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Tom Cruise on Performing 'the Most Dangerous Stunt of His Career' in New Mission: Impossible

Jul 04, 2023
I just have to be with the man, the myth, the legend right now, yeah, yeah, today I'll give you all the flowers like you make Mission Impossible possible. Thank you, you definitely do and I know you have to be excited. finally being able to be right now to talk freely about this movie handing it over to the fans Rome we were talking about it before the interview started being in Rome just to walk around it's beautiful yeah we just finished this movie we just finished it so it's It's very exciting to be here. Your life will always be more important to me and mine.
tom cruise on performing the most dangerous stunt of his career in new mission impossible
There's a line in the movie. I think you're talking to Simon when he's trying to figure something out and you're just like, "You figure it out." So, when you guys are filming, you spill out. I think it's a mantra for my life, somehow we'll figure it out and it's definitely with Mission and definitely as we go through this whole experience and just make it through, it's like we are. I'm just going to go ahead, let's figure it out, yeah, things happen, it's like we're just going to figure it out, I'm that kind of person, I'm like whatever, I'll just figure it out, I'm just going to let's do it, this is going to happen.
tom cruise on performing the most dangerous stunt of his career in new mission impossible

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tom cruise on performing the most dangerous stunt of his career in new mission impossible...

I don't know how I was saying that I think when I was watching this movie how they did that I don't know I really don't know when Look what you did and it's amazing in this movie and now you think about what you have to do in chapter two how do you can you understand what we can do? I know, yes, is it good? Yes, I can. Don't wait I can't say anything but it was just something we were like okay yeah the twinkle in his eye and smile says it all so I can't wait for you guys I really can't wait for the first day. filming um in 2020 you decide we're going to do the motorcycle jump, we're going to start with that.
tom cruise on performing the most dangerous stunt of his career in new mission impossible
I mean, how does that process go when you say we're going to start with possibly Michael's



trick that we know of? We're going to continue with the movie or not, we'll know on the first day, here we go. I want to know, it's not the first day, what's going to happen. Should we all continue or is this a major rewrite? You know, we're really preparing for something like. That was for years, I mean, I've been riding motorcycles since I was a little kid, racing cars and spending a lot of time doing aerobatics, planes, helicopters, parachutes, a lot of time with that and figuring out what kind of things to do. something like that we're creating knowledge that we're creating is our understanding of the story understanding of the camera how to do something like that and it all came to that point and it was something that I thought, you know, it's me I trained and I was training when we were I was training I was ready you have to be very sharp when you do something like that, so it's very important as we prepare the film that that came first because you don't do it.
tom cruise on performing the most dangerous stunt of his career in new mission impossible
I don't want to leave that and go shoot other things and then have my mind elsewhere, everyone was ready, let's do it, that makes sense because these are the important things, so do this now, stop thinking about yourself. You don't want to, you don't want to wake up in the middle of the night thinking it's still, you still, you still know when you're working on things like that, and it has that effect, we try to structure it where we want. I'm doing things where with the car chase even with the car chase mccuse like you're gonna be handcuffed oh my god you know I'm driving I'm drifting one handed over cobblestones with Haley in the car I'm like , Alright.
You know, there are many challenges. Do you still feel that way? Kind of like that when you hear that boom boom. I really love it. I love it when I was a kid. That's why Mission Impossible is the first film I produced. He is friendly. from my dream also because I always wanted to travel the world like when I was little I watched movies and that's how I learned about the world and I thought it was small places and I wanted to meet those people I wanted. I don't want to be just a tourist, I want to live there, and when you look at my films, you see the different types of films I've made.
I really always wanted to travel the world. and being a part of that community and then celebrating that Community Mission Impossible allows me to do that. Do you remember that first movie that really made you fall in love with movies? Do you know what I act? There are so many movies I watched that made me fall in love. I love movies and it was it was adventure it was me I was looking at places and I think how I want to know I want to meet those people I want to talk to those people I want how they did that how they do it I feel this and I would lie there and just dream of stories you know, I was always that kid and I was also the kid that, you know, we travel a lot, but I would open my window and go up. to the attic and go up and be on the roof, you know, looking at the stars when I was like three years old and the neighbors called my mom, it's the middle of the night, her son is on the roof, you know, I got to the point where your Mom like she knows what's going on you know I know she's like honey you know the only time you walk in here you know right it's crazy to think because Top Gun Maverick was your first billion dollar movie but we did a little math about entertainment tonight and so on. yeah we did a little math and we saw that you have over 10 billion dollar box office gross over your


, that's wild in the best possible way and you cross that billion dollar threshold.
Is it a moment of celebration or is it like? No, this is what I love, this is what I'm made for, first of all, it's a reflection. I'm happy because the public is showing it. The public really wants it. I make movies for the audience and to see how much they enjoyed them. Remember that it was very important last summer also because it was theatrical and throughout that period I kept calling the theater owners to say: look, hold on, so we have Top Gun Maverick, it will go to the big screen and let's go. Having that experience for you and seeing him open up the way he did meant a lot to me in a lot of ways, I just want to deliver it to the public and see how much they enjoyed it so the whole cast could finally share it with the world, I mean, to me. , when we were at Khan, I was looking at all of you, I was like this, I want you to have this experience, I want, I wanted you to have that kind of experience where we all work hard and we all create this together, so it was very special, yeah, and finally Scarlett Johansson the other night and we asked her, like on your wish list, who do you want to make a movie with, she didn't hesitate and said Tom Cruise, how do we do it?
This happens, I know that this is something that I have wanted to make a film with her, she is enormously talented, she is very charismatic, versatile, she has great physical capacity, obviously, I am looking for something with us. I am, it could happen. I thought: "no." Are you still filming the second part? Yes, yes, of course, I like to work on several things, but you and I like that now we only have one movie to make. There was a time when we were doing Top Gun yeah Mission and this one so now I only have one movie like after we just finished the movie a few days ago I became BQ.
I thought, you know, we need to start thinking about what we're going to do next summer when we're done with this, what do you do when you're off? this is what i do i make movies this is how i love it i absolutely love this is a break for you this is a privilege this is a privilege

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