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Feb 28, 2022
splish splash splosh it had been pouring rain on the island of sodor the engines were splashed and splattered with mud


liked the rain his splish splashed his boiler and the pitter hit his paint


and rosie had fought and hit all day in the maneuver yards now it was time to go, come on rosie, i'll take you on a race to tidmouth sheds the two


puffed along the tracks straight through a very large puddle thomas and rosie were splashed by the footboard defender in muddy rainwater which was fun then he got an idea in thomas funnel thomas backed away slowly then pumped his pistons here i come rosie what a good game muddy water splashed everywhere then came sir topham hatt had some important news alicia body he's going to sing at a concert at the town hall the concert will be followed by God, that's exciting, how fun Thomas, you should go straight to the wash and then you'll pick up Miss Botty and me from the drying station.
thomas friends
We will be waiting for you, yes Mr. Rosie, you must pick up Annie and Clarabel and take them to dry. for thomas yes sir right now sir see you later rosie and thomas and rosie chuff quickly thomas stopped at the crossroads towards the wash he saw a very big puddle on the other road charlie was waiting right next to it it was very muddy splashing rosie was very funny I'm I'm sure Charlie would like my game too and I'm sure I have time for another puddle before the wash, so Thomas didn't take the track to the wash, he took the track through the middle of the very large puddle.
thomas friends

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Here I go, Charlie, those are my buffers, that's a good game. Thomas snorted happily. Hurrah! This is fun. Now Thomas wanted to find more puddles. He couldn't wait to play the game with other engines at the next junction. Thomas waited to pull left for the wash. then she saw a very big puddle on the right path Emily was waiting Emily is already muddy I'm sure she'll like my game and I'm sure I have time for another puddle before the wash Here I come Emily The rainwater had spilled it all over emily and everywhere emily's flower carts sizzling fireboxes i have to take this flower to the bakery to make the cakes for alice's body tea now thomas has ruined it thomas didn't know he had splashed emily's flower carts emily this is fun splish splash splosh I'll need a wash soon and Thomas chuckled at the next junction.
thomas friends
Thomas waited to go to the wash and then saw a very large puddle right next to James. James is already muddy. I'm sure he will like my game and I will. I'm sure I have time for one more puddle before the wash here I come james squish splash smoosh and thomas walked away laughing the slushy rainwater had splashed onto james and all the ripe strawberries in their scorching platform cauldrons these strawberries were for the pies by alicia botty now they are ruined thomas i didn't know i had splashed james's strawberries this is fun splish splash splosh i will soon need a wash and thomas snorted happily thomas laughed until the next junction now it was getting late i know there will be There will be a very puddle large along the path next to the river.
thomas friends
I'm sure I have time for one last puddle before the wash, so Thomas took the left path that ran along the river in front of him. There was a very large puddle. This is the biggest puddle. Have I ever come Split Splash Then there was trouble The muddy water flew high into the air and splashed onto Alicia Botti and Sir Topham Hatt Thomas Thomas stopped with a screech and backed away slowly and saw that it had splashed onto Alicia Botti and Sir Topham. hatt ashes and ashes look what you've done to miss body she's soaked too thomas i heard from the dairy manager that you ruined the flour and strawberries for miss botty's big tea this is a disaster thomas felt terrible, he tried to inhale but he couldn't No, oh no, the big puddle had put out its combustion chamber, this game is no longer fun, everything went wrong, then Thomas heard Rosie's whistle, Rosie, please help me.
I have splashed splashed into trouble, oh dear Thomas, of course I won't. Worry Rosie huffed and puffed Thomas towards the dry slopes with my dry coal Thomas your boiler will soon be bubbling thanks Rosie now I can't go pick up Sir Topham Hatt and untie a body. Could you take my special for me? Of course I'll do it. I'll leave right away later, Thomas was once again furious, happy, he stopped at an intersection, there was a very big puddle on the right path, look at that big puddle, it's perfect for splashing, splashing, splashing, no, I'm not going to splash more.
I have to make sure Alicia Body's beneficiary arrives on time and Thomas breathed down the left path to the bakery and away from the big puddle. Thomas arrived just as James and Emily had delivered fresh strawberries and flour to the bakery. Your silly game means that we will be late for the concert no you won't I will wait here for the cakes and then I will deliver them you can go to the wash and then you will both be clean for the concert thank you thomas now I will be shiny and better and shine brighter than the rest thomas puffed up fresh strawberry cakes for the big tea you're just in time thomas thank you sir sorry i caused confusion and delay rosie puffed up thomas found another puddle our game is perfect for can we play again no thank you Rosie, I think I've done enough splashing for one day, weird, grumpy, it was spring break at Sodor, there was going to be a party for the kids at the Duke and Duchess's new summer house. the engines were very excited and very busy thomas was puffing happily towards the docks james and henry were having a good morning james good morning henry where are you puffing to?
I'm going to take these straw bales to the summer house for the children to climb on. I'm taking wood to make a stage for the children's show and barrels of lemonade to drink how wonderful I'll see you later at the summer house good morning grumpy what's good it's the day of the Duke and Duchess's party smarty-pants party I'm not going to parties I'm stuck here loading and unloading all day I haven't had a moment to rest my hook that load is for me it's eggs for the kids to paint hurry up grumpy you're squeaky grumpy what's wrong with you are the eggs also a heavy load for you a cranky didn't like thomas' joke he didn't like being called squeaky no they're not too heavy for me his lighters lint you're not strong enough to pull anything heavier than lint little thomas that's why henry and james have the heavy loads now thomas didn't like the joke about cranky sputtering combustion chambers i'm as strong as any other engine you're not as strong as me i can lift much heavier loads than you could lift thomas he really didn't like that we'll see grumpy i have plenty of time to deliver the eggs first i have to prove grumpy wrong james has a heavy load i'm going to look for james so thomas sternly left the docks thomas found james at the crossroads next to the laundry room Hi James, I don't have many jobs today.
Can I deliver your heavy load of wooden barrels to you? You can stay here in the wash and then you'll be perfectly polished for the party. James thought it was a very good idea, thank you. thomas so james was undocked from the heavy wooden platform and thomas was docked to the platform it was heavy huffing and puffing thomas headed to the docks thomas went back to the docks you again what are you doing with that wood this platform is very heavy ? I'm sure you can't lift it cranky looked at the wooden platform in barrels I'm sure I can cranky's hook swung low over the wood thomas watched and waited with a creek and a crank and a crank and a creak cranky swept the platform in the air thomas boiler hummed he told you so you're still squeaky in a bad mood and you're still little thomas that made thomas very angry i'm going to prove grumpy wrong and i'll still have time to deliver the eggs i'm sure henry had an even heavier situation load, i will go look for henry so thomas can leave furious thomas found henry waiting by the coal hopper for his special coal hello henry, I don't have much work today, should I hand over your heavy load of straw bales and then you?
