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Titanfall 2 by Bryonato in 1:23:45 - SGDQ2019

Feb 27, 2020
Doctors Without Borders' our charity here when you make a donation, look out for that perfect dark bonus game incentive. I'll keep remembering it until we get there. Thank you very much, all right friends. It's my pleasure to introduce a great friend of mine with excellent speedrun, it's time to send him to the main stage for Titanfall in any percentage of Brian Otto, thanks for everything X, you are very kind, welcome guys, hi, I'm Brian Otto, today we will Titanfall 2 at any percentage. i introduce my couch real quick right here we have cars really a great friend of mine and a friend of my streaming duties who knows who flew in from australia 20 hour travel and a six hour delay to be here so thank you he is like a resident glitch Lord and then a fun cannon who ran this game previously also really real experience than PS runner so thanks for helping me out guys yeah right ok so we'll go ahead and start here I just got one load name mission and i'll tell what you do wn I'm super excited to be talking about


2 for the next hour and a half so let's go good 5 4 3 2 1 ok so


2 is a sci-fi military FPS developed by Respawn Entertainment respawn is responsible for the recent VR Apex legends, you may have heard that they were also formerly Infinity Ward when they worked every college until m modern warfare 2 so the game designers are really good and this campaign is amazing. being introduced to some of the major movement mechanics in the game what you might not know about titanfall 2 is that it runs on a modified version of The Source engine which means we get access to things like air strafing jumping and then we have a fully fleshed out parkour system meaning we can wall run and double jump is really cool so when this game kicks into gear it's a bit like Half-Life meets Mirror's Edge so this first move you The channel that we're going to look at is going to be called slide jump so slide jump is ok this is auto scrolling less slight jumping is basically mechanically the same as being jumping we're jumping as soon as we touch the ground, but also light jumps are a bit more versatile, since we have a bit of time before we can touch the ground and/or in a sa lto and maintain our speed. there is usually a movement cap or movement speed cap that is present when you hold W and you can subvert it by pressing y and moving in an arc through the air I took an EPG which we will use to boost ourselves and then I am also going to skip an animation reload here so we're in a simulation right now we're being trained by the last mosa and we really don't know why we won't find out but we won't find out either because he will. die but because we're in a simulation we can do these really cool ladies ge boosts and we can basically throw a grenade at ourselves without dying.
titanfall 2 by bryonato in 1 23 45   sgdq2019
You may have seen Cash Mayo's world record for this gauntlet in like 12 seconds, which is now 11.9, which is great, but we'll do it in 16, which is fine. for the sprint we're going to get out of the gauntlet and back in and that's going to skip your dialogue and now we're out and there's a lot more going on move wisely and we'll get there we're just going to try not to overwhelm you with all this information but the main thing right now is a slight hop which is very important there will be hops too but that's the timing it's much tighter and we're not going to be seeing as much so now we're going to call BT or I guess another Titan.
titanfall 2 by bryonato in 1 23 45   sgdq2019

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titanfall 2 by bryonato in 1 23 45 sgdq2019...

We're not going to get access to the Titans yet and we'll cover them later, but for now I'm going to try and make a fun little mistake here. not too sure if it will work but we'll see so if i can jump on this so if you can jump on this when n is flying W to get it right if you can land on it at the right time this guy will come in as super weird angle but ok it was a bit yeah the slightest timing is pretty accurate on that to give some context of what's going on we're playing as rifleman jack cooper he's a member of the militia which is a rogue military force that is fighting against the IMC or the interstellar manufacturing corporation they are like a big conglomerate corporation that goes from planet to planet across the border and takes all their resources and drives people out of their homes and we we are the people who are fighting against it and at this point in the story we are just like a normal old man in the military there is nothing super special about us tons of force traveling here these are all the characters i found i enter level later die in it and cauldrons look how can you believe spoilers from a speed racing event dude how dare you yea perso?
titanfall 2 by bryonato in 1 23 45   sgdq2019
Lastly I watch quick races to get the full experience of the game so you know that's why I was here so let's just play easy as easy as fastest which is of course any % so now we're going to move on to BT 72. 74 which is the name of the Titan we'll be using in the future but also the name of this level what we're finding out right now plot wise is we were landing behind enemy lines on the IMC planet of Taif n' they had some kind of research facility they're doing something with here we were going to look into it and found out they bit off more than we can chew probably have time for a single donation before we really get underway here oh ok I'll just cater to Volta why not AE?
titanfall 2 by bryonato in 1 23 45   sgdq2019
I tried $20 of him. just opened up on my stream so if you want to apply just hit me up on twitter kill marvin by the way kill marvin save the frames so we're going to crash here and they'll be filled with a ton of drugs there's going to be a little I guess you could call it a jump, we're not a pilot yet, but we can still do slide jumps. Normally, drivers have a lot of extra gear that they use to go fast, but we can still slide up in this part of the game, which is pretty cool and we'll use it to move forward. of a launch pod which is crash landing and then we're going to do a frag boost right after this will be the first frag boost you'll see outside the gauntlet there's going to be a few of these throughout the run then this one carries with a lot of risk, but we can also get rid of it if we need to, so we'll see what we can do here.
