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Nov 16, 2021
hairy bees It was a beautiful summer morning on the island of Sodor the sun was shining the birds were singing the flowers were blooming and Thomas was clicking along the track to Brendan's dogs Thomas's good friend hero was unloading at Brendan's docks The morning hero Sir Topham Hatt tells me I have a special today for Farmer Trotter. Good Morning my friend. Yeah, check out Thomas Gast in my funnel. They look like small white wooden houses. Who lives in them. My good friend. There are many bees. His house is a cold beehive inside. The hives, the bees are very busy making honey, this excited Thomas.
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Sir Topham Hatt always has honey in his buns. I will blow as fast as I can to deliver the hives to Farmer Trotter. Suddenly, the hero was Stern. Thomas, slow, slow, eased in and passed the truck. in the forest then the bees will rest, you have to take care of the bees very carefully, don't worry hero, they will be happy with me. The heroes smiled very well. I have to deliver these boxes and then I have to pick up some flowers from Farmer Mako. I'll visit the bees when the Hero theme is over, slowly, Thomas was attached to the hives, come on, bees, Thomas snorted proudly to a crossroads ahead, he saw the path through the forest, the other path passed through the full field of flowers and a bright sun.
thomas friends

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The field with flowers is much more beautiful than the forest. I'm sure the bees would like it better, so Thomas didn't take the path through the forest like Hiro had told him. Thomas snorted happily. Buzzing bees are busy bees and busy bees do. hairy honey bees are happy bees when it's hot and sunny suddenly there was a buzz and a busy Thomas applied the brakes burst my shock absorbers what's that Thomas looked out at the field his bees were everywhere they were buzzing busy flying from flower to flower Thomas he was surprised don't come back bees, go back to your hives the bees weren't listening to Thomas they were too busy buzzing in the field Thomas tried again please come back bees, we'll be late to Farmer Trotter but still the bees weren't listening to Thomas fail The cameras combustion I can't take the hives to Farmer Trotter empty, then an idea flew into Thomas's funnel the bees like flowers.
thomas friends
I will blow with all my might towards Farmer McCall's and pick up the flower platform, then the bees will buzz around my flowers and return to their hives, so Thomas was undocked from his platform and then quickly walked away. Thomas arrived at farmer McColl's farm and saw the flower platform. I'm sure Hiro won't mind if I borrow his flowers. I'll bring them back as soon as the bees. They are in their hives again and Thomas snorted happily back to the field the bees were still humming busily from flower to flower in the field then they saw Thomas's flower platform the buzzing bees left the field and buzzed around Thomas they flew towards his funnel they buzzed their cauldron and its wheels hummed, trembling footprints, this platform of flowers was not a good idea, go away, bees, please, hum in your hives and make honey, but the bees were not listening to Thomas, they were too busy humming.
thomas friends
Then I must prepare like the wind. maybe the bees will fly out of my shock absorbers and fly back to their hives, so Thomas pumped his pistons and ran away, but the bees didn't care about the wind on their wings, they flew around Thomas like a buzzing cloud. Thomas huffed and then snorted at a sighting. Very well, bees, if you don't leave me, I will leave you. Thomas was undocked from his flat flower bed and walked off down the track, now the Buzzy Bees won't bother me, they're dirty making honey for Sir Topham Hatt. tea Thomas crossed an intersection hero was there Thomas was surprised to see his friend Hello hero, you look puzzled.
I'm Thomas. Mom calls. The flowers are gone and you still haven't delivered the bees to Farmer Trotter. He is waiting and worried. Thomas looked at the sage of him. Hero friend had not taken care of the bees he had not taken care of his hives and he had not taken Woodland's trail but he had taken Hero Hero's flowers I have been very foolish I have been everything you told me not to be but now I will do everything You told me to do please wait for me here I'll bring you your flowers Thomas' wheels started turning and his boiler started bubbling Thomas had a lot to do Thomas snorts back to the flower stand the bees They were still buzzing but Thomas didn't care Follow me bees, I will take you back to your hives and Thomas wanted to go to the hive platform.
Farmer Trotter is waiting for the bees, they will like to live on his farm. Then Thomas walked away carefully and took the path through the forest the woods were deep and dark the bees felt cold it's time to go home all the busy bees it's time to make honey in the shade of the trees and the busy bees hummed in his hives bomber Trotta was waiting for Thomas he was very happy to see his new hives, thank you Thomas, but why did you bring me all those flowers? They are not for you. Farmer Trotter, the hero, was waiting for them.
I must hurry. Thomas pumped his pistons and huffed down the runway Hiro was waiting for. Thomas, then my good friend, here are my flowers. Sorry, hero, you'll be late. I know, but thanks to these flowers, Farmer Trotter will have the best honey on Sodor. The two


smile. It had been a very busy day. Buzzy, a blooming disaster. a special day on the island of Sodor knapford station was going to be decorated all the engines were very busy and very excited Sir Topham Hatt was in the titmus sheds knapford station was being decorated there are many jobs to do Thomas you must go to the Quarry and pick up slate for the new roof, yes, Mr.
Emily, you must go to the weight station and pick up the flowers for the new window boxes, flowers, how pretty, I know all about the flowers, I know the cups of butter are yellow, Emily, and then take them to Knapford station, yes. sir Emily snorted happily to accompany the weight station passing Toby Toby was delivering lumber for Knapford's new floors hi Toby hi Emily so Emily passed James James was delivering cans of paint to paint Knapford's new walls James good morning Emily Emily puffed up a junction where Mavis was on the bridge above but Mavis didn't say hello to Emily Emily was surprised Mavis hello Mavis still didn't say hello to Emily Emily wondered what was wrong with Mavis I know what's going on Mavis must be feeling sad today at Maithwaite Station Emily She walked over to the flat flower bed.
There are a lot of different flowers here. Emily Emily knew the names of all the flowers but she didn't say a word. She was thinking about Mavis. She wanted to make Mavis happy. Then an idea flew into her funnel. I'm sure the flowers. They would make Mavis happy. I have many. I can leave some at the Quarry for Mavis so Emily doesn't go straight to Knapford Station with the flowers. She took the track to Quarry. Instead, Emily huffed happily towards the quarry. I couldn't see Mavis anywhere. I know I will decorate the flowerbed with flowers that will make Mavis very happy when she returns and when she looked for a place to put some flowers, this is the perfect place.
Mavis will see the flowers here so soon. When she arrived, Emily felt very pleased with herself. Emily looked around her. She didn't see Edward puffing in the quarry behind her, but she did hear the loud crash of fireboxes. What was it that Edward had crashed directly into the flower platform and rolled into the hopper? Edward, look, those flowers will make Mavis happy, sorry, Edward was confused, I'm sure the flowers by the hopper would make Mavis happy, the hopper is so gray and Dusty Emily felt even more pleased with herself somewhere else to put more flowers. Emily looked around her.