I can wait here for your special charcoal. Henry thought it was a very good idea. Thanks Thomas. Henry was then undocked from the heavy straw bale platform and Thomas was docked. The platform was very heavy, huffing and puffing. Thomas set off once more towards the docks. soon thomas was back at the docks you again now what are you doing with those straw bales this rig is very very heavy i'm sure you can't lift this cranky i looked at the straw bale rig i'm sure i can cranky hook he swung crouching on the straw thomas watched and waited with a creak and a crank and a crank and a cranky brook lifted the straw platform into the air thomas funnel bubbled he told you so you're still creaky cranky and you're still little thomas which made thomas even angrier than ever thomas wanted to prove squeaky grumpy wrong he had to find the heaviest thing he could then an idea flew into his funnel pick me up grumpy grumpy looked at thomas he couldn't let thomas win cranky's hook swung low over thomas thomas barely dared to blow with a creak and a crank and a crank and a stream and very, very slowly cranky lifted thomas high into the air bubbling boilers squeaky cranky is lifting me up then there was trouble cranky creaked louder that ever his crane arms stuttered and shook It creaked and croaked and then broke, oh no, cranky's crane arm had broken and it was all Thomas' fault.
Thomas was stuck high in the sky and blowing in the breeze. Then Sir Topham Hatt arrived. Thomas, what are you doing up there? I'm sorry Mr. Are you causing confusion and delay? The Duke and Duchess have no bales of straw or eggs. Now I see you have them all here. The grumpy one is broken and you, Thomas, think it's a good time to try being a bird. The duke and duchess are waiting. Thomas felt. very foolish then sir topham hatt looked at cranky and you are as foolish as thomas cranky wrinkled his shame at being as foolish as steamy soon a workman had climbed cranky slowly and carefully thomas was lowered and landed with a jolt and a shudder just as spencer arrived dear oh dear thomas what a mess little engines can get into really big trouble thomas felt even more foolish in front of spencer but now he knew that being strong was only good if you were also really useful and he had to be really useful spencer I need your help you are very strong and you can pull much heavier loads than I can.
Could you take the wood, straw bales and eggs to the summer house please? It's my fault cranky is broken. I must fix everything as soon as possible. I can hmm very well thank you sorry grumpy I know you're stronger than me I'll be back soon with the right parts to fix you so Thomas pumped his pistons and left the docks Thomas wished like the wind all the way to the workshops hello victor cranky creaked and now it's broken it needs new parts you've come to the right place my friend there are a lot of parts here we will have cranky up and ready in no time thomas rig was loaded with new parts for cranky thanks victor of course my friend he gave his best to cranky and thomas snorted happily thomas snorted towards the docks with his heavy rig cranky still looked crumpled here you're grumpy we'll fix you up in no time thanks thomas that's a heavy rig you know you're not small and you're not squeaker grumpy laughed and that made thomas laugh too thomas and the runaway kite it was a bright blue morning on the island of sodor soon it would be the day of the sodor kite festival the sky would be full of kites of all shapes and colors the engines they were very excited about the kite festival thomas was the most excited of all because thomas liked kites the most thomas inflated at brendam docks he had something very special he had to collect the winner's cup for the kite festival thomas ran out breath when he saw the cup oh god, that is the most beautiful cup I have ever seen in my life thomas you must hand over the winner's cup at knapford station mrs hat will give it to the winner at tea time thomas beam from shock absorber to damper yes sir, I'll do it right there thomas snorted proudly he wanted everyone to see he was pulling out the winner's cup thomas stopped at a crossroads high in the sky above the tree tops he saw a kite crackling boxes of fire what kite else wonderful, I hope I'll see it again Thomas huffed and puffed to the top of Gordon's Hill and then gasped there's that wonderful kite again the kite belonged to Sir Topham Hatt's grandchildren they wanted to win the cup at the festival of kites puffy charlie look at that kite flying in the air look there is thomas suddenly a gust ofwind pulled the kite the kite flew up and away sir topham hatt's grandchildren watched they were very sad thomas wanted to help them don't be sad i will chase your kite and bring you back I repeat, this made the children very happy.
I'm the fastest engine on Sodor. I can reach your kite. I'll help you, Thomas, no thanks, Charlie. I'm much faster than you. I can chase this kite by myself. so thomas did not go straight to knapford with the winner's cup he went off chasing the runaway kite of sir topham hatt's grandsons the wind made the kite fly far down the tracks thomas whistled and wished his boiler would bubble his coal crackled i must follow the rhythm of the runaway kite I'll pop and puff with all my might on the fastest engine on Sodor and then the wind carried the kite out of sight.
Where did the kite go? Hey Thomas, you're huffing and puffing hard. Hello Edward, I'm chasing Sir Topham Hatt. the grandchildren's kite how exciting can I help no thanks Edward I am the fastest engine on Sodor I can chase his kite on my own finally Thomas reached the kite he was excited then the wind made the kite fly in another direction the ashes come Back Mr. Kite Please, Thomas chased and ran, I must keep up with the runaway kite I will huff and puff with all my might I am the fastest engine on Sodor then the wind blew the kite over the bridge Emily was on the bridge she saw the kite she was surprised Hi Thomas, is that you? chasing that kite yes, emily, it was carried away by the wind by sir topham hatt's grandchildren.
I promised I'll catch her. I can help? Thomas Bridge rattled and snapped I must keep up with the runaway kite I'll huff and puff with all my might I'm the fastest engine on Sodor What's up Thomas Your cheeks are as red as James' boiler I'm chasing that kite Let me help you I can chase it with you no thanks i can chase this kite i'm just the fastest engine on sodor so percy huffed and thomas puffed finally the wind dropped the kite it landed in front of thomas near a crossing thomas was happy bubbling cauldrons i caught up with him mister comet thomas crossed whistling the crossing towards the kite then there was trouble thomas began to shake and tremble the flame in thomas's combustion chamber flickered and went out thomas had burned all his coal chasing the runaway kite oh god, oh no, i ran out of coal then the The wind blew again the kite flew high in the sky and was gone I can't blow anymore I can't chase the kite I'm not the fastest engine on Sodor I've broken my promise to the children and I haven't delivered the winner's cup to the station from knapford thomas felt terrible it's all my fault suddenly thomas heard an engine chugging around the corner it was charlie what's wrong thomas i ran out?
