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TIME TO GET STUFFED... | Case Animatronics - Part 1

Feb 27, 2020
Hello everyone my name is Markiplier. and welcome to Case Animatronics. Now this is supposedly not a "Five Nights At Freddy's" fan game, but... the comparison could be made, considering what I've seen so far, it looks like a computer terminal monitor and there seems to be an animatronic *tone pissed off* and it says animatronic right there in the name of the game! But I'll reserve judgment because that's what I do. Don't forget to bring Head-phoanes. The game could... Forget it, no warning to anyone. You're going into this raw and unprepared. What's that? Uh... you got... *harsh voice* I'll go check there's a lot of self-titled dialogue here.
time to get stuffed case animatronics   part 1
Good thing I deleted all those documents on my computer! Time to go check. I've got my flashlight here, let me hold it military style. *harsh voice* Do you appreciate my sarcastic sense of humor? It's really going to help me. Oh, probably not much if it's given by the company. I do not know about that. Probably the


, they're going to... Why am I talking to you? When I was talking to myself a while ago, maybe I'm just a little confused *Normal voice* Okay, I don't know! Well... This is a pretty weird and disorienting tutorial introduction, but I'm going out in the fucking dark...
time to get stuffed case animatronics   part 1

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time to get stuffed case animatronics part 1...

Shit... where am I going? What am I doing? Because...? .... What was that? Did you find out what? Ooh... well, that's not good. ...Okay...okay then...Hi- ah good, I'll turn it off! I didn't want the light anyway. *harsh voice* Better like this in the dark alone with my thoughts. *normal voice* Mm-Kay Okay then fuck off Mm-kay (that face though) Oh this door is locked, thanks for telling me that, I could look at it and do that but you decided to give me a... Oh, hello hello, why are you covered in blood? Why do you have such short and stubby legs?
time to get stuffed case animatronics   part 1
Sorry to insult your height, but it happens to me... oh, hey, but it happens to me all the


on the internet. Were you...were you looking at me? I think he was looking at me...a little...bleh Okay Wait- 119...*singing* I can't read that last letterbox~ 1197...I bet I can!~ 1197 Is that a cooooood? Access card, huh? Okay... HAVE FUN STAYING ON THE GROUND FOREVER AND NOT GIVING UP AND PUSHING YOUR WHOLE INSIDE OF ME! Er, wait, backwards, woah, wait, I mean the padding of the - in the suit, no... (Suuuuuure Mark) Wow! Okay, never mind then.
time to get stuffed case animatronics   part 1
Holy shit Alright So I need to find a charger Let's just ignore everything that happened Oh okay what is this? (has a heart attack) WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?! WHAT THE FUCK?!! Ohhh... that was all


of the plan. K Well... HELLO Sure it is (Mark.exe has stopped working) (Reboot may take a year) (Reboot is almost done, please don't close Mark.exe) HUH, WE DON'T WANT ANYMORE- Oh god no again, why do I have to go back to the control room?! We don't want any kind of deja-vu incident! I'm going to die. In horrible, horrible ways.
And everything will be ca- oh, hello! Um... All right. So why did you say a


