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Thrift Upcycle # 2 | Trash to Treasure

Jun 10, 2021
Hi guys, I'm Jessica, welcome back to my channel. I'm literally going out to my barn right now to do some housework and different things like that, but I want to jump in here real quick and do a little intro for the next video. I've been working on some of these little projects of some things that I've gathered from


stores, antique stores, things like that that I'm reinventing, so I'll show you how I make some of those things. right now and also I just want to do a quick little segment on something I call sharing the love and basically that's where I've discovered new channels, different things like that and I want to make sure that you guys are aware of this so I have a friend, an old friend I've had for quite some time.
thrift upcycle 2 trash to treasure
His name is Jay and he and his wife have created a new YouTube channel called Sunny Mooners and basically what they have done is they have decided to get in their van and they go on an adventure going to different places like Yellowstone and things like that and they basically live in their truck and they go hiking and do really cool things, so I'm going to put their account down here to link to if you guys are interested in something like that, definitely check it out. They have beautiful landscapes of some things they've already seen and they have some really interesting ideas about how they redid their truck and how they can make a living from it.
thrift upcycle 2 trash to treasure

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thrift upcycle 2 trash to treasure...

If you're looking for a different type of channel or something to watch definitely check that out below, without further ado we're going to get into today's DIY's so the first piece I'm working on is this little box I bought. a darker color and it doesn't really suit my style so I have some leftover DIY paint in sandy blonde so I thought I'd paint a couple coats over that and then distress some of the medallion areas to convey it. I love how Jamie and Zeb do this. You can really take any piece and transform it into a piece you love for your own home with just a little paint.
thrift upcycle 2 trash to treasure
I'll end up applying a little bit of wax over this just to give it a nice coat of something to protect it. One of the easy things about DIY paint is that it is very easy to wear off, especially if you let it dry a little and it is still a little wet, it is very easy to clean. Sometimes I love using these little boxes to store things, you can put them in closets or things like that and it is a much more interesting element than, for example, a little plastic box. Then I picked up this torn pillow from the hobby lobby and that was it. in their clearance section I think I bought it for a dollar and it was originally twenty dollars.
thrift upcycle 2 trash to treasure
I say that's one of my little tips that I would like to recommend is to always go to the clearance sections of places and just see what items they have something that maybe you could repurpose and use, so I'm going to reuse this old pillowcase and then I also found this shirt at the


