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Tom Cruise's Top 5 Moments On The Graham Norton Show!

Jun 01, 2022
see it let's see it oh there's jamie he's running he's running would you like to do it right here you go here you go you're in that dress okay okay what's your name maddie okay buddy up here you go okay here comes maddie now so did you see jamie did you see to jamie so it's very important that you just pee all of that okay buddy so women just do the Same Rebecca yes we absolutely do and I think you think well I want you to think about elevation we're looking for elevation. ext your face jamie was like a rock one thing one thing jamie did when jamie did it what you saw in the replay it looked like jamie farted real big don't do that right here goes maddie here goes right so here we go three have fun two one come on oh okay here it is maddie we should do one more one more one more let's go find somebody uh uh would you like to do it oh you'd be so good at it go wrong do it go buddy come right now you're a fish right now you're fine ok ok have you seen the others have you seen the others i think the important thing is particularly because you look so beautiful big face in the end ok so we are looking for a high chair evelyn heights take me and then forward ok ok yes you are good ok ok ok ok this is evelyn here we go ok let's see good work let's see evelyn i'm almost done i hope you've been filming since when last year last year last march or april i mean it's been a year yeah yeah so you must almost finished because I broke my ankle, we had to shut down, but it's about six weeks before the ankle is fully healed. broken yeah i mean it's not fully healed but we're filming but that's crazy because we haven't seen you've seen a picture of you you're running around and doing this all over again yeah now but we have a release date launch so I have to go ahead yeah otherwise it's going to end up going live a lot better probably I'm sure you all saw the pictures that were in the papers and the online stuff of the crash yeah and I think you all we thought Well, how did you break your ankle doing that?
tom cruise s top 5 moments on the graham norton show
Does it look like you should have broken your jaw or something? that wasn't the mistake so it's always supposed to not yeah landing on the roof ok so what you did is you brought us some footage i think this is cool to see it from different angles this is what i can't see this i haven't seen it most of it ok there's a clip but i warn you it's not for the squeamish growth you see i'm carrying two cables they're basically just safety cables because i go full speed and run as hard as i can and hit the side of the wall and that's the trick i hit the side of the wall and then i'm chasing henry actually and uh it's all his fault i blame him i hit the side of the wall and then i climb on the wall and i'm supposed to run past to kevin alright so we have uh this is the shot from behind you so here you see the speed and momentum of the race and it's in london here we go so keep the uh alright so here it goes look at that and now its a good noise for everyone but you get my point what you think how you broke your leg so let's look at it from the side this is from the side no no no no this is not bad this is not the bad rebecca so this is from the side here we go we filmed it with three cameras ok here it goes and boom now now we have our camera that focuses on the foot now if you're squeamish don't look at this because I haven't seen it yet keep trying to


it to me and I'm like yeah I mean it doesn't stick out a bone or anything but it's a weird angle for the foot whatever nobody's foot should never have to do this yeah here we go here we go oh my god so he jumps that speed that boost here we go and now look at that look at this but here here's why tom


got he pays him a lot of money, okay because this is from the front angle, okay, so you just saw what happened to his foot.
tom cruise s top 5 moments on the graham norton show

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tom cruise s top 5 moments on the graham norton show...

Now look at this. I knew I snapped it instantly, so you're down. Now, anyone else would do just fine. I knew I knew instantly it was broken and I just ran past the camera. We got the take. It's in the movie that he profiled both shots. they're in the movie and henry everyone said when you got up and ran out of shot oh that's so he completed the shot like with your foot dangling i just went i said sorry guys it's broken you know take me to the hospital it's broken that's it Everybody, everybody, the crew called and made their vacation arrangements, I made a baby, you
tom cruise s top 5 moments on the graham norton show

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