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Tim Duncan vs Kobe Bryant Full Highlights 1999 WCSF GM1

Apr 30, 2023
Back in San Antonio, Home Depot starting lineups at noon ooh Glen Rice, who didn't play in the series collection against Houston on Saturday to test for soreness in his right elbow, we know in the first round, Shaq dominated to Euston with 29 points, ten rebounds, four blocks thirteen tries per game on the other side, Tim Duncan, the only player in a league who is in the top ten in five different categories, must play big and dominate, read and care because the first 14 games and the Lakers lost to San Antonio and they were still struggling here. it's Duncan on his far side of the game which is a healthy sign we saw the lakers didn't come they say we'll see about that and the other x factor for the lakers is



24 against you sir there are six rebounds clearing the boards extremely valid potions oh yeah who's the second leading scorer oh much needed and brian goes under rice pop up please seven almost four minutes walk for two points osbourne awesome tying his double digit lead and he's in space and six months anytime san antonio go down inside the dungeon something good eyes anytime he played all but a minute but at 20 he can handle it.
tim duncan vs kobe bryant full highlights 1999 wcsf gm1
It was started right there by Avery. Favorites far from the double team. Avery Johnson invented 47% without thinking that he chased down to the last shot. off the coast maybe playing to try and get it on the baseline but last hit the line and the Spurs have plenty of time with 3.6 seconds left in the first quarter competing shots on Jerome Kersey with everything still to make a goal from field here is Kobe Bryant gets out enough penetrated missile and that's the first basket for the Lakers here in the second quarter and it comes if the secretary to face here they are missing too many seconds so rice is stored. most English stress that Tim Duncan never does, whatever is going on, Bryan returns to the - so brother at 14 to leave another two minutes remaining in a furious first half of action here in Game one of the best of seven between the squares on the lake it reads Reid gets a part Jackson when he said 15 six point corner play lead for his beauty as soon as that basket if you've noticed in this verse then the Lakers execute what we call a sideline but they run on the left side of the court most teams go up on the right side when Bryant is the guy they're throwing at if you notice he's there before anyone else and he's going to face this thunder that Kobe Bryant is coming in This game of the first series was 15 of 16, this was his first free throw, so the Spurs maintain the outstanding position due to three personal fouls committed in San Antonio. and then you can take it to the end they're slowing down the rotators movie guy with the spin with 12 points Shaquille O'Neal and stay with us defensive sorry hey Johnson now stay tuned one more time David Robinson is there to help Avery Johnson wait also and protection err civility be the typical team quickly Ellie six in the lead is committed well thought by Jerry West in the past everyone likes his tenacity plus he is very coachable now between Fisher and Harper on that first series with Houston four assists and a half a game takes that ratio every time high school days is in control is the court helped up this is the Schaech now with miles who would have thought that mm David Robinson before the end of the third quarter because the big guys are not in position to take the shell and there are genetic teams defending people so they are going to take it all off digging in eight five point games 26 Kobe Bryant with a nifty move to the basket who has 14 Shaq leading the Lakers with 19 , which is a 13-point deficit with 642 to go, gets intercepted by the first hit like that to show they go up in the classic going into this round for San Antonio in the last minute, they hit the down hit for one up 25 in 135 in the first round from the line and now a fumble foul against the Lakers game over here on TNT meet our heavy sister station to find a rude look at tonight's action preview games opening tomorrow between the hawks and the knicks and the blazers and the jazz series join bob coccyx man in our atlanta studios and eros fishel driving jack has his shot clock the san antonio spurs will take the lakers 81
tim duncan vs kobe bryant full highlights 1999 wcsf gm1

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