This segment is quite difficult only because we only have one jump and the gravity is much higher than normal. okay I won't be able to do the frag boost but I'll be able to get ahead so you can If he crashes behind me you have to go and I barely missed the entrance on the first slider jump so unlike other source games I don't we use scroll wheel to jump in this game because we have double jump so if you scroll im using all three gems but also if you find scroll jump it just doesnt work so it doesnt really matter this is the infamous scene 18 hour so named because of the dialogue that comes later this is the last time oh so this was the guy who was training us he's going to give us some more drugs and that's his Titan in the background bTW 72 74 and in this scene we are going to meet all our enemies that we will beat throughout the race and the apex predators and these are the same apex predators that then run the apex championship in apex legends so very good , try It's probably just some of them that's cool that's right and of course here comes the dialogue this is kind of like super mario sun from FPS games amazing moves If you have this really long scene at the beginning of every run we have a category called 90% fast where we use save files to skip all this but it's not really suitable for a marathon environment as we just do a bunch of stuff and you don't understand the context and this buys us a lot more time to explain what's going on that was a voice crack Talia bringing a dollar a voice crack voice crack so we probably have time for a couple of donations rather something we don't have 18 hours for it's our next final bonus game even donating $250 says hello sgdq and looks forward to seeing from the beginning all the way in 2010 the first time we can donate we are going to have the perfect dark run thanks for contributing to that i need something Help make that bonus run happen.
We also became human with $5, yes. we're almost using now i'm playing at max fov so you can see the navigator slide in from the right that's always nice there will be quite a few things pointing out that it's designed weird another thing to point out is that grunt that's falling by the river he's just going to know there's this trail of blood and everything and then you just come here and he's gone so we really know what happened to him so most luckily he saved this but now let's try to kill him. we're not actually going to kill him but we're going to shoot him just because you know he takes up a lot of our time and that's not cool he's a speedrun can and then we kill him and take his Titan even though that's happening in context from a titanfall universe what's going on here is pretty big the latest Somoza is giving us control of his Titan and all his pilot gear which never happens because the pilots are like this really elite infantry unit with a really very low graduation rate. i'm training so it's a big deal wear my helmet what you'll see as soon as we start it's going to be i'm going to be most of the time when i touch the wall i'm going to jump off it instantly and titanfall runs in native 60 ticks think about It's like 60 frames per second, but that's not really the easiest way to explain it, so if I jump off the wall within 5 ticks or less, it's called a wall kick.
I will get a speed. boost if so five tick three tick one tick every one of those boosts is getting faster as soon as we put our helmet on here racing will really take off so instead of waiting for the game to give me a choice I'm going to jump back and grab a wall and then jump forward and that will help me reach the minimum speed threshold that I need to slide so this level is really really hard because you can notice there are a lot of weird rocks and a lot of geometry here and each of these rocks so if I hit them at the wrong angle I'm g it will slow down significantly so I have to avoid that all the time so here's the kick in the wall you'll see that over and over again a Throughout the run this opening segment is brutal punishment mainly because we only have access to one jump right now canonically our jump kit is calibrating quotes I almost died there that was scary and normally n or you can grab a wall after jumping, but if the wall is curved, we can do it like this and that allows us to skip the room.
These segments up here are called the river of death and this is a really tough area for new runners. New runners usually have a lot of problems here, but this is a pretty consistent strategy all the way. We take the Eva shotgun. which is a fully automatic weapon with really high DPS and also has a ton of range and then consider we're going to be sliding into people's faces most of the time you can probably imagine why this has a lot of value to us popke b Because he's in our way and now we finally have access to our double jump now we have our entire move barrel boss there we go those barrels aren't random but if you hit it the wrong way it's pretty weird. so we're trying to get two batteries back to VP to run at full power so here's the first one the first of two and coming here we're going to do a glide boost but if we do it at a really sharp angle it will It's called tilted boost, there's a weird interaction with the geometry here where we're being boosted at a really high speed and we're going to use that boost to get across the river and then use that shard to kill those three grunts that we have to do to install the battery and the second half of the level is probably one of those difficult segments in the game, which is why there's a broken voice. about 10 seconds a game doesn't seem like much but it's really nice here's the second chunk i could have pulled out a bit sooner so this is pretty sketchy there we're good so i'm not going to get a big chunk boost okay , I got the fragmentation out like a hair early so I was a little nervous about the segments called ravine and this is really really important for me to hit so I'm going to think here we go that's the first II I missed the kick of wall is fine as long as you have a mantle here a mantle Okay, I'm going to do a little backing here.