store and I really liked the fabric on it, it almost reminds me of nail glass, so I wanted to get this back since it was already broken and this particular cover for this pillow had a zipper so I was going to remove that as well and make this a removable piece so I'm just cutting my fabric here and you can do This with a lot of different shirt fabrics the back piece usually has the most fabric so you can use it to make a pillowcase and then usually, you know, reuse the sleeves on the front or anything else that can be salvaged, so when I'm making my piece here.
I cut my pillowcase a little larger than the original pillowcase. I like to add a quarter inch seam to everything. That way, when I'm putting it together, it will be very easy and here you go. You can see that I have already joined both pieces and I just used my overlocker to do that or you can also use a zig zag stitch below. I'm going to take the sleeves and I want to add a little bit. A little more detail on this, so I want to make some ruffles, so I'm just cutting some two inch strips here and I'm going to sew them all together and then fold over one of my border pieces to create my border.
At that point I'll finish by taking that to my sewing machine and showing you how to create a ruffle, as you can see here. I've already sewn it, I folded the edge twice and I sewed it on the edge just to give it a nice clean edge and to make my ruffle, I'm going to take it to my sewing machine and take out an extra piece because that way it gives me more thread to adjust. With the ruffle on, I'll set it to my highest tension and longest stitch length and that will create a ruffle gather when you start sewing it here, usually when you make a ruffle you'll measure the outside. of whatever piece you're putting in there, so for example, if I'm making my pillow, I'm going to measure all the sides on all sides and then I'm going to multiply that by at least two and one. half and that will be the amount of fabric you will need to make it curl.
Once I'm done with it once again, I'll make sure to take out the thread and then cut it off so that I have more of an excess and then I can adjust my ruffle as needed. Then I found this cool little piece of pottery, it's just a little vase, it doesn't have a mark on it, but I wanted to dress this up more in my style that I wanted to try and I'm also going to grab some clay here and I really wanted to try out my new mold here. I've had this for a while. I'm not sure if they still have it on JV Ray. vintage, but she has a lot of other really nice iodine molds that you can use, so I'm going to make some cornstarch here, this is what Jamie and Zeb suggest and I'm going to apply some of my clay here.
I got my clay from Amazon they recommend using air dry clay and when I ordered it I thought I ordered the white one but I ended up buying the terra cotta which actually ended up being a nice little surprise and it's no big deal because I'm going to paint it anyway , it's nothing that you're going to see, so I'm just taking a small amount and I'm just pressing it into the mold here and the cornstarch helps it not stick and as I go on On my edge pieces, you'll see me run my finger over it. the edge piece to remove that extra clay and one of the things I recommend is that while you're working with this, go ahead and put it in a ziploc bag. because it can dry very quickly, so once I turn it over and take it out, I just tap it a few times and usually if you have enough cornstarch, it will come right out and then I'll use a little bit of gorilla glue. construction adhesive to apply this and it usually dries fairly quickly.
I'm going to make a couple of these leaf type patterns and put them in there and then put a little medallion in the middle. I really love using these molds. This is my first time. using these, but a lot of them are actually very detailed and have really cool features, it's a little bit hard to see from this angle, but I'll zoom them in a little bit here usually when you put them on, you just want to be very very smooth when you press it because you don't want to remove the pattern that's already on it, next I'm just going to take some of the Waverly brand chalk paint that I had on the moss neck and Originally I was going to paint my entire vase here, originally I was just going to paint my molds of clay here completely, but then I liked the look that a little bit of that red terracotta peeking through gave it, so I wanted to leave that in because you can see more detail there, but anyway, you know, if you painted it completely over, makes it look like a cohesive piece for my next piece, I'll grab these little old ones. vintage berry boxes, you may have seen this on a previous tour I did.
I bought them for a couple of dollars at an antique store and I'm taking the leftover parts of my pillowcase here, this part was just the top piece that was folded so I unstitched it and took it out so I could use every square inch of this fabric and I'm going to make some little inserts for these so I can use them as little storage boxes, so I'm just measuring the outside. of that, I'll make it a little bit bigger because I want the piece to bend, so if it's taller, I'll make it at least another inch and a half longer than it needs, so I'm going to make my five and five pieces. inches and a half by six and a half and that will give me enough hanging edge where I can put my cover there, so I'm going to make four of these for each of my sides and then I'm just going to zigzag them together.
You can see where I zigzag them in the corners and there are many different ways to do them. I just like to use the simplest way so I'm going to take where my zigzag stitches meet and I'm going to join them together and then at the bottom I'm going to zigzag the bottom and top piece of course you're going to want to fold under and just sew once so that doesn't unravel but where I'm showing you here is where I'm going to sew zigzag so I'm back here I've already sewn this zigzag so what I'm going to do is go to fold my pockets in just the corners and I'm going to stick that on my box, so here you see, I put this on my box and I took those corners here and I just put them on the bottom and this makes it fit better on the sides.
There are other ways to do this, but this is an easier way and no one will see the inside of the box, so they just stay here. You can remove them if you want, but I leave them because they don't really bother me. I love finding items at thrift stores or antique stores or anywhere so you can reinvent with these new items that you can use for your home, you don't have to go out and spend a lot of money on different decor items that you like and you can really give them your own touch and I really love how the lighter paint brightened this box and how some of the distressing showed off the details that came out and my little vase here.
I love how it turned out. I love using these little molds. I can't wait to use them on other pieces and you can use them on other types of furniture too. of boxes, different things like that and it was really simple and easy to use those molds and I love the way my little pillow turned out. She's so beautiful. I love being able to reuse this item that was on clearance. prevent it from getting damaged and create a new little cover to put it in and one thing I love is finding unique little ways to add storage to your home that are pretty and decorative and making these little insert covers for this really dresses it up.
They look like cute little boxes they bought at a small boutique store and as always, you know me, I love the vintage element it brings. I hope you enjoyed today's video, if you did, don't forget to hit the like button. It really helps my channel and that also helps reach other people who may not know my channel. I really appreciate them and hope to do more DIYs. I'm definitely working on another project right now. Sorry, it's a plane. We have an airport and a small airport that is close to us, so stay tuned for another interesting project I'm working on.
I hope to post that video soon next week. Have a great week, guys.

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