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This Turned Out So Crazy!!!

Jun 11, 2021
oh hey guys okay I guess I just passed out and the freedom is overwhelming so today we are going to decorate the Humvee. We're at my local town's Christmas parade and we have to take


thing from being an awesome mega all-rounder. American beast to the American Christmas all-terrain mega beast, which is pretty much the same thing just with the Christmas lights, but first we're going to take the whole family and pick out a Christmas tree. Good morning, Lincoln, good morning. Remember how someone drew a picture of my Baja Bug and the Leprechaun and it's in your room?
this turned out so crazy
Do you remember those pictures that are in your room, let's see


, what is it?, he drew one of the wrappers, how cool is it that you put that in your room too, that's cool. Wow, man, let's call dr. Madden badge, that's great, you're amazing and you make Lincoln's day every time you send one. You also sent me this before we revealed the Humvee, so just say now, I love you, buddy, we just got to the warehouse. Hi Jake, Jake says. he has something for me or us ready okay so I know how you know YouTube recognizes that you get so many viewers and you like Bethany to be recognized.
this turned out so crazy

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this turned out so crazy...

I love myself for five dollar orders, huh. Gotcha, it's not a sign, but it's cool, oh yeah, that's cool, wait, legit stuff, that's cool, let's hang that up here? Another wise man who is


on his side so you can see him. Looks pretty good, buddy Jake. I like it a lot, so you know. you give me like a Ferrari, yeah, Lambo that says demolition, if we had a hundred thousand orders, we could really do that. Hello, thanks friend, we don't put something to show you, we have a new product that has just been launched on the website at the moment.
this turned out so crazy
People have been saying we don't have enough of the Ranch stuff we've been working on, it's just taken a little longer, look at this, the Ranch vet dog collar and that Ranch cat collar, let me, let me open them up for you, it's I have all your normal collar, it's a nice collar, it's got some reflective strips here, it's got your vet ranch logo on it, so anyway, if you want your dog to watch on Superfly, we've got you and your dog covered. your cat. I don't have a belt, yes. They have cat colors, they have bells and they have a little ranch emblem right there and the best part is that a portion of the sales of all the veterinary ranch products that we sell will go to the abandoned pet project, which is the organization without nonprofit that supports all the homeless animals that we work with on that ranch, so it's cool and you can make your dog or cat look super fly or your kid, you want to put that on this little collar before you have a belt .
this turned out so crazy
Dogs and cats also like Christmas and you know it would be the best Christmas gift for your dog or cat. I do, it's a necklace. Get your dog or cat hooked this Christmas. Don't skimp because your cat and dog will never forgive you if you don't give them the latest. In fashion trends for dogs and cats, if you want to look as good as ice, check the link below, are you ready to get the smallest and ugliest Christmas tree you have ever seen? Wow, what do you want to achieve then a big one? Amazing, beautiful, let's do that last year, we actually went to cut it into a Christmas tree, but we ended up thinking there just wasn't a big selection there, like a scruffy Christmas tree, so this year we'll just go to one store.
Let's pick a nice big one, let's make it that could scrape the ceiling. Let's get it, it's too big. I'll cut the bottom up. We're going to buy this one and then we'll buy a small one for the girls upstairs. Oh dun. -Dun-dun you know what my dance is or the tree and yes, so our city has a Christmas parade every year and it's tonight and I want this to be as epic as possible. I mean it's already pretty epic but that's my epic face without the doors it still looks super cool but it's not that cool but it'll be a lot easier when we're praised you drive it well go


