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This Machine makes me WEIGHTLESS!!

Apr 15, 2023
tags 360 swings jet suits and hover bikes that move in an unhuman way it's a bit of me and next i want to be a Bullet Parkour Jumping in Space Ninja space ninjas explain yourself first well


sponsor project Warframe is free to play a game The online action game was set in a massive star system of unique and strange planets, but the characters you control, the Tenno, are basically space ninjas and they can move the way we want to be able to move, they can jump all over the place in the that they can launch all over the place where they do


thing called bullet jump where they jump and then shoot forward we can't do that we want to be able to do things like that this is Colin fur's anti gravity parkour bullet jumps in the super frame yeah like that that a small coin will be tied at the end here, a huge long arm, a big fat counterweight, we get our math and measurements right, these two need to balance each other out, so a little jump will result in a much bigger jump and, of course. it's going to be on a course I know if I jump harder I can go to the other side great now and besides not being on a course the whole base will be on a so we can run in circles at a fantastic size I think I could be between six and seven meters long with a pivot that is about three meters high which will mean that when I am prone at its highest point I will be about 10 meters in the air which is huge like this game so Warframe It's a cinematic masterpiece and it's a great game set on planets and everything in between but what's coming out in April is the new daviri Paradox and this basically turns the game into a time looping open world adventure that's going to be available completely free on april 26 now of course i always have some sugar forever yes if you go to and go to the in game market. code DeVille means that you can get a lot of free items that upgrade your character to be the best bullet ninja Jump in space now and then support them support sponsors always worth it is what


it possible to build things massive like this and this is going to be huge so big I'm not going to be able to do it in this little shed so off to the bar ok first off I have a huge Baron this is basically for the swivel base of course so it all turns now i say massive but i think by the time we have built everything else this might seem a bit petty so if it's not strong enough we'll have to change it later but this is our starting point now The first thing we will do is I'm going to make a platform to sit it all on.
this machine makes me weightless
Give him a little pad, something we can later level and something for him to sit on. I'm going to have to balance some massive pieces of metal. with the telemler on it's time to try out my new magnet and swing some big chunks of metal around the shop, loading them into the bandsaw on my own which was pretty tricky but I did it once I had all the bits of metal Cuts down on the time getting it to the fabrication table and getting it all in order and ready to weld now the fabrication table itself isn't big enough to fit everything in one piece but I do have some small supports that I managed use as sort of table extensions and basically it was fine on the foreign ER and flip it over and place it on its legs up here but it should be fine if I build everything right all the forces on it should be in compression but just in case it doesn't have a backup plan look at all this this is a big truck axle we're going to plasma cut a plate fix it in the middle then weld this to the next part of the frame that continues so if something goes wrong , it's a little more security, it also has a break that will become useful, the correct plate is taking shape.
this machine makes me weightless

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this machine makes me weightless...

It's 10 mil thick, which is half the capacity of what it can actually cut, but it's still much thicker than I'm normally used to working with. Oh what a


I love, even with all my metalworking experience! I still look at each piece of metal and think I can easily pick it up, do your friends? Okay we have a swivel bearing now, before I cut this 10 mil plate I actually made a wood jig to test fit. all holes lined up everything everything was perfect because if i messed up one of these sheets a 10mil sheet at the moment is over £300 per sheet so be nice to the backers thats what


these things happen, yes, the sponsor, thank you very much again.
this machine makes me weightless
Warframe for helping me bring this epic


