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TikTok Fails I Watch At 3AM

Jan 14, 2022
Are you struggling to fall asleep? Well this video is for you because these are the best tik tok that can't be seen at 3 am. that's totally the skater's fault too like you literally can't do anything about it oh this sounds so peaceful it sounds so good it might break a glass or something maybe there's a limit I don't know you could do that protecting the property look at him he's oh no look at him he can't save him oh down he goes literally barked so loud he jerked back oh this dog just walks off terry puts the ball gary what are you doing what doesn't he literally moved it right in his way, the dog, he literally tried to murder him right there, he knew it too, he knew my mom was causing a ruckus in the hobby lobby. i've seen before what even those are so uncomfortable unlike the old clean slip and slide it feels like when you're so confident that you're guaranteed to rock and it comes right on cue and that's a hard fall on head. means it's just total destruction right there he's not coming back from that oh what the hell oh I guess that's one of the reasons you shouldn't block a tractor or trespass.
tiktok fails i watch at 3am
I don't know the backstory here, but uh, I'll know what this man will do to a guy who's willing to dump your car like that that's crazy oh oh my god what is that real oh that's crazy stuff they sound scarier than a lion i guess that's why they're called sea lions because they roar now i get it oh what are we doing here cap look at her face what is she doing i need to know what's at the bottom of that that it's so important, this cat has to drink it right now, like what's going on. it's just water down there oh she she sent it it's ok obviously it's going to be worth it no can you imagine putting in all that work just to make things worse?
tiktok fails i watch at 3am

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tiktok fails i watch at 3am...

I mean, honestly, that was the worst of it when you finished your workout and thought there were only two balls in the machine. well, that's it, you're right, okay, he's going to punch you in the face, oh no, ouch, I mean he came out with some heat. I always wanted one of these when he was a kid. It doesn't really matter if I played basketball too much, but I used to play well. It wasn't good, but I played. What's that? Pure syrup only. Oh this looks good. A little syrup. out of a box that's some expensive milk probably some ice in there yeah oh my gosh that looks so good it sure is 5,000 calories oh my gosh it just keeps getting better I was so mad that you did all that and then you dropped it how do you do that don't do it again you're going to do it again oh you did it don't do it again oh and walks away no no no no oh my god look at grandma coming out she walks like a penguin trying to help her or she's going to yell at her she was so confused that drunk girl oh she's up what the hell we're witnessing right now it's like one mistake after another it's like you did one thing wrong you have to face it she just turned that mistake into possibly dying oh nothing like cereal without a bowl look at this you couldn't i thought you could throw away oh no no don't eat out of your mouth that's really so gross but also so fucking funny i would do this with my friends this is something me and my friends would do but we wouldn't we would just laugh we would eat We eat the whole bowl the other person this is weird that's weird me and my friends are weird oh that's so cute it's alright though oh it goes in the water dude my dad just found the kitty and it looks so cute and i almost drank it I'm still not sure if it looks that cute.
tiktok fails i watch at 3am
I want a cat. This is your reminder to turn off the iron oh my gosh wow that could have burned the whole place down dude oh my gosh it actually burned the rug all the way to the floor that's so scary it's like that time when I put a pizza in the oven and then i forgot about it and then i woke up and it was a black pizza that could have burned the place down what oh man this is so dangerous honestly even as a joke in the house can you imagine if the floor falls he would just? being dead like splinters in the neck i feel like i got a little late in real life there it took me it took me a long time to realize what just happened i just got late i think i actually got late but that girl is kinda wild she is so nice and the girl has so nice oh no is this not a common theme with starbucks cops like those of you who get it all the time are you here spouting it all the time about yourself my brother trying to sneak a girl no Oh my gosh, is he caught on camera? she's walking away oh my gosh that's so funny it almost worked and i like the fact that he had mapped out exactly where she could be it's really so funny this looks good oh ok ok maybe no oh we just hit a knockout little ko that's brutal things we find embarrassing when ice cream falls out of the cone you knew i was going to fall before even when i had a hot nutella platter it just filled everything my bowl with it and it put a little ice cream i started to pass out and my head hit the wall boom what just fell oh the other dog where did he fall from he skipped his nap but disney is life this makes me so jealous cause i feel like a kid I think I went to Disney once but I don't remember any of it and I want to go back but I'm a little bit older now.
tiktok fails i watch at 3am
It's okay? He kept saying that he was not tired. so sleepy he was falling asleep while he was walking look he's out of his mind oh my gosh and then what do you do? That child is too big to carry. I mean, like you're done. You just have to let him get some sleep. Oh no. This seems like a bad idea. Please don't be red. oh it's red oh that sucks look at her I like the way she does it. In fact, I'm really stuck, oh my god, what kind of fabric is that that stretches. I need help.
He moved a little. I think it is. I think she will get it. OMG this is a video I would never want anyone in the world to see in my entire life and yet here we are wait a minute why is there a picture of me on Instagram? i mean on twitter i'm


ing i told everyone to text me she looks so sad me my friend just got married a couple weeks ago even though i'm not in any of the pictures because every time we take it i was too short to be seen there was one more there was a great group photo i was in the back i literally couldn't even see the camera it's just awful what is she doing what's the problem i don't know what actually happened like i wasn't in bike enough to know the answer to that but it would be so embarrassing to fall in front of people who has a helmet on even though it's safe oh man well I mean none of them opened it looks like me I think Elsa got too he sprained his ankle so i don't know i think he did i'm not sure he sprained it badly but nothing spilled it could have been worse what someone bit you guys literally had a job oh , the big guy leaves. on that ok i'm gonna break it oh he actually broke it dude that's dangerous man if that wire falls off and it makes you like what I don't understand why are they letting it go? this is so confusing no one knows how? to use it, oh I know what's going on, these people don't realize that when they jump it's I don't know why. this is happening i cant i cant decide its just weird brother in law bought a huge box of fireworks at sams club thinking they were going to be like disney fireworks three pieces of string how much does something like this cost obviously its just parties but they all look like party poppers thats literally all that party popper party dad looks like i feel like you could look in this bag and know its going to be a scam the next trick is called the hospital flip why what they caught oh wait no they're definitely not lined up they never would it's just his neck almost hit the water bad yeah I thought ok I thought they were trying to hint I'd jump on him and crush him no it's just his neck It'll break, okay, that's an apartment or whatever, oh, oh, boy. he comes in the clutch and saves his head, are you kidding me mate? if he wasn't there who knows what could have happened but it was one of the most exciting things I've ever seen before my man walked in and said I'll be your savior that's crazy when amazon mislabels poppers mate , No.
How were they mislabeled though oh its supposed to be a girl so the guy the person who ordered it could have been the wrong person how weird is that ok they are in the wrong house but no i'm going to stop them because i think this is a real thing if the contractors come to your house and it's the wrong house and they do the work you get it for free you love having free concrete or a deck whatever they're building i'll let you know the 3rd part how he looks I mean he looks like a good deck to lose like he just wants to know what he's actually getting.
I'm going to follow what is the final version, who is joey jojo, okay, I was worried, but they ended up coming back. is what she did wow so she still doesn't know what they're getting but g give her some kind of concrete floor that's cool I mean it looks better than the terrace I guess I don't know I mean I have very curious about what is going to happen, but if you do that as a goalkeeper, I feel like how do you do it? ever redeem yourself like that's something that literally follows you for the rest of your life like there's nothing you can do to erase that from everyone's memory oh I didn't even see it at first I was like what is he talking about this? so now i learned twice not to step on slip and slide.
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