Coal trying to chase the kite I thought you were the fastest engine on Sodor. I'm not. I was foolish to think I could catch the kite on my own. Will you help me? Charlie, of course. I will do that. Thomas Charlie gave Thomas some of his cold soon. Thomas's combustion chamber was burning brightly. Thank you, Charlie. I'm late. I must deliver the winner's cup to Knapford station. can you look for the kite please with all my huffing thomas so thomas puffed towards knapford with the winner's cup on his way to knapford? thomas stopped at a crossroads percy emily and edward were waiting you look sad thomas i didn't catch the kite sir topham hatt's grandchildren could you all help me of course we will thomas immediately without delay thomas's


were happy to help him and thomas was happy to be helped thomas arrived at knapford station with the winners cup sir topham hatt's grandchildren ran hi thomas they were hoping thomas had found his kite i haven't found your kite but all my friends are looking for it now come with me so the children happily climbed aboard, thomas puffed to a junction, suddenly the kite flew in front of thomas, there was the kite, emily percy, edward and charlie puffed to the junction, the kite danced between them and then caught in the tail with The signal, hurray, we have caught the kite, the engines beeped.
The children cheered with the help of my friends, we caught the kite and later that day at the kite festival, Sir Topham Hatt's grandchildren's kite danced better than anyone else as the wind lifted it high into the sky and Thomas smiled and smiled, the smell of steam from all the engines. on sodor they like to be really useful, they huff and puff to do the best they can for sir topham hatt's railway and sometimes that means doing a job they've never done before one morning sir topham hatt had a new job for thomas victor has to go to the transfer yards you have to see one of the small engines you will be out all day you must look after the steam workshops thomas victor will tell you everything you need to know make sure you listen carefully yes sir thomas was excited the steam workshops of sodor are one of my favorite places on the island today i'm going to be in charge that's a very important job thomas good luck thank you percy and thomas snorted proudly towards the workshops and their new job victor was waiting for thomas at the workshops thomas was very excited his the boiler bubbled and his combustion chamber bubbled hello friend this is a great day for you the steam workshops will be very busy not too busy for me victor I like to be busy and that's good my friend now when a locomotive comes in you have to listen carefully to their problems if you need help ask kevin that's thomas when you're in a bind don't look any further just ask kevin he'll save you the trouble thanks kevin are you listening thomas yes victor but thomas was too excited to listen wanted to continue? with his very important job, don't worry victor, I know exactly what to do, hurry up victor, you will be late for the little engines, very good my friend, good luck and victor left, thomas was now in charge, soon spencer He enters the steam workshops in a bad mood.
The shiny silver paint was scratched and worn Spencer was surprised to see Thomas Uh, where's Victor? He's out today I'm in charge Spencer was worried oh my Spencer you're in trouble I'll check you from the wheels to the whistle put Spencer in the lift please Kevin Kevin was worried are you sure boss? I mean Thomas, I don't think Spencer needs to get on the hoist. I mean he needs a repaint. Boss, but Thomas wasn't listening to Kevin. He was too excited. He was in charge. the workshops put spencer on the hoist, kevin over here, spencer, please, if you don't mind, thank you, so spencer snorted angrily at the hoist, then henry snorted, henry wasn't well, he sputtered and stuttered, he wheezed and sneezed. .
Henry was surprised to see thomas what are you doing here thomas victor is absent today I'm in charge of henry's side so he wins then he sneezes footpegs and fenders I know exactly what's wrong with you henry they gave you the wrong coal henry gasps no thomas it's not mine but Thomas wasn't listening, don't worry Henry, we'll have you smoking with pride in no time. Kevin bring some of Henry's special coal please, but what about Chief Spencer? But Thomas wasn't listening as quickly as possible. Kevin, so Kevin came over. cold spencer sat blubbering by the hoist henry sputtered and stammered and thomas was pleased and proud i like being in charge of the steam works so james steamed smugly in straw and twigs blocked his funnel why are you here thomas victor he's away today i'm on charge bubbling boilers you're in a pickle what's happened to you i can't inhale properly i know exactly what you need kevin yeah boss i mean, thomas james needs a new funnel no, i don't, but thomas wasn't listening to james, but what? about henry's cole and spencer on the hoist thomas was not listening to kevin find the spare funnel please kevin was now very confused finding the funnel he had to leave henry's coal but first he had to get spencer on the horse it was too much for kevin oh dear boss thomas don't worry kevin I'm in charge so there was trouble kevin staggered and rolled towards the hoist and with a thump and a thump he pressed a big green button that made Spencer flinch in the air shaking track what's happening kevin gasps raising hooks sorry spencer then kevin dropped henry's coal right in front of henry's nose broke my boiler and the embers crashed kevin swung and rolled into james' mind my bright red paint job james was so upset that he blew the biggest puff of steam that had ever blown everywhere victor victor had just arrived from the transfer yards he was now covered top to bottom with twigs soot and straw victor's wheels were wobbling and his steam was stuttering a sizzling smell what has happened to my beautiful steam factory? thomas looked at victor and then at the mess and the mess ashes and ashes this is all my fault no boss i mean thomas i'm sure it's my fault i'm sorry boss i tried to say boss no kevin it's not your fault i didn't listen to victor i I didn't listen to you and I didn't listen to my friends.