to life in my workshop. I've been playing the game to make sure this machine recreates its fast-paced acrobatic gameplay and I've had a blast. Now you can play it for free on all platforms today and don't forget the code right now go back to the video now once it's all on I've got these little lugs that I soldered on these basically locate the bearing so if I ever go back to it place in the future. when you have a bunch of other stuff besides trying to line up all these holes, it will definitely settle in the center and where it needs to be now to thread the holes.
this machine makes me weightless
Basically I've been using these things it's cool how they're from HMT they're a thread tap that goes into an imp gun so you just put it in the gun it sounds completely crap but it works great and the final addition to make it all of this recovers a little better instead of dagging with no welded Q fit straps so the JCB can lock it up, pick it up and maneuver it much easier oh that makes me feel manly I mean something that fits the JCB? hub for the part that goes up here because once I've done that I'll know how to make the forks of everything oh everything is very big yeah yeah my internal CAD software says you need to do a 600 mil Square call so after from using the crafting table to its full potential using all the clamps and squares the next bit I wasn't quite sure what to do there's a lot of looks a lot of mountains of measuring I got there so it's time to fight the crafting cutter plasma. basically weld some massive plates on each side this is where the rocker arm and counterweight will attach to this center shaft please because it looks like proper machinery.
I'm looking at it now and realize that I'm actually doing it. a little fairground right now the only thing i'm worried about is Mega Heavy now i know it would be heavy but then when you do it you start to strap yourself in you're like it's heavy which means obviously the forks that have to lift it and hold all of this up they have to be strong and substantial enough to hold this up the counter weight and the swinger now I've done some little drawings on the computer to work out all the angles and stuff because I want to put some geometry on it so that It's not just down, up, everything, it's like a pyramid that leans towards everything, giving it a little more stability.
This part is going to be tricky now. It's going to be tricky because I have to cut two angles in one session now back I've made this mistake so many times you set the bandsaw on one angle, you cut it and you think I'll turn it around, you set it on the other angle and cut it if you can't do that, you have to do both at the same time, which means I basically have to put the piece of metal in the Hutch at one angle and then cut it at the other angle. I'm going to made a few mistakes on This I Know It so with the first angle set on the bandsaw I had a great idea to raise the bed with a wedge from the second one ok they're cut now I'd be lying if I said I did well the first time there were mistakes, but anyway we have four bits, they are all the same, they have the correct angles.
I went ahead and cut off all the bits that go on top where the shafts mount. The next problem is because this is like a pyramid. I can't just slap it on the fabrication table and clamp everything down and weld it because there are angles to consider so we have like a Mech as a fun jig holding it all up. the right position you better be worth these angles because they're giving me a lot of trouble seven degrees you'll actually feel seven degrees yes we'll feel seven degrees cold we'll be fine this looks promising all measurements correlate to what's on the computer everything is clamped like this that we weld and then put in the second one hopefully it will mimic it and be the exact same alien i mean i dont know how excited i can get more than two pieces of metal but i am very excited as far as i can tell these are absolutely identical , the angle is the same, I put the spirit level on top, it's level, which means these two plates are exactly in the same place, so when we mount to the hub, there won't be any nonsense like that, it's a good sign, right?
I'm going to screw them into the Hub and then hit them on some section of the bass cabinet which will then go to a base plate which then attaches to the bearing I don't think there is an exact plan for this You've probably figured it out by now I'm making it up as I go along there we go animate ourselves and there's Wars about to weld my box section when I had an epiphany if this isn't quiet in the right place if it doesn't sit on my platter properly I'm going to waste a lot of metal so i backed up and went to my laser cutter and cut myself a wooden stencil. oh okay I'm happy with the board now basically put these little viewing holes in all four corners so I can see the bearing underneath so I can help align it because this thing has to be dead in the center of the bearing because when I do it we fix our axis in the middle if it's not in the center then it will be like it's walled around it and there will be tight spots and then it will stress it so clamp it all down.
I basically get this little roller bend it down so it just touches the edge here and then flip it over check it rotate it to make sure it's level all the way if I need to make any adjustments just touch it hold it all in and I know that's dead center now I can drill all these holes right into the bearing I know that's all good so once that's done weld the boxes together and weld that up put some extra frame in and then we can hit the old birth in there right the top here on the right is on it's nice and it moves freely which is a good sign now obviously to get something down and line it up with 12 holes it can be quite tricky but basically if I just pry it floating a bit above the bearing and you got two extra long bolts that line up the holes take them down from the top screw them in so they are in the right place drop the rest with a telescopic handler then from the bottom because there were some holes. which I actually plasma cut for the clamps to go through to hold this initially they ended up being in a perfect position to see the holes and threading them in was almost like I thought of that before but I didn't it was a full flute right counterweight and a swinging arm, oh, that's a bit exciting now, isn't it? what it does is it basically widens out a little bit, so whatever we're screwing in here will have a little more mass.
Now there are a few things to consider. I am using our model. I'll explain now the easiest way to think about this pivot point that's 10 meters and that's a meter by weight if I weigh 80 kilos which I do depending on how many things I have in my pocket basically to counter that I would need 800 kilos in there because it's ten to one now we're not far off I'm going to do this fellow seven and a half it's not 10 meters because the pivot is about ten meters off the ground so we still have our 10 meters up in the air doing that very well. we need to consider if this is obviously going to weigh some and the counterweight frame is going to weigh a little bit so we don't just do a counterweight and that's it.