the next order of business is to make it look even cooler intimidating like maybe with a 1919 Oh, I think they'll let us have that in the parade.
I'll just put it there and hope they make it on the Humvees' tarp roof, since I couldn't just put that bracket there like I eventually would. I want to have a nice mount built, so I just cut one out of wood right now. I'm going to paint it, although it will be at night at the parade, so I hope no one sees that I have this as compressed wood, which is my base. we'll put some paint on it, very quick primer and then black paint mmm, looks better than just wood, but yeah, it'll do, let's let it dry and move on to something else, the 1919 is great, don't get me wrong, but while I'm waiting for the paint to dry.
I also ordered this. This goes on a trailer hitch and mounts a flag. It was going to fly like an American flag or come and take the flag, but now we're going to fly the militia ranch flag since you have. one we have is a flagpole with the Golden Eagle on top, perfect, just perfect, held up by top-notch wire, so I have to figure out where I am. I put these things together to make this demo ranch. I doubt it has this one on the front. It looks good, right, and then I was going to put it on the sides, but there really wasn't much of a place because we don't have doors.
If we had doors it would be one thing but maybe here but I just decided I put the big one right there in the back yeah it looks good like that yeah I mounted it with tie down wire ratchet straps and zip ties to Let America see. I know what you're thinking, although like Matt, he looks amazing but not very festive. you what zip sighs dun dun dun dun dun da dun dun Dad, dad, prepare to be surprised. I'm almost 99% done, so check this out, it will look much more impressive at night, but we have lights covering the entire setup. look at that, oh man, that's amazing, we have lights always in the sunlight, there you can't even tell we have the wrecking ranch sign, we'll have a wrecking ranch flag flying from that eagle, we've got 1919 mountain, we have reindeer antlers and a reindeer. nose and also oh my god, oh my god, it's so bright and twinkling at night, it will be so good, I have to go clean myself, it's time to finish, mom, what do you think is too much?
Yeah it's just that's what you would have done I mean it's a house bee I had to kenick thank you that's a nice thing you told me it's a reindeer Humvee okay we're launching my friend Jake is meeting with me and he will bring me. I, the wrecking ranch flag, we'll put it in the back and then we'll head to the start of the parade. What's up, Jake? We've got some tunes blasting here, so it all made it. I did it. I lost a set of lights. They don't do it anymore. It doesn't turn on anymore, which is kind of an annoying button.
Everything else was worried about the Aylor, so I was worried about the nose. Everything else looks pretty good. We realized that the flag wasn't really going to fly when we're just slowly rolling through a parade. so we hung it at an angle, so I got that awesome flag hitch for no reason, but it looks cool, so the Humvee looks really, really cool, that 1919 on top is awesome, but then Paul over here, so Paul from Apache Rifle Works stands out. the 50 Cal, look at that thing, theirs is real too and I think we're the baddest trucks going through this parade tonight, hands down, it's so awesome and they have people like floats and stuff, hey Jake, yeah, Look at that little wimp.
Jeep over there Shh, there's not even a rifle on the roof, bro, pediatric dentistry, seriously kids, your teeth fall out, you don't even need a visit to the dentist? The sun is setting, so we go ahead and turn on the light, look at this thing. Are you going to run over if they get in front of me? I'm not going to slow down. The sun has set. The parade is moving. We continue. What's happening? Josh, we have a hitchhiker, ladies and gentlemen, Josh is a fanatic and he rides in the Humvee. At the back we shouldn't fall, we're still rolling, we're moving, but we haven't actually gotten to where the people are sitting, but we'll be there soon, check this out, thanks for coming guys, love.
Merry Christmas, they love me. The crowd is a little


around here screaming what is that? Who are your fellow police officers? Did a police officer just stop you? I got out of the truck, tried to fly my drone for a second and the drone just took off. and we just crashed into a building we fell too far behind or we tried to catch up now we're running high we're trying to get there so I'm not playing in the dirt anymore tonight that's for sure I've never crashed that drone. but I blew it up and it said malfunction of the gimbal, which is its balance and it just took off and crashed into someone's house and we waited to go too far back for fear of going backwards, although well, hey, David, he works in a warehouse here, he's handing out stickers.
For all of us, we know you can't, why would you make candy? But everyone wants demo range speakers, yes, always connect the link, maybe it's biomass, so we'll just shout for you. They said, Hey Jake, oh, you mean someone wanted me instead of you now? You're getting so famous that some little kids are yelling something at me. Andy is going to fulfill this request or I mean, I can't let a little boy now you're the best rest or bunny. Do you still like Katie? She takes a selfie with us. tomorrow amen, what type of vehicle are you driving?
I've heard several people call it Jeep so far it's not a team, it's obviously not a team, they're all babies, the announcer just said the Apache rifle worked on two jeeps, come on man it's a Jeep JK and g stretched, I should probably do more things; Yes, the first person is fun, a photo with you, the parade was a success, but what I'm most happy about is that my husband didn't come down like we had been cruising at two miles an hour. hour for an hour and more he did it with Lee, but to grease we are good, good, rather, a vehicle.
I'll give it to Lincoln when he goes to college. Verizon, what do you think of that Lincoln? Actually, I'll give it to Annie. I'll give it to Danny, the night is over. I hope you enjoyed the greatest American Christmas humbiy you have ever seen. Thanks for watching, we interrupt your normal final vlog. - uh - I forgot to show you the tree. He here, good. work on the tree, he got tired, I don't know, he wasn't filming, we passed you in the parade, I don't know if Jake got you into the vlog or not, but if not, okay, yeah, he was just driving a Humvee, I mean.
I want to murder you. I can not work like this.

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