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May 29, 2021
Are you tired of your purchases sliding in the back seat? Actually, don't say yes, yes, for just ten bucks a month. You can have Caleb the owner of the shopping bag. I just never leave the car I don't don't leave the car I just grab your groceries I'll always have your groceries guys instead of texting we should text them from now on okay? how do you get people all i see is animals like cows giraffes an octopus but no one addie you must be poor something um because rich people have this dinner so you have cranberry juice on your carpet how do you get cranberry juice on your carpet mane then you need help say less i bet you pour in some very hot water then scoop once you're done scooping it should be like this now that you've finished scooping some soap around the stain so guys I'm so sorry for taking a long break is because um is it because i haven't had my phone in like a long time because i had to do school work and all that doesn't matter just keep pumping just keep pumping yes i'll keep pumping yes sir pour more water very hot oh my god and now it's coming off the mat no Note more videos coming tomorrow Big Boy Scrubba Tom after Big Boy Scrubber you ended up good so my friend left her jeans in this guy's car and now he has cheated on her but e she needs her 70 levi back so you know what we are going to do let's call her ignore she's naked right now she's a little stressed ok let's get started hi this is a collect call from the davidson county police department to accept this call press one to repeat these options say repeat hello this is davidson county police department you have been summoned to court by annalee palmer for stolen property her court date is may 18 thank you teachers at our school accidentally allowed edits to your club pre


ation man can i open this we have technology tell me you are stupid without telling me you are stupid what are the three states of matter florida california new york man solid the website is bigger did you know it is because you sleep on your pillow which side is your that's why it's not quick let me see you yeah that was like that friend you're the same so never I've done this before, you know how mad I get when you ask someone what time it is and they say it's a quarter to nine, they say it's 8:75.
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Eating so much dairy queen ice cream cake. Good thing my name isn't John so guys this is plastic from when the car was first bought. Oh look, unless this isn't what it's for. to this, i have a disease and, um, there's not a lot of awareness and i just wanted to let everyone know that i have something called nausea and basically i have to be about your business i have to know all the drama that's going on and every time you do crazy video and you disable comments and then i go to your page and all comments are disabled on all your videos makes me want to physically burn myself sorry my fruit clock is watery it's not even what it calls forget to shut up doing simple things to provoke to the people part 15 do you really think pretending to cut a sandwich is going to trigger me spoiler alert it's not oh a triangle i'm so excited oh my god it's a trapezoid it has a video of my cousin jumping over the leap of faith fly over please hear her yell i can't stop looking this is how we pack orders at mcdonald's you know you're black when you put bread in the fridge what's up? my name then my mom kept losing the remote so I went out and bought her this check this out guys the remote for the imax theater where did you find this?
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I'm going to have to tell her that, hey, man, she killed O'Neill, she wants to get her remote control back. I'm afraid to use this. you could push the wrong button to launch a big nuclear remote control these doubles Batteries e-a thought this shoe would need a car battery. Hey, somebody go get the jumper cables to change the channel. I'll change someone's mind with this big remote and turn off everyone's TV in the northern hemisphere. Just point it at the satellite. a screen in a bag you have a tv and a remote control all in one a quick update a thousand bees are about to attack me they are here and i have to go through there i mean when do i start running like now or my life huh i should like it, try peacefully please don't take me sorry don't just don't take me it's alright oh my god oh my god they're taking me oh my god do you ever look at your person and think of yourself wow how i landed you you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen and i am so thankful for you did you get an email uh my email address is a virgin not by choice did you get an email for us yes my email address email sucks, you were here the other week, right, nothing.
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I'm aware you guys can't film in the store sorry come on okay you can't be touching me like that you're just trying to just trying to sign up for your show I'm just trying to set up your show stop recording it's ok i tell y'all we doing different trends here we go i'm johnny and i think becky will get the biggest push up challenge i'm handing the phone to probably corbin ok actually i'm handing the phone to the person most hottie I know here, what's going on so weird? I guess I'm handing the phone over to the sexiest person I know here.
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Come on let's go get some food okay okay let me put him in first oh you gotta check make sure he's in neutral okay yeah that's first then neutral yeah coming in second, well that's third, you know it was the worst. in school when you had to like ing anything but go ahead and cut for me oh he's in trouble and then you had to act like you're not even crying and then someone has the audacity to ask you if you're okay well you're fine if you are my brother when you fall asleep. all around me i'm putting that meat on her lips with the utmost finesse bro that's the gayest thing i got you sis so get one of these at dollar tree stick it on and there you go so much easier guys no you will believe it again.
Normal parking I can't believe this happened to me again this is crazy oh yeah let me write it down for a second uh hey hey yeah I need something to write with don't write without a second oh here we go all good . it's a blunt pencil i need a pen i don't know yes i'm sorry still here yes just give me a sec oh here we go what do you want an award get out i'm on the phone here when your german roommate sends you videos at four in the morning hey what such a brother how are you if you want to know about geico Sure I got your brother yeah what did you say?
So what will you do this weekend? You probably just go to the beach. You plan to do? I don't know. I was thinking of meeting Candace. spelling out ihop with two peas i-h-o-p-p i-h-o-p-p is fine, so I played it back and it sounds like I'm saying I ate someone's pp. I have never eaten pee before. you're the only one here now so i just moved into this house in nova scotia and you know i was looking around like you and i found her similar wall where they marked their children's heights over the years and i realized of that last marked height is right here so hey ethan you know where i live.
I said you don't want to cancel me. well I'm a pretty chill guy, I'll hang out with just about anyone you meet as long as you're not cut for the last clip, but I said as long as you don't get sick you know I'm not trying to catch a cold. I have never been trying to sleep and your body wakes up with a bang this year. Anyway, hey, the food's here. hey the food is here hey oh the food is here hey take off your headphones the food is here hey the food is here the food is here the food is here hey i just switched from android to Apple, uh, uh, but I don't know how. to change the wallpaper this is my wallpaper now that's the woman i bought it for but i wanted to change it to this picture here ok that's weird yeah it's just this guy i'm with I've been talking on tinder yeah you're funny man what's that?
I thought you guys were the tech department good man forget it man I better go buy man ok go ahead hey I actually know your name no yeah I'm telling you it doesn't start with the letter. the letter k Caitlyn, don't lie to me, no, I'm telling you that you don't live right in uh, sew this with the stupidest skinny. g has a guy ever explained to you that i'm gonna go first so i know i probably wasn't really clear from that like what she wanted so um what is if something ever happened to you or if it's clear you're knowledgeable on the subject but a guy walks in and says she's trying to explain it to you in a really condescending way um like you have no idea what you're talking about um that's what she wanted you to do It just didn't seem like she knew I would have explained well enough so anyway that's what she wanted great she peed my eye what do I do if you see this and there's someone to your right you probably want to have sex with? him but they have to be on his right

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