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Thomas Halbert Caught Stealing from Small Artist? Private DMs Get Exposed

Jun 08, 2021


has accused Thomas Halbert of paying his bill now, but the numbers don't add up before we get into the story. I just want to post a disclaimer, please don't send hate to Thomas Halbert or anyone else mentioned in this story. The video is simply intended to report the news and give an idea of ​​the situation. On February 16, an


named Luka posted a thread on Twitter about her experience working with Thomas Halbert and she tweeted that it's really sad that she had to resort to bringing this. to Twitter, but I need to warn other artists and show them that not paying us is not acceptable.
thomas halbert caught stealing from small artist private dms get exposed
Eleven months ago, Thomas Halbert commissioned me, asked to sell it as merchandise, and still hasn't paid me royalties. Thread below, he commissioned me to have two icons for Twitch Discord. and in March 2019 he asked me to use them in merchandising. At this point I had made emotes for him etc so we had been working together for a while and everything seemed really great so far, attached to this tweet were Discord screenshots from March 2019 showing Thomas and Luka arguing possible marketing options and whether to pay with royalties or a flat fee for the design. Thomas mentioned paying with royalties and then suggested a flat fee.
thomas halbert caught stealing from small artist private dms get exposed

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thomas halbert caught stealing from small artist private dms get exposed...