No, normally you want to take a big leap that takes you to the other side of the gap,but i didn't get that and that's ok there are plenty of other places for us. saved time and a lot more game to do luckily i got the debris jump here we go yeah i was like looking forward to it that's going to be pretty sad by the way this move on this ship is horrible it's really very annoying but if I can generate enough speeds okay I kept this light on this little premeter touch strafe there oh okay okay make up for lost time this part here I'm just going to shred space that's good Vince can grab the wall here and make that I powered forward and here's the second battery, the leaning second drive is really really hard, this is a very specific angle, I think it was another one, it was there, we go and then a wall kick here. accurate yeah dude show us a preserver for that strategy that was really good that second bit is definitely the hardest because it's basically a blind shot okay now we run into bt 7 to 74 this is the titan that we will be. using for the rest of the game and bt it's a unique Titan it's a vanguard class which means you can switch between Titan loadouts other Titans can't do there's another one so excuse me 26 years of my voice still going breaks buddy so the way you can think of Titans in this game is you're Pro X breaking the way you can think of Titans in this game they're like heroes in a MOBA or an overwatch or in apex legends they'll all have different skill sets with strengths and weaknesses this first one is pretty simple if you look closely at this game you will see a lot of inspiration from a 2009 sci fi movie called in district 9 and it will be shown here at the beginning with the vortex shield which is a shield that is going to catch bullets that hit you in the back and enemies too and maybe the main antagonist in the game the twist is also inspired there so when this vortex shield catches the volus letter scan l or it means they don't have travel time and students shoot enemies it does splash damage there isn't much rng in titanfall 2 but there is in this particular segment this is Part C this segment can be very very random just depending on what kind of spread do you get like that with the vortex shield so that cost me like a second there and then also this part sucks too because BT at 70 to 74 is like a level which is really cool and then you have this part which is like a pain that could be going much worse so Conway take it Oh see that's what I'm talking about sometimes it just doesn't work but after this we're done with this segment luckily so far so good I want Say, not the worst, by the way, I would have. i liked a spike ravine but i missed the last kick in the wall coming here its kind of like the first boss fight of the game quotes this is so good smiley let's be let's fight the brute here and then we are He'll drop the electrical smoke they do damage over time and then we'll shoot him to prime his vortex shield and while the vortex shields himself we'll charge up your acolyte pod first hit it in Chris's pot and voila like this that clings to them. thanks Wow so Hylian times in an audio queue here we go so we have to wait for BT to get to a certain line of dialogue; otherwise look at the reference point on the other side and it is lower.
The titans will have baked these big glowing red dots in the middle of their chassis and those will be critical hit points, so that's where we are. i'm going to be aiming it's like a headshot on a titan so we're out BT on blood and rust and this level is also extremely hard i mean possibly harder than BT the beginning of this game is really really brutal but in the best way because the step up to this game is awesome so we're being introduced to the Titan move here and the Titan moves are pretty simple you want to be running when you come off ledges and you always want to have a fast charge you do not have.
I want to mess around messing around when you have two dashes just sitting there and when they come off a ledge I'm going to hold onto Crouch most of the time or an elevated surface because I'll actually physically retract Beetee's legs and that allows me to slide. ov er Titans or just stay in the air longer like that pitch slip is very very easy you don't need the clap for that ok thank you thank you we'll also run when we turn corners BT it's really heavy so throwing is what throws weight and we're going to counter that with a run and now comes after this is landing champion which is a trick I've never done in a marathon it's not that hard but it's a Kinda tricky I just have to hold jump at the right time when he embarks from BT and ok there we go that's like five in a row I think that's a cool little trick anyway so saves it like two seconds but ok it gets you to the top ok so i knew the audio cue here and then this level is going to get very very difficult there are a lot of very narrow corridors and narrow paths this is where the career really takes off and begins. be non-stop action a lot more yeah yeah petey really goes back and forth unlike this level here comes another snippet deuted if i can nail it ok this is a bad set up oh i got it ok i'm going to take the old dryer i'm not gonna go for a double wall kick so far very good good good good good I'm going to introduce tap strafing here and tap strafing it's not new but it's ok I recently revolutionized a piece of movement technology when you're strengthening left or right and you tap w quickly you can do these really really tight turns without losing speed normally tight turns and tight scrapes in this game because titan falls down low air acceleration will slow it down but reg nels recently who came into the community might me heard about it during the interview, it really brought it out.