I'm going to do the last part of this extension. so we can move it in and out. I'll also be able to do this with my hands when I'm on it. So I can fully balance the whole system so we can start to put some counterweights on it. there do it more or less right and then fit it at the end yeah with the frame attached it's time to cast some massive cinder blocks for weights 1200 for 600 for 400 bucks once it's full it weighs 600 kilos now in the box that we've got a few different things, we've got lifting eyes on each end that extend so obviously they'll fit right into the concrete, so when we lift it up, it's not just pulling the end of these six tubes around the outside. that's what's going to fix it on our swing basically slide the threaded rod through there into the frame that's what's going to hold it in this center hole it's just because it looks like I've left a hole in the center of the whole thing up now and just keep going. that trend why i don't know yet now to stop all this wandering i have this wooden template place it on top once it is full check that everything is lined up because if there isanother way it goes besides this all these holes need to line up right now ok it looks good but how much does it weigh according to the online calculator I should weigh 613 kilos.
Let's take a look to build a big and long right swing arm, basically made a little drawing very nice. I have to connect this square to this square with a bunch of 50mm box section pieces but of course it's going to be twenty feet long which is a lot longer than my fabrication table so I have a plan. I have a little fabrication table that Esco the people who supply me with this one gave me for the other shop so I'm going to put one end on that other end on this one and try to join them and see if that works now doing something that long over two fixed points that aren't even on the same table was always going to be tricky, but to make sure everything was symmetrical I used an angle finder, checked the angles of each beam, made sure they were absolutely identical so I knew which I was heading to. in the same direction now, after looking from the side, I can clearly see that I have something wrong, the bottom one was tilted up and the top one was almost level and of course it turns out that I will fix the center of the small one on the another table at the wrong height lower this a bit all fixed ready to weld ok it's a one way street the chat is over for me you ain't transmitting i received yes oh yes i made a crane yes it's a beast now i thought i would have to put some triangles on it to give it a little extra stiffness ok it has no flex and i reminded myself i made a 360 swing which is very similar in height to what this is going to be a little bit lower basically just one of these 50 mil box sections so i think four strapped together with a load of supports will be fine now i feel like bolting it into our center piece so we can see that it all comes together but the part I'm going to attach to will slide in and out and it'll be a lot easier to work on that while it's sitting here on the bench so what are you doing with it?
Colin, okay, my initial idea was to use one of these linear rails, however, to set all of that up and bolt it together, I think it's going to be a little tricky, so I made it super simple and we're just going to have plates. with nylon bushings bolted up front I don't have the nylon right now so it's like wood and then just put three of them in so it sits nicely the whole length and another linear actuator or a ball screw on the end push it in and out boom right get that setup get it bolt on is Rick outside however I have a concern this new piece I've made it only weighs 200 kilos and I looked kind of heavy so I had the JCB lift the end it takes 85 kilos to lift the tip of that now, of course, there is no counterweight at the moment, so I expect that, but our count weight of 650 kilos once bolted on at the end, of course, we will tilt it, but I don't think so. i'll do it with me on it we're going to need even more weight or push the weight further away from the pivot on this side but we can only do that before it doesn't swing down and hit it so come on just put it all together see where we are we may have to do a lighter version of that but fingers crossed we can adjust something ok 600 kilos only 15 kilos left on the other end basically we have flipped the scale and see what it throws instead of obviously what you lift but before we give up and go redo anything you did another 900lb weight adjust it and see where we are after that now we can't add any more after this because it won't.
I swing down and through the fork so that's the most we can do in weight so we need to make the arm shorter or lighter which is probably for the best now to test it at the end I have a bag of sand that weighs 80 kilos that's me in the sand that's not much it's about 10 shovels It falls well let's go this other way we'll see where we are after that oh okay we're there now I replaced these little bits of wood with the real nylon ones because they all broke it looks like we put my weight on them but with a longer bar but I get on here I actually sit on it that's pretty much me. oh man this is going to be brilliant ok next i need to figure out somehow how i'm going to attach to this because i'm not sure where i'm doing it but ok after messing around and cutting bits of harness making with bits of rubber I have settled on this design toilet seat bike seat ring yes this will basically go on a bearing on the end so it will only rotate on one axis but that will keep me upright , of course, when you do.
It moves, so I'll always be on my feet now. I'm thinking this is something that's going to evolve as it goes along because I'd like to have a lot more control than just turning on an axis, but you know, baby steps now this is critical for me to be able to do things the way they're done in the game and you don't want to see this that much either so I think if this pans out I'll probably remove this front part of this ring so you can I don't see it at all because right now I'm strapping on this little giggity strap that goes around it but from anyway let's put it on and try it i think its really a Colin oh and it was at that time. that my space ninja days had begun the roof of the day bullet jumping wall runs suddenly seemed entirely possible it was like i was on the moon and half


is so much fun how awesome is this really we need a few things yo I need to be able to move this in and out while I'm on it I also need to be able to stop it because once it gets going there's a lot of inertia so we need to slow down the movement I also have like a little thing in my hand so I can control all of that, oh but this is a great start I just don't really want to make it so funny ok mechanically we're done we've got this little handful Bon bun moves the bar in and out so he can adjust the balance the top two operate the brakes to spin and spin up now i'm very pleased with myself for this because i've pretty much done it without help yes rick has been kind of spinning in the background but it's actually me who did all of this and i'm pretty impressed that one person have done all this of course the JCB is very handy but anyway all I have to do now is take it outside paint it and I just can't.
Wait till you can jump and go all the way so please subscribe for the next video where I will become a wall bullet jump in parkour Dyno space stuntman Ninja.

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