She continued. She had never worked with merchandising royalties, so she had no idea how much to charge. At this point, Thomas and I talked almost every day. I was a mod on his Twitch stream. We were very close friends and I wanted to do what was easiest for him. Additionally, he is a YouTuber for contacts in these screenshots from March 2019. Luca is trying to find out how much Thomas would make from the merchandise to determine whether he would charge a flat fee or royalties. They finally reached an agreement. Lucas said okay, listen to me since we're both diving into something new with this.
thomas halbert caught stealing from small artist private dms get exposed
I'm willing to wait. until after the first month, Thomas replied, you are very kind about what Luca wrote well. I mean, it would be easier if we had concrete sales numbers, then we can move forward with a legitimate sales formula, so he literally sells whatever you want for a month. and we'll see how the sales go and then we'll move on. Thomas responded I love you OMG in the Twitter thread. Lucas said he was also working on other art for him during this time, so he had done several projects for him. DME for very updates. frequently and always responded within 24 hours, but when it came to paying me, he would ignore me or take a couple of days to respond.
thomas halbert caught stealing from small artist private dms get exposed
These screenshots showed several projects that Luca had completed for Thomas in the past. He also shared a conversation from April. 2019, where Thomas asked for a last-minute job. Thomas wrote red alert. I need your ex. I know you are very busy, but I have affiliates for Twitch and I need emotes for Saturday and I need someone who has a fast response time. I know you. You're too reserved to do it. Luca responded. I don't really follow any emoticons. Artists mainly like illustrators, but I can make a rush order for you because I know you really need them lol.
Thomas said the problem is that I am extra notice from the portal, so I won't be able to pay you right away. Luka responded Oh my god, all the other artists would make you pay up front. I'm going to save your life in the Twitter thread. Luke continued. I would even do urgent work for him, making examples. for emoticons for him in a couple of days, even when I had other work to finish, he had fallen behind and some of his payments sometimes took more than a week or two to fully pay for the work I do for him, and he had also not statement about his merch sales in all of these screenshots show Luca communicating with Thomas about royalties in April and May 20. 19 The first screenshot showed two of Thomas' responses when he was asked about the payments.
Oh my god, I'm sorry, I forgot. Lmao. I'll pay you to rest in the morning. If that's okay with you, hello, I'll pay soon. Sorry for the constant delay. Money has been tight and these brands are pissing me off right now. I'm 70% sure that at least one of them is paying me today. He also included screenshots of two separate direct messages he sent Thomas in October and December 2019 asking about his payment in the Twitter thread. Lucas said the timeline sold merchandise in March and April asked for numbers in April and May still no communication. He was used to him talking. to me almost every day, but once he came to pay me a larger amount, he basically ghosted me.
I texted him again in October and still no response. Finally, in December I text him and he responds, but his responses are short and everything is strange. LMAO. These screenshots show the conversation between Luca and Thomas. December Luca wrote Hello Thomas. I went on Twitter a couple of months ago to try to contact you about the commercial break. I know you're a busy guy and I didn't want to bother me. You talked too much about it, but we haven't moved forward with the payment at all and I'd like to fix it. Thomas answered how much it is.
Luka said: Do you have the numbers available? I know you had two designs. above and the last thing you said was 2.3K in May, we talked about waiting a month of sales to try to figure out a royalty percentage but we never got around to that lol. Thomas responded erm, let me look, then sent screenshots of the pants he received. teespring luca wrote if I'm not stupid then all the payments added together are one thousand four hundred and thirty eight dollars and one cent Thomas replied I think anything after that is for my fused sad boy hoodie just kidding ad 70 6.6 Yuka said ok thousand Five hundred and fourteen dollars and seventy cents, so I was initially thinking about 10% as a rate, if that seems reasonable to you.
I was doing research and unfortunately for art it's a big margin between five and fifteen, usually the higher the rate the more like independent brands, influencer type products and around five percent it's like you sell it to big distinctive companies , etc. I agree with the middle ground for that, so ten percent would be 151 dollars and forty-seven cents total. Thomas replied okay, send it. an invoice to contact Thomas Beauty Co give me until next week to pay that's when all my direct deposit should be Monday or Tuesday when you receive it Luka shared more screenshots saying she was fed up right now Thomas Road I'm poor.
Sorry, I'm waiting for color ooh color pop to pay me, it should be a help from Mike on Monday. Luka replied girl, you need to contact me. You should know better than most what it's like when clients and partners don't pay. Thomas said that I. Sorry, it's been a miserable week. I promise I'll pay and I know it's already long overdue and I know it's very unprofessional. There are so many things that are affecting me at once, but know that you will be paid within this time. week Luka responded I believe in you as a person, so I didn't think you would kick me out of the payment.
I thought you had been through a rough patch to be honest so I didn't want to get too happy lol. All good, although I appreciate you telling me what's going on. I can be patient, don't worry, but you know some people are here, but I really hope everything is easier for your parents. Thomas wrote yes I know, that's why I tried to be. In addition to these things because I know what it's like to live independently because my job depends on whether I'm going to get a sponsor that month. Luka replied that I will be here, although it is legit, just text me when you consent or if something happens. changes please Thomas said, I honestly think it will be in my account on Monday, I just have to wait for DP to process.
Luca continued the thread, he said that he was going through a difficult time with personal things, etc., then he told me that he was receiving a lot of money. through sponsors, so money shouldn't be the issue, then he says the merch sales numbers were wrong, so at this point he knew he was never going to pay me. This tweet had more screenshots of his conversation. Thomas wrote hello, color-pop, just pressed. "me up will be in my account tomorrow or Wednesday apparently your financing team didn't come back to town until this week" Luka responded shaking my head my color-pop head thanks for telling me said Thomas but the Commission for December will soon be crazy aka literally Monday, sorry, I have 88 dollars in my account until they pay, corporations are always like that, by the way, I just realized they gave you the amount of my total merch sold versus the merch with your design sold.
Luca finished the thread, so I'm done. Looking back, I haven't received a single message from him in a month. I was stupid for trusting a friend to pay me and for working for them in advance without getting paid first. My point in making this post is not only to warn people not to work. with this man, but tell all creators to get paid before giving their product to their customer. I learned my lesson and I will never let myself get scammed again. Avoid Thomas Halbert for any art commission. I don't want anyone to attack or insult people. but I know people are going to do it anyway on both sides.
I tried to resolve this in DMS but waited almost a whole year. This isn't about the money, it's about how artists are treated, as she later clarified part of her thread in another. tweet I want to make it clear that Thomas commissioned me several projects that he paid for even though some of them are paid late and I included some of the examples in my initial thread. This is all the work he paid for royalties from the one and only. What I waited 11 months before entering this section. I have to make a little disclaimer. I did my best to put Thomas' responses into a coherent and correct timeline, but since some of the tweets were deleted and the rest are slightly scattered there.
There may be some