I had only been using it at a few points in the game and now I'm using it everywhere so right there is such a nifty strafing swipe you can do it with W or s which means forwards or backwards so now it's route is great the S tratton here it's 14 jumps in quick succession just to get to the top of this pipe and then now we're going to talk about the mud jump so the mud jump is the first big sequence jump real in game you will see bt standing behind that dispense there and we need him to stay there so we need them to get to a certain dial dialog option but not too early and not too late if he says it too early he will walk away from the fence and we won't be able to do the quick jump but if you say it too late the game will just block too many so this jump here is not meant to beat the task so it just goes through we paddle the fence and that's a mud jump so it skips a big thank you it skips a big wave fight I mean compared to the casual route it's probably like I mean I would imagine anywhere in between three and five minutes it's a lot so fighting like that is really terrible and if you played this game on master and even know about that sorry because ticks are like ticks in that segment or worst so come on to change the pitch here which is that other Titan loadout we picked up this is Kane it's our first real boss fight we're going to ignore it because it's pretty boring and it's going to die fast so Fatone when you shoot an enemy you can lock a personal missile and if you get three missile locks you get you can launch a faraj missile but you can also stack the missile locks so what you'll see in the beginning here is we're going to lock the decane and then the Titan in front of him and lu ego kill the titan with both missiles squashed ok now here we go thats called swap reload so if you switch to another titan loadout then come back for the one you were using its faster with most titans than reloading the tone, specifically, saves like three-quarters of a second. all answer is my mistake is but yeah thanks so let's take Kane's helmet here his earpiece will allow us to listen in on some enemy comms but other than that now we definitely have about a minute for donations so take it neat excellent, here's a donation. from $50 that came from safari oh and they said they loved your last fight and drop to run to gdq so i had to tune this one good luck on the run and now let's get that perfect dark bonus game yeah get it also. a donation here from radical Edward who gave $500 but a fake life respawn was the game that got me back to FPS.
I'm happy to see him here at sgdq 2019 log live bt7 274 save Marvin I'll forgive you for 500 bucks I got five bucks from the paratrooper ducks who say I can't stand seeing Marvin's sad face, wouldn't it take away his only purpose in life ?, please put him out of his misery. Yes, thanks DBQ. That's the right mindset. we're in uh now we're in the abyss and this level is where all good run go die this is the first mission that's split into three chapters and it's not insanely difficult but there are some tricks in particular and it's scattered throughout these three missions that save a lot of time but are also very risky Level the first few segments pretty much all adjust the movement and what you will see here is that we are walking in the middle of a big assembly line and luckily in this particular level the assembly line , these great walls to which they are tied. triggers, so I'll store my scripts on purpose and if I push at the right time, I'll be able to get ahead of the assembly line and it'll launch me down the hall, so we'll see if we can get that here. waiting for this ok so here we go i'm going to intentionally store my scripts here that looks good ok so it doesn't look like much but that's like you messed it up it's like 30 seconds wasted like this that you save 10 lose only 30 enough to make it worth it now this is or ne likes to kill you a lot yes he does so this is sport and papa sports he does a lot of close range in AoE DPS we had to kill to those titans to open that door and all these things have a lot of fun when we have to do titan combat just because these threads are faster than basically every other titan but you saw there was an extended slide jump an extended slide jump is pretty simple you just extend your slide a bit and jump up and get more vertical height not really sure why specifically but that's how it works that's what helps us get past the railing there too if you hit that button it removes the kill floor at the bottom here and you can fall all the way down and it saves a couple of seconds alright that was a good one from abyss now we are on chapter 2 of abyss which i can only describe as a beautiful tragedy so now we're in the middle of the assembly line and we're in the middle of all these moving parts and there's all this cool but unfortunate movement This level is a big ugly auto scroll so we're on the assembly line, but we're also stuck moving at the same speed as him so we can do all of this but this doesn't really matter he could even die here and it would be nice if it looks really cool though there's only these levels a playground of great move, but in the end it doesn't mean much.
I'm going to look for a really stupid portion here that I shouldn't but I'm going to anyway, it was found by TAS Cano of course like many other things in this game. I'm going to launch from this platform and ideally end up there at the end, so we'll look at this. installation was setup ok ok well we tried that was as close as i could get without dying so anyway now come on i was going to go back to the other side here and again we're on a scroll automatic, so I can do this without wasting time.