She didn't see Thomas back into the hopper behind her, but she heard the loud roar that bent her boilers. Cinders and clapped my buffers, be careful with the flowers. They are going to make Mavis happy at that moment. Mavis went into the quarry, whatever she has. It happened Emily looked at Mavis Mavis was not happy, she was very upset. What happened to my Quarry and what are those flowers doing here? Emily gasped. The flowers haven't made Mavis happy. The Quarry is in a terrible mess and it's all my fault. Emily. I'm happy with Mavis, you didn't say hello today, so I thought you were sad.
I brought the flowers because I wanted to make you happy. Mavis side, I wasn't sad. I didn't say hello because she was thinking about all the jobs she had. I had to do today Emily felt very stupid I wish I had asked you if you were sad then I wouldn't have brought the flowers and the Quarry wouldn't be in a terrible mess she looked at the mess it looked very sad Emily wanted to think of a way to make Mavis happy and Now I knew I had to ask Mavis what would make you happy. I would like the quarry to be tidy and for all the locomotives to be really useful.
Emily was very glad she had asked Mavis now that she knew exactly what to do. do to make Mavis happy I can't move I'm covered in slate dust and my firebox has gone out don't worry Thomas, I'll take you to the coal chute, you'll be burning brightly again soon, thanks Emily. Emily worked hard, huffed and puffed and pushed Thomas towards the coal hopper, then punched and knocked the flower beds away from the hopper so Edward could divert his freight car to fill it now that the quarry is tidy again and all locomotives. They are being really helpful.
Is there anything else that makes you happy? Yes, I want you to deliver the flowers to Knapford station, where they should be immediately. Mavis, Emily finally arrived at Knapford station. Here are the flowers for the new planters. Thank you, Emily. Emily watches as they unloaded the flowers. They looked very pretty. Did you know Thomas? Those yellow flowers are called ranunculus and those red. Edward's name is roses and those white ones are daisies. Mavis puffed up, she was smiling, you're smiling, Mavis, are you happy? I'm those flowers look wonderful and that made Emily happy too slippery Sodor it was a very special day on the island of Sodor because the Mr Bubbles clown show was coming to town Mr Bubbles was famous he could blow the biggest bubbles ever seen all the engines were happy and excited except Thomas, he had a broken funnel and had to go to the Steamworks for repairs at the Steamworks, everything was huffing and puffing and smoking and he wanted everything except Thomas, he waited sadly on the turntable for Victor to arrive.
Thomas didn't like it. When he needed repairs, it meant waiting inside and not having fun outside on his branch. Don't look so miserable, Thomas, we'll find you a nice replacement funnel and have you out of the house in no time. Kevin, let's see what we have for you. our good friend Thomas, yes boss, I'm right away sorry boss, that was a slip and a hook, oh Kevin, well that won't do for everything, my friend, this funnel is too small, Kevin, let's try something a little bigger , yeah, boss, right now, boss, okay. suffering then, Mr. Kevin, what are you doing sir?
Yes, we know, Kevin, we know. Hello, this first one no, no, no, no, this one is too big, we only have a spare funnel head. I'll be back in two months of a week, hopefully. fits well my friend, or you'll be here for quite a while here, I'm Thomas, sorry Thomas, it was a slip of the hook. I know, Kevin, I know it's great, it fits perfectly, this funnel makes me feel stupid, not at all, my friend. It's splendid, it will help you inhale very well until you fix your old funnel. Now move forward. I heard Mr.
Bubbles has a very special special for you at Brendan Docs. Thomas huffed at Brendan, he was very unhappy. Mr. Bubbles was waiting, he was very happy. to see Thomas hello Thomas Mr Bubbles has a very important job for you Thomas, this is my very special bubble liquid, it makes the biggest bubbles you have ever seen. I need it for my show this afternoon, please take it to Knapford station so Thomas can slowly back away. and carefully to the platform and attached it now you shouldn't spill any of the liquid Thomas blows slowly and carefully yes sir, see you at Leopard then James snorted Hello Thomas, that's a fun funnel Thomas didn't want a fun funnel funnel he wanted his old funnel back funnel and didn't like James laughing at his funny funnel, so Thomas pumped his pistons and ran away as fast as he could.
He forgot to go slow and careful. Then Thomas stopped at an intersection and saw Gordon. Hello. Thomas, oh, that's a fun funnel. Thomas didn't want a funny funnel, he wanted his old funnel back and he didn't like Gordon laughing at his funny funnel, so Thomas pumped his pistons and ran away from Gordon as fast as he could. Without thinking to go slowly and carefully, the bubble liquid spilled and splashed on the road, but Thomas did not notice that Sir Topham Hatt was driving Mr. Bubbles on the road, then there was trouble, the car skidded and skidded. towards a muddy ditch where he stopped. the signal from him and saw Henry in a sighting hello Thomas oh, that's a fun funnel.
Thomas didn't want a fun funnel, he wanted his old funnel back and he didn't like Henry making fun of him.funny funnel, so Thomas pumped his pistons and ran away. Henry as fast as he could, he still wasn't thinking about going slow and careful. Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Bubbles drove towards a bridge, slow down, Thomas, you're spilling my bubble fluid, but Thomas didn't hear them spill more bubble fluid and it splashed on the road, his car skidded and skidded into a haystack, but Thomas didn't realize he was going even faster and so did Sir Topham Hatten.
Mr. Bubbles Thomas didn't see that, but he did see a red signal. Thomas braked harder. The bubble liquid spilled and splashed on the road, so Topham Hatt's car skidded and skidded into a pond, but Thomas was too preoccupied by his funny funnel to notice that he finally ran towards Netflix. Thomas snorted towards Knapford just as Sir Topham Hat and Mr Bubbles arrived Sir Topham Hatt was very angry Thomas, you were going too fast, the special bubble liquid splashed and splashed out of the tank and now the tank is empty and it's almost time for it to start my show, the children will be very disappointed.Thomas felt terrible, sorry sir, the only special bubble liquid left is at Brentham docks, now there is no time to collect it before the show.
Yes, there is. I'm sure I can blow Brendan and go back in time for his show. Very good Thomas, but this time you must be careful, yes, sir, thank you sir, and Thomas quickly left. Soon Thomas returned to Brendom Docs. He loaded a new tank of bubble fluid onto his platform and Thomas carefully left. Thomas saw Edward at an intersection. Hello. Thomas, that's a fun funnel. Thomas didn't like it when Edward laughed at his hilarious funnel, but this time Thomas didn't pump his pistons and ran away from Edward as fast as he could. He carefully dove into Netflix and then Thomas walked past some kids, the kids.
They saw his funny funnel They were excited They thought Thomas was going to be part of Mr. Bubble's show Thomas was surprised because he gave the children an extra noisy tube The children laugh even more Thomas liked seeing the children laugh They are laughing of my fun funnel makes them happy and that made Thomas happy Thomas is back on Netflix the kids applaud well done Thomas, you haven't spilled a drop of my special bubble fluid and you're just in time for my show later the kids applauded and cheered at the Mr Bubbles Clown Show they had never seen such big bubbles, then the children realized that Thomas' funny funnel looked like Mr Bubble's hat, thank you Thomas, the funniest engine on Sodor, soon everyone They laughed.
