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Thomas Breaks The Rules & Other Stories | Remade US VHS Tape |

Dec 16, 2021
bye, there is a queue to a quarry at the end of Thomas Branch, it runs some distance along the road. Thomas was always very careful to whistle here in case someone arrived early one morning, a large policeman was sitting near the line. Thomas as a police officer. He had been a great friend of the officer who had just retired. It was a very good morning. Thomas expected the new officer to be friendly too, but he was sorry to see that he didn't seem friendly at all. He was red-faced and very angry. Embarrassingly divided I didn't sleep a wink last night I was so quiet and now the engines suddenly come whistling behind me I'm sorry sir sir


I just said good morning a policeman pointed to


where his cow catcher is he asked me but I didn't Don't catch cows sir, Don't be funny, snap at the policeman, he looked at Thomas' wheels, there are no side plates either, he wrote in his notebook, engines that circulate on public roads must have their wheels covered and a cow catcher in front to protect people and animals. the animals from being dragged. under the wheels if they veer off the line you haven't then you're dangerous garbage said Thomas's driver we've been here hundreds of times and we've never had an accident that made it worse the policeman replied that he wrote regular lawbreaker in his book Thomas snorted sadly Mr.
thomas breaks the rules other stories remade us vhs tape
Topham Hatt was having breakfast he was eating jam from a toaster the butler came in excuse me sir they are looking for you on the phone b


that phone he said Mr. Topham Hatt I'm sorry dear he said to his wife Thomas is in trouble with the police and I must go immediately to the station. Thomas's driver told Sir Topham Hatt what had happened, dangerous to the public. In fact, we'll see. Sir Topham Hatt spoke to the policeman, but no matter how much he argued with him, it was of no use. the law is the law he said and we can't change it sir topham hatt felt exhausted sorry driver said it's no use arguing with the police we'll have to do those cow hunter things for thomas i guess everyone will laugh sir said thomas They'll say I look like a tram.
thomas breaks the rules other stories remade us vhs tape

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thomas breaks the rules other stories remade us vhs tape...

They'll say Topham Hatt got agitated and then left. Well done. Thomas. Why didn't it occur to me before? We want a tram locomotive. When I was on vacation I met a nice engine named Toby. He takes charge. Farm cars, but trucks are taking over most of your work and you need a change. He has cow catchers and side plates. I will write to his superintendent immediately. A few days later Toby arrived. It's a good engine. Sir Topham Hatt. Look, you brought your coach Henrietta, you don't mind, sir, you asked Toby. The station master wanted to use it as a chicken coop and that would never work.
thomas breaks the rules other stories remade us vhs tape
Indeed, said Sir Topham Hatt. We couldn't let Toby fool around. the cars behave even better than thomas at first thomas was jealous but he was very happy when toby rang the bell and scared the policeman they have been good friends since then so toby and henrietta are enjoying their new job on the island of sodor but They look dated and need new paint. James was very rude every time he saw them. What dirty objects he said at the end. Toby lost his patience. James asked why are you red. I am a splendid engine. James answered. Ready for anything you'll ever see. my paint was dirty oh, Toby said instantly, that's why you once needed boot laces to get ready.
thomas breaks the rules other stories remade us vhs tape
I guess James turned redder than ever and snorted. It was a huge insult to remember the time they had used boots to repair a hole in their trainers. At the end of the line, James left his cars and prepared for his next train. It was a slow freight train that stopped at each station to pick up and drop off cars. James hated slow freight trains, dirty cars from dirty sidings and started with just a few that he chose. More or more cars boarded at each station. At first, Tilly had a long train. The freight cars behave well, but James hit them so roughly that they were determined to get revenge on him.
At that moment they approached the top of Gordon's Hill. Heavy freight trains stop here to settle. his brakes james had been in an accident with cars before and should have remembered this wait james wait said the driver but james didn't want to wait he was too busy thinking what he would say to tell me the next time they met the freight cars the opportunity had come hooray Hooray, off they went and hitting their bumpers they pushed him down the hill through the station, they thundered, disaster was coming something sticky splashed on James, he had run into two wagons of tar and it was black from the smoke box to the taxi, He was more dirty than hurt, but the tar cars and some cars were in pieces.
Toby and Percy were sent to help and they came as fast as they could. Look here, Percy explained to him, Aby, whatever that dirty object is, James, right? Did you know what James's way is? said toby but james is splendid red engine and you never see his dirty paint james pretended he hadn't heard toby and percy picked up the cars that couldn't hear and helped james home sir topham hatt welcomed them well done percy and toby turned to james classy let your cars get away I am I'm surprised you're not in a position to be seen.
You must clean yourself immediately. Toby will have a new coat of paint please sir. Can Henrietta have one too? Said toby, no doubt, Toby, oh, thank you, sir, she will be delighted. All James could do is stare at Toby. he ran away happily with the news go gordon was resting on a siding sometimes I thought that it is very exhausting to be such a big and splendid engine one has to keep up appearances so hello lazy bones whistled henry what cheeks is not a gordon that henry It's also big for its wheels, can you imagine talking to me like that, I've never had an accident with stuck whistles and an accident with the safety valve blown, he asked Percy instantly, in fact, I couldn't pass any good mood on any engine. , but going off the rails like Henry did right, I asked you.
That's right, it's decent, so it was Henry's turn to take the express. Gordon watched him get ready, be careful Henry, you're not pulling the flying herring, now be careful, stay on the rails today, Henry got angry and Gordon went to sleep. But not for long, wake up, Gordon said that his driver is coming, a special train is coming and where to throw it are boxcars or freight cars, the boxcars said their driver, the boxcars said Gordon, oh, Gordon's fire took a while to start, so edward had to push gordon to the turn to get there. him looking in the right direction i won't go i won't go grumble gordon don't be stupid don't be stupid edward atlas gordon was on the turntable the movement had shaken his fire it was now burning very well and generating steam gordon was crossed and didn't care what he did he waited Until the table was halfway I'll show you I'll show you a whistle He moved forward slowly to block the table but couldn't stop and slid into a ditch Get me out, get me out, there's no hope, said his driver and his fireman, you're trapped, you fool, big engine, don't you understand that they call on the phone and say top hat?
Then, Gordon did not want to take the special train and ran into a ditch. that's what you say the specials waiting tell edward to take it please and gordon oh leave it where it is we'll take it out later on the