I am going to come here on this route through the outside which is known as the route of the spices found by the herbs named by the type t. I found it so this is going to take me on the outside away from all the crushing hazards and like dangerous stuff on the intermediate assembly line this isn't off limits or anything it's just a little test site on the side right of the map here and this brings us to the next segment so let's have a little fun while we're here getting the assembly line up to speed so this and this really breaks down here in this segment down here we're going going to do red vs. blue we are going to kill all the enemies except two robots one of them is going to have our we are going to hack one of them we are not going to hack the other and we are going to make them fight to the death so in the chat right now make sure you vote for red or blue and choose wisely, we take this very seriously around here so if you win just completely drag people who messed up just like we really ripped them apart,the Andy shot so really really cool jump and that's anything to make the cuts that shorter it's really sick also a pc has four arms this jump is really cool here you can know you can shoot you can melee you can reload you can I don't do anything else but that was so much fun when it came across and it's great to see everyone's first reaction to that hit go ahead it's an absolute miracle it doesn't stop game I know I know I know I love that he just kind of pops - I think his head flies off or something it's crazy so here we get to the final section of the game we probably have time for one last donation okay here's Matt Calvo with a $100 donation they said he's so happy to be able to catch Titanfall for the campaign just being smashed amazing rung of the move amazing game thanks to all the staff runners and donors for making this an awesome event too hi rob awesome ok so this is it this is the final part of the game here bt will sacrifice himself to blow up the hold the gun and we are in the final race so that will be when i lose control of Cooper at the end of this segment and I'm actually going to go for a ridiculous waxup right at the end here, which we just found today. alright here we go on an early run up the wall on the left side here this wall run is a horrible kickoff from Duvall because he's moving inside and he likes every care I got you on the wall but I we got ok lemme see if i can get this wax right here it will look so much fun if i get it there we go and time it 12345 12345 wow one two three four five thats awesome thats my fastest game this computer has load times really fast but that's my fastest marathon run by I think at least a minute so that's really wonderful thank you so I want to say some hello real quick before we get out of here.
I want to thank the Titanfall 2 speedrunning community, thank you for being around and helping me push the game forward and fight Tron G Volta specifically for all of us. help with game moderation for step and task who knows s cheating and tasks who knows we have done a lot of routing for this game and really opened it up some promising runners in the septic log Nell's cash Mayo he is a console gamer who is awesome in the controller. It's absolutely insane a big thank you to reappear for making this game and also for being very very forthcoming with us in those early years in 2017 when we got the game from gdq especially ziltch still specifically who told us a lot about the game and that we he gave access to tell us how to do quick saves in the game and all because we don't have those natively.
I am grateful to my streaming community. a house red foot love you especially many of my active moderators dr. FS Embarrassing Gemini Restricted 0 I really appreciate you guys and the competitive scene in Titanfall which got me really interested in the move. Initially, players like Black's ethereal sparkling omen. You guys are like an inspiration. They kill him in the game so thank you all for looking good, titanfall 2 is a very accessible speed game that has a very good learning curve. I know the movement sounds crazy, but it has a really nice progression and we'd love for you to come learn with us. slash titanfall underscore 2 there are links to everything you need to know as well as our discord we have new resources for runners on wazoo we have a doc with every strategy with video we have tons of tutorials we would love for you to run the game with us. and also thanks to my couch y'all sick cars TAS be fun canyons watch bone cannons borderlands run later by the way its great if you guys and yes if you enjoyed this run follow me on twitch slash es twitch. tv slash be ry at 180 oh thank you guys so much for tuning in thanks for being with me guys and thanks for watching the crowd this was amazing thank you so much yea keep it up to Brian out of there ladies and gentlemen what a great run you really appreciate it was fantastic and the first time i saw it i definitely would have remembered it was great.
JD Jackson donated $25 and said he had to throw some money at the Borderlands 2 glitch showcase and show me. those glitches that's right we have a glitch showcase incentive open for Borderlands 2 coming up shortly after that bonus game you all voted for with your donation dollars thank you very much speaking of that bonus game yes i am about to jump off the mic for a game so the undercover muffin here can house four darts perfect for an undercover mob to be here next to me how they greet people hello gdq viewers so muffin undercover tell me have you heard of a problem of nervous twitch? h prime what is that pro-x? yeah ok if you have amazon prime then you also have twitch prime and one of the benefits of twitch prime is that it gives you a free subscription to a twitch channel of your choice once a month so here let me just hit this magic button on my twitch app on my phone there boom shakalaka now i'm subscribed to channel gdq lol Wow Coover slapped to pretend the fake one is old laughs that's cool oh man it's fine anyway yeah got it gotta get out of here for a moment and i'll send you a short twitch message but we'll be back after that thank you all how many years i've waited the warrior of light a warrior of darkness rated T for teens one of our sponsors here in Summer Games made quick 2019 are returned digital and would like to present you with up to four player tasks with a simple goal, don't fall to death, players will use their bare hands and extended grip Ostrich game of your friends to battle through e Each level on your path to victory is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam this summer.