Thomas, especially Double Trouble, all the engines were very exciting. They were laughing happily and chatting as they rattled down the tracks today was their Topham Hatt's birthday and it was going to be the greatest birthday party on Sodor Thomas had a very special special who used to pick up Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hat for the party while Thomas Maithwaite station was approaching gassed ahead could Topham Hatt stop it already on the Cinders and Ashes platform I must be late Thomas entered the station I was worried Sorry sir I thought you were early Sir Topham Hatt turned around Thomas gasped Sir Topham Hatt had a mustache Thomas he was so surprised that he almost burst a piston Thomas, my good friend, today you look perfectly polished, thank you sir Sir Topham had laughed so hard that his blouse had wobbled Thomas was bewildered Sir Topham Hatt had never laughed so hard that he his top hat wobbled and Sir Topham Hatt never called Thomas his good friend.
I know, Thomas, let's go to Whispering Woods, it's one of my favorite places, we have plenty of time before the party, everyone aboard. Now Thomas was even more puzzled and he wanted to ask about Sir Topham Hatt. new mustache and why he was acting so strange, but Thomas didn't want to look stupid, so he decided not to ask. Thomas drove away from Mathway Station and headed toward Whispering Woods. Thomas puffed himself up toward Whispering Woods. Edward was there. Edward had brought children. to visit the forest then I would take them to the party hello Edward hello Thomas looks worried Thomas was worried but before he could explain Sir Topham had come down wonderful what's fun please sir we can't stay too long the children must not be late for the party , oh party, know-it-all Thomas, we have plenty of time, you worry too much and Sir Topham Hatt is gone, hello children who would like to play hide and seek, Sir Topham Hatt said it was a game of hide and seek, yes he did and The Wheels of Thomas staggered with worry Sir Topham Hatt played hide and seek for a long time he was very happy as were the children Edward was puzzled Sir Topham Hatt never plays hide and seek I know and what is that on his face a mustache just appeared today Mr Topham Hatt It didn't look like Sir Topham had it all just then Sir Topham Hatt came back Thomas wanted to ask him if he was feeling alright but he didn't want to look stupid Thomas knew that silly engines weren't really useful So he didn't ask any questions We must hurry now sir We will be late and so will the children, but Sir Topham Hatt was not worried, do not rush, the children, Edwards let them play.
Edward was so surprised that his boiler bubbled, then, sir. Topham had jumped aboard Annie and greeted all the children. Thomas' wheels click, click, huff and puff along the track, he knew they were late to the party. Thomas stopped at the crossroads, suddenly Sir Topham jumped off Annie and climbed into the signal box I won't be a moment Thomas Thomas was amazed also the signalman Sir Topham Hatt never entered his signal box hello can I have a turn? Thomas looked up and saw Sir Topham Hatt pull a lever and then Thomas heard Gordon Cinders whistle and Ashes Here Comes Gordon Gordon had all the important visitors aboard the express and brought them to the party with a clang and a disorder the points changed Gordon and the express they were no longer on the express track they were now on a branch line leading away from the party Thomas heard Sir Topham Hatt shouting for Joy, hooray, fireboxes crackling.
I must ask Sir Topham Hatt that it is wise to be so strange, but when Sir Topham Hatt came down from the signal box, Thomas didn't say anything, he still didn't want to look foolish. fun All aboard Thomas ran towards Maplewood the lady's hat would be waiting they were very late Thomas was worried first Sir Topham Hatt had a mustache then he wanted to play hide and seek with the children then he sent Gordon off the express line and away from the party Sir Topham Hatt is acting very strangely, in fact, Thomas snorted at Mithwaite, his stationmaster was angry.
Thomas, you're late. Sir Topham and Lady Hat had to go to the party and Birdie had to go to the bus, but Birdie hasn't arrived at the party and neither have the children. or the very important visitors Thomas was puzzled if Sir Topham Hatt is at birdie then who is on board Annie just at that moment Thomas's passengers got off Thomas knew he had to ask a question he hadn't asked before even if it seemed silly, excuse me , Sir Topham, you don't look like yourself today, it's all right. Thomas's passenger smiled brightly. Yes, Thomas, but I'm not Sir Topham Hatt.
I'm so frank. Sir Topham's brother, Thomas, was amazed that he explained everything to him, but now he wished he had asked the question. before now there was no time to waste if I wanted to be a really useful motor bird it must have broken down we must find it immediately Sir Topham hatt's brother was very excited hooray another game of hide and seek now Thomas was Stern no sir loam hat I have to work hard and quick, otherwise your brother's party will be ruined, so loam put Annie on and Thomas snorted Thomas found Birdie, bus smoke coming from its engine.
The little bird seemed very unhappy and Sir Topham and Lady hat Thomas Where have you been at that time? Sir Topham Hatt's brother left Annie Sir Topham Hat's side. Oh no, are you up to your old tricks again? Absolutely true, Topham. I've been having a wonderful time with Thomas. Sir Topham Hatt didn't think this was funny at all. You have caused confusion and delay, we must hurry. Thomas brought Sir Topham Hatt, his brother and his lady hatt, to the party just in time. The party seemed great, but Thomas couldn't stay. He had work to do first.
Thomas went happily to the Forest of Whispers. Edward was very happy to see Thomas go straight to the party with the children Edward Sir Topham Hatt is waiting it was his brother sir loam who was playing hide and seek next Thomas found Gordon Gordon was huffing and puffing as slowly as a snail in a rickety branch of the indignity his recording to the next line of the Express ran like a rocket towards the party which made Gordon very happy in the end Thomas returned to the party Edward and Gordon were already there what a wonderful party and everyone was laughing when Thomas and his


heard something very extraordinary Sir Topham Hatt laughed even louder than his brother and that made Thomas the happiest of all Henry's good deeds there are many beautiful birds on the silver island the engines know their names and their songs a day the engines were especially excited about a new A bird had been seen on the island.
Sir Topham had arrived at Tidma Sheds. He had important news. The queen of Sodor has returned to the island. Very few people have seen this bird, so many visitors will come to our island. very busy taking them to spot the bird remember your passenger cars at all times and remember not to scare the warbler Henry was worried about the warbler do you think the warbler of Sodor will be afraid of engines? No, Henry, not if you're really helpful and I. I need you to be really useful, yes sir, you must bring a nesting pole to Bluff's Cove.
Percy was baffled. What is a nesting post? It is a tall pole with a shelf on top. Birds build their nests in it. Percy likes this idea. You understand? Henry, yes, sir. I'll hand over the surveys immediately, well, we hope the warbler of Sodor settles here again. It's a very exciting special. Henry Henry was happy, he snorted proudly afterwards. Henry Clickety clicked onto the runway ahead and was able to see Thomas with Annie and Clarabelle Thomas. he had stopped, that's strange, Henry slowly pushed towards Thomas, is there something wrong? Thomas not Henry. I'm going to let Farmer McCall cross with his sheep.
