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This Is The Actual End Of Twitter...

Jul 24, 2023
Okay, what's going on? Everyone, welcome back to another video here on the channel. Today we're talking about the end of Twitter and it's


ly kind of a surprise. I never thought we'd be talking about the real end of Twitter, but Elon Musk. and the team has now basically announced that they will finally be rebranding Twitter, the new name will be Twitter essentially a whole new app that people call equivalent to WhatsApp, like here in the West, it's


ly kind of crazy, so I guess Twitter will still technically exist, you know, except with the new rebranding and everything that's going on. in the New Direction.
this is the actual end of twitter
Being taken as the app, it will definitely not be like Twitter as we know it and there will come a point where the app will be completely unrecognizable compared to what we see now, it will surely have some of the same features. I guess some of the same things, you know your basic tweets and all that, your followers and your page and everything, but basically they're trying to take Twitter and turn it into an everything app,


is something we've been hearing quite a bit. Since Elon Musk basically announced that he was going to buy Twitter, we knew


would eventually happen, but now it's official, we have our first look at the new logo, which will simply be an X and will no longer be the Twitter bird. which we've all been used to for almost two decades and of course the public reaction to this news has honestly been quite negative, a lot of people, especially on Twitter, have been completely destroying the idea of ​​this rebrand and I have what to say Personally, I don't think I'm the biggest fan right now either, it's not like I have any kind of brand loyalty to Twitter specifically or as you know, I really love Twitter a lot, but I really don't think this is the best possible rebrand.
this is the actual end of twitter

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this is the actual end of twitter...

I don't really see the point in doing it and I don't think it's completely necessary for them to even achieve the goals they're after, it actually seems more like Elon is just taking the initiative. app and turn it into something cool that sounds good, that's the idea. I don't think Twitter is in a place where it needs that big of a rebrand, but basically now we'll get to see what I think is Twitter X as people are. calling it now will look like this, basically, there are two different types of speculation, like we don't really even know the full extent of the rebranding, like a lot of people say it will be called Twitter x uh, like just me To be honest, I don't know, That sounds like a porn website, so here's what the rebrand is going to change: That X on the right is apparently the new logo and they're getting rid of the iconic Twitter bird and everything.
this is the actual end of twitter
You can see on the left right, so Twitter x uh or X are the possibilities we're talking about here. A lot of people say it will just be called X and my opinion really is a little different depending on the name. so let's hypothetically say that tomorrow we all wake up fine and the app is called Twitter and calling people that you can tweet or get information from, that's their goal right, we've even been seeing leaks recently that Twitter is working on, like actual calls and stuff like that for the app, so really going all out.
this is the actual end of twitter
WhatsApp route like people have been saying, but Twitter people call it Twitter X, what does that name mean bro? So it's Twitter as we already know it, but with the letter It just more or less serves to kill the brand identity that I already have it and I don't see any purpose in doing it now let's say it's just called X, right. That would be the most questionable decision of all. I mean, tbh, if Twitter changes to Simply X, bro, I like it. Again, it sounds like a porn app or a porn website, bro, the letter , For example. you break down the name, it's just a really big book of similar faces, right, you just go to the profiles, there's a whole book online with them.
Twitter made sense because you know the whole app had a bird theme and everything, and Twitter fit alongside all of that. you were messaging the birds and all that, snapchat makes sense because not only can you send photos of yourself taken but you can also chat, so snapchat