errors in the timeline when the news broke. Thomas started tweeting on her


account like and she's not going to mention that she never messaged me about royalties until December, since then we've stayed in touch lol she's not going either. mention that she knew for a fact that he was paying her too much in royalties and will still try to pretend that she actually owed her a hundred and fifty dollars, which was less than six dollars, as if Thomas was always a bad boy, whatever it is, kiss my I don't too.
Don't take slander lightly and lawyers will get involved, although Thomas later said the lawyer's tweet was not directed at Luka and that she was trying to get lawyers to oversee any future online business. She then posted several tweets about the situation on her main account. Here are some. of them, I literally don't know what to say, I'm obviously wrong and I'm clearly up for this, it sucks that it took me so long to match it and I'm sorry, I know this doesn't sit well with you. Y'all, I accept all the hate I will receive, I just know that she will get paid, there have been back and forth with her and she has been very understanding about everything.
I should have gone back to her this week. Honestly, she just wasn't thinking and was holding him back yet again, he doesn't deserve that at all because she is definitely a good person. They will pay you only waiting to hear back about the correct information from PayPal to pay you. She sent invoices for the wrong amount to PayPal. Don't know. I have more because of the sheer inconvenience. I'm paying Luka two hundred and fifty dollars right now. I am very sorry to disappoint everyone once again. She later deleted most of these tweets. Luka responded to her statement.
She tweeted that she is going to send me $250. Now I told him I don't want the money as of this moment he hasn't sent me any money just to make it clear that it's not me asking for money I just want to protect my fellow artists from treating us like trash. Attached screenshots of Twitter DMS between her and Thomas Thomas said I mean what do you want from me? I made a mistake. Sorry, yes, it took until now. Yes I have looked for it but I am sending you $250. patient for 10 months for $20 and now I am sending you $250 obviously it became public and now they are sending me but many and now drama channels will make videos to send me more of course I am upset and shaking like I'm verbally going on the internet which is no fun like there's nothing I can do to solve this so why are we talking like I don't think I have the right answer so I'm going to keep apologizing?
Luka responded, honey. I didn't care when it was just between us - after I still supported you and waited and let you make excuses for me, I made the post to make sure other artists are aware of this behavior and don't rip anyone else off. The artist has even considered me about how they had a similar experience with you. He sucks artists under charges and people continue to take advantage of us. You say money is hard for you, so how can you send me $250? Thomas wrote. I amborrowing $250 from my boyfriend's mom hahaha. I haven't taken advantage of you and I've been super receptive to you.
I was wrong this week, you knew I was expecting a colorful payout like I still had all the discord messages: I've been very forthcoming with you, you're literally the only artist I've ever had a problem with. I had never done royalties before, so my mistake was that Luka responded. I sent you messages several times a month having to wait for a response for paying me, I really don't know how to explain that you are not responsive or not communicating, especially when you said you would pay me this week more than once and then there is no payment even once your word later, please have more communication and honesty with Anyone you are a customer with in the future posted another update.
I guess he's sending me the money. We will see it attached to the tweet. There were more Twitter DM screenshots. Thomas said. I mean, you saw our discord messages. Luka, they already know you. What I'm going through, I've been very honest and open with you, like reading our discord messages to refresh your memory. Luka replied I messaged you on January 17th, February 4th and then February 10th with no response, that's a month with no response. Thomas wrote anyway. Girl check your PayPal for $250 btw I'll send all our discord messages to the drama channels Luka then confirmed that he received the money and also posted another update with more $1,000 discord where Thomas wrote you know what sucks is that you knew you I paid more than you asked for last year like double what you asked for, you also knew I was paying you too much in royalties and you still accepted it, just a heads up.
I said the full screen recording of our first messages together. I wish you the best and hope you enjoy the $1,000+ total. I sent you this. Just last year, Luka shared a screenshot of his PayPal showing that he received less than $1,000 in payments from Thomas. One person responded that he means 1k total as you should be glad he commissioned you enough for 1k plus his earnings. 12 months I'm poor at math and I can even see that doesn't add up to more than 1k. Art is a luxury. Nobody is forcing anyone to make art. I shook my head.
Lucas said all that work combined cost about $450, not even close. On February 16, Thomas took to Twitter to explain his side of the story. I'm going to be honest with you, I didn't really have the money, obviously I have all the money I'm making to pay bills and stuff like that and this is going to sound like this, but if you do the royalties and the percentage of how much you made on the $40 that she won, it's like $40 they sold me, I was like, "I'm going to wait to pay her the $4 or $20 or whatever she should use again.
I'll post the screenshots so people can do the math because everything is arranged strangely like a spring. I think the problem I have is that there was communication between us. I hadn't spoken to her this week. I've been busy all week, every day I've been filming, so I haven't been on Discord or doing all that stuff, but the last time I talked to her, on Twitter, waiting for Colour-pop to pay me and then I let her know when they pay me and I'll talk about the payment, all that, so I don't know why not I should post those discord messages, but I haven't. royalties before I hadn't done it and I worked with commissions and royalties and stuff like that before, so it's just an air on my behalf, like it was unprofessional on my behalf, it was purely unprofessional on my behalf and lazy on my behalf and just It's not a business. oriented on my behalf and I'm sorry, I apologize for that later, Thomas wrote a final statement on Twitter.