Henry could see the sheep tripping and hitting the tracks Thomas, you helped me, it's a good deed, well done. welcome farmer McCall Thomas pulled happily Henry snorted and looked puzzled I'd like to help someone they'll call it a good deed and say Well done Henry this made Henry very happy I'm sure I can hand over the nesting post and do well done so Henry snorted happily soon Henry saw Farmer Trotta's pink pigs that were snorting and sniffing sadly at the side of the track hmm those pigs don't look very happy then Henry saw that the pigs were looking at the muddy field on the other side of the tracks I know what's up those pigs want to roll in the muddy field if I stop here those pigs can cross safely they won't be afraid anymore so Henry stopped and the pigs stumbled and trotted across the tracks soon the pigs were gone They were pink, they were brown, muddy and very happy.
Farmer Trotter was not happy at all. He wanted the pink pigs to take them to the county fair. Henry was sorry, oh dear farmer. Trotter is angry. I didn't help at all. Suddenly, an idea flew into Henry's funnel. I'll back up the track and then the pigs will have more room to cross. Henry pumped his pistons, his wheels, said he blew Steam and puffed back. This should help Farmer Trotter, but it didn't help the pigs who were scared by Henry's steam and the place his wheels scattered and rattled in the apple boxes the apples rolled everywhere this made the pigs very happy , they chewed and crushed the rosy red apples, but now they didn't move from the footprints which made Farmer Trotter even angrier. dampers my idea was not a good action at all at that time Thomas puffed up on the downline Annie and Clarabelle were full of visitors to see the Sodor warbler Cinders and Ashes, how am I going to blow through the soda warbler? has been seen in Finland Fields I'm in a hurry Sorry Thomas, I was trying to help Farmer Trotter.
I'm sure I can help you. I will take your visitors to the countryside of Finland. We'll get there in time. Thomas thought this was a Good idea, thanks Henry, the visitors were surprised, they walked and ran through the pigs to Henry's passenger car. Henry was pleased. I'm sure it's a good deed and I'm sure I still have time to deliver the nesting post. Henry huffed and puffed. It was harder all the way to the fields of Finland here we are, watch out for the warbler the visitors were very excited they opened the carriage doors carefully they didn't want to scare the warbler Henry was very happy at last I have been of help I have done a good onestrong action goodbye then there was trouble a colorful bird flapped its wings and flew from a tree High in the sky and far away was the warbler of Sodor the visitors moaned and moaned stoves crackling the bird was afraid of my loud whistle Henry's theme sadly far away I wanted to help the pigs I wanted to help Farmer Trotter I wanted to help the visitors but I haven't helped anyone I haven't done good deeds and I haven't handed over the nesting post Henry felt terrible Henry snorted towards the Cove lantern, he had to hand over the nesting post.
I don't think anyone is going to tell me right, Henry. Henry waited at an intersection, his wheels wobbling with worry, now I'm sure I'll be late with the nesting post, Sir Topham. Hatt will be mad at me oh dear oh dear suddenly a colorful bird flew out of a tree Henry was too sad to smile at the bird the bird landed on Henry's cushion at least I can give that bird a rest and a walk so Henry and the Bella The bird puffed towards the cliff inlet. Henry huffed to a stop. Many visitors were waiting, hoping to see the woman from Sodor.
I hope they are happy that she gave them the nesting post, but the visitors were not only happy, they were amazed. They smiled, pointed and took out their cameras. Henry was surprised. Oh, the visitors seemed very happy to see me. I can't understand why, after all, no one has said Well done Henry, well done Henry, you brought us the refreshment warbler, hooray for Henry! Henry blinked and blushed. The bird he had on my bumper was the Sodor Warbler. Then Thomas arrived with more visitors. Well done. Henry. Henry was so proud that his stove was bubbling and his cauldron was bubbling and this time he wasn't even trying to do a good deed. the nesting post was at the top the Sodor warbler looked comfortable and sleepy in her nest at the top I think our friend likes his new home welcome home Mr. warbler and well done strange cranky Henry it was spring break on Sodor There was going to be a party for the children at the Duke and Duchess's new summer house.
All the engines were very excited and very busy. Thomas was puffing happily on the docks where James and Henry were passing. Good morning, James. Good morning, Henry. Where are you? snorting? I'm taking these straws, bundles to the summer house for the children to climb on. I'm carrying wood to make a stage for the children's show and barrels of lemonade to drink. How wonderful. See you later at the summer house. Good morning, bad-tempered foreigner. What's good about you? It's the day of the Duke and Duchess's party smarty-pants party I'm not going to parties I'm stuck here loading and unloading all day I haven't had a moment to rest my bait that load is for me it's eggs for the kids to paint hurry up get up bad mood you are squeaky in a bad mood what's wrong with you?
Eggs are too heavy a burden for you. Grumpy didn't like Thomas' joke. He didn't like being called squeaky. No, they are not too heavy for me. They are lighters. You're not strong enough to pull anything heavier than little Thomas' fluff, which is why Henry and James have the heavy loads. Now Thomas didn't like Cranky's joke. The combustion chambers sputtered. I am as strong as any other engine. They are not as strong as me. Lift much heavier loads than you could ever lift. Thomas didn't really like it which we'll see. I have plenty of time to deliver the eggs first.
I have to prove Grumpy wrong. James has a heavy burden. I'll go find James. Thomas quickly left the docks. Thomas found James at the intersection next to the wash. Hi James, I don't have many jobs today. Do you want me to deliver your heavy load of wooden barrels? You can stay here in the wash and then you can be perfectly polished for the party James thought it was a very good idea, thanks Thomas, so James was undocked from the heavy wooden platform and Thomas was attached to the platform, the platform was heavy huffing and puffing Thomas headed towards the dogs Thomas was huffing back to the Dock you again What are you doing with that wood?
This platform is very heavy. I'm sure you can't lift it. Cranky looked at the wooden platform and barrels. I'm sure I can. Cranky's hook swung low over the wood. Thomas watched and waited with a brook and a crank and a crank and a brook grumpy lifted the platform in the air Thomas' boiler hummed I told you so So you're still squeaky grumpy and you're still little Thomas that made Thomas very angry. I'll prove Grumpy wrong and I still have time to deliver the eggs. I'm sure Henry had an even heavier burden. I'll go find Henry, so Thomas storms away.
Thomas found Henry waiting by the coal hopper for his special coal. Hi Henry, I don't have much. of jobs today, should I hand over your heavy load of straw bales? Then you can wait here for the special call from him. Henry thought it was a very good idea, thanks Thomas, so they undocked Henry from the heavy straw bale platform and attached Thomas. the platform was very heavy huffing and puffing Thomas set off once more towards the docks soon Thomas returned to the docks you again, what are you doing with those bales of straw? This rig is very, very heavy, I'm sure you can't lift this Cranky looked at the straw bale rig I'm sure I can Cranky's hook swung low over the straw Thomas looked and waited with a brook and a crank and a crank and a cranky stream lifted the straw platform into the air Thomas's funnel bubbled said You, so you're still squeaky in a bad mood and you're still little Thomas, that made Thomas even angrier at her than ever.
