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Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. Funniest and Best Father/Son Moments | Try Not To Laugh 2018

May 30, 2021
Agent Romanoff Miss Bea, oh yes, Charles, we got ourselves a crash captain. You all have seen the movie yet. I saw her about a month ago. You did it and what do you think you know? You know when you revise for an exam and I feel like you crushed it, but the longer you wait for the results, the more you think you're a bit British, really thank goodness you brought your translator exactly, yeah. I got to see a little bit of the movie this morning and saw Tony Stark. Iron Men is taking Spider-Man under his wing this time and you know, helping him with the ropes, so I was wondering what working with Robert was really like for him.
tom holland and robert downey jr funniest and best father son moments try not to laugh 2018
Yeah at one point he never stood up to Tom to me this is so weird hey man how? you're doing what's up oh, thanks man, thank you very much. I'm actually doing press right now, but yeah, so going into the screening I thought: this is going to be all four of us. I will hate it and when I left I was over the moon. You were great, okay, so don't be too critical of yourself and your acting and all that. I loved it Robert you haven't seen it yeah I personally haven't seen it yet when you'll see it when it's ready. so you see, yeah I'm in the middle of a tour, I can't really talk right now, can I call you back?
tom holland and robert downey jr funniest and best father son moments try not to laugh 2018

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tom holland and robert downey jr funniest and best father son moments try not to laugh 2018...

I mean, I'm in Berlin right now. I'm in Germany, it's fun, man, I wish you ahead, am I doing it? good job, yeah, I think that's fine, he'd like to talk to you, Robert, how much are you involved in Tom's casting for this movie? I guess there's some kind of role in that, yeah, well, when we were doing it. The civil war was when right at the beginning they were doing the casting and then they brought all the finalists for the exam. Yeah, I mean, what I had to do, they said, "He's great, right?" I was like, yeah, him. is and that was it, three words, nice, they set the stage for me, then where does this movie start from?
tom holland and robert downey jr funniest and best father son moments try not to laugh 2018
In the civil war, Tony is a little desperate and starts trying to get fresh meat. The recruits end up in Queens and it turns out that young Peter Parker proves it. he himself is a valuable addition to the team, as long as you have some training wheels on him, don't do anything I would do and definitely don't do anything I wouldn't do, there's a little gray area there and that's where you offer yourself, well , he's being perfect, he's actually representing them very well, he's been great, he's great, isn't this about any of the other guys they brought in?
tom holland and robert downey jr funniest and best father son moments try not to laugh 2018
They were all good and then there was another element like you saw it and I was there. Yes, he feels like the Spider-Man I read about in comics when I was eight. That's spy movie Spider-Man coming home to the ODE. I never went to homecoming, so I didn't do it. I really relate to They left me I was at home crying through it Are you okay? I think he wants to talk to you anyway. It may have been so nice to catch up with you. um, I don't even know what the leather pants czar is, but you did it.
Well I was just trying to be like you, don't be like me, okay, okay, okay, much love, speaks too soon when we filmed an Ironman in 2007, takes shrapnel to the heart and then Yin Sin puts a metal tokamak reactor in chest to keep the shrapnel out of his heart, I mean, it's more than metaphorical, you know, it's literally his materialization and I think that's why Stan Lee in the whole Marvel lexicon is so you know that deep down, these are all you know are just these archetypes of broken people who get it back because I guess he wore leather pants here in Germany, he did it there.
You know, Tony Stark is mad at me. Will you keep these pants? Yes, how comfortable they are. really comfortable, I like them a lot, thank you very much, thank you very much, why are you going home and crossing the pond? Yeah, we called it prom, you call it quick and what's it called prom, that's all we got halfway there. filming the movie too, by the way, what is homecoming really? Yes, we won't do them again. I wouldn't like it if the movies weren't good. You know, it just so happens that this spider is now waiting a damn second just because I.
I did this to you in Berlin doesn't mean it's okay, it's okay Ivan will gloss to try to look at this same body Jay right, that's very good, you are really following the master's signals now our problems are very different, although in what way they serve. alcohol at prom, yeah we have guards in the parking lot, yeah my prom was a disaster, oh I bet it was because you had a bunch of drunk 18 year olds throwing up on each other, yeah the kid He starts to misbehave, he just takes his superhero. suit away and that's easy to do, that solves everything well, we used to have no TV for a week, yeah, you know, so it's a little more complicated.
Notice, here's the problem, he's rushing us because I pulled a little trick. What did I do? He confronted me in the middle of an interview. He never really confronted me, but now he's become a big deal. Why do you answer your phone in the middle of an interview? Because you know what American schools are like. they're like because you have to play Peter Parker who's a high school student, yeah I think that was probably the most daunting part of taking on this character so I jokingly suggested to Marvel that he should go to a high school undercover, right? and it was completely a joke and Marvel took it completely seriously.
I guess they didn't understand my British song after that and yeah, the next thing I knew I had a backpack with a pencil case on my way to Bronx School of Science. Oh boy, I feel like a lot of actors would be so excited to play Spider-Man, it's a dream role, but you were literally a huge Spider-Man fan your entire childhood, yeah, I feel like I've been playing Spider-Man for a long time. in my room since I was five, you actually posted a photo, it's you holding like this is one of your Spider-Man locks. I think he is the first.
I think my lovely mom got that. Now I am very grateful for school. with a fake name and a fake accent to get a fake mother to dump you, yeah, they brought in Marissa Tomei just for that, but yeah, and Bronx School of Science is the school for genius kids, right? And I'm not a gene, you don't know. Not even the teachers knew that I wasn't a real student, so they would take me to the front of the class. I wonder what you think, new guy, you got some balls that come here and don't. I'm the new kid on the block, right, it's that puppy's job in the place.
I think Tony looks at him like, wow, you know this is a really capable guy, he's got a good moral psychology, he doesn't have the limitations that Tony was born with. in this fun family experience of being in this military industrial complex. He was sitting in the back of a classroom next to a pretty pretty girl and you finally say it, dude, what's your deal? I was a good, did you want to, I support you, you already did it. yes, it's okay, God, it's a good face, the change in the future of cinema is fair game, even now we are later, it's okay, Tom Tom Hahn, he endorses, she didn't believe, of course, she didn't me believed, that's a ridiculous story, yes, but the fact. that they allowed you to suddenly go to Bronx Science in the middle of the year without explanation that violation was a belief yes, yes that was a case, we have a problem with our public education system, he is the couch, we are enough to I know it may He may not be making the right decisions, but you do what you can and he is much nicer than he used to be.
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