side of the ditch some little kids were chatting great, doesn't that look silly? They never will. take him out they started singing silly old gordon fell into a ditch fell into a ditch fell into a ditch silly old gordon fell into a ditch all day one monday morning gordon stayed in the ditch all day oh dear, he thought that He would never get out but that night they lifted Gordon up and made a sleeper path under his wheels to keep him out of the mud.
They tied strong ropes to his back and james and henry, pulling hard, managed to get him to safety that same night, gordon crawled home a sadder and a wiser engine, so one day, thomas was at the crossroads when Gordon shuffled in with some freight cars. Look at Thomas, what a strange smell. Can you smell a smell? I can't smell a smell. He said honey. A funny musty smell. Thomas said. No one noticed. Until you did, Gordon growled. He must be yours. Not long ago, he had fallen in a dirty ditch. Thomas enjoyed making fun of him.
That's why Annie Clarabel. Do you know what I think she is? It's ditch water before Gordon could respond Thomas snorted Annie and Clarabel could I can hardly believe what they're hearing It's terribly rude I feel quite embarrassed I feel quite embarrassed It's terribly rude and Thomas was told you mustn't be rude You embarrass us but Thomas he didn't care at all that was funny that was funny he chuckled he felt very pleased with himself annie and Clarabel were deeply shocked they had a great respect for Gordon the big engine thomas left the cars at the station and went to the mine for some wagons a long time ago the miners who were digging for lead had made tunnels under the ground on their roofs they are strong enough to support the cars but not the weight of the engines a big notice want and do not enter the danger area the engines They must not pass this silly old board thought Thomas had tried to pass it many times but had never succeeded but this morning he had made a plan the firemen went to flip the switch now for my plan for thomas hitting the cars ferociously pulled his driver off the running board and he followed them to the siding, he returned, he held his driver, fire and smoke, he said, Thomas, I'm sunk and he was, My God, he said I'm a stupid engine and very naughty too.
I saw you say mr topham hatt, please get me out. I will not do. I'm not sure we can't get it out with a crane. not firm enough hmm let me see i wonder if gordon could get you out yes sir said thomas but he still didn't want to meet gordon in a mine is that he left gordon what a joke little thomas we will get you a couple of puffs strong wires were fastened between the two engines are you ready? It was much more difficult than everyone thought but at last Thomas was free I'm sorry, I was cheeky said Thomas it's okay Thomas you made me laugh replied Gordon i' I'm in disgrace, some I said Thomas, why then are you Thomas, we should form an alliance , help me and I'll help you, you agree, Thomas Good, that resolved Rumble Gordon and buffer to cushion the allies, swollen home, it was a beautiful morning. the island of sodor thomas the blue paint on the tank engine glistened in the sun as he chugged happily along his branch line with annie and Clarabel he was feeling very pleased with himself hello thomas whistle percy you looked splendid yes, in fact you were bragging thomas the Blue is the only color suitable for an engine, oh I don't know, I like my paint brown, Toby said, I've always been green, I wouldn't want to be any other color, Percy added, well, anyway, uh, thomas, blue is the only color for a truly useful engine. engine, everyone knows Percy didn't say more, he just smiled at Toby later, Thomas was resting when Percy arrived, a large hopper was loading its freight cars full of coal, Thomas was still being cheeky, watch out, he warned, watch out for those fools Cars, keep going, keep going, he murmured. the cars and by the way thomas are gone those bumpers don't seem very safe to me the last load was spilled help help thomas cried get me out percy was worried because he couldn't help but laugh thomas's fancy blue paint was covered in coal dust from the smoke box to the bunker you don't seem very useful now Thomas you look very embarrassing I'm not embarrassing strangler thomas you did it on purpose take me out it took so long to clean up thomas that he didn't make it in time for his next train toby had to take annie and Clarabel poor Thomas whispered to him Annie to Clarabel that they were very upset Thomas was in a bad mood in the shed that night Toby thought it was a big joke but Percy got angry at Thomas for thinking that he had messed up his painting on purpose. a really useful blue engine as thomas became a disgrace to sir topham hatt's railway the next day thomas was feeling happier as he watched percy bring his carriages from the junction the carriages were heavy and percy was tired have a drink said his driver then you will feel Better, the column of water was at the end of the liner with the stops unsafe, suddenly Percy found he couldn't stop them, the stops didn't stop him either, oh whale, percy, help, the stops broke and Percy was dragged deep into the coal, it was time.