I was too excited and too silly. I think my friend, you are right. What will you do now? I'm sorry for all of you. Now I will listen to them and make sure that you are all set up correctly so that Victor and Thomas were the first dispenser. I don't need to check from the wheels to the whistle. I need new paint for my scuffs and scratches this time. Thomas listen, don't worry, Spencer, you'll be. shiny silver in no time that made spencer very happy next victor and thomas spoke to henry i have my special coal but there is something wrong with my combustion chamber it makes me gasp and sneeze don't worry henry your combustion chamber will be cleaned you won't gasp and sneeze more and thomas was right pumping pistons no more wheezing and sneezing that's much better finally victor and thomas listened to james I don't need a new funnel I need my old funnel cleaned and polished james you will have the most perfectly polished funnel sodor oh the funnel of James was shining like the sun James smiled from the fender to the footrest soon all the engines were repaired they were ready to be really useful again well done my friend it's time to go home not quite victorious it's time to say thank you to Kevin in any case boss moment i mean thomas and everyone laughs and laughs and laughs the greatest gift of all for all the engines on the island of sodor there are jobs to be done visitors to meet and friends to greet one day there was a very special friend to greet who would come hiro back to sodor he was going to help with the summer visitors thomas and percy waited for him at brendam docks i'm very excited my combustion chamber is bubbling and my boiler is bubbling hero our special friend will return to sodor hello my good friends who I have missed you we miss you too hero the three engines whistled and hooted with happiness welcome back hero first you must go to the steam workshops victor will check your engine after your long journey of course sir every day I want to be a really useful engine so you must go to knapford station we will meet you there yes sir of course the hero snorted proudly i want there to be a welcome party for the hero at knapford percy you must pick up the lady hat and bring her to the party thomas , you must tell the puffing engines quickly to knapford for the party then mister topham hat left thomas and percy were excited oh god a welcome party will make hiro very happy a welcome gift would make hiro even happier that's a good one idea should i go now thomas lady hat will be waiting then thomas slowly vaporizes away, i'm sure i'll find something special for hiro.
I'll watch as I puff around the island telling my friends about the party. Thomas clicked on the track. Something special from Sodor for my new friend. I'll search the entire island. from one end to the other then an idea flew into thomas's funnel i'm sure there will be something special at farmer mccall's farm so thomas pumped his pistons and ran towards farmer mccoll's farm emily was there she was collecting straw hiro has returned I'm finding a welcome gift for him, that's exciting, good luck, Thomas, Emily, got angry, Thomas didn't tell her about the party at Knapford, he was too busy looking for a welcome gift, Thomas or the big brown barn, maybe Maybe Hiro would like a barn that he could keep special.
Things are safe in a barn, but the barn is too big and Thomas slowly moves something special away from Sodor for my new friend. I'll search the entire island from end to end and then another idea flew into Thomas's funnel. I'm sure there will be something special at the quarry so thomas snorted happily to the quarry mavis james toby and henry were there they were busy maneuvering slate cars the hero is back i'm looking for a welcome gift for him that's a wonderful idea thomas henry james and toby left happy bypass freight cars thomas didn't tell them about the party at knapford thomas looked around the quarry but all he could see was sodor slate the slate is very specialfor sodor but the slate is too small to be a gift, i must look for something else, so thomas took something special from sodor for my new friend i will search the entire island from end to end then thomas gasped the steam factory i am sure that there will be something special there so thomas laughed happily towards the steam factory hello kevin i'm looking for a welcome gift for Hiro.
It has to be something special. Thomas saw an old bell. I'm sure Hiro would like a bell so everyone would hear him coming. Good idea. Thomas. Good idea, but when Kevin picked up the bell, it rang and jingled. rang and rattled shaky tracks that's too loud hiro will soon be in knapford to see sir topham hatt i must hurry thomas ran out of the workshops he didn't tell victor and kevin about the party o thomas ran towards knapford station the hero was waiting for everyone only thomas gasped ashes and ashes i haven't found a welcome gift for the hero and i haven't told anyone about the party this won't make hiro happy thomas felt terrible then his boiler bubbled and his wheels word hello hero goodbye hero and thomas sped out of the station thomas huffed towards emily chuff of farmer mccoll as fast as you can towards knapford sir topham hatt is giving a welcome party for hiro tell everyone who passes thomas that i have had a wonderful idea for a special gift for hiro i'm sure he would like a shiny shiny dome.
Victor must have one. Thomas was stern. Thanks Emily. Now is not the time to look for gifts. You must hurry and Thomas walked away quickly. Mavis Toby. James and Henry were still at the quarry. Everyone should rejoice. knapford as quickly as you can for the hero's welcome party thomas i think i know exactly what the hero would like as a special gift a shiny new lamp that would be very special thomas was firm thank you henry now is not the time to look for gifts you must hurry and thomas rushes off to the steam works kevin please tell all the engines to run to knapford for hiro's party my friend kevin and i have been thinking how about a shiny new shock absorber for hero i think hiro would find it very special, don't you think?
I think so, boss, uh, Thomas, Thomas knew what he was thinking. I guess now is not the time to look for presents, thank you, but you must tell the engines to hurry up, please, and Thomas pumped his pistons and launched Thomas, clickety-clack, down the track. This way, telling them to his friends all about the party, Thomas puffed into Knapford station, his face was red and his combustion chamber was glowing, Thomas, where have they been heroes? The welcome party is almost over. Sorry sir, I was trying to find you a hero welcome gift. something special from sodor but i couldn't find anything sorry hiro smiled thomas my friend you don't have to worry my welcome gift is here being with my friends is the greatest gift of all and the most special gift from sodor there is nothing more special than thomas he smiled and smiled he knew that the hero was right and so did all his friends thomas and the pigs there are many farms on the island of sodor there are farms with sheep there are farms with cows there are farms with goats tom is like visiting all the farms, but his farmer Everyone's favorite was Farmer Trotter's pig farm.
Thomas liked their curly tails and the funny noises they made. Thomas liked to visit the Pharmatrada pig farm as often as he could. One day Thomas was watching the pigs rolling in the mud Farmer Trotter was happy to see Thomas Hello Farmer Trotter Hi Thomas I have very special news one of my pigs is going to have piglets today Thomas was excited I can't wait to see them I need straw soft for piglets I would like you to go to Farmer McCall's house right now to pick him up. He will be waiting for you. Thomas was happy to help.
Yes, Farmer Trotter, so Thomas happily drove away with his empty rig on his way to Farmer McCall's house. Thomas thought what a pig I am. I'm sure the piglets will like the soft straw I wonder if there's anything else they like Thomas puffed up at the dairy he saw Percy Thomas told Percy all about the piglets How exciting I wish I could see them But I have to deliver this milk Thomas looked the milkmaids an idea flew into their funnel I'm sure the piglets would like some milk can I have some? Of course you can thomas, so the milks were loaded onto thomas's rig, thanks percy, i gotta go.
Farmer McCall is waiting for me and he's gone Thomas was pleased I wonder what else the piglets would like Then Thomas saw James James was in an orchard The trees were full of juicy red apples Hello James Hello Thomas Thomas told James all about piglets the piglets will soon be born I must Collect some soft straw for them. I wish I could see the piglets, but I have to take these boxes of apples to town. Thomas looked at the juicy red apples. I'm sure the piglets would like some juicy red apples. Can I eat them, of course?
