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Tokyo by Bike

Jul 12, 2021
hello world i thought today would be a good day for a


ride in


and by that i mean let's go back and forth from the edogawa river in the east to the tamagawa river in the west. I'll call him back and forth. Again, okay, it's around seven, but my trust trip, I'm going out, so this is the Edogawa River and on weekdays, the river banks are calm like this, far away from the hustle and bustle from the commercial districts of the city so this is the place along the river where they usually have horses although I think it's very early in the morning and they haven't arrived yet I don't know what these cold ones are or these locks but you can cycle across and that's where i'm gonna go no big signs and go up it but i just crossed into chiba prefecture as much as i love these roads the gates are designed to stop motorcycles and slow down and now let's go find the treasure hidden you see that back there that's what I c Alled the ship graveyard where you have a good view.
tokyo by bike
I have no idea why they are left like this because it looked that way for many years although these boats seem to be in decent order so this is a kind of party boat that looks like it's coming out of a boat repair facility on this part of Tokyo, you are more likely to see these types of industrial facilities. You can find incinerators located throughout the 23rd Ward of Tokyo. What caught my attention is that they are located right next to the residential areas. and a little hint if you see a chimney like this there's probably a nice park next to it as they almost always make the adjacent space green this way it says chiba and if we cross the bridge you're in


that's the address The one where I'm going that way I like how you can be on an objectively ugly street like this but you come out on another and all of a sudden it's a River Greenway for a good part of my trip I tried to plan so I rode greenways the traffic it's never fast and there are always toilets, water and rest points along the way see the bathroom and a water fountain but don't forget to bring your own soap and towel as you'll notice in many of these shots the houses are pretty close to everything . and sometimes so much that you could walk out of your balcony to other structures like this river path.
tokyo by bike

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Now why did I film this again? Probably to show some old buildings or something. much more util quick that's ok because they have a spiky land across the street for some reason I'm not going to google it actually you can find a lot of pony land around town thinking about it there are two inside a half hour