For Thomas to leave He had seen everything Now Percy also learned his lesson He chuckled that night The two engines made up their fight I didn't cause your accident on purpose Thomas whispered Percy You know that, don't you, of course? replied Thomas and I'm sorry for teasing you, your green paint also looks splendid again in the future we'll both be more careful with coal, so Edward was getting old, his bearings were worn out and he resonated as he puffed, he was hauling wagons of empty cattle. to a market town the sunbird sang but Edward was getting into trouble come on come on they clattered and screamed some cows were grazing nearbyThey were not used to trains, the noise and smoke disturbed them as Edward passed, they broke the fence and ran across. the line broke a coupling and some cars were left behind Edward felt a jolt but didn't think much of it he was used to cattle cars he bothered those cars he thought why can't they come quietly he was at the next station before he or his driver realized what had happened when Gordon and Henry found out about the accident, they laughed and boasted about letting the cows break up their train, they wouldn't dare do that to us, we would show them that old Toby was mad, you couldn't avoid it.
Edward, they've never known cows. I do and I know what a problem they are. A few days later, Gordon ran through Edward Station. He finds the cows. Hurry, hurry, hurry, Puff Gordon, don't make such a fuss. The line ahead in the distance was a bridge. Gordon thought there was something on the bridge. His driver also thought the same. Oh, Gordon, he said and turned off the steam, Gordon said, it's just a cow. He moved slowly toward the bridge, but the cow did not. She didn't shoot, she had lost her cough and felt alone. Moo, he said sadly.
Everyone tried to send her away but she didn't want to go. Henry arrived. What is this? A cow. Soon I will settle. She left, she left moo said the cow Henry stepped back nervously I don't want to hurt her at the next station Henry's driver told them about the cow and warned the signalman that the lion was blocked that it must be bell said the doorman his calf is here looking for her mother percy will take her to bluebell bridge he was very happy to see her cough again and the porter took them away without saying a word keep it dark whispered gordon and henry to each other they felt quite foolish but the story soon well extended well well well chuckled edward two big engines afraid of a cow afraid rubbish said gordon we didn't want the poor thing to get hurt running against us we stopped so as not to excite her you see what I mean my dear edward yes gordon said that edward gordon he felt somehow that edward saw very well one day james had to wait at the station until edward and his train arrived this made him angry late again edward laughed and james got angry after he finished his work he left the yard again and he snorted on the turntable he was still in a very bad mood edward it's impossible he complained to the others it makes noise like it was a pile of old iron and it's so slow that it makes us wait thomas and percy were outraged old iron just why edward I could beat you in a race any day, James actually said, I'd like to see him do it the next morning.
James' driver suddenly became ill and could barely stand, so James's partner's firefighters were ready to maneuver. James was impatient, suddenly the signalman shouted: "There was James." Walking down the line, all traffic stopped, he finally announced and then told the firefighters what had happened. Two children were on James' footrest fiddling with the controls. Ugh, they fell and ran when James took off. The signalman answered the phone. If he is here. I will tell you that the inspector will come right away. He wants a maneuvering pole and a roll of wire rope. Why did the firefighters wander? They searched me, but I better get them quickly.
The firefighter was ready when Edward arrived. The inspector saw that the pole and rope were in good condition. man, jump, we'll catch him, we'll catch him, the bloated Edward James laughed, what a log, what a lock, he laughed to himself suddenly he was going faster and faster and he realized that he had no driver. What should I do? Can't. stop help help come on come on called edward edwards was panting behind with every ounce of steam he had finally reached james still edward called his driver the inspector stood in front of edward holding a rope on the shunting pole crocodile he was trying to sliding it over James' shock absorber the engine rocked and shook he finally caught it he shouted he squeezed the rope gently breaking it Edward's driver checked the speed of the engine and James's firemen crossed and took control so the old iron will catch you later Edward laughed at everything, I'm sorry, James whispered, thank you for saving me, you were splendid, Edward, that's good, Edward replied, the engines arrived at the station side by side, Topham Hatt was waiting for a good job, James said, you can rest and then take your train, I'm Proud of you, Edward, you will go to the workshop and fix your worn parts.
Oh, thank you, sir, Edward said, it will be wonderful not to make noise.

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