Check out heave-ho posted by return digital. Thank you so much guys. Very good friends. I have been lengthy. I'll be back for Borderlands 2, so stay tuned during Perfect Dark and I'll pass it on to the always excellent undercover muffin. and i'll be here to be at the host station for the next series of perfect darkness but with that said before i throw it on the run as they get ready i just heard we have an interview so i'm going to throw it to jay hobbs they interview the team what's borderlands 2 doing take it away jay hobbs hi everyone my name is jay hubs and i'm joined by three amazing clowns we had fun carolyn and we have a shock wave here at the end too many sharks really like honestly that's too many call me shark wave quick start the next sharknado yes oh please no so the first thing I want to do is let people know about Borderlands like they know they know Borderlands is lost when all that but I want to ask why Borderlands 2 what is it about Portland job?
That draws them into the game. Borderlands 2 is very, very, very bad, yes, that's a bit compared to the other games. Borderlands 1 ends up being very heavy, it is quite slow. I don't like the pre-sequel. I think it has some fun flaws, but there's definitely a lot more that's broken about Borderlands day. well just do glitches and stuff like that that's it and the RNG is extreme punishment like every run makes you know a very different RNG but overall we can make it work so we're going to be looking at all the weather. ee of you playing together co-op all the missions this time now fun may i know this particular run has been special to you what does this mean to you well i've been running the game since 2013 and this is my first time to get this game so it's a great honor really exe but spend some time oh yeah almost every event wow that's awesome now y'all all done various runs of gdq different games and stuff but especially like amy and shockwave so you have water to rub in baby.
I think the Hat and time run is the only run they did. myself, otherwise everything else I've done with you, is there something like just co-op racing specifically that jumps out of you or is it a more fun experience for me? I've been on hiatus from solo stuff because it feels like a grind to me it feels like a grind I don't have as much fun with it or as for me I feel like I'm just hanging out with friends and having a good time like yeah , I have to worry about making the failures doing the jumps like all these things, but like me when I hang out and do cooperative missions like I have fun doing it and I can waste time and yes, I don't know, do things with you, I don't know, being friends, yeah right, it's also like you know when you're streaming for three, four or five hours. a time when i go crazy just talking to myself ya know chat school but its nice to hear another human voice once in a while i talked about this on a panel with other people but i like it if it all goes wrong a few hours with your friend, yeah we can only bother when we go to dinner or something, yeah ok so what about all the quests?
I like it a lot better yeah the game has I think 127 missions yeah that's quite a lot ends up being pretty arbitrary but it shows us a lot more of the game including a couple of areas you normally wouldn't see at all and a lot of routing which has been bundled with multiple different areas of two people going Mach speed and trying to do all of this in the shortest possible time is crazy and compared to the soul version of all missions it's about two hours faster so that it's a significant difference and it's just such a joy to do it come on yeah yeah and writing about time like you remember the agdq2014 run with broman teawrex super goofs and misty fish strats for borderlands david has moved on in you know these five years that we're going to have a time that's comparable to theirs like that's all they can just know about the game they did it they did it Wow and now our technology has advanced quite a bit so let's see all three screens.
Well, you reminded me of one of these social media questions someone was asking. Here who is from Big Law who is the best accident because I think accident is the character that goes very fast as much as I would love to tell myself what about this one? It's more than that, yes, we've been doing it. no need oh yeah yeah no we've even been running since basically what college or something. I was in my senior year of my college, one year, like three years at this point, almost mid 2016, yeah I'm like that, like almost three years. now i've been doing this so it's getting to the point where it's like i don't want to say i could do it blindfolded but it might get to the point where i have memorized mouse movements that i can casually talk to chat and then just move your mouse and navigate through the map pretty quickly Wow yeah because I mean you're moving so fast you basically have to do everything in a predictable way yeah it's like flying a plane down a hallway with butter on your feet , that's pretty apt. description which is pretty cool now the next thing i wanted as k y'all though not just here as racers all running in the same game and stuff and some of you guys are doing feedback as well as we just heard from FC , but they are also all volunteers, what is it like to be here? with more of a role than just a runner like what is that and especially for a me and a chalk wave like you both have done the role of producer something i think people don't really hear a lot in the past so how is it it's?