ride to my house while i'm not visiting disneyland today it's just across the water this is because i think it's one of only two places in tokyo that has beaches it has a lot of nature things like bird observatories the park also h as an affordable aquarium and its hard to miss the giant ferris wheel that hangs in the back there is also a ferry service that goes to a diver i am going to today but not by bike ferry and here is the beach no bikes so I'm walking but it's not really a swimming beach and apparently you need a permit to do so but you can get in the water.
tokyo by bike
I feel like most people in the Tokyo area would go to Anna Shima, which is in neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture, if they really want to go to the beach to hang out and swim. I was going to go to the wind turbine on the Tokyo Gate Bridge on the horizon, but due to the distance I scrapped the idea. However, enjoy these snapshots from my previous trips. This is the Arakawa. River and it is not the widest and deepest river in Tokyo. They would shoot me. This is not the prettiest bridge, but it serves to cross the Arakawa conveniently.
tokyo by bike
They have a draw point so you can see the scale of the river. Another incineration plant. the anus Then park like I mentioned Kassadin the Cohen guy there are tourist ferries you can ride on, well one of them goes over this bridge and I always wanted to go on it. Mission accomplished. pedestrians must walk and cyclists must travel pris where most no one follows these rules you are supposed to go down these stairs but i tried the first bit but honestly felt more dangerous so i rebelled a bit and went down, luckily this is not a city sponsored video or anything so this footage from my badass racing days look who's cool you got a new bike i guess you would call a new bike city bike it's got the wheel smaller isn't for speed it's more for mobility i think your marathon used to end right here it's a bunch of good violet memory it's a bunch of factories some kind of toy ocean wise in the 1980's how come you don't use any of these dry textures is John I don.
I don't know, that's a fair question. We're not in July yet, but she's supposed to hit 30 today, like seeing this is Tokyo, but there's no one here, that's why I like to go during weekdays, yeah, and especially yeah, there aren't any tourists anymore so who's here we're here greg we're here representing this whole island and this whole side of the island has been created for leisure it's a place where people date a place where people connect to relax because the city of Tokyo downtown is crowded this is a launch you see I see there is the John is so excited he's way ahead of me now this is crazy I've never been really good no one we have this whole place to ourselves it's a bit of the of the pandemic as well as being a weekday, so we stopped by the mall's food court, which was about 5% capacity when we got there.
I had this udon for a quick lunch. I love this view, it's like all of Tokyo is in front of you. on the other side of that bridge we're going to cross that bridge when all the olympic rings are coming. I have never seen them in person. I have to go see the olympic rings and here is my bike setup. I roughly traced my entire route on Google Maps and on the left is my water bottle, which is very important. I'm going to have my picnic at Diver Park which is that green diamond in the background it used to be a cannon battery facility to ward off invading splinters but we didn't have time because we have to cross the bridge that you can't cross in bycicle. but he is allowed to push his bike so what they do to stop him from riding his bike is give him a free dolly that he attaches to one of the wheels.
I think this is mainly for safety as the railings are not very high. and it can be very windy on the bridge, so we really wouldn't want to fall off. I am filming you. You are filming me. In fact, you can cross on foot on both sides, but for the bikes we have to cross on the north side at the moment. provided a great view of the city, come on John I vi Awesome as you can see walking across the bridge for a much better view than the train passengers get on the Sheila. He decides that he needs to take an elevator down to get to ground level.
Goodbye, Greg, good luck on your trip down the Tokyo Gator with John out of the way. I continued my way to the tamagawa river using this footbridge. I recommend getting on one as well as going on the ferry anyway it's a good way there are so many little bridges like this all over Tokyo and I always enjoy its unique views and now I'm going to explain the hidden part which is right on top of a water reclamation center or in other words a sewage treatment plant and as always since it's a park it's a convenient place to use the bathroom and I've pointed that out in previous videos but they have data on the demo toilets anyone can use handicap use ies for those who are transgender the water in tokyo is very clean so i filled my three water bottles and the park is located next to huge office towers so that a lot of business people are here during lunch unfortunately miss spray was not so satisfying. as it seemed like a coincidence, i ended up passing right in front of the underground automated bike parking, the same one that had a movie of my tokyo by train video, so the plan was to get to the megara river so i could ride on more bike friendly streets , but the truth Keep in mind that these routes were quite friendly for cyclists, since both the sidewalks and the roads had lost their face for safe riding.
I don't know if this works or not but behind me is the beginning of Megiddo or the end of the Megiddo river and I'm going in the opposite direction here we go I'm going that way to Shibuya so now I'm riding along the negative river that sometimes it has biker friendly trails and sometimes it doesn't, but at least it always had easy riding speeds at times. would you like to cross one of the many bridges as the other side had a better path or a better view like this shrine the only annoying thing was that some of these paths had gates to prevent motorbikes from entering which It made riding on the road easier sometimes so that's what I did here and as you can see it's still very safe for bikes with the Mac car set set to 40 mph which is 25 miles per hour.
I will point this out many times, we can often see bicyclists reading and off roads and sidewalks like this lady on the left I guess with the park truck she felt safer riding on the sidewalk when she gets back on the road I am getting ready to drop it to go For the sidewalk path along the river with all the bridges you have to cross and the changes between roads and sidewalks, you could find a route that is faster along the road, however the trip would not be as visually pleasing and quiet, plus there are plenty of parks along these greenways so there are tons of rest stops when you need them.
I simply enjoy the beautiful landscape that these greenways offer. By the way, if you ever wanted to know how shallow the Megiddo River is, there are bulldozers bulldozing the river, so they're bulldozing the stones. at the bottom i've never seen this before im going to get back on my bike now one of the best things about touring tokyo japan is i can literally leave my bike with all the stuff on there and nothing happens it makes filming a lot easier I should have tried this rum 99% sure you can go down those stairs and jump over the rocks next time ok so I might continue down the Megiddo river but I want to go through here and that's going through Daikanyama and then , she would be crossing one of the busiest places in japan for pedestrians yeah so come on is it just me or people get more crowded here i knew her place with the AMA and her name would be a bit hilly.
I enjoy tr Navigating through these little pathways between the houses and this is what a typical home building site looks like and in fact just in the head you will see a larger scale site complete with these blue safety barriers. Does anyone know if they are to protect construction workers? the people under the objects are both if you know let me know we are going down towards her and she would be crossing. I wanted to point out that the wide angle lens I'm using makes it look like I'm closer to the studs than I actually am, however sometimes those studs in the middle of the walkways really make it really tight. he had to walk with his bike and here is the famous Shibuya crossing, it is the busiest crosswalk in the world with up to two and a half thousand people crossing at a time, however due to the pandemic it is much less traveled than normal, I rolled back, it gives you a different angle to look at.
