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TIMTHE "FIRSTDOWN" MAN! (ft. Nickmercs,SypherPK & Hysteria) | Fortnite Battle Royale Highligh

Jun 01, 2021
Nick is going to play in a tournament, this guy is going to play in a tournament instead of playing with his best friend Tim, wow man, you think you know a guy, Jeff, he'll know, it's good to know that money comes before friendship, it's good to know that Nick is playing. in a tournament, this guy outdid himself today, no man, I want to get with Nick if Nick wants to play tonight, that's what I want, what is he doing right now? What is he doing? That's so important to you, brother, do you think he'll ever accept this? 57 kills from his title, as we understand it, you got fifty seven kills once, this is a good tips, tricks video, I have to write it, but if there is a campfire in the storm, he wants to play, okay, I'm in my desktop or friend. you can tell him I'm in my mismatch when he wants to have an adult conversation and get on a stool he can talk to me face to face hey man hey thanks for the tips and tricks to make it happen oh oh. every time I do it it's guessing these cables there's always something uh I see I see it's cool you're joking here oh yeah I don't see this going over my head are you trolling me are you trolling me? chat Am I being trolled, your friend? might be a better way to play him, to be honest, sorry for now, here I am trying to identify a real cave troll right now, literally what is it that makes him sad to tell me he can't hear me, Do you listen to me during all the effort?
timthe firstdown man ft nickmercs sypherpk hysteria fortnite battle royale highligh
I'm a toxic guy, thanks for your tips and tricks video, by the way, oh I heard you know. Oh, what's all I did here? We were in the finals last year Tim Michigan Wolverines Football on the road, guys, you guys won't let us clean up Tilted, damn, be patient Oh H, really oh oh oh God, hey, that's the guy that killed me Nick, Bring it on, bro, TV, by the way. that's him yeah you should run to me right now let's code death welcome to the other side lots of boring jokes yeah honey jiko that game was a lot better to play he sure is a good dreamer buddy , brother, it feels good, like you like to call. duty you like to be our BAM perfect blackout the next transmission exploded when he was a police transmitter said he forgets the roots that's how it works whoa three three four hundred subs Jake, you were one of those gears more days about I remember, don't do it No, Don't forget, don't forget where it took off, but don't forget where it took off.
timthe firstdown man ft nickmercs sypherpk hysteria fortnite battle royale highligh

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timthe firstdown man ft nickmercs sypherpk hysteria fortnite battle royale highligh...

