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May 07, 2023
oh upstairs a can of peas hmm i sat down uh hmm does this look like a drum? kinda arrest you for popping hmm peg cool peg gonna get it oh doggy flying oh seven plus one equals hmm oh and there's our mast


y for mateys treasure thats a sunset um hmm all the kings men and all the king's horses oh bug oh um bad great maybe there's something useful inside big i'm a vet jumping jumbos it's a flying machine it stinks whoops i said


saddles pig oh nice big pigtail oh well funny let's fly across oh hmm step


alpha mortals this could be extremely dangerous so the beautiful princess lay down on a big oh fantastic oh don't look that's a rat a rat a rat a rat ah hmm this is the hill this is the net oh good gear this is the gear a you hot
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