You can, so Thomas' pallet was loaded with lots and lots of juicy red apples. Thanks James, I have to go. Farmer McCall is waiting for me. Thomas walked away quickly and was very happy. I wonder what else the piglets would like. Then Thomas saw some children who were. picking bright brown chestnuts hi thomas hi thomas told the children all about the piglets they were very excited i'm sure the piglets would like to eat some bright brown chestnuts please can i give them some? the children were delighted to give thomas some of their bright brown chestnuts thank you i must go farmer mccall is waiting for me and thomas snorted he felt even happier the last thomas got angry at farmer mccoll's farm farmer mccoll was waiting he was angry thomas you're late where have you been sorry farmer mccall i stopped to pick up some milk some juicy red apples and some bright brown chestnuts for the piglets farmer mccoll looked at thomas' platform he saw the milk the juicy red apples and the bright brown chestnuts you platform is full you have no room for straw now it is disappearing combustion chambers I didn't think about that I hope the piglets like milk apples and chestnuts as much as straw I must blow directly into the farmer's hands the piglets will be born soon then thomas pumped his pistons and drove away quickly thomas stopped at the farm, the pharmacist was waiting, he looked at the platform full of Thomas, he was surprised, Thomas, where is the soft straw?
I thought the piglets would like these things as much as the straw. No, Thomas, piglets need soft straw and they are about to be born, Thomas. I felt very foolish, I'm sorry, I'll empty my rig and then get back to Farmer McCall's as fast as I can. I must get the straw. There can be no delay. The piglets will need it at the end of the day. Thomas Saw. percy at the water tower thomas I know something else the piglets would like I'm sorry Percy I can't stop bye Thomas I must get the straw there can't be a delay I don't have time to chat on the next road Thomas saw James at a crossroads hello Thomas I've been thinking about the piglets I'm sure they'd like it I'm sorry James I can't stop I must get the straw There can't be a delay I don't have time to chat on the way Thomas whistled and wished he'd huffed and puffed until he reached the farmer's farm McCall.
It was late. Hello Farmer McCall. Now I have plenty of room for soft straw for the piglets. Could you upload it right now? Of course I can. Thomas. Thanks, farmer. mccall I must hurry Thomas's pistons pumped and his axles ate I must blow quickly there is no time for delays the piglets need straw at the end of the day at last Thomas arrived at farmer Trotter's pig farm it was almost nighttime Thomas saw that the pigs were gone ashes and ashes, it's too late, you're just in time, thomas, I need that soft straw right away. Farmer Trotter unloaded the straw from Thomas' pallet and took it away to make a nice soft bedding for the newly born piglets. born thomas was delighted bubbling cauldrons look how small they are and how sweet thomas could see the piglets really like soft straw ah that little pig is looking at me I think I'll call him thomas thomas was so happy that his shafts were tingling and his cauldron the bubbling hero help the engines on the island of sodor they like to be busy, they push and pull, they huff and puff and, above all, they like to please sir topham hatt one morning, hiro puffed into knapford station, there was hustle and bustle, and vaporized it.
It was another busy day at Knapford, so Sir Topham Hatt hurried up to the platform without his hat. The hero gasped sir. Good morning sir. I hope the day finds you well. Lord, the day finds me with too much to do. Hero, this is how the day finds me. Look sir, what are you looking at hero, nothing sir, just your cabin, sir, excuse me, Edward snorted, hello hero, you seem worried at all, then there was trouble burning the boilers in all my long years, I've never seen that before Was Hiro worried about the lord? topham hatt sir can i help you sir?
It's a very busy day hero I have to visit the controller slim I must talk to him about the railways Hiro knew this was important I understand sir I must be away from Knapford of course now Edward was worried sir Not now, Edward was still worried. I have to pick up visitors from Brendam docks. I don't know where to take them. Hiro also didn't know where the visitor should go, but he didn't want to bother Sir Topham Hatt. Then I had an idea. he flew into the funnel of him, take them to the hills, Edward, they will enjoy the hills, so Edward went to Brendham docks and the hills.
Hiro was happy to be the owner of the railway, since he liked Hiro to swell up to the water tower, Thomas was there. I was drinking hollow water thomas hello hero where are you going thomas to knapford i must ask sir topham hatt where to take these boxes of benches and tables the heroes still didn't want to bother sir topham hatt he is busy now thomas he will tell you where to go later you have time to visit your friend the trotter farmer so thomas happily went off to cultivate a trotter farm hiro was happy to be helping sir topham hatt hiro came to a crossroads percy was there he had a platform full of quacking ducks hello group how are?
Percy was worried. Hello hero. These ducks are very noisy. They want to go swimming. I have to find Sir Topham Hatt. He will tell me where I should take them swimming. The heroes still didn't want to bother Sir Topham Hatt. So Topham. Hatt is very busy maybe you could go to Finland the ducks will be happy there thanks hero Hiro was happy helping Sir Topham Hatt it was the best job he ever had Hiro snorted happily towards a junction Sir Topham Hatt was there Hiro while I was with the controller thin i heard worrying news farmer mccall is waiting for his ducks there are no tables or benches for the teatime concert and edward is late for a concert at the town hall the hero was out of breath sir topham hatt was angry sir topham hatt was angry with him and it was all his fault the hero felt worse than he had ever been the railway master and now he was the model master I'm sorry sir I'm so sorry sir I knew you're very busy I wanted to help you so I told the engines what do.
I didn't want to bother you, sir. Sir Topham Hatt gasped. He didn't want to bother me. I'm the railroad controller. Nothing is more important to me than that my locs are actually useful. Hero swallowed. I know. that nasa I'm not the railroad master I'm the model master can I fix this please give me time and hero wanted to leave quickly hiro found edward in the hills hello hero my visitors are very happy good edwight but now you must take the visitors to the knopforth station sir topham hatt will give you your orders i thought we shouldn't bother sir topham hatt hero i was wrong edward sir topham hatt didn't want that at all and the hero walked away quickly hiro approached the farmer trotter's farm hi thomas hi hero i'm having a wonderful time with the piglets good thomas my friend but now you must blow as fast as you can to knuckford mr topham hatt is waiting for you with orders i thought we were not going to disturb mr topham hatt hero i was wrong thomas mr topham hatt did not want that at all goodbye hero hero clickety hit the finland track percy was there the ducks were swimming happily hollow group hello hero the ducks are very happy i'm glad to hear that percy but now you must take the ducks to knopfoot sir topham hatt has orders for you i thought we shouldn't bother Sir Topham Hatt I was wrong Percy Sir Topham Hatt I didn't want that at all but how can I get the ducks back? into their boxes, I'll help you, hero blew his whistle, it sounded like a duck quacking, the ducks flattened out and then flew to their boxes, thank you, hero, later, Mr.
