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Tik Toks Worth Watching Before It Shuts Down

May 31, 2021
Hello friends, it's me. I have no idea what's been going on with the tick tock. Are they closing it? Will he live to see another day? Anyway, here are some more of my favorite tic tacs that I've been hoarding. You're trying to get me. trying to cut myself trying to catch the ghost last slacker I'm trying to cut myself trying to read this tick tock I literally thought this was just me like sometimes, like when you see something in the corner of your eye you're like one One day, one day, I I will catch I'm going to catch this guy who's been dead spying on me, like a ghost inside my house, but I never thought you could hit him nine times out of ten.
tik toks worth watching before it shuts down
He's probably your brother hiding in the shower. trying to scare you, the first person to see lightning, yeah this feels great because she knew it was coming, she was really scared, they got her out of her own tic tac with a shoe, oh no, that's what it sounds like when I try to sing, you know ? Some people's vocal cords are simply more privileged than others. I thought somehow my algorithm ended me up with a dead tick. Look at this guy, look, they've taken him to his own funeral, that guy's still alive and he got a phone and somehow I recorded a ticking, but what's going on here?
tik toks worth watching before it shuts down

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tik toks worth watching before it shuts down...

There are as many questions raised as from the guys you've connected with, we have, we have that guy, oh oh, we also have that guy, uh, another one, oh wait, we connected with them. Wait, we have the whole team, it's four, it's four, five, you, five, okay, don't be shy, take out the rest of the team. She says: Oops, I mean, would you say this is a push-up that they were at the Costco gas station that this woman was drinking? too long and then my friend finally decided to talk, literally huffing out the window for me and I really thought it was a boom for a hot second who's the most famous student at your high school opens the yearbook Morgan Freeman went to his school Wow, that one glitter is crazy.
tik toks worth watching before it shuts down
It started like this. Wow, Hollywood changed it. Levi. The police are looking for you. We have to do it in the search, well, my friend really is isolating. I found it better in my head. Someone asked him to plug in a plug and I'm like, wait, what, why do people care about this? and then I tell him to move on. your ear if it fits the boats it works I mean she put a plug in okay so to everyone who's been saying this about him clearly oh okay no it's okay you didn't see , they didn't see my friend standing. in a basket for everyone to ask you why your man is so small, hey little guy, you just need a little boost, is anyone else making food sometimes?
tik toks worth watching before it shuts down
If that's funny, huh, she's crying, oh no, she broke down real tears, everyone really had me in the first half I had no idea where this was going peanut butter and cinnamon bread, lady, there it goes, wow, that It's rude, not only is it rude, it's illegal, no whipped cream, okay, you know, I would have given him bonus points if he had actually eaten it. herself is this what you wanted uh is this what you wanted no whipped cream I got you I won't give you whipped cream panda probably crying too under that suit just standing there like hey I thought I was going to make these kids smile today why are they ?
They were very afraid of him. Is this a purple panda eq? and it's all like they bring in Pennywise and say, "Oh, say hello to the cute clown." Not even that ugly brother you can't take your mom anywhere dad comes in with that bag beautiful baby yes beautiful if you didn't know how to count here is Wolf Vicki showing you how where two three four five six movie excuse me why alone she really said alum what comes after ten only alum only now you know how to count until alum and what comes after 10 ela musk here we have charlie dimigio doing his dance and then someone married his hands doing the same dance look, look at these moves look at these moves everything matches if I were charlie I would have blocked her the absolute subtle disrespect I have all your skills in one hand no now look at this boom I want to be fair my body can't move like that but maybe my hand can't I can't even do that that little one oh that thing she did with her pinky oh my arthritis never could this teacher is doing like a magic trick right the kids couldn't see the balloon she made them so dirty I really thought they had witnessed the murder and oh where is their head?
Where she went? So what happens when you don't do your homework four million years ago? What the hell are you doing? Fish. We had never done that before. Why did you think today? It was the day to do that, some people legitimately think that humans evolved from fish. It's because I read something about it and then I was like, "Wait, that's it? Do you know your place in the water?" Where we go? You know, every Minecraft video that goes viral has one thing in common. They are all the ones I see on my page for you.
I'm not even kidding. Every Minecraft tick I see on my page for you is common. trend, what do you think the world is ending?, but it's just a pig whose nails are done like a complete siren of sos. The new purge sirens sound different. Someone here made that sound in my house. I just don't care if you are. a pig human dog they hit you on that big meaty cheek of yours so there's no way you're going to finish don't worry I do this too my dogs do it all the time you just like to see something move in the mirror and not wait for something to move but you're creepy, I remember, oh look how annoying it is when someone wakes you up in your sleep, oh god I'm sorry, no don't apologize, they 100 deserve it, they deserve it every time I try. to fall asleep or take a nap my dog ​​is going to barge into my room just a very loud noise in my ears breaking whoa hey baby I miss you so much now I miss you more by the way I'm pregnant what do you mean you're pregnant?
I'm the father? Oh my god, to be honest, I really don't know, let's get back to my game, what were you kidding me about? It was just one time with Jackson, Sam, Billy and Liam. That's right, how could you do that to me? I loved you. Same thing, please stop interrupting my game babe, I'm doing something right now, oh really, yeah, anyway, well it might be a bad time, but I'm going to break up with you. Okay, are you still going to pay for the delivery? Well, it's probably not mine, so no, unless you can try it, this is so chaotic that I enjoyed every second of it.
I don't know what this game is, but there are some crazy and crazy stories about tic tac playing this game. I don't even know if I can put them in a youtube video there's like 10 mango story time levels and then these are like boom stop what's your job how do they do it that's there like a shrek emoji this is too advanced for me, but anyway that's all for today I hope you liked this video if you did and don't want to talk to close make sure to hit the like button and turn on notifications click click and subscribe join the the wolf pack oh i love you guys so much thanks for


bye guys.

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