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Tips & Tricks #1 - Poor Man's Filet Mignon

Feb 27, 2020
Hey, how's it going, Jax Califronia here and are you cooking with Jack? Welcome back to the show. Excuse my black hat. that turned out anyway i still got some cupcake cream in my eye so the hat is drying i had to wash it but we're back with another episode time to start getting back to some lessons that's right we've done product reviews i've gone on field trips we've done we've done special holiday events right now i want to start teaching you some




alright so once in a while i'll do an episode that will teach you something whether it's parboiled or if it's butterfly or if it's things you see on cooking shows that you're like what are they talking about okay here's a little trick right now for those of you who eat steak or any kind of cut of meat or any meat whatever I guess this would work on I've only tried it on steak so far ok it's called





and what it does is a way of taking a really and I'll be honest really tough cheap rubbish steak, it's alright and making it tender and amazing it falls apart I mean you could probably separate it with your fingers instead of a knife and fork so we'll show you this it's really cool my brother called me one day he says Jack Jack here you I send a link. check this out online there is a cool method to tenderize your meat before cooking and it only takes one to two hours depending on how thick your meat is it could take as little as 15 minutes so let's show you how i did it. me and the store bought the cheapest junk they had for sale yeah real cheap ok it was a dollar ninety nine a pound thats all i could find there was ninety nine cents a pound i would have taken it home but it's called a select beef cross rib roast I don't know what that is I don't know what the bones are in it anyway let me show you how to do this let's do a side by side comparison I asked the butcher to take a thick piece and cut it right down the middle so we have two pieces of the same mistake ok so there is no question about this test if one comes out more tender than the other they are from the same steak ok so let's take a look okay to clean pans let's open these steaks but one and eat don't forget to wash your hands you haven't washed your hands now is a good time to go wash your hands alright ok once again i took a piece of meat and i asked the butcher to slice it the middle is ok it would be e Same cut of meat oh beautiful I love beef as you can see it looks good there are so many things you can do with it you can cook it a million different ways this is not a good cut of meat , OK?
tips tricks 1   poor man s filet mignon
I'm just saying that right now okay the next thing you're going to do is take sea salt or kosher salt and that's a very coarse salt and we're going to take that we're going to cover one of them completely with sea salt okay let's do it right now ok let's do this now the rule of thumb is to figure out how thick your steak is ours it's about an inch and a half so you'll have to drop this to an inch is an hour then an inch and half would be an hour and a half once again every inch is an hour leave this salt if it's a half inch then you do a half an hour a quarter inch a quarter hour ok don't be afraid to put too much because we're going to wash this right away when we're done, but this is going to do something to the meat, it's really interesting, here we go.
tips tricks 1   poor man s filet mignon

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tips tricks 1 poor man s filet mignon...

I covered everything a bit more below. Alright, here we go. I don't know why this works. and tell me, but what's going to happen is it's going to pull the moisture out of this meat and it's also going to do something with the protein molecules. it's going to break them and what's going to happen is this simple piece of meat, as you can see, it's nice, it's quite hard, look how it's not, there's no openings, okay, you can separate it, okay, this is going to open the meat it does something to protein molecules I don't know the science I just know it works and I'm going to show you right now so let's just let this settle let's break out my tape measure which is about you know what that's about an inch and a quarter so we're going to do an hour and 15 minutes ok i'll be back in an hour and 15 minutes to show you exactly a pock mouth notice there's no moisture or water in there just the salt no moisture or water in this one okay we're going to watch this in an hour and 15 minutes you're watching the cooking show with jack we'll be back right after this message hey how are you jack sky lonnie here i just want to tell you about my line of sauces they're called the best sauces that you will try, that's the name of the best sauce BBQ Sauce You'll Ever Try Here's The Best Hot BBQ Sauce Over Try The Best Teriyaki Sauce You'll Ever Try And The Best Gourmet Seasoning You'll Ever Try They all come with a money back guarantee and if you live in the United States of America I give you free shipping.
tips tricks 1   poor man s filet mignon
I am pleased to announce it to my friends in the great white north of Canada. I have now created an order page for Canadian orders. I don't do free shipping, but right now. Canadians can order the sauces too go check them out go to the best sauces com I'll see you there and now back in the kitchen with Jack they show it's been an hour and 15 minutes and you can see all the salt has gotten really wet it's pulling it's pulling out all the water you can also see if you would if we flip this over let me flip this over a bit if you flip it over you could see how the salt got a lot of moisture in there and you can see where the water is coming out of the steak it's just that it's just c coming straight out of the bottom so it's doing something to this meat so we're going to take both and set them up to cook them good the first thing you need to do is rinse all day of salt there we're going to remove all the salt and look, but you notice all those openings, look at all those grooves, it's starting to separate a little bit here, it's really penetrated, I mean rinse well, now you can see it's right, a very loose feeling.
tips tricks 1   poor man s filet mignon
I'll show you the other one on the table okay let's look for the difference in the meat okay look at how this hasn't been dealt with how it looks straight off the butcher's counter okay and look at this this is much more falling apart you can see the grooves look at the gap you see that gap right there the gap right there all these grooves being created it looks like it's falling apart in my hands it's not that firm if we turn it's the right way and we go there you go ok it seems to have opened up the meat is really interesting so there you go now we take these out let's grill them now once it's salt clean season they're both however you like I'm going to season them then take them to the grill bring them back then we'll do a taste test to see if it opened up and became more tender than this, okay, you just came off the grill.
I want to show you some similarities and some differences, okay, now I realized as I was cooking these, these were cooked over their own flame, each one had a flame under it on the barbecue, they were cooked identically, in the same position, the same amount of time I've taken them out but the weird thing is the raw one looks like it curled up a little right on this end and we can't see it but it curled up a little bit and it looked like it was overcooked or overcooked but look at this one here this one is interesting because this i still like my steak r does this look weird and this looks well done?
They look completely different if it looks like they were quickly different at completely different times so I want to do one more thing before I lift them and which one has the most juice before I cut them. okay, okay, this one definitely has more juice than this one, but we're going to cut these bad boys out right now. Let me get a plate. This is the only season with salt. cut it up let's see exactly how they were cooked oh yeah good and weird ok that's beautiful let's take a look at this very place same as you both are beautiful let's take a look now and see let's see if. one is more tender than the other i'm going to try to rip this tear this meat open with my fingers it's pretty easy little nervous i like it that was a little harder than i thought but you can do it now let's go here and check this out the same place as through Wow, that was beautiful.
It was so much easier now. I think if you left the salt out a bit longer, you'd have an even better softening procedure, okay? So here's the deal, um, have a piece of meat here. Wow, I know what I'm having. dinner there's a piece that doesn't want the same size here so we're trying this right now let the meat sit it should be perfect this is the good raw seasoning Wow lots of pepper forgive me mmm I love pepper black ok it really has a lot of flavor but it immediately hardened almost all the juices and now it's getting harder to show now the treater one ummm this is more like a New York steak I think we've upgraded to a New York steak here same mmm it breaks very easy definitely makes a difference I've done this before but had to share with you mmm delicious im going to get some a1 im going to sit down with these steaks and let's have a chat go try it text me send me pics tell me no Lie please.
Okay, see you in the next kitchen with Jack. Take care of yourself.

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