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Three Asian dinners you can make in 10 MINUTES

Jun 02, 2021
Just yes, I'm always looking for amazing things to cook at home that take a minimal amount of time because, like you, I have very little time when I get home, especially when I have a toddler running around asking for my attention, so 10


. guys let's


this recipe, let's start with a crispy egg because you know, crispy eggplant, totally amazing for a weeknight, what you need is a hot pan, add a little oil, now we're making this


style , so we need a little bit of oil here until the oil is hot sticking a wooden spoon or a chopstick in there and I want to see some little bubbles, so we're ready, let's crack the egg carefully, stick this in, it's a little dangerous, mouse. but it's worth it, you should hear that sloshing right away, you should hear that sizzling right away and now you want to go in with your spatula, just put that oil over the top, we want to wait until the bottom is really nice and super crispy. but I like to keep the yolk a little runny in the middle and just put the egg on a paper towel so the excess oil can drain off now for the vegetables so I'm going to use Chinese broccoli or what's called gailan and the important thing.
three asian dinners you can make in 10 minutes
Here, any type of stir-fry is the preparation that is made when it is cut. We want to keep the firm, hard parts of the vegetables separate from the leafy parts, so I like to grab them and cut them lengthwise. a fairly strong stem part because the other thing of course is that we want everything to cook beautifully at the same time and very quickly, now you just run the knife diagonally across the stems and by cutting them like this we are thinning them out . a little bit and that will also help with the cooking time. Now keep the stems separate from the leaves.
three asian dinners you can make in 10 minutes

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three asian dinners you can make in 10 minutes...

Now I'm not too strict with the recipe instructions on this one. Any vegetable you have at home, broccoli, works great. Choy sum works. Well bok choy works well, this is really one of those recipes that you just want to have on hand and that you can


with things in your refrigerator. Okay, now some garlic, now again with the garlic. It's all about chopping here, so I want to keep them pretty thick. these pieces because that way my garlic won't burn in the wok and now some chili. I'm using a mild chili. Here you can also use capsicum or go for a very hot chili pepper and that's all I have. some chicken mints here you can also use ground beef, pork or turkey.
three asian dinners you can make in 10 minutes
The best thing about using ground beef is that we don't have to cut meat here, it saves extra time and then for my sauces I only have pantry staples. Here oyster sauce, soy sauce and fish sauce. Now I just drained most of the oil from cooking the egg. I left a little at the bottom and once it's nice and hot, I'll add my garlic chili. and my chicken goes in just when the chicken is almost cooked. I'm going to add those stems. You just want to give it a minute or so until those stems are bright green, beautifully tender but still crunchy.
three asian dinners you can make in 10 minutes
Well, at this point the chicken is. cooked, I'm going to add my greens, oyster sauce, soy sauce and fish sauce, and I'm going to stir it all together ah, look at that color, I love how wonderfully nutritious, fresh and delicious it is, and there you have it guys, quick


don't do it. They have to be boring, they can be beautiful and very tasty, look at that, and one of those beautiful crispy eggs on top, there's a little bit of hot sauce at the bottom of this pan, so I want some of that on my plate too, like this that there you have it.
Guys, the quickest dinner I know how to make and look at that egg, the crispy creamy egg, the chicken, the vegetables, this is really good, mmm, okay guys, just a few little additions, just know some ingredients from the pantry and they got a delicious pasta dish. Moving on here, let's first take a look at how to make that sauce, so this is like a riff on lemon spaghetti like creamy lemon spaghetti, but with some like you know, twists and turns here and there first with whatever sauce you want. Start with a little olive oil and some miso paste.
Yes, you guys know I love this one. It's the kind of salty umami factor that I'm looking for here and now they want a little bit of lemon zest and then a little bit of lemon juice as well and of course we. I need a lot of cheese in here because everything is better with cheese, that's what I think anyway, there's a lot of parmesan in here. I'm not going to lie, guys like this, this is absolutely not what you want to put on your Instagram. feed right now let's heat this up and stir it um it's going to be a little bit of an ugly duckling at first, but don't worry, trust me, it'll all work out in the end, I promise, it's okay, even if it seems kind of like that. like a little lumpy, it just got hot because the miso disintegrated in there, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to turn off the heat and I'm going to cook our noodles and what are we going to do today? making some instant ramen noodles so your little convenience pack here and we've got some goodies here we've got some vegetable flakes some spicy powdered goodness here because this is like spicy of course I'm We'll choose the spicy it's possible let's come back to those little additions later, but let's take these noodles out and of course, as you know, these are ramen noodles, they cook very quickly, so don't overcook them, just put them right in a little bit of water. it's like moving them around and pushing them around until they're al dente, yeah, instant ramen noodles, it can even be, you know, al dente, fancy, sounds fancy, isn't it just cooking them until they're a little bit chewy now?
The nice thing about using these ramen noodles instead of spaghetti is that it's made so much quicker, this beauty takes so much longer to cook and just when I see those noodles go limp, I'll stick them right into that sauce I made now, the real secret here to make the creamy sauce it's not cream, it's actually using a little bit of that water to cook the noodles that you add and that's going to emulsify and finish the cooking of the noodles and it's also going to give you that creamy sauce and add a little bit. spring onions here too now you want to heat up here and you just want to toss and turn that pan and those noodles for a couple of