Thomas wanted to prove Grumpy Crunch wrong. He had to find the heaviest thing he could, then an idea flew into his funnel, lift me up in a bad mood. cranky looked at Thomas couldn't let Thomas win Cranky's hook swung low on Thomas Thomas barely dared to blow with a brook and a crank and a crank and a tuck and very, very slowly cranky lifted Thomas High into the air boilers bubbling squeaky cranky is lifting then there was trouble cranky creaked louder than ever his crane arms stuttered and shook it creaked and croaked then it broke oh no Cranky's crane arm had broken and it was all Thomas's fault Thomas was trapped in what high in the sky and it was blowing with the breeze then Sir Topham had arrived Thomas, what are you doing up there?
I'm sorry Mr. It was causing confusion and delay. The Duke and Duchess have no wooden straw bales or eggs. Now I see you have them all here. The bad mood is broken and you, Thomas, think. it's a good time to try being a bird the duke and duchess are waiting


felt very foolish then sir topham hatt looked grumpy and you're as dumb as


grumpy the shame of being as dumb as a steamer soon crumbled a worker had come up up sulking slowly and carefully Thomas was lowered and landed with a jolt and a shudder just as Spencer arrived dear, oh dear Thomas, what a mess little engines can get into very big trouble.
Thomas felt even more foolish in front of Spencer, but now he knew that being strong was only good if you were also really useful and he had to be really useful Spencer. I need your help. You are very strong and can pull much heavier loads than I can. Could you take the wood, straw bales and eggs to the summer house? please me it's my fault that cranky is broken I must fix everything as fast as I can very well thank you I'm sorry cranky I know you're stronger than me I'll be back soon with the right parts to fix you later Thomas pumped his pistons and snorted from the dogs Thomas he wished like the wind to Steamworks hello Victor cranky Creek and now it's broken it needs new parts, you've come to the right place my friend, there are many parts here.
We'll have cranky up and up in no time, soon Thomas' rig was loaded with new cranky parts, thanks Victor, of course, my friend cranky, my best Thomas huffed happily Thomas was chugging towards the docks with his heavy cranky rig still looking wrinkled, here you are. grumpy we'll fix you up in no time thanks Thomas that's a heavy platform you know you're not small and you're not squeaky grumpy he laughed and that made Thomas laugh too hot Sodor all the engines on Sodor like to be really useful they huff and puff to do the best they can for Sir Topham Hatt's Railway and sometimes that means doing a job they've never done before.
One morning, Sir Topham Hatt had a new job for Thomas. Victor has to go to the transfer yards, he has to see one. of the Locomotives will be out all day, you must take care of the Thomas Victor Workshops will tell you everything you need to know, be sure to listen carefully. Yes, Sir Thomas was excited. The Sodor Workshops are one of my favorite places on the island today. I'm going to be in charge, that's a very important job, Thomas, good luck, thank you. Percy and Thomas snorted proudly at the Steamworks and their new job. Victor was waiting for Thomas at the Steamworks.
Thomas was very excited, his boiler was bubbling and his combustion chamber was bubbling. Hello. My friend, this is a great day for you, Steamworks will be very busy, not too busy for me, Victor, I like to be busy, that's good, my friend. Now when an engine arrives you must listen carefully to its problem if you need help ask Kevin. right Thomas, when you're in a bind, look no further, just ask Kevin, that will save your dad, thanks Kevin, are you listening? Thomas, yes, Victor, but Thomas was too excited to listen, he wanted to continue his important work, don't do it.
Worry Victor, I know exactly what to do, hurry up Victor, you will be late for the Engines, very good my friend, good luck and Victor is gone. Thomas was now in charge soon Spencer walked moodily into the Workshops, the shiny silver paint on him was scratched and worn Spencer. I was surprised to see Thomas, where is Victor? He is not here today. I'm in charge. Spencer was worried. Oh, Spencer, you're in trouble. I'll check you out from Wheels to whistle. Put Spencer on the hoist, please. Kevin was worried. Are you sure, boss? I mean, Thomas, I don't think Spencer needs to get on the Hoist, I mean, he needs a repainted boss, but Thomas wasn't listening to Kevin, he was too excited, he was in charge of the Steamworks.
He put Spencer on the Hoist, Kevin over here. Spencer, please, if you don't mind, thank you, then Spencer huffed angrily at the hoist and then Henry huffed. Henry was not well, he sputtered and stammered, wheezed and sneezed. Henry was surprised to see Thomas, what are you doing here? Thomas Victor is not there. today I'm in charge of Henry's side then he turned and then he sneezed footrest and fender I know exactly what's wrong Henry they gave you the wrong coal Henry gasped no Thomas it's not mine but Thomas wasn't listening don't worry Henry We'll have you smoking with pride in a short time.
Kevin bring some of Henry's special coal, please, but what about Spencer's boss? Thomas wasn't listening as fast as Kevin could, so Kevin walked out into the cold. Spencer sat sobbing next to the hoist. Henry sputtered and stammered and Thomas felt pleased and proud. I like being in charge of the workshops. Then James smugly steamed in straw and the twigs blocked his funnel. Why are you here? Thomas Victor is not here today. I'm in charge of the bubbling cauldrons. You're in trouble. What happened? I can't inhale properly I know exactly what you need Kevin yeah boss I mean Thomas James needs a new funnel no no but Thomas wasn't listening to James but what about Henry and Spencer's cold in the hoist?
Thomas yes. I didn't hear Kevin find the spare funnel, please. Kevin was now very confused to find the funnel, he had to write Henry's code, but first he had to put Spencer on the horse, it was too much for Kevin, oh dear boss, uh, Thomas, don't do it. Worry Kevin, I'm in charge, so there were problems. Kevin stumbled over to the hoist and with a Biff and a smack he pressed a large green button that made Spencer flinch in the air. Trembling footprints. What's going on? Kevin gasped, throwing hooks. I'm sorry. Spencer, then Kevin dropped Henry.
The coal right in front of Henry's nose broke my boiler and the coals crashed. Kevin swung and rolled toward James behind my bright red paint. James was so upset that he let out the biggest puff of steam he had ever blown at Victor. Victor had just arrived from the transfer yards. now he was covered from shock absorber to shock absorber in Twigs, soot and chaff, Victor's wheels wobbled and his steam stuttered sputtered Sodor, what has happened to my beautiful Steamworks? Thomas looked at Victor and then at the mess and mess Sanders and Ashes, this is all my fault, no. boss, I mean, Thomas, I'm sure it's my fault, I'm sorry boss, I tried to say boss, no, Kevin, it's not yours.guilt, I didn't listen to Victor, I didn't listen to you and I didn't listen to my friends, I was too excited, too stupid, I think friend, you're right, what are you going to do now?