Topham Hatt had given his orders to the engines, now everyone they know whatwhat do you have to do. and be really useful hero act and what should I do sir you hero will do what you have always done you will be useful hero helping me and nothing could have made Hiro happier bees it was a beautiful summer morning on the island of sodor the sun was shining, the birds sang, flowers bloomed and Thomas clicked along the track towards Brendon Docks, Thomas' good friend, the hero was unloading at Brendam Docks, good morning hero, Mr Topham Hatt, you tell me I have a special today special to Farmer Trotter, good morning my friend, yes you. look thomas gast flattens my funnel they look like little white wooden houses that live in them bees my good friend many bees their houses are called hives inside the hives the bees are very busy making honey this made thomas excited mister topham hatt always has honey in his buns, I will blow as fast as I can to deliver the hives to farmer trotter, suddenly Hiro became stern, Thomas Chuff, slowly and gently, take the truck through the forest, then the bees will rest, you have to take care of our bees very carefully.
Don't worry hero, I'll be happy with me Hero smiled very well I have to deliver these boxes then I must collect some flowers from farmer McCall I will visit the bees when I'm done Hiro walked away slowly Thomas was attached to the hives let's go bees Thomas snorted proudly to one more intersection ahead he saw the path through the forest the other path passed through the field full of flowers and a bright sun the field with flowers is much prettier than the forest, I'm sure the bees would like that more, so Thomas didn't take the path through the forest as the hero had told him.
Thomas snorted happily. and a busy thomas applied the brakes he broke my shock absorbers what is that thomas looked towards the field his bees were everywhere they were buzzing busy flying from flower to flower thomas was surprised not to return bees return to your hives the bees were not listening to thomas they were too busy buzzing in the field thomas tried again please come back bees we will be late for farmer trotter but still the bees didn't listen to thomas turn off the combustion chambers i can't take the hives to farmer trotter empty then he had an idea in thomas funnel the bees like flowers i will give the strongest to farmer mccall and i will pick up the platform of flowers then the bees will buzz around my flowers and return to their hives so thomas was undocked from his platform and then he quickly walked away thomas arrived at Farmer's farm McColl saw the flower bed.
I'm sure Hiro won't mind if I borrow his flowers. I'll bring them back as soon as the bees are in their hives again and Thomas huffed happily back to the field where the bees were. still buzzing busily from flower to flower in the field then they saw thomas's flower platform the buzzing bees left the field and buzzed around thomas they flew to his funnel they clanged their cauldron and buzzed their wheels trembling footprints this flower platform was not a Good idea, go away, bees, please buzz in your hives and make honey, but the bees weren't listening to Thomas, they were too busy buzzing.
I must run like the wind, then maybe the bees will fly out of my shock absorbers and fly back to their hives. Thomas pumped his pistons and ran away, but the bees didn't care about the wind on their wings, they flew around Thomas like a buzzing cloud. Thomas huffed and puffed towards a siding, alright bees, if you don't let me, I'll leave you. He undocked from his flat flower bed and clicked down the track, now the buzzing bees won't bother me. They're too busy making honey for Sir Topham Hatt's tea. Thomas got angry at a crossing hero.
He was there. Thomas was surprised. see his friend hello hiro you look bewildered i'm thomas farmer mccoll's flowers have disappeared and you still haven't given the bees to the farmer trotta is waiting and worried thomas looked at his wise hero friend he hadn't taken care of the bees he hadn't taken care of his hives and he had not taken the forest path but he had taken Hiro's flowers hero I have been very foolish I have been everything you told me not to go but now I will do everything you told me to do please wait for me here I will bring you your flowers thomas wheels started turning and his boiler started bubbling thomas had a lot to do thomas snorted back to the flower platform the bees were still humming but thomas didn't care follow me bees i will take you back to your hives and Thomas went whistling to the hive platform the trotting farmer is waiting for them bees that they will like living on his farm so Thomas walked away carefully and took the path through the forest the woods were deep and dark the bees felt cold it's time to go home all the busy bees it's time to make honey in the shade of the trees and the busy bees buzzed in their hives farmer trotta was waiting for thomas he was very happy to see his new hives thank you thomas but why did you bring me all those flowers?
They are not for you the hero farmer trotter is waiting for these I must hurry Thomas pumped his pistons and puffed down the track Hiro was waiting for Thomas so my good friend here are my flowers I'm sorry Hiro you will be late I know but these flowers the farmer trotter will have the best honey on sodor the two friends smiled like this it had been a very busy and bustling day a blooming disaster it was a special day on the island of sodor knapford station was going to be decorated all the engines were very busy and very excited sir topham hatt was at tidmouth sheds knapford station was being decorated there is a lot of work to do thomas you must go to the quarry and collect slate for the new roof yes sir emily you must go to maithwaite station and collect the flowers for the new planters from the windows flowers how lovely i know all about flowers i know buttercups are yellow emily and then take them to knapford station yes sir emily snorted happily to maithwaite station passed toby toby was delivering wood for the new knapford floors hi toby hello emily so emily passed by james james was delivering cans of paint to paint the new walls of knapford hi james good morning emily emily puffed up to a crossroads mavis was on the bridge above hello mavis but mavis didn't greet emily emily was surprised mavis mavis Hi Mavis hasn't said hello to Emily yet Emily wondered what was wrong with Mavis I know what's going on Mavis She must be feeling sad at Maithwaite Station today.
Emily leaning against the flower platform. There are many different flowers here. Emily. Emily knew the names of all the flowers, but she didn't say a word. She was thinking about Mavis. She wanted to do. mavis happy then an idea flew into her funnel i'm sure the flowers would make mavis happy i have a lot i can leave some at the quarry for mavis so emily didn't go straight to knapford station with the flowers she took Instead, On the way to the quarry Emily puffed happily towards the quarry. She couldn't see Mavis anywhere. I know I will decorate the quarry with flowers that will make Mavis very happy when she returns.