No, no, don't start with me. I went back and played on the PlayStation console. I play a tournament. I couldn't play it, it has literally nothing to do with it, frame rate and brightness. I couldn't play, so I was trying to debate whether I was going to play Blackout. I didn't know if I just wanted to connect. a controller on the PC we're going out with you and you can't stay alive now because he's down too but he didn't get the first tip but I wanted the first one. I decided to go down at a much more opportune time.
timthe firstdown man ft nickmercs sypherpk hysteria fortnite battle royale highligh
Well, buddy, no, he's just BM me so bad yet Tim, okay, what's up, Jake? Well you guys, when the girl is like me, Gina, you see my million power video audience, oh, I'm having a conversation with my friend, I'm sorry, did you catch a dollar I think? I asked you for five minutes again, no, okay, Amos Center, this is like crazy, crazy, crazy cheese. I'm like, okay, great, because we need one, but now she wants to buy two other things to go with it and I feel like that. two things will just create two more things that go with those two things and then eventually we will buy one thing, what do I do here?
timthe firstdown man ft nickmercs sypherpk hysteria fortnite battle royale highligh
Yeah, you buy wall mirrors here, probably like five sixes, Honda equipment, no, you know, I guess so. wall mirror bro we just wanted a full beer she's like I need a full size mirror I was like what do you need that for that conversation that just started? It's like I like to look at my entire outfit. I'm like using. your phone for a long mirror that looks good for about 40 bucks let's not die she goes you don't mention you don't mention a couple of conversations about three things I've noticed over the years you're absolutely making me look bad, you buy whatever you want, whatever you want, of course, this is it.
I don't really spend money on things other than tattoos on my jeepers. I don't care, it's not cheap, but every time I see it I cringe, okay? I don't drive. Ford Fiestas to Costco oh guys, okay, well, I live, I love people and things like names and I like red bottom shoes, but it's like that, usually, whenever something like a mirror appears, for I usually just have to be Okay, so we're going to get this mirror okay, but now we're not going to get it. Oh, okay, so tit for tat, yeah, right, that works, it's like a barter program like Yeah, sure, okay, instead of getting four goats we're going to get. two cattle this season oh, that's a great idea, okay, you know, I tried with my heart to save you, correct the flesh of man, it's so bad.
I'm not dead, Nick Rock'em, yeah, yeah, I mean, anyone can hide, kill freely, okay. Baby look bad, oh that's where I fell Chad, are you dead up here? I don't understand, I want a knife, wait, yeah, hey, I quoted from where I am. I'm done, but the pure rock I put on some clothes. I'm going, damn, I don't know what's going on, there's still a guy up there, oh boy, I've got you going. One shot, one shot, one shot. I hit the markers twice, but he didn't die, so riddle, that video leaves me brutal. Your dad said he couldn't run the option item once he can't shoot Oh, everyone get into this, it's about time.
I think the only place it should work is as a contract. Yes, completely, and even then I'm up for that, although one of these have to air, where could these guys beat? I just held my breath with my sniper rifle another one in front emotionally physically spiritually fast 15 lightning bolts are going to kill check starting from the top here we're going to see Nick Mertz, they fill me and Tim almost tied up and I died 30 minutes ago Wow, I sigh for a toxin I'm not here, it's not me, I'm not toxic at all interesting, you really get to know people it changes, oh God, I'm sweating Nina, my ass is what, but like he's a hypocrite, he's worse than me. so I don't really care if that guy calms down.
Wow, it can't play on my PC, why don't you like that song? I mean, it's not that I don't like it, I don't like it, I don't buy it. Okay, I mean, I saw you boxing in your living room. I do not like that. Okay, I'm going to get the boxing with you and show you, what's up? Are you guys somewhere in the realm of fighters like that? Oh, what started? yeah, in front of us he says: I'm fighting, I'm going to get closer - Hank, well, you already killed everyone, so someone was going to shoot me, that's fine with you.
I hit these guys twice 30 weight just carry, carry, carry sights - need help yeah wait did you shoot it with a burst or not? I no longer shot everything necessary for the hats in the broadcast. I'm hugging the guy, no, I'm done with the hat, guys, me. so you got here, okay, I'm here 150 million ping, oh yeah, for a guy we're playing in the West, yeah, we can ping in the West just as well, stop it, that's not true, it's twice as much when the best is oh, wait. Isn't your center Chandi's double ass? Let me build on golf carts for tonight.
That is the stupidest match I have ever physically seen with my eyes. This game has never been implemented. What is the benefit? What died because of its annoying sound so easily? annoying sound a million times in my ear at full volume I have been screaming before I screamed so many times that as if my forehead lights up, I start to lose oxygen. I almost fainted. I've gotten like there have been moments where I literally thought. Oh, I guess the salty life is an East Coast thing. They told me I had no idea. You never know what the hell you're talking about.
You only talk about fake news. It's an organization on the East Coast. There, Nickolas, in Michigan. right, nothing happens up there, what do you have shopping in California, thanks to Los Angeles, the palm trees and the tits grew, grew, the palm trees of Michigan, the man's tits, like there was nothing, they just like the Barren wasteland, the guy and the cows and the horses, I mean, now where am I? I'm from the Alamo, wait, wait, wait, wait, Tim, I have a way we can be Alton, half, Matt, half-mast, Mary, please, sir, I don't want your mind, Tim, half-bath, buddy.
I left it where thanks, 320 would know I have 95 metal. and 100 PK bricks, what are you doing here? Thanks bro, I was like 12, you were nine, you had nine ciphers at nine, I was 12, yeah man that sounds good, it was the fastest, you never heard right, I've copied what ten behind you behind you on any place even though I'm gonna listen to him but he's under us at least you got your drums oh yeah bro clincher this guy's still alive inside it's good to get in let's use him right inside there's a drink chugging in here yeah no no in here here it's okay, I was going to know, look I'm going to sit down, get a miller, look, get a miller, everyone's getting pushed around, are you kidding me bro, there's a double bill here?
You need to be careful. Frustrating, can we play on the eastern servers? I try to add it, yeah, that guy's in a trap, only three seconds to edit, bro, that's the old Tim, dude, yeah, that's it or yeah, we were letting him blow up, bro, the funny thing is I didn't. I tried not to swear during it all right, yeah, so dude, I feel like I'd let it break, yeah. Bob continued with the MF with the capital B turning it to a I used to try to take care of my mouth, but watching this brought out the worst, admit it, yeah, you got that gout, eh, yeah, see you later, let's fly Guys, later, give me a heads up, I'm Sandi, I got paid, I got teased, I got painted, I was dancing, I really tried, I can't. trust them he's one of my subscribers permanent ban leave him yeah he's all it's all my guys later okay post me bro thanks try to grow my channel grow me right before it's here.
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