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This Video Will Ruin Your Childhood!

Apr 17, 2024
Hello friends, it's me and today I'm literally going to




. Wait, so Mufasa dies. We literally watch him die. He fell off a cliff. What happened to his body? Hyenas don't usually eat lions and no other animal eats them, I mean. They are lions, they are at the top of the food chain, so where did he go except other interesting lions, so look at


scene again it was a lion skull, he is holding a lion skull. No you wouldn't think it's a lion skull that means he literally ate Mufasa no you thought


operations were bad scar you literally ate Mufasa yeah you know you're doing some research you know it's like when you get older and then you like to rewatch movies you watched as a kid and you start noticing things you didn't notice when you were a kid, let me know at what age


I start laying fish eggs here, better environment for fish, I know, I knew , what are you looking at in Darwin's browser history, what, sorry, we had no idea about you.
this video will ruin your childhood
They were attacking enough to check your internet browser history, please continue, well I wonder what they were hiding. You know there is something wonderful called incognito mode. Do you ever need to Google any strange question. Open a private tab. At


point, I open a private tab. For anything, you wouldn't catch me dead with my browser history, so I don't blame you for not having to break everything, but it does make you wonder what was so bad that you had to destroy your laptops and computers. are you hiding there hello Robin it's very nice to have you as our new neighbor I'm the teacher yes accident territory what can I say don't worry teacher I was an accident too oh you know she's been through some trauma if she's that young and she knows that It was an accident, how to scar a kid and he'd relax about it, it's okay though, all us accidents can hang out, you know, I'm sure we can all vibe about us being an accident, professor, I was an accident too, I'm real about that, although no, I think there's a difference between the Powerpuff Girls being accidentally created and Robin being an accident, but it's like watching that as a kid, it's like a joke, okay, don't even get me started on this.
this video will ruin your childhood

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this video will ruin your childhood...

Powerpuff Girls, you all remember the mayor and what her name is, Miss Bellum, she has no face, she has tits, a lot of melon, a lot of butt and a tiny waist, okay. I remember this and I remember seeing it and I didn't think anything like, oh, she takes this broken pencil and sharpens it, yeah, and then he's like no, this is wrong on so many levels, now they're gross for this, you don't know, There's nothing like putting things in holes, right? Maybe adults. I'll watch it and laugh a little. There are so many things that just aren't for kids, but I mean, it's adults making cartoons, not, you know, you're making it for kids, right?
this video will ruin your childhood
Yeah, and his parents, I mean, I still watch cartoons. So you know, there's the OG Mickey Mouse scene and it's actually pretty disturbing, it's like Mickey put his arm around Minnie and she was like no, no, no, and he was like, "Kiss me," and she was like, "No." ", she doesn't want to kiss you, brother, so you. I know what he does, he comes down and starts making circles in the sky like bro, we on a plane kick her out and she's terrified and then he forces her to kiss him and she hits him, yeah I'd do the same thing, oh is he point of jumping last time?
this video will ruin your childhood
I checked that Mouse doesn't have wings. You know that only Disney Mouse has them and you can't treat her like she's terrified. You know this is trauma. This is a toxic relationship, but you don't realize it. and her grandma watching this when they invented cartoons like Mountain playing haha ​​funny you guys are going to cancel Mickey Mouse now she deserves it for this like we caught him in 4k taking advantage of Minnie yeah she only married him because He was rich, huh, so everyone remembers this episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, he was the leaf blower, right? What are we sucking?
You know, I already stuck your nose in this. What else do you want? You know, thank goodness he doesn't have pants. You know, at least we know there's nothing there. Jokes, part five. What kind of costume are you going to get? Well, uh, I'm going to get something that makes me look tall, how about another head, another one, why do I need three of them for what? And I can't believe they put this on a kids show, wait a second one, where's the other one from? three heads straight to jail wait, what do I say? I am an adult.
Now I can laugh about this. That was really fun. Oh no, the Teletubbies. There are so many sus moments in Teletubbies like, what is it, what is the vacuum cleaner, wink, shut up, don? Don't be weird, it's just a good old fashioned belly rub with a vacuum, oh and now turn around, let me get my back, what was that? What are you cleaning? Oh there's so much dirt coming out it's a dirty little Teletubby booty that was beyond gravy what's going on here the shaking eyes he's touching up oh yeah that's it let me have some filthy little Teletubbies clean them up I love my job this It's so weird I can't do this today Did you see this in The Little Mermaid so what?
It was that hey, what are those? there's Goofy and Donald Duck, there's no way you can forget about all the other myrrh people that are Goofy and Donald Duck, wait a second, there's Sora there too, he's there too, you know, actually, all of this It makes sense because one of my favorite games is Kingdom Hearts. You could go to Atlantis and bring Goofy and Donald with you, except wait, wait, wait, that's not a mermaid. Goofy literally turns into a turtle and is in his normal clothes. I think it's supposed to be like an Easter Egg, see if you can see them, you know, maybe they're giving a little briefing before they poop, transform them into aquatic creatures and Donald turned into a squid, look, this is it Canon, it makes a lot of sense, the original Disney characters, Donald Goofy, Mickey, they. they can do whatever they want, they're Disney and that's what me, Disney and Daphne, Tom and Jerry is an old show back then, you could basically do whatever you wanted, like look back at some of the cartoons in which I grew up, there are too many moments.
They're not even subtle about it, like they're just wow, what are you doing? I'm dumbfounded, I don't even know what to say, that was a cat assault, is this what people think she has to do with her cat, maybe it's me maybe I have a dirty mind maybe I'm the problem it's me I'm the problem I'm me okay what are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs doing okay what are they doing just doing something okay why are they looking at each other? like that, like that, smile, like what was going on here, you know, this isn't even about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, it's about the chipmunk and the turtle.
I have a little side quest romance going. I'm sorry for the way they looked at each other that's not the look you give friends I mean let's go back to my house for my house I mean the show oh wait you're here okay this is awkward weird who He encouraged this and said Yes, it


be nice, but I don't like where we are. I don't like this, please make it stop. What did Willy Wonka do? There were seams in the fruit on the wall and then he said: try all the flavor of the strawberries. You have them licking a wall like strawberries.
Would you lick a wall? I don't care what you told me it tastes like I'm not licking any walls other people might have been licking blackberries taste like blackberries blackberries who's ever heard of blackberries? a snozzberry I'm going to Google it. I can't, I can't, I'd like to tell you what this means and this is more than just a mess like Willy Wonka. What a shame, you made the kids lick it. Snozzberry, which is basically a Glizzy flavored berry, yes. try that one, that's my favorite, yeah okay willie i see you hidden jokes for adults part two i really know something about sarcasm.
I think I had a sarcasm once when you were unpleasant, okay, this time you really want to stop the car. Those girls, the spicy wings I had at Super. girls are doing a tango in my belly uh-oh these guys doing a tango in my belly what are you going to do shark seriously? I'm dying back here okay, she's not going to do it santa, it's not that bad, she just pours gas on the back of my bat Batman smells like discipline, ew, you know, if anyone asks if Batman is a smart guy or smells farts, now we know and guess what will be left farting.
I beg you, stranger. I think we have enough gas in the back. I don't remember any of this, it's hardly a foul for this, but anyway, that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this


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