I'm sorry for all of you. I'll listen to them and make sure they're fixed right, so Victor and Thomas. I went to Spencer first. I don't need to check the wheels to whistle. I need new paint for my scuffs and scratches this time. Thomas listened, don't worry Spencer, you'll be glowing silver in no time. That made Spencer, the next victor, and Thomas very happy. I talked to Henry, I have my special call, but there is something wrong with my Firebox, it makes me wheeze and sneeze, don't worry Henry, your Firebox will be cleaned, you won't wheeze or sneeze again, and Thomas was right , ping the Pistons, no more wheezing or sneezing.
That's much better, finally, Victor and Thomas listen to James. I don't need a new funnel. I need to clean and polish my old funnel. James, you will have the most perfectly polished funnel on Sodor. Oh, James's funnel shone like the sun. James smiled from Fender to footrest soon all the engines were fixed they were ready to be really useful again well done my friend it's time to go home not quite Victor it's time to thank Kevin any time boss I mean, Thomas and they all laughed and laughed and laughed he left versus he packed it away It was a beautiful day on the island of Sodor, the sun was shining in a bright blue sky and all the engines were very excited.
There was going to be a special party. It was Sir Topham Hatt's mother's birthday. Sir Topham had arrived at the tidma sheds. He had a special party. for Thomas Thomas you must pick up passengers for Brendan's dock party Thomas was excited, yes Mr. Percy was hoping Sir Topham Hatt would have a special for him, but he didn't worry, Percy, I'm sure you'll have a special. Later, but Percy still felt sad. Mavis passed and stopped. She could see that Percy was not happy. What's happening? Percy. I don't have a special. The others don't care. Percy. I'm sure Sir Topham Hatt will be back with a special. for you and when I do, be sure to tell me everything at that time, Sir Topham Hatt returned.
Percy was surprised. Percy, you have the most important special of all. You must pick up my mother's special birthday package at Brendom Docs and then you must deliver it. to the birthday party at Knuppford station Percy buffer bean in buffer yes sir thank you sir Percy was excited Mavis was right Percy blew on Brendan's dogs gasped the package was the most special package he had ever seen Percy was so proud he his firebox bubbled I must show it to Mavis at once. She will be very proud of me. Thomas was with Brendan. He was happy for his friend Percy.
You have the most important special of all. I know I'll show Mavis my special right away, but right? I have to go to Knapford station. Percy didn't want to listen to Thomas. I have plenty of time for Puff to go to sleep first. I'll show Mavis my special so Percy set off for the Quarry as fast as he could. Percy entered the Quarry. looked for Mavis Mavis was busy Rocky was loading heavy boxes into freight cars and Mavis was maneuvering them it was hard work hi Mavis hi Percy look at my special special Sorry Percy I can't stop now I'm too busy don Don't worry Mavis I'll wait , we'll go Percy, but it was too late, oh no.
Rocky dropped the heavy load of slate from her. Everyone was lost in a thick black cloud of slate dust. Finally the dust cleared. Mavis Rocky and Percy were covered. thick gray dust and also Percy's special Percy was upset bubbling cauldrons look at the birthday package what am I going to do Percy thought as hard as he could he finally had an idea he flew into his funnel I'll go to the wash my special special will be cleaned there like new Percy, Shouldn't you go straight to the party at Knapford? Percy didn't want to listen to Rocky.
I'll go to Knapford station. As soon as I showed Mavis my special, I still have plenty of time, so Percy seemed to walk away quickly. Percy huffed and puffed all the way. James was already there having a Polish, my, my, Percy, whatever happened to you, Percy felt very foolish. I would like a very good wash, please, the workers got to work. Soon they sprayed water and soap bubbles everywhere. Percy was glowing green again, but his special looked terrible. Bubbling boilers, the birthday package is wetter than wet, what am I going to do, Percy thought so quickly.
As he finally could, another idea flew into his funnel. I'll take my special to the Sodor Workshops. Victor will help me. The hot air blowers from it will dry the birthday package. Percy, shouldn't you go straight to the party at Knapford? Percy didn't. I don't want to listen to James I'll go next Percy Chuck left quickly Percy ran like the wind towards the Steamworks Percy looked for Victor at the Steamworks he couldn't find him anywhere but he found a worker I'd like to be He dried himself off as fast as he could, so Please, the worker was happy to help.
The hot air hissed and the word spread throughout Percy and throughout his special one. Soon the workers finished. Percy was very pleased until he saw the birthday package wobbly. The wheels are all wrinkled and wrinkled. I'm going to do it? Percy thought as hard as he could, but this time no ideas entered his funnel, so Percy walked away sadly. Percy clickety-clack slowly along the track now that he didn't want to show the Mavis special that he had ruined. Sir Topham Hatt's mother's birthday package and he couldn't go to the party in Radford now that Percy didn't want anyone to see him, so he went into a siding to hide, he felt terrible and then he heard Mavis and Edward go to the crossroads.
Hello Mavis. You look happy. I'm happy. I just picked up the boxes. Suddenly, Percy stopped feeling sad and started listening very carefully. New boxes. Victor had just delivered them to Steamworks. He had never put out new boxes before. Goodbye, Edward, it's a new box. just what I need Percy pumped his pistons and left for Steamworks Justine Mavis with new boxes. Can I have one, please? Well, why put my birthday package? Well of course you can Percy, that made Percy very happy. Thanks, Victor, soon. A new bright red box sat on Percy's platform. This will be the largest package ever given to Sir Topham Hatt's mother.
I have to hurry now everyone will be waiting. Thank you. Victor and Percy proudly left the workshops. Sir Topham Hatt and his mother were waiting. At Knapford Station, Sir Topham Hatt was angry and then Percy inhaled the new bright red birthday package. He looked wonderful. Everyone applauded, happy birthday, ma'am. Here is the very special birthday gift from him. Sir Topham Hatt's mother smiled and even Sir Topham Hatt smiled as the workers opened the door. box everyone wanted to see what the gift was Sir Topham hatt's mother was more excited than everyone then everyone gasped it was a beautiful portrait of Sir Topham hatt's mother oh my bathroom what a wonderful surprise I am very happy, that's the special more special.
Have I ever seen Percy Percy smiled from the footrest to the Fender. He was sure that he was the happiest engine at playtime. All the engines on SoDo Island are very happy. Everyone is happy to work on Sir Topham Hatt's railway. There was always something new and exciting to do. I look forward to liking the day when the famous singer Alicia Body came to give a concert at City Hall. Thomas met Percy at the wash. His cauldron bubbled with pride. Hi Percy, I have a very special event. I have to meet Alicia Body at the docks.
Then I have to take her straight to city hall for a big concert, that's exciting. I also have news. someone else is arriving at the docks. Thomas was taken aback. Charlie, the new engine. Thomas hadn't heard of Charlie. What's so special about Charlie? He is the Continental Controller's favorite engine, everyone says he is the funniest engine, even funnier than you. Thomas Percy laughed happily at the bumpers and shock absorbers. I don't think any engine is funnier than me. The dramas were launched to the docks. His wheels hummed with worry. Thomas picked up Alicia. Botti at the naspati docks looked very grand.