ment? Hello handsome how are you? Why did he say apartment when... obviously I'm in a police department office? Maybe? Ooh boy Oh, that sounds good *Inhales* Is that the same thud that scared me before? Is that the same as animadroomic? 392 Again, is that a two? Ok... 3922? Let's try it again! The same deal we did before, I guess 3922 (2x) Hey, key card...? Hello eh?! I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT WAS! I'M NOT GOING TO OPEN MY DAMN EYES, I'M GOING TO LOOK AT THIS PANEL LIKE NOTHING WRONG HAPPENED AND THEN MAYBE IT WILL DISAPPEAR! three - nine - two - two Well, how about that?
Hmm. I wonder what's going to happen here? *little voice* ok what the hell is the second course? I do not know what you're talking about. You are being much less descriptive than before! is this the second plate? Nooo, it's just the thermostat. Holy shit! *harsh voice* I know! I can't be too scared for anything! I can't show too much emotion... My tonsils were removed, don't worry about me. I can't say the word 'tonsil'. I had a lobotomy when I was 12 years old. Oh... hello... hello. Is it Batman? I should have known! There is a man with a grumpy voice who is Batman.
Well. Well then. I have to find where the other drugs go... Alright, so, I guess the animithrome... is going to be up and running around now... Uhuh. Whoa! He has mysteriously left... Hello? No no I dont know. Hmf. Play what? (warning sound) OhKaY. Ohk- (warning sound again) AH! I-I don't know what I expected! I guess... I didn't think it was going to open?! oops. Oh! ABOUT US. I didn't want that to happen. I'm sorry. I apologize. Let's try again! Oh. "It may be too intense for pregnant women." Well, that rules me out RIGHT. Okay, let's try again *laughing*! *laughs* It's okay.
Well. Alright. Let's do this... Skip dialogue *unenthusiastically* Ahhh! Alright, NOW we run! Oh where? Where? Alright alright, this one I guess. I bet this is going to be good. Hmm. Where's the dialogue that's going to say, "What the hell was that?" "I hope that thing isn't trying to kill me." "It was like some kind of animatronic. I should probably hide." Hello! "Oh, it's right outside the door!" "Uh, good. It didn't seem to detect me." (Mark waits...semi-patiently for the animatronic to leave) Am I free now? Well! That's not- That's- That's not a good sound... I'll be back here! *listens carefully* Alright, I'm assuming he's gone.
So where- ooh. wutwuzat? Oh. It's-it's out there. Oh. That's not- That's not good. Where is this other panel? Oh, TITTY SPRINKLES. I went the wrong way! Shit. OH SHIT COCKS. WOOOAHHH *Bigfoot call* FUCKING COCKS Can I bend over? Can't. I'm fucking screwed. ah I went the WRONG path. Ooh, I went the wrong way... OH, I know what I'm supposed to do. (Are you sure?) I'm supposed to RETURN... through the door that- Ah. This-ooh. HEY? Well-AHHHHHHH! AHHH IT'S CLOSE *Unintelligible screeches* UhOH uHoH UHoh uhoh Wooaaah. Kay. THE GOOD IS NOT VERY INTELLIGENT. SO GOOD I AM THE INTELLIGENT ONE HERE (Of course) Can I close this door?
If I can! It can never happen NOW! I've got over it! I am the smart one. And now that? What the hell is another panel? I can't see shit with stupid flashing lights. Well, that didn't have anything in- Well, that didn't make sense. Damn, I can't see shit. W-don't I need to hide? It doesn't help when you're shining your flashlight on the stupid door. So there has to be another panel or something around here somewhere. Oh! That's convenient! Hey. Uhh... *I don't want to* ...Hey Oh good! There's a giant thing in a giant box! That is probably useful for me!
Maybe I can untie it and make them fight each other... That would be nice. Hey, stop that! That is government property. Hey hello hello friend'. Who the hell are you? Are you from 'Five nights at Candyyyyyyyy's?' Where is this panel? Where's the damn panel? I thought you would be here. I mean, this looks exactly like the kind of place a panel would have. Can I open this? No. Well, dammit. There is no panel here. Well then. CARRYING IT. ugh. I have a feeling I'm supposed to find it like a key card. (warning sound) Oh. Good thing I a- wut- woa- AHHHHHH FUCK, MAN.
HOOOOOOOL shit Haaaa. KAY. GOOD. AS I SAID; I MAGINE I'm supposed to find a key card. And that's going to help me get to another- where the hell am I now...? Where I am now? Because I am here? Oh damn. Well, I guess I didn't get very far... Well, then, my imagination, once again, tells me that there has to be an access card around here somewhere. I just have to find it and eat these donuts Om Nom Nom Nom Good donuts! Maybe she'll be mad at me because I ate all her donuts. Do I give a fuck?
The answer is no! Hello. Can...? Thank you. *Reading the note on the screen* Oooh. Interesting. (You didn't even read it slow enough to take it in.) Are these the words of the guy on the phone? And, and somehow, did I steal Emma? he* Is that what I'm supposed to make believe? You never know with these things. I remember seeing another note here somewhere... I don't know if it was randomly generated or if it's just... very, very specific designs. It seems to be random. Eat the donuts! Do not be angry with me! I have to get the last one!
Here we go! *Reading the note on the screen* Are you okay? Very confusing... Donut break! *Nom Nom Nom* I'm always... very hungry when I'm scared... Oh, herro. *reading the note on the screen* ohKAy Something interesting to write... I'm not sure how that refers to ME. Hello, more story.... *reading note on screen* *gasps* CAN IT ATTACH ME WHILE READING THIS? You better not... *continues reading, stressed* okAYYY I'm about to die, aren't I? Damn... After coming this far... (Mhm...) Man, I don't even know if I'm on the right track to get a KEY CARD. I don't think it's... *sigh* It seems like he left me alone for NOW...
But I've gone through almost EVERY drawer I have access to, because I must be doing this, like, something wrong. Somehow... There- I must not be doing this quite right... There must be something I'm missing... As if altogether there's something... There's a piece of the puzzle that I'm not putting together. .. Wow! Hello! Wow! I didn't notice the toilets! Why are the bathrooms... Okay, where am I... I'm not where I'm supposed to be... Close, but not where I'm supposed to be... *Finds the key card* OH! HELLO! HELLO! *harsh voice* 'Ungh, it's a key card, huh? Well...' The door is locked with an access card...
Too bad I only have *this* access card... *Normal voice* Ok then... As I remember... doors... One of them... HELLO! Hi, friend'! How are you?! Woahh boy! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Well, in the closet. You never saw me! I have an access card! I didn't know he would just be lying on the floor in the locker room. I don't know why I didn't know- *I don't want to* *I'm not ready for Freddy* (Are you okay, Mark?) *Mark.exe crashed* (Don't worry, Mark, we'll throw you an amazing funeral.) It's right there ... *MALE YELLS* Hi heh heh heh Oh my God...
AHHHHHH Shit... It's okay! Um... So I got the key card... That's good PROGRESS! But not exactly what he wanted to do. So I'm going to end this episode here... Because I have more to find out soon... But I do have some bits of history and some scoops. That was really scary. Being able to see the thing standing outside the door is a nice touch. But, the Five Nights at Freddy's fan game still is. So, THANK YOU all so much for watching, and as always... I'll see you... IN THE NEXT VIDEO! Bye bye!

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