rebranding and like branding in general is doing the right thing is giving people the reason to use the app like why what do I do with it what do I look forward to when I download this app oh well you get Twitter X or maybe even more creatively only I want to be fair since Elon took control of the platform, porn has proliferated on Twitter, it was already there in the first place, but since he's had control, bro, it seems like in every trend, in every tweet, you just have fans, models, you know, Bots commenting on them bro, like maybe they need to rename it, only X will fit the actual theme of the page in the first place.
I don't know, but like I said, the public reaction to this has been pretty lukewarm on Twitter's behalf, like people aren't really getting the point because I mean, let's face it, I just don't see what the point is. is about getting rid of the Twitter brand and also the Twitter brand has been one of the most iconic social media platforms for two decades. Almost people like to know what Twitter is. They understand Twitter. They like to see the logo and recognize it. Just like you're destroying all this progress you already have, burning your brand into the brains of billions of people across the planet, and you're just going to redo all of that to make the most generic-looking X logo possible.
There is no creativity in the logo and I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm some kind of logo designer, like me. I sit back and design logos for a living, but I think almost anyone could take one look at this Twitter X. logo and say yeah, this is so generic and it doesn't really do anything and serves no purpose. I mean, genuinely and I'm not trying to be mean to the people who quote-unquote designed this x bro, but it's not just. one of the easiest and most generic ways you can do, it doesn't even look as good, bro, like this, it's like the default logo for a team in Madden when you relocate, bro, or so that's what I expect as a Microsoft. icon that you would see in 1993.
This is not the face of a brand that has hundreds of millions of users and I also like that it is so dystopian as if there were no color, there is no sense of anything but just dread and sadness, brother, and to be fair. It's Twitter, so you should go into everything expecting Despair and Gloom, however couldn't we make the logo you know, the face of the brand's company, a little more attractive, perhaps symbolic of something symbolic of the intentions you have as a company or maybe? even a personal anecdote, some fun fact, okay, if you know Raising Cane's chicken fingers, which are actually named after the founder of the company's dog, Raising Cane, so the entire restaurant is named after his dog, which is a cool little personal fact when you go to the restaurant and see the big dog on the side of the wall, but when you go to Twitter, oh, sorry, not with X, when you go to x on the right and see the big supervillain of Marvel with the a SpaceX jet pack on his back, like me.
I don't understand what identity they're going for here - it's supposed to be the all-in-one app that does everything, you couldn't find a name that encompassed that goal that wasn't just a letter of the alphabet of like 70. alphabets even like I I guess which is easy to recognize, but how many companies on the planet probably have an X as their logo? Dude like this doesn't stand out at all and I mean the Twitter logo, I mean was it perfect? No, you probably could. You'd do better if you really tried, but at least it stood for something and really created value for the company and it was like a cute, cool thing that people could say oh wow, that's the Twitter bird, that's cute, maybe I want to go. they tweet a little bit, but now they can see this big glaring black and white I don't know man it's just not like I hate Elon Musk too like I know a lot of people hate him and you know a lot of people just criticize them because they hate him and he's cool online too but I just don't understand how a guy which is synonymous with successful businesses like SpaceX Tesla, the boring company, like Neurallink, all these different ideas, it's true, he has created incredible businesses from the right, like someone who seems to be smart, you know what I mean. a somewhat smart guy just can't figure out what the best decisions to make are for this platform.
I don't know, it just seems like he has this 80 20 principle because I'll give him credit at least like the last few weeks. Twitter has started rolling out monetization on ads for creators and all that and they at least want to address these things, but what are we doing here? It seems that 80 percent of the decisions made are bad. They're just bad ideas, man, like, hey, maybe we shouldn't change the name of our iconic company to something that no one will remember in 10 years as being affiliated with our company. This is like you know Facebook switched to meta platforms like that.
I guess it made sense why. They were doing it because they got bigger than just Facebook, but let's face it, Twitter up to this point doesn't exist and then when they get there, maybe they'll pick a name that's cool. I don't know, the whole idea seems really stupid to me and it seems pointless and it seems like it was only done to appease Elon Musk since I think everyone else in the world is okay with just Twitter and like the little bird, but Elon Musk says that this is not based enough, you know that this is not so.
Not cool enough, guys like where's the soullessness here? where's the soulless, faceless, brandless identity that we're looking for here guys and then like anyone who raised their hand at the meeting and said hey, maybe not, like I used force and lifted them up. the ground and crushed his windpipe in front of all the bodies and crumpled them on the ground or something like I don't know mate, it's just a horrible idea, a horrible mark. Unnecessary choice in the first place, it was only made to appease the desires of probably one or four. people don't meet the goal they set out for, I just don't know man it's not a good idea so anyway with that being said thank you all for watching if you enjoyed it be sure to leave a like, Subscribe if you're new here on the channel, follow me on Twitter and twitch at suboptimus.
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