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This was extremely hard to watch

Apr 19, 2023
in the hockey world we are well aware that there are no athletes as tough as hockey players and that is especially the case in the playoffs where these guys go to war well tonight as Winnipeg took on the golden knights from Las Vegas we have another example of exactly that and what was a scoreless game at


point the Jets would go into Las Vegas and Appleton would cross the ice to Lowry who would drop it for Baron and somehow Roswell would keep him out and the puck stays loose when there is a pile of dogs flying all over the place and we finally get the whistle but on our way out we see Morgan Baron slow to get up and it clearly slips out of his face as he goes straight to the locker room and yes a little warning ya that


is pretty scary, but by repeating it you can see Baron fighting. because the puck is pushed from behind by Stevenson and right into the blade of a diving Bros skate which is honestly


to see, it goes right under his visor and this obviously could have been


dangerous, luckily the skate passes just above his eye just barely. escaping what could have been a very, very serious injury so yeah scary stuff and with that being said he didn't come back for the rest of the First with that in mind heading into the second still scoreless Dubois for the Jets would come into the Zone feeds Conor up front and it was the Jets that opened the scoring early in the period with a great play from DuBois and a rocket from Connor, then just a minute later the Knights tossed the puck up center.
this was extremely hard to watch
Dubois picks it up and goes down again, this time he shoots it and he scores as the Jets take a quick two goal lead led by Pierre Luke DuBois and as we approach the halfway point of the game look who's back on the bench and you love to see it, you just can't chip away at the heart of a cool hockey player to see that he's okay and the cut he received required an insane 75 stitches in what again could have been very ugly, but swinging the cage he's patched up and ready to roll, So back in the game the two goals for the Jets silence the crowd, but with four to go in the period, the Knights win the barbashev inning on Carlson and he walks past hello buck as the Knights cut the lead to half with a nice pass and a fantastic finish as we got a close call at the buzzer the Jets almost scored again that would be it for the second so we head into the third and final period of the game just four minutes on the Jets they put one in the net downed up front so I need me to take it to Wheeler he puts in a backhand and scores again as the Jets regain the two goal lead they would hold this time forcing the Knights to pull the dirt of the brother late but Wheeler with the pass to Lowry sealed the deal as a Jets scored here and getting a late power play Lowry scored again getting his second of the game and second in what was just a 60 Second Spin as the Jets took the first game on the road and honestly quite domineering beating the knights five to one yeah that was it for this one thanks so much for


ing and see you next time
this was extremely hard to watch

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this was extremely hard to watch...

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