Okay, don't be dramatic and deactivate my Twitter anyway. I know there are people who are misinformed and continually spread misinformation about me today, regardless. I hope everyone knows it. My intentions with Luca were never to ruin her. I even went so far as to pay her more than what she initially asked me for last year in terms of royalties. This was the first time I made royalties with someone and definitely a lesson for me. part but I never tried not to pay him. I paid him double for everything he gave me, including tips. I made a big mistake by not properly planning royalties with her and for that I apologize for being with the business I initially wanted. make a flat fee with Luca, but we stupidly went ahead with royalties even when neither of us had any experience in making royalties.
I told him that doing a flat rate would have been easier for me in regards to the actual amount which Luca was fully aware of. of how many designs he sold, I even sent him the screenshots of the teespring. She continued adding up everything, including the mi-ok hoodies, which are not her designs, and proceeded to ask for $150. She didn't win $150. Furthermore, she had initially told me that she would catch up. I called a month later to talk about varieties, she told me about royalties in December, at that point I did my best to juggle everything I had to pay her, we hadn't even worked out the amount yet, but yeah, regardless that I paid him, I paid.
She made $5 to $0.50 but added 245 on top of that for cutoff tension which was inconvenient but at the end of the day I always paid her on time and even more than what she asks for, she was the first artist I I ordered Luka responded to her statement. I texted you later that month. Thomas asked for a follow up again two months later and then IBM did it on Twitter in October because you didn't respond to my disk or DMS. Then I texted you again. discord in december i gave you a break for a couple of months to get your act together and only some of the payments came on time remember how you told me you were broke and had to pay later?
On April 11th I sent you an invoice for the emoticons and they weren't paid until May 2nd. I literally can't make up for this while there were some fans who supported it. Most people did not like Thomas' actions. Some people said he couldn't keep his number correct. He went from $140 in royalties to $5 to $4 he can't keep his numbers straight but now he's trying to put the blame on her saying she knew his situation and there was no binding time to pay them he's literally all over parts, on the one hand, she is a great person. She gets commissions from her because she is very good.
Sorry, but I'm also a blocker because I can't. She knew from the screenshots that she was owed $4, but she still tried to scam me and charge me more. We didn't set a time. For payment, I will send everything to drama channels. What are we supposed to feel? Thomas chooses a narrative and sticks with it. Other people said his money problems didn't make sense. How come she spent all her money yet and says she moved to live within her means and now she has to move back to Los Angeles. This child is so immature and problematic that it disgusts me to read any of his excuses.
It's ridiculous how his fans are like it's literally five dollars or like all this for five dollars isn't. That's exactly the point, it's literally five dollars, why would you take weeks and months to return five dollars when you literally have enough money to use couriers? It's also really disgusting how she needed to communicate multiple times and she kept getting ignored by some people. She said it seemed like she only paid him when she called him a hey artist for her work. I am convinced that Thomas only paid this artist because she made it public. That's absolutely it.
She is collecting $20 at some point during the last 10 months or she could have borrowed it. from her boyfriend's mother and several people said that this whole situation was a bad look. I think it's a bad look to commission an artist and postpone payment for so long. It's not really misinformation, since you actually delayed the payment. tweets saying that you did nothing wrong and that this is being exaggerated, you are literally contradicting yourself, he complains about Colour-pop not paying him because they owe him a debt, but gets defensive when he did exactly that to someone else . sense to sense of an artist here, no matter which way you look at it, it looks bad not to pay your contracted artist on time.
I have a second job just to support myself and I'm lucky to have someone supporting me at the top as well. There's a reason they're here killing artists and that seems to be the end of it for now, so what's the big deal? What should artists charge when licensing their work while Luca had worked with Thomas on a variety of projects they had never worked on? a licensing agreement until the designs are merged, essentially an artist can license or rent their artwork to other people or companies, those companies can sell items with that artwork for a set period of time when you license your work, something you need to worry about is your copyright in the United States Copyright is automatically granted to an artist when they create a work of art.
An artist does not need to register copyright to be protected, but it can be useful when a company illegally sells their art on products for In


er projects, like Luca and Thomas', artists choose to make an ongoing royalty or fee license fee, while ongoing royalty payments can be lucrative if items sell well. A flat fee might be a better deal if the item doesn't sell. As for what percentage to charge for royalties, the amount varies depending on the item, the length of the contract, and the resources of the company you're working with. Here are some general estimates posters and prints can cost between 10-15% Royalty rates on greeting cards can range from 2-5% and clothing can range from 2-10%.
Additionally, the agreement should also include a provision that allows the artist or their representative to audit the company's records to ensure that they are receiving correct payments. No matter which direction you decide to go, it is important that both parties have a clear contract and understand exactly what they are agreeing to. This situation is extremely complicated, but one thing is clear: all the drama surrounding these royalty payments could have been resolved. With clear communication, particularly from Thomas, it is also important to treat your businesses as businesses, although we all want to trust our friends, it is still important to have some kind of protection in case things go wrong, what do you think of this story?
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