls. They didn't move. The guard tried to apply the brakes, but they didn't work either. My face, my horrible scared face, the next morning they took Timothy out. from the ravine the fat controller came to see you he was very upset really useful engines don't try to harm your passengers and crew i know sir sorry sir yes well let's fix it we need you to get back to work immediately Not really, of course not, maniac , we only hold you for the scrap.
Wait to? Hey, this guy looks like me. Well, that story was silly. That's only because James didn't tell it right. My driver told me the real story, but that's it. I'll have to wait for another Halloween. Whoa, no, Thomas, have you seen Percy anywhere? I can't seem to find it, hey my costume, well hello sunshine, I'm finally going to see the world later. Losers, Reverend Ordry, I don't feel so good. You know Thomas engines don't have faces unless they're in So or you're not, but what about factory engines? Oh, oh, silly little engine, let's take you back home.
Oh, come back so soon. So what did you see on your big world adventure? thomas nothing there's just nothing oh don't worry kids he'll be fine eventually i don't know what eventually means but it sounds really, really long don't quote me that garbage uh hello is there anyone here oh just the doors close nothing to worry about what was that hello is there someone there hello I was waiting for you oh my lady cheap merchandising wow you made it to the end of the video write the word pancakes in the comments so I know that you are a true fan of


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