So I'm shocked and we both, you know, volunteered for the producer role about two years ago, yeah, and essentially what we do for four hours a day is oversee the running of the broadcast, you know, if we're all basically there's a backup like if the stage guy has a question if the broadcast guy has a question you know if the broker doesn't show up if there's a big attack problem that happens before when the tracker fails I was on the and I I was in change for that, so I was, you know, pinging everyone hurt to go Hey, we've got a problem, right?
It's really nice that I like working behind the scenes and I actually like helping regardless of whether you know I'm on camera helping or not, like I know I'm using the skills I just had. day to day that i can help out at this event and do whatever it takes to make this event the best it can be i'm not just helping out because i'm making a run i'm helping to run the show yeah that's super cool and i see in what are you volunteering and I'm going to be doing stage tech and I mean it's really really fun when I texted a check it was my favorite just because I like to get to know how to unplug and plug things back in yeah , with the big box, honestly one of the best benefits of this, you end up seeing a lot more racing that you normally wouldn't, you have towaking up sometimes really early in the morning i would normally just sleep through and you need to watch out of the block or something yeah oh god i was i was flat ucing agdq 2019 horrible block and caught ice plugs home alone in nyc.
I felt like I was having a fever dream the whole time they run it seriously if you haven't seen that race you should go see it it's the most fun I've ever seen was going to say one of my number one tips just gdq for rookies, even looking at home, is showing up for a race they know nothing about, like yeah, it's not a race they know nothing about. because it's you you often get surprised that's great we had a lot of people asking questions on social media so I want to get to a few more we had one that didn't quite work on our system so sorry if it doesn't quite show up on screen, but I think it was Lady Cyndaquil, right, yeah, I was asking how you three met, okay, um, first it was shocking, so it's kind of a chain of events in a really weird way. and I went to the same university together we met on my last day of university he was he said it's like when it's wonderful there's something no that was my friend it was when it's wonderful meme yes that was your friend and I know that having three brain cells was like oh he means gdq what and i said hey well we were making a lot of noise in the back of the room or something even as long as you know fighting games we met at agdq2015.
I bullied him into running the hat back in beta times. I just said, 'hey let's find another co-op game to run so we started running Borderlands 2 yeah and then at the event we got together actually we got some wonderful visuals by the way very fast time travel if you want like that that we actually met after my hat and the run time we took pictures with this guy because he was like oh yeah he's so cool he's funny can you like our idol and all? So we did these pictures of him and said let's take co-op Road record we did they did so I became friends that way just because I read the game a lot and then Shockwave Movie moved in with me after he graduated from college and then FC, we were like in the general area for a year and then I just hated it. there so technically my neighbor yeah I could walk to his house in ten minutes that's awesome that means the world is open you don't just have to play co-op games online you can play the full range and local co-op what you got it we used to live together so we did all this yeah there was definitely a meme about it cheating so uh huh yeah yeah because load times are fast we dont count load times right but you know? it's less time you're putting in there if i had tried everything more resets per hour ok let's go to another social media question here we got from the Kobayashi kills they asked what is the hardest trick to pull off in the Eliquis run to blood.shot super skip and he does it twice yeah he does it twice right no messing it up because one we give it like people should tune that about how far in the races is 45 minutes 45 minutes to an hour yeah something like ok um if you haven't seen borderlands 2 there you go without spoiling much metroid pink yup there i find the host player the client plays as your clients some things are different.
I can't do it as hosts like I can't. i have the skill to be able to do it and i have perfect timing on everything like mine you know everything triggers at perfect timing the enemy hit boxes are correct and he can reliably take them off the host Wow 45 minutes or so , i think we are i'm going to ask one more here we got it from ok you know what i got i have to go with this one because we saw it and it's ridiculous at the mill two zero zero ass please krabs think the fish are flying and i'll send this someday this is one hundred percent him ok ok check the crabs right there at the bottom of the ocean fish fly ok ok ok i wont give you a mic anymore we are third runner up for a descent thats right im on two mice though no let's just throw it back to the hosts before this gets even more out of hand because we have the perfect darkness that first bonus game is up led by alchemist ok thanks Jay Hobbes so im looking forward to the border landing on ron and with that being said we actually have a borderlands 2 glitch exhibit that could be unlocked and right now its grossed a little over ten grand but oh man we need another 10,000 to to be able to hit that 20,000 margin so keep those donations coming folks okay I'd like to take a quick moment to remind us that we're raising money for Doctors Without Borders Doctors Without Borders is an independent international humanitarian medical organization that delivered emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, natural disasters, and exclusion from healthcare in over 70 countries in 2018 on any given day, thousands of people representing dozens of nationalities can be found providing assistance to people caught up in crises around the world. doctors nurses logistics experts administrators epidemiologists technicians mental health professionals and others who work together in accordance with the guiding principles of humanitarian action and MSF medical ethics the organization received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 thank you very much Doctors Without Borders for all the hard work you do they do all over the world and we are proud to be raising money for a great cause ok but we have a donation here all of fort russell donated $25 saying long time watcher donated first time drop time was amazing and well done on that sprint race and of course thanks to the gdq staff for all the hard work to make this event happen, guess what?