I am pleased to travel with you. Thomas. Thomas' Pistons showed up proudly and then he saw Charlie. Charlie is smaller than me and he certainly doesn't seem any more fun than me. Hello, is that you, Thomas? Yes I am. I'm Charlie, I've heard a lot about you. You have the locomotives on dry land. They say you're even funnier than me. Thomas was surprised when Sir Topham arrived. Thomas Charlie has a busy first day. Edward has broken down. Charlie must pick up. Edward's freight cars with seats from Steamworks, then he has to collect ice cream from the creamery and the red carpet from Knapford station.
If Charlie needs help, I'm sure you'll take care of him. Yes sir, yippee, he wants to come with me. Why will it be fun? Sorry, I'm busy. I heard you were a funny engine, maybe you're not funny at all. Thomas didn't like being told it wasn't fun at all. I'll go with you to Steamworks and then I'll take Miss Body. to the town hall, I'm sure I have plenty of time, so Thomas slowly sailed towards the Steamworks and Charlie followed him. Thomas puffed carefully to an intersection. Miss Botti smiled sweetly from her passenger car. Charlie stopped next to her.
This is not fun. I'll show you. you're funny Thomas couldn't let Charlie be any funnier than he pumped his pistons he made his boiler bubble and his firebox bubbled the race had begun Thomas and Charlie roared and ran their funnels were hot soon they turned red Alicia bhatti couldn't believe her God My, this is a surprise. I thought Thomas was steady and slow. What dreams and what fun on the way to my show. The engines laughed. The race was very fun. You're fast and you're Speedy, but I'm number one. with a wooch and a wish the two engines entered Steamworks stable boys who is your friend Thomas Charlie he is new I'm funny and I'm Alicia body Miss body it's an honor that you visit our Steamworks Kevin I'm sorry boss and while Charlie was docked to the platform by Edward Miss Botti sang at Steamworks so it was time to go you're funny Thomas let's go to the dairy Thomas knew he should take miss body straight to the town hall but he didn't want Charlie to think he was It's not funny I'm sure I still have time to take Miss Body to the town hall, so Thomas and Charlie went to the dairy.
Soon the two engines reached a junction. Let's get inflated, we can't. It's a bumpy track, but. It'll be fun Thomas wanted to be fun so he followed Charlie down the bumpy road Thomas and Charlie bounced and crashed Alice's body shook and jumped and the couplings shook and shook looser and looser until finally Thomas and Charlie they stopped at the dairy, which was fun and This is even more fun, we gotta go, Miss, you shouldn't be late for the concert. Bye, if you're a really fun engine, you'd race with me to Knapford. Thomas knew he was late but he wanted to be really funny for just a moment. last race Charlie Thomas and Charlie thundered and roared Thomas thought he had never puffed so fast I'm the first, let's run again then Gordon whistled by he was puffing grandly he was taking Sir Topham Hatt to the town hall Thomas gasped I'm late I must wish like the wind to the city ​​hall Thomas pumped his pistons and sped away in a cloud of steam I must not be late I must not be late then there was trouble Thomas did not know that his couplings had disengaged Thomas ran alone to the city hall Thomas stopped abruptly his cheeks were redder than the James's shiny coat here I am Sir Sir Topham Hatt stared at Thomas here you are Thomas but where are Annie and Clarabelle and where is Miss Spotted Thomas felt terrible for being there? having fun when it should have been really useful.
Sorry sir, I lost them. Sir Topham had shouted, so you better go find them. Thomas came to a crossroads, he had looked for Annie and Clarabel but he couldn't find them. anywhere then Charlie laughed I was on my way to town hall Charlie, I lost Annie, Clarabel and Miss Body, the couplings must have come loose on the bumpy track and broke when we were racing, don't worry Thomas, I've got a good one Any idea what that is, we'll have a race. Whoever finds something from Clarabelle first is the number one driver of fun. Thomas was Stern, he didn't think it was a good idea, no, Charlie, this is not the time to have fun, this is the time to be. really useful, I have a very important job to do and Thomas snorted Thomas snorted carefully he was very worried then Thomas heard a singing he smiled from buffer to buffer that's miss body singing hooray Thomas found Miss Party by the bridge, she had neverheard something so beautiful While Miss Bati sang Miss Body Must Go Sorry I kept you waiting and Miss Baki said goodbye happily as the crowd clapped and cheered.
Thomas headed to the town hall with Annie and Clarabel. Sir Topham Hatt finally got angry. Thomas, you did it. Miss body too late for anything Bertram Thomas has made me very happy I've had the trip of a lifetime so many people to sing with and so much fun it made Thomas smile and so did his funny friend Charlie splish splash splash it had been raining and pouring rain On the island of Sodor, the engines were splattered and splattered with mud. Thomas liked the rain splashing on his boiler and Pitter patted the paint. Thomas and Rosie had been fighting and punching each other all day in the marshalling yards, now it was time to leave. come on Rosie, I'll take you to Tin with sheds the two friends chugged along the tracks straight through a very large puddle Thomas and Rosie were splashed from footrest to fender in slushy rainwater which was fun, so an idea he flew towards Thomas's funnel Thomas inverted slowly then he pumped his Pistons here I come Rosie Splish Splash that's a good game here I'm right muddy water splashed everywhere then Sir Topham took him he had some important news Alice's body is going to sing in a concert at the town hall the concert will be will be followed by a big T that's exciting how fun Thomas must go straight to the wash then he must pick up Miss Body and me from the dry ice station we will be waiting for you yes sir Rosie you must pick up Annie and Clarabelle and take them to dry for Thomas yes sir right now sir see you later Rosie and Thomas and Rosie leave quickly Thomas stopped at The Junction for the wash he saw a very big puddle on the other track Charlie was waiting right next to it it was very muddy Splash Rosie was very funny.
I'm sure Charlie would like my game too and I'm sure I have time for another puddle before the wash, so Thomas didn't take the track to the wash, he took the track down the middle. very big puddle here I come Charlie splish push trust my shock absorbers that's a good game Thomas snorted happily hooray this is fun now Thomas wanted to find more puddles and couldn't wait to play his game with other engines at the next crossing Thomas waited for Chuck He went to the wash and then saw a very large puddle on the right path.
Emily was waiting. Emily is already muddy. I'm sure she'll like my game and I'm sure I have time for another puddle before the wash here. I come, Emily, the muddy rainwater had spilled over Emily and over Emily's flower carts, the fireboxes crackling. I have to take this flower to the bakery to make the cakes for Alice's body tea. Now Thomas ruined it. Thomas didn't know that he had splashed Emily's flower. cars this is fun Splish Splash splush Soon I'll need a wash and Thomas chuckled at the next intersection Thomas waited to wash and then he saw a very big puddle right next to James James it's already muddy, I'm sure I'd like my game and I'm sure I have time for one more puddle before the wash.