I thought it was interesting to watch the bikes, some stopped at the intersection like a car, while others went in all directions like pedestrians, but I wanted to get out anyway. from the crowded roads and back to the green rays and here are some bike parking lots and now the Via Verde I was looking for kurosu named I thought it was pretty obvious in this scene that while there are dedicated walking and biking trails, you will see both pedestrians and cyclists on the road also cars can only go 30 km/h here it is 19 miles per hour on these small streets what often happens along these greenways is that the roads merge so So now there is no separation between cyclists and pedestrians, depending on the speed at which one wants to travel, feeling of safety on the surface, or any number of factors, cyclists will alternate between roads and sidewalks.
I should point out that on the sidewalks without bike lanes the speed of the bikes is supposed to be less than 10 km/h or 6 miles per hour More than 10 letter trains. There are also some cute little single wagon cars like this one. If you are a cat lover, this is the temple to visit. Go tokaji and is dedicated to the maneki-neko, the beckoning cat, and one of the origin stories of him. places go Tokaji like the place where he found himself after walking through a bitter city I ended up on the edge of Tokyo metropolis the tamagawa river which is really perverted deskah I met my Japanese teacher and her husband and they were kind enough to bring me the lunch despitewhich was 4 p.m. then we set out to find Kanagawa, the neighboring prefecture, okay, we are in Kanagawa, we were interested here, great Chiba, to go to the prefectures in Tokyo, with the exception of Hokkaido, they are not large at least compared to the states of usa or provinces in canada so completely cross tokyo starting from chiba and ending in kanagawa actually not that far yamamoto spur impressed with my gimbels ability to reverse stinky nah you can buy botany and we ended up in another park where he found out that the young man worked so socially distant as the signs also advised not to wear a mask much then we went to another park across the street to try their bike trails your hair is ok yes ok and then it was time to split off and head east again, but since I wanted to explore some more greenways I traveled north for a few miles.
This was a main road. I was worried about walking on it. In some parts, they had separate sidewalks, so that was a relief. There are several places where the sidewalks had a lot of pedestrians, like near the train. stations so I drove along the highway in those parts it was probably the scariest part of the bike trip as those cars were going 50 or 60 km/h or 30 1 to 30 70 miles per hour that's why I was very happy with these lush sidewalks even though they eventually became a regular sidewalk soon enough and again find I have an obsession with pointing out cremation plants then hit my goal of zenpuku G River green space despite having two psychos on both sides of the little river I don't recall there ever being a dedicated bike lane so I tried to steer it back and forth between all the paths on both sides of the river looking for the least congested route at one point it seemed quickest to pass for a residential so I did that and before I knew it I was back in another river this time it was the Conda and again people were walking and biking both on the roads and on the sidewalks this road was much less green and more fenced with buildings the best greenways have underpasses so you don't have to cross main roads like this but for the condor river it's not a true greenway so i had to go to the intersection closest to cross so Conda is actually a river system with neural pathways running along the side but tons of streets crossing it so it would have been quicker to find a main road to get to Shinjuku , but I really enjoyed the gardens along these little paths, plus the sudden sight of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. building how do you see that over there?
That's a Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower. Ok, now we are in Shinjuku and this is a much better road than I thought. There is a dedicated bike lane. Hardly anyone passed through here, so we're not here. in the haroche in Juhu, so it's probably because of that, but still not bad, actually, the kidneys never imagined that there were such normal houses, right, it bothers the government schedule, like a normal neighborhood, small, small and then i got to the tokyo metropolitan government building oh that's a long name that and here's a tip you can get in for free and get a view from either of the twin observatories 202 meters high but for me it was time from dining in the adjacent Park Big Tower is ok so this is dinner this is half cut so pickled Sandow cucumbers and apples I wouldn't normally bike across this partition tjuku but wanted to give you an idea of what the busiest parts of Shinjuku look like.
You can see that there are not many cyclists in this part of the city. This is where you can get your neon fix if you so desire. This is the automatic entrance to Shinjuku station, which is the busiest train station in the world. It's probably because this is such a stereotypical image of Tokyo. That is really the reason why I wrote here to place it among all the other landscapes that I showed you today. it will be Kabukicho which is a popular night light district and a few blocks up the street is Shinjuku Gyoen with the DoCoMo tower in the background so quiet in comparison after that which was an unexpectedly pleasant drive along a street important but quiet until you reach the Imperial Palace, the 5 km loop around the palace is popular with runners, it's another oasis in the metropolis of Tokyo, yes you're seeing it correctly, these are wedding photo shoots in front of the station from Tokyo which was recently renovated just in time for the 2020 Olympics which has been pushed back to 2021, by the way the station opened in 1914.
I noticed that it wasn't just young people who weren't practicing social distancing, while they get Bonus points for al fresco dining, many seem to be quite close together. Tokyo station is big. so I wanted to show you the front as well, which has a much more modern look. The aerial was time to go through the shopping districts and near the heart of Tokyo and even a little Bashi council as there aren't many parks in these kinds of areas. these fancy department stores have nice restrooms and here is tokyo zero kilometer and nihonbashi bridge which the maps indicate as starting point in tokyo sadly this historic bridge has a highway right over it but the good news is they are ready to fall in the near future and a more famous bridge, a tie between Japan's first iron bridge after it ran along more regular roads, but I want to find a last river Park, there is a bicycle lane, no it looked so good at first but it got better as the bike progressed so it will be like that for others I don't know 15 min or so yeah it was like these roads huh really. quiet and peaceful good bath that's what i like about these roads - ok look lemon still nice cold yes that's Skytree the tallest structure in Japan and now I'm riding in the dark along the Arakawa river which is a route popular cyclist who follows the river for 80 kilometers good night at the end I wrote like 120 kilometers or 75 miles I was on the road just over 15 hours from 7:30 am to 10:45 pm That is a very leisurely pace of about 8 kilometers per hour.
It turns out that taking out the camera, filming it, putting it away, and repeating it every 10 minutes or so leads to a lot of mini breaks. Hope everyone enjoyed my little bike adventure after this. I am not so afraid of facing longer distances. I think it came down to pace, and in this case slowly and steadily, he actually won the race.

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