Thank you Oliver you are amazing we have two hu donation from ndred and fifty five dollars from twofer and Toofer says perfect dark i hope we get a $50 donation from kevin gee who says donate to see perfect dark run naked in the life of Elvis and you know what Kevin thank you so much for that donation you all made that bonus game one happened and I'm so excited for the alchemist to break the perfect darkness ok we are lucky to be sponsored here at gdq by the official sponsor of the yeti t-shirt gdq providing teas and other products for nearly eight years donated over $1 million to gdq's partner charities visit wwe to see the sgdq collection thank you the yeti your shirts are awesome we have a cosmic shark $20 donation which says perfect dark dark is such a great game that makes this 1/2 miss oh and shout out to the quail in front.
Thank you cosmic, you're helping us get to that glitch exhibit that still has a ways to go so keep those donations coming folks, okay talking about a few others. r cool stuff we can donate to while our perfect dark runners and commenters gear up there's a bidding war going on for that perfect dark filename that's going to shut down the moment we end up fucking them and now targeting a bot is just around the corner head for a buck over Amy at 200 $1.00 versus 200 no just kidding I got you Amy just got in the lead with a big $50 donation which brings it up to $250 so if you want to make a bot happen then get those donations before the race starts we have a $5 donation from Dolf 42 saying first of all thank you so much dolphin I look forward to future donations and also thank you so much for that five bucks every little bit helps because they know what we are here. working hard playing video games for fun and all this money we end up raising goes directly to charity so thank you so much dolph and everyone else who has donated so far you guys are amazing here at sgdq 2019 we are also sponsored by fans of the games, all winnings. from gdq merchandise sales are donated to Doctors Without Borders new official delta rune merchandise dark souls hollow night stardew valley persona 5 and more you can see their team at fangamer dot-com slash gdq thank you so much fan gamer ok a bit of an update about that perfect dark file name bidding war amy is inching even more with some extra cash so if you want to invite it to happen donate fifty nine bucks or more keep getting those donations we have a donation of $10 of Alexander True Blood that says I donate directly to MSF every month through my employer, but I always have to donate more each gdq.
Everyone should look into programs that their employers have, as some will allow you to donate on a pre-tax basis or match your donation to approved non-profit organizations. It is an excellent way. to maximize your gift that is very true alexander trueblood thank you so much for that message and the donation ok and while your runner and couch get ready we are here at sgdq 2 019 powered by twitch and i will cast it to play a quick twitch announcement thanks twitch ok welcome back folks says summer games over quick with that being said i'll just take a moment to talk about some of the prizes you may be eligible to win if you end up donating to the marathon plz which for five bucks in donations you spend throughout the marathon you might be eligible for another metroid m art folio and it looks like it might be great that makes it all so if you end up donating a cumulative $10 you'll also be eligible for a speedrun slipstream promo also for $30 could be eligible for a sculpted statue of sama and a few other prizes like samus Turan repaint amiibo as well as metroid prime white suit print or even a metroid prime gravity suit print so keep those donations coming as you watch all week folks Wow those donations are certainly coming in folks a little update on that perfect dark file name currently aimbot is me n a head for about three hundred bucks but amy is closing it down so if you really want to keep that bidding war going get those donations for that filename of amy speaking of donations we got $10 from professor tom saying titanfall perfect dark covert muffin and Borderlands what a night what a night we actually have so many amazing runs in this marathon Professor Tom and thank you so much for that donation ok we also have an anonymous donation of $100 saying good morning and looking forward to seeing this display of glitches for Borderlands 2 Let's do it guys thank you so much for that donation which brings us to almost $9,000 of being able to make that glitch display s happen for Borderlands 2 so keep those donations coming if you want to see more epic speed action here at sgdq.
In 2019, we are also very fortunate to be sponsored by the Power Up Audio Indie Games sound studio in Vancouver, Canada. They have worked on games like Super Meat Boy Forever and others. so the cadence of hyrule crypt of the necrodancer with the legend of zelda you can see them at powerup the team here at sgdq Joey Kevin Cole and honorary team member Derek donated their time and are on soundstage 24/7 you guys really do a great job here quick thank you to all the remix fans and cover artists who submitted your music for sgdq hope you are enjoying this year's soundtrack thank you power up audio you guys are epically awesome

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