Here I come, James splash, splash, splash and Thomas walked away laughing. The muddy rainwater had spilled onto James and onto the ripe strawberries on his deck. scorching cauldrons these strawberries were for Alice's bodies cakes are now ruined Thomas didn't know he had splashed James' strawberries this is fun Splish Splash splosh I'll need a wash soon and Thomas blew Happily Thomas headed to the next junction now It was getting late. I know there will be a very big puddle along the path next to the river. I'm sure I have time for one last puddle before the wash, so Thomas took the left path that ran along the river in front of him. a very large puddle, this is the largest puddle that has ever existed here.
I came divided, splashed and then there was trouble, the muddy water flew high into the air and spilled onto Alicia Bhatti and Sir Topham Hat Thomas. Thomas screeched to a stop and backed away slowly and saw that. he had Splish Splash splashed on Alicia bhati and Sir Topham Hatt Cinders and Ashes look what you've done to miss the body, she's soaked too Thomas. I heard from the dairy manager that you ruined the flowers and strawberries for Miss Botti's Grand Tea. This is a disaster, Thomas. he felt terrible, he tried to make Puff move forward but he couldn't oh no, the big puddle had turned off his Firebox this game is no longer fun everything went wrong then Thomas heard Rosie's whistle Rosie please help me I already splashed Splash he got in trouble oh dear Thomas, of course, I won't worry.
Rosie tossed and puffed Thomas over the dry slopes with my dry coal. Thomas, your boiler will soon be bubbling, thanks Rosie, I can't go collect Sir Topham Hatt and Alice's body now. my special to me, of course I will. I'll go right away later Thomas was once again steaming happily he stopped at an intersection there was a very big puddle on the right path look that big puddle is perfect for Splish Splash splash no I'm not going to do Splish Splash Splash anymore. I have to make sure the recipient of Alicia's body arrives on time, and Thomas huffed down the left path toward the bakery and away from the big puddle.
Thomas arrived just as James and Emily had delivered fresh strawberries and flour. to the bakery your silly game means we will be late for the concert no you won't I will wait here for the cakes and then I will deliver them to you you can go to the wash and then you will both be clean for the concert thank you Thomas now I will be bright and better and I will shine more than the rest Thomas snorted with the fresh strawberry shortcakes for the recipient You're just in time Thomas, thank you sir Sorry I caused confusion and delay Rosie snorted until Thomas found another puddle it's perfect for our game we can play again no thanks Rosie I think that I've done enough Splish Splash for one day the early bird on the island of Sodor all the engines on the Sir Topham Hass Railway are busy Gordon pulls the express Percy delivers the mail and Thomas blows and pushes happily on his branch line one morning the Thomas' firefighter stoked his firebox ready to work Thomas saw that his best friend Percy wasn't there good morning James, have you seen Percy right?
He had a lot to do to see Percy, then Sir Topham had arrived. Thomas Percy's piston broke. He has to go to Steamworks to get it fixed. Percy won't be able to deliver the mail tomorrow morning. You must do it for him. Thomas was excited. I had never delivered the mail before blowing your whistle out loud, yes sir, I always wanted to deliver the mail, make sure I do a good job, Thomas, of course, I will, sir, don't worry, sir, then Thomas snorted. proudly towards his Branch Thomas stopped at a junction Gordon was there Percy they will fix it tomorrow I'm going to deliver the mail to him.
Percy's email. Have you asked Percy how to do it? Don't worry, Gordon. I know all about mail delivery. In fact, then the door opened and Thomas huffed quickly. He worked hard all day that night. He went to see Percy at the Steamworks. Percy didn't look happy. Is your piston fixed? No Percy, it's still broken, don't worry, I'll do your morning I'll send the mail thanks Thomas, I'll tell you what to do? I know what to do Percy now I have to go to sleep. I'll be up very early, well, if you're sure Thomas, very sure, Percy.
I have to get back to Tidmouth now. I need a lot of sleep, bye, Percy watched as Thomas laughed the next morning. Thomas woke up very early, he felt very proud to be pulling the mail trucks, he didn't hear a peep as Thomas puffed around the island, everyone was fast asleep first. Thomas huffed towards the quarries. I have to let the quarry manager know that the email is here. Thomas was excited, blew his whistle very loudly and then threw it away happily. Thomas hadn't seen that his loud whistling had woken up Mavis, who makes that noise next.
Thomas happily headed to the docks. I have to let the dock manager know that the mail is here. Thomas was excited, blew his whistle even louder, and then snorted happily. What Thomas hadn't seen was that his good morning whistle had woken Crankyo, who woke me up. Up, this is fun. Finally, Thomas entered the Steamworks. I have to let the Steamworks manager know that the email is here. Thomas was so excited that he blew his whistle louder than ever. Oh, and then he snorted happily. What Thomas hadn't seen was that it did. I woke up Victor and Kevin, oh what's that noise? boss, who knows Kevin, who knows any early risers Thomas worked hard all morning everywhere Thomas went, he blew his whistle loudly soon Thomas had delivered all the mail, it was time for him to return to the sheds tidma before. arrest when Thomas was passing by the Quarry he saw Mavis her freight cars were being loaded with slate then there was a problem Mavis had not lined up her freight cars under the hopper the slate spilled everywhere that's strange Mavis never makes mistakes while that Thomas didn't see that Mavis was fast asleep under the hopper that's why he had put the load because in the wrong place then Thomas passed by the docks cranky was unloading some big boxes from a ship then there was trouble cranky dropped the box and they fell into the floor with a smash and crash, that's strange, the starter never makes mistakes, but Thomas didn't see that Grumpy had fallen fast asleep, that's why he had dropped the boxes that Thomas took to Tidmouth Sheds.
He wanted to tell Percy everything about the mail delivery, but Percy wasn't there. there was Sir Topham Hatt, he was angry, someone woke up Mavis too early by blowing his whistle too loud, then someone woke up grumpy at the docks and Victor at the workshops, now they've all made silly mistakes. Thomas knew he had woken everyone up with his cheerful whistle he felt terrible I'm so sorry sir it was me then Thomas since Percy is still not fixed you must do a better job tomorrow I will sir I promise sir then Gordon arrived, he had heard everything about Thomas' problem with the mail you were right Gordon delivering mail is hard work.
He should have asked Percy what to do and this time I'll do it. That night Thomas visited Percy at the Steamworks, he asked him all about delivering the mail and Percy told him all about being quiet next time. In the morning, Thomas left early pulling the mail wagons, he stopped at Quarry this time he didn't blow his whistle, he blew very gently so as not to wake Mavis. Then Thomas stopped at the docks, he didn't blow his whistle here either. and didn't wake up Cranky, lastly Thomas blew in the workshops, left the mail and didn't blow his whistle once Victor fell fast asleep, but Percy had woken up early to see his best friend Thomas, well done, Thomas, you did everything. right, thanks Percy, now I know that the most important thing about delivering mail is that you have to do it quietly.
Percy was so happy for his friend that he wanted to play out loud and then looked at Thomas. Thomas had fallen fast asleep, sleep well, Thomas and Thomas. He snored the dream of a locomotive that had done a very good job.

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