Emily looked for a place to put some flowers. This is the Perfect Place Mavis will see the flowers here as soon as she arrives Emily felt very pleased with herself now I must find another place to put more flowers Emily looked around, she didn't see Edward blowing into the quarry behind her, but she did. he heard the loud bang fireboxes crackling what was that edward had crashed straight into the flower bed and rolled into the hopper edward look those flowers are going to make mavis happy sorry edward was confused im sure the flowers next to the hopper they would make mavis the hopper happy So Emily was gray and dusty and felt even more pleased with herself.
Now I have to find another place to put more flowers. Emily looked around her and didn't see Thomas retreat into the chute behind her, but she heard the loud crash of the boilers bubbling, what were those ashes? and the ashes rubbed my protectors, be careful with the flowers that are going to make Mavis happy at that moment Mavis entered the quarry what happened Emily looked at Mavis Mavis was not happy she was very upset about what happened to my quarry and what? Are they making those flowers here? Emily gasped. The flowers haven't made Mavis happy. The quarry is in a terrible mess and it's all my fault.
Emily got angry at Mavis. You didn't say hello today, so I thought you were sad. I brought the flowers. Because I wanted to make you happy Mavis sighed I wasn't sad I didn't say hello because I was thinking about all the work I had to do today Emily felt very stupid I wish I had asked you if you were sad then I would I brought the flowers and the quarry wouldn't be in a mess terrible. Mavis looked at the mess. She looked very sad. Emily wanted to think of a way to make Mavis happy and now she knew that she had to ask Mavis what would make you happy.
I would like the quarry to be tidy and for all the engines to be really useful. Emily was very glad she had asked Mavis. She now knew exactly what to do to make Mavis happy. I can not move. I'm covered in slate dust and my firebox. It's gone out, don't worry Thomas, I'll lock you in the coal hopper, you'll be burning brightly again soon, thank you Emily, so Emily worked hard, she huffed and puffed and threw Thomas into the coal hopper, then she huffed and Ella It knocked the flower beds away from the hopper so Edward could divert his freight car to fill it.
Now the quarry is tidy again and all the engines are being really useful. Is there anything else that makes you happy? Yes, I want you to deliver the flowers to knapford station where they should be immediately mavis finally emily arrived at knapford station here are the flowers for the new planters thank you emily emily watts while the flowers were being unloaded they looked very pretty did you know Thomas those yellow flowers are called ranunculus and those red ones Edward are called roses and those white ones are daisies mavis swollen she was smiling my are you smiling mavis are you happy? im those flowers look wonderful and that made emily happy too play time all the engines on the island of sodor are very happy everyone is happy to work on sir topham hatt's railway there is always something new and exciting to look forward to like the day that the famous singer alicia botti came to give a concert at the town hall thomas met percy at the wash his boiler was bubbling with pride hello percy i have a very special special i must meet alicia body at the docks then i have to take her directly to the town hall for a great concert that's exciting also got news someone else is coming to the docks thomas I was baffled, Charlie, the new engine.
Thomas hadn't heard of Charlie. What's so special about Charlie? He is the continental driver's favorite mover. Everyone says it's the funnest engine ever, even funnier than you. Thomas Percy huffed happily away from the bumpers and shock absorbers he didn't use. I don't think any engine is more fun than me and Thomas went to the docks with his wheels whirring with worry. Thomas picked up Alicia Botti at the docks. Miss Botti looked very grand. She pleases me to travel with you. Thomas. Thomas' pistons exploded with pride. he saw charlie charlie is smaller than me and he certainly doesn't look any funnier than me hello, is that you, thomas?
Yes, I am, I'm Charlie. I've heard a lot about you. You have the locomotives on the mainland, they say you are even more. funny that I thomas was surprised then sir topham hatt thomas arrived charlie has a very busy first day edward has broken down charlie must collect edward's seat freight cars from the steam works then he has to collect ice cream from the creamery and the carpet knapford station red If Charlie needs help I'm sure you'll look after him. Yes sir, Yipee, I want to come with me. Because it will be fun. I'm sorry, I'm busy.
I heard you were a fun engine. Maybe it's not fun at all. Not Thomas. like they told me it wasn't fun at all, I'll go with you to the workshops and then I'll take miss body to the town hall. I'm sure I have plenty of time, so Thomas slowly walked towards the workshops and Charlie followed him. thomas puffed carefully to an intersection miss botti smiled sweetly from her passenger car charlie pulled up next this is not fun i will show you fun thomas couldn't let charlie be more fun than he pumped his pistons he made his boiler bubble and made it bubble his combustion chamber the race was on thomas and charlie roared and ran his funnels were burning soon they turned red alicia botti couldn't believe her eyes oh my god this is a surprise i thought thomas was steady and slow what trails and what fun on the way to my program the engines were laughing the race was a lot of fun you are fast and fast but I am number one with a woosh and a wish the two engines entered the steam workshops steady boys who is your friend thomas charlie he is new I am funny and I am Alicia Bhatti, miss friend, it is an honor that you visit our workshops.
Kevin, I'm sorry, boss, and while Charliewas attached to Edward's platform, Miss Buyy sang in the workshops, then it was time to leave. You're funny, Thomas. go to the dairy thomas knew he should take miss botty straight to the town hall but i didn't want charlie to think it wasn't fun i'm sure i still have time to take miss body to the town hall so thomas and charlie went to the dairy soon the two engines came to a junction, let's huff there, we can't, it's a bumpy track, but it will be fun. Thomas wanted to be funny, so he followed Charlie down the bumpy track.
Thomas and Charlie bounced and collided with Alicia. The body was sticking out and jumping and the couplings were activating and shaking looser and looser, at last Thomas and Charlie stopped at the dairy, that was fun and this is even more fun, we must go, miss body, you must not be late for the concert, goodbye yes. you were a very funny engine you would run with me to knapford thomas knew i was late but i wanted to be very funny just one last run charlie thomas and charlie thundered and roared thomas thought he had never puffed so fast i'm the first let's run again then gordon passed whistling he was puffing grandly he was taking sir topham hatt to the town hall thomas gasped i was late i must wish like the wind to the town hall thomas pumped his pistons and sped away in a cloud of steam i must not not be late i must not be late then there was trouble thomas no he knew his couplings had come unhooked thomas ran towards the town hall only thomas stopped abruptly his cheeks were redder than james' shiny coat here i am mr topham hatt stared at thomas here you are thomas but where are annie and Clarabel and where is Miss Potty?