here and this is where the magic starts to happen my friends okay look at that creaminess oh.
Oh my gosh, it's so lush that I'm so excited. Well, at this point we want to have perfectly cooked noodles so that they are not overcooked and they are not soggy. We want to have that beautiful creaminess with the sauce and if you need to add a little more pasta water, you can, but I think this looks pretty good, look at that pool of noodles, the steam, the cream, oh my goodness, all the things so dramatic, who knew noodles could be so dramatic and you? I want a little more cheese because you know everything is better with cheese, another pinch of scallions, okay, the last little bits that are going to amp this up completely, I mean, it's already going to be great, I can tell because it's so creamy and lush, but a little bit more, just grab your little seasoning packet, this is very spicy, so it's going to give us a big hit of, you know, the chili came in at the end, a touch of chili, no, I'm going to put enough in here.
I'll give you a good punch and here we go like I don't even think it's been 10 minutes it's like five minutes of lemon ramen anyway we'll put 10 in case I don't like cheating you guys want to make sure Honestly, always you can do it in a moment, it's like just comforting yourself in a bowl like you have the right spiciness, you have the spiciness, you have the creamy thing and then you get this beautiful, like some kind of citrusy lemon. Like the sun is coming up yeah still the first thing we need to do is prep our vegetables so I'm going to go right in with my carrot here if you have one of these julienne vegetable peelers they're great because you can just remove the little fine bits of the carrot now, if you don't have one of these, don't worry, just buy ready-made grated carrot at your supermarket, it's pretty easy to find nowadays, and for that we want to add a mushroom mixture now I have some mushrooms enoki here which I love for this soup because they turn into nice silky tendrils throughout our beautiful soup and then just take your shiitake mushroom and the stem itself is a little tough so just cut that mushroom off and then remove the stem and then keep cutting okay so they go into our pot as well and then I have some firm tofu here and I'm just going to cut it in half and I want some thin slices of that and then we want some bamboo shoots and some chicken Cooked.
Now I'm just using some roast chicken that I've shredded, but leftover roast chicken would be nice too or you could leave this meat free and Leave the chicken out, okay, and now let's get to our chicken broth so you know what I'm using today. I'm just using store-bought broth because it's the middle of the week and I'm in a bit of a rush if you have homemade broth. of course, go ahead and use that and then we want this mixture to bubble gently on our stove. I love this soup, so most kids when they're at a Chinese restaurant order, you know, chicken and sweet corn soup.
I was always the The sweet and sour boy who ordered the sweet and sour soup was my favorite and now it's time to add the seasonings, so here I have some light soy sauce, which is just a normal Chinese soy sauce, and then I have a little bit of dark soy sauce here for a little bit of color, a little bit of white vinegar now, if you have Chinese black vinegar at home go ahead and use it, that would be the traditional vinegar used here, but white vinegar is much more easy to find so you can use that and a little bit of pepper so the The main flavors of this soup are sour, salty and then a really good hint of pepper so I'm going to put a little bit of pepper in there and that's the tough part guys now we're waiting for this to wash away all those flavors to infuse and become nice and tasty i love the color of this soup it's like autumn leaves just lovely ok those mushrooms have softened now it's only been a couple of minutes and I'm going to add a little bit of corn flour mixed with a little bit a little bit of water because of course this style of soup is quite thick so I'm going to add this and so our soup becomes wonderfully thick and glossy, just I want to let that bubble disappear for a few more minutes to thicken a little. a little bit and now let's try this and see if it's okay.
I love those really nice sour flavors, but you know what I think I'm going to add a little bit more vinegar and this is where your personal taste will come in. add a little more vinegar and a little salt if you think it needs it because that of course depends on your chicken broth, how salty it was to begin with and since I like things spicy I'll add a little more black pepper . Such a simple but comforting soup, all that's left now is to serve and sprinkle with some chives. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below and if you liked the video, why not hit the subscribe button?
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