Thomas felt terrible, he had been having fun when he should have been really useful, I'm sorry sir, I lost you, Mr. Topham, Hatt exploded then. You better go and find them Thomas, huffing, came to an intersection. He had looked for Annie and Clarabel but he couldn't find them anywhere. Then Charlie got angry. He was on his way to town hall. Hi Charlie. I've lost Annie and Clarabel. Miss body, the couplings must have come loose on the bumpy track and broken when we were racing, don't worry Thomas, I have a good idea what that is. We will have a race.
Whoever finds Clarabel first is the number one fun engine. Thomas was stern. he didn't think it was a good idea no charlie this is not the time to have fun this is the time to be really useful i have a very important job to do and thomas snorted thomas snorted carefully he was very worried then thomas heard singing he smiled buffer in buffer that's miss body singing hooray thomas found miss bhati by the bridge i had never heard anything as beautiful as miss patty singing miss body must go im sorry i kept you waiting and miss marty said goodbye happily while the crowd cheered and applauded thomas headed to the town hall with annie and Clarabel Sir Topham Hatt finally got angry Thomas you made Miss Body arrive very late for nothing Bertram Thomas made me very happy I had the trip of my life so many people to sing with and so much fun which made thomas smile and also his funny friend charlie percy.
It was a beautiful day on the island of Sodor the sun was shining in a bright blue sky and all the engines were very excited it was going to be a special party it was Sir Topham Hatt's mother's birthday Sir Topham Hatt arrived at Tidmouth Sheds He had a special for thomas thomas you must pick up the passengers for the party at brendam's docks thomas was excited yes mister percy I was hoping that sir topham hatt would have a special party for him but don't worry percy I'm sure you will have a special later, but percy still felt sad.
Mavis passed and stopped. She could see that Percy was not happy. What's happening? Percy, I don't have a special for everyone. Otherwise, don't worry Percy, I'm sure Sir Topham Hatt will return with a special just for you and when he does, make sure you tell me everything then and there, Sir Topham Hatt is back. Percy was surprised, Percy, you did it. The most important special of all, you must collect my mother's special birthday package from Brendam docks and then you must deliver it to the birthday party at Knapford station. Percy makes a beam from buffer to buffer yes sir, thank you sir Percy was excited Mavis was right Percy swelled in Brendam Docks, she gasped, the package was the most special package she had ever seen.
Percy was so proud that his combustion chamber bubbled. I must show it to Mavis right away. She will be very proud of me. Thomas was in Brendham. He was happy for his friend Percy. You have the most important thing. Special of all I know, I'm going to show Mavis my special special. away, but you don't have to go to Knapford station. Percy didn't want to listen to Thomas. I have plenty of time to inhale Knapford first. I'll show Mavis my special, so Percy set off towards the quarry as fast as he could. puff percy entered the quarry looking for mavis mavis was busy rocky was loading heavy boxes onto freight cars and mavis was diverting them it was hard work hi mavis hi percy look at my special special sorry percy I can't stop now I'm too busy don't you worry mavis i will wait be careful percy but it was too late oh no rocky dropped his heavy load of slate everyone was lost in a thick black cloud of slate dust finally the dust dissipated mavis rocky and percy was covered in a thick gray dust and also the special percy special percy was upset bubbling cauldrons look at the birthday package what am I going to do percy thought as hard as he could finally an idea flew into his funnel I'll go to the wash my special special will be clean there like new percy shouldn't you go straight to the party in knapford? percy didn't want to listen to rocky i will go to knapford station as soon as i have shown mavis my special special i still have plenty of time so percy's steam left quickly percy huffed and puffed to the wash james was already there polishing my percy whatever happened to you percy felt very foolish i would like a very good wash please the worker straightened up to work water and soap bubbles sprayed everywhere soon percy was glowing green again but his special looked terrible boilers bubbly the birthday package is more damp than wet what am I going to do?
Percy thought as fast as she could finally another idea flew into his funnel. I'll take my special to the steam workshops on Sodor. Victor will help me. The hot air blowers from it will dry the birthday package. Percy, shouldn't you go straight to the party at Knapford? Percy didn't want to listen to James. I'll go to Knapford station as soon as I've shown Mavis my special, I'm sure I still have plenty of time and Percy walked away quickly, Percy ran like the wind towards the steam workshops, Percy looked for Victor in the steam workshops and couldn't find it. anywhere but she found a worker.
I would like to be dried as quickly as possible. The worker was happy to help. The hot air ran with words all over Percy and all over his special one. Soon the worker finished. Percy felt very satisfied until he saw the wobbly wheels birthday package is all crumpled and crumpled what am I going to do? percy thought as hard as he could but this time no ideas flew into his funnel so percy walked away sadly percy clickety drummed slowly along the track now he didn't want to show the special mavis had ruined mother's birthday package from sir topham hatt and he couldn't go to the party in knapford now percy didn't want anyone to see him so he went into a siding to hide he felt terrible then he heard mavis and edward huffing towards the crossroads hi mavis, you look happy , I'm happy, I just picked up these new boxes, suddenly, Percy stopped feeling sad and started listening very carefully, new boxes, Victor had just delivered them to the workshops.
He had never put out new boxes before. Goodbye Edward, a new box is just what I need. Percy pumped his pistons and went to the workshops. Hello, Victor, Hello friend, how can I help you? I just saw Mavis with new boxes. Can I have one please? Well, why put my birthday package? Well, of course you can, Percy. That made Percy very happy. Thank you Victor. Soon there was a new bright red box on Percy's platform. This will be the largest package Sir Topham Hatt's mother has. have they ever given me must hurry now everyone will be waiting thank you victor and percy snorted proudly from the steam works sir topham hatt and his mother were waiting at knapford station sir topham hatt was angry then percy snorted at the new packet of bright red birthday looked wonderful, everyone applauded, happy birthday, madam, here is your very special birthday gift.
Sir Topham Hatt's mother smiled and even Sir Topham Hatt smiled when the worker opened the box. Everyone wanted to see what the gift was. Sir Topham Hatt's mother was more excited than everyone. Then, we all. she gasped, it was a beautiful portrait of Sir Topham Hatt's mother, oh button, what a wonderful surprise, I'm so happy, it's the most special special I've ever seen. Percy Percy smiled from the footrests. The criminal was sure that he was the happiest engine in

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