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THIS IS SO FUN - It Takes Two [1]

Jun 07, 2021
obvious because of the teeth, wow, that was a big squirrel, so while that's true, oh are you ready for


? It was an instant death, I think it was. half the other thing's health you have to shoot it as it gets closer oh well oh and that's what we're going to do yeah so I'll distract it oh if I can then when it goes over I'll shoot it. I don't think it's spam, oh it is, oh wait, you can't do it again, just blow up the game, no, go, go, go, well don't kill me, I'm just a beetle.
this is so fun   it takes two 1
I don't even like wasps. Oh are you on her side I'm a mercenary fight for anyone who pays me food shelter what food eh worms slugs larvae no I'm a vegetarian oh free they pay me good okay well you know the queen she has all the nectar, so if you help us Put it down, look at you, Mr. big brain, friend, my brain is so powerful that it is becoming delicious, what are we waiting for? Come on, jump, oh hell yeah, come on, oh my god, ride it, yeah, what am I supposed to shoot? Oh, boys.
this is so fun   it takes two 1

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this is so fun it takes two 1...

I'm trying, I'm trying, Jesus, okay, okay, I'm cutting off that thing that's making me nervous. I have


baby, let's go okay, okay, oh yeah, do that, that will make my life easier. Massive bang, I got this, she's a gamer, she's. Locked up guys no, you don't, but shoot, go shoot, we're shooting, not now, shooting my ass off, we've got like two hits left, I think I know, I've got a reminder, oh my god, yeah, flying, my friends , yes, oh God, oh no, oh them. They are like Thai fighters. I'm also noticing the larvae, they are just shooting their babies at us.
this is so fun   it takes two 1
Oh, no, beetle friend, no, oh, I don't know, oh, I defy God, queen, you are not the real queen, you are a fake. ass you're a robot I'm the supreme lost queen why can I do this I don't know oh we're going to meet I hit her I guess so yeah yeah yeah she hurt oh listen to her let's go slowly. do that, let's keep doing that, come on, come on, yeah, huge, oh, they took us back, oh, oh God, get on the rails, shoot the bees, cute, I can still catch her, okay, keep hitting her, oh , they hit me, oh yes, his ass, his back, what them.
this is so fun   it takes two 1
You're chasing me, okay, like you have to kill the wasps before you catch me. I'm trying, I'm trying, I can't keep going back and forth on that thing, yeah, yeah, I don't see any sticky substance, maybe another surface will work better. I guess I'm not getting enough airstrikes. Okay, my God, my God. Okay, hexagons too. That's very funny. Oh God. She was looking at you. You were very close. Terrestrial insects. What are you in the water? It fell on my head. Can you glue them? Oh, go get her, get her, get her body pretty off of her, oh my God, not the bees, we haven't made a joke about the bees, yet, out of my eyes, my eyes, can you put them together?
No, no, your scissors move, okay, you take the head, my cheeks. He got slapped, okay, first we have to catch the bees, okay, his head is sticky, his head is fine, shoot, oh, what is this that didn't even hurt? Maybe we just need to do it a little a couple of times because she reacted maybe we should continue the thing again maybe it's the back of her head yeah these guys are following me fine I'll group them up when I see them oh maybe oh it's from the back of her body she still has a part there we go oh oh now we're all on rails baby okay we got this she's on a chain time ah there we go oh oh I wasn't looking ah oh god oh I just jump in time is getting better, okay it's okay, oh my god, there's so much going on, you've got this, you keep running out of fire, yeah, I'm trying, oh, we're almost there, oh my god, they're in the way, get out of the way, beast that still protects a faker, that's a good thing. shooting tanks he will be alive let's fight him at the bottom of the well he will get all the nectar he wants I hope so is there a squirrel in there?
Oh, it's a bumblebee, it's actually very furry and sweet. yeah, no, no, I'm the wasp, oh, the war is between the bumblebees and the wasps for years, oh my god, oh, you're so cool, holy, well, there's no nectar for the bumblebee or the beetle, uh , all those wasps died, wait, she comes. like living after tricking them for years and stealing their entire food supply, I guess that too, are you okay? I have nothing to live for now I'm no longer a wasp queen, I'm just a bumblebee, you can't be special, but you are. special, you are one of nature's noblest pollinators, I am, yes, of course, bees pollinate the crops that feed 90% of the human population.
Without you, humans would just die, he's right, technically, yes, yes, no, you're a merchant, merchant, you killed the merchant, her. she helped save us yeah I'm special yeah let's get on the plane and go oh so you're on the same team now shoot them all oh my god are you kidding me oh so they aim right. 60s, take us to Hey, we just saved your furry chaser on the plane, oh my god, yeah, hey, this is a plane, it's not a van, just fly, where's the gas, there's no gas in He, you just said it's a plane, they had a little squeak, oh God, it's okay, I'm shooting, it's okay, I got it, oh, oh God, nice, good, good shot, good shot, I'm trying like Indiana Jones oh God, oh God, go, go, go, go, go, oh, we're going to have to do this, yeah, oh, I can turn around.
I'm in a little tuna can, this is like Star Wars, you're like on the millennium falcon right now, yeah, okay, let's kill some squirrels, I'll keep it level, oh yeah, okay, don't crush the plane, do I realize the return? Oh, I can turn around, just knock 'em down Oh, how do you turn it around? I don't know, I just did it, damn, this is a crazy war, there are enemies behind us, ah, I see, cc, I have shit bangs, yeah, yeah, yeah. Alright, what is this, oh God, oh God, oh I have more, just one, don't use the plural when you don't have it, kill them all, shoot, sweetie, this is escalating quickly, we're fine, we're fine, We're fine, they.
I can't hit what you can't see, okay, okay, oh my God, yeah, take that right, brothers, the squirrel is going to make planes too, here we go, oh, we're going to come in through the window, whoa, oh , oh, oh, I feel like a branch is going to fall. Come on and just slap it, you gotta get it out, you gotta pick it up, baby, oh my god, we're playing Metal Gear Solid, why didn't I get the move like that? What is that unfair? I block it or something, I'll probably jump on it, yeah, yeah, okay, oh god, oh my god, that's cool guys, yeah, okay, oh collaboration, oh we're sliding now, just keep going, we gotta Keep the balance.
Okay, yeah, uh, thanks Meg, hey, dude, that fight was epic. harry potter ass music heart left well yeah a little to the right nice nice lift hard there's a bike there no wonder our drains have been blocked our garden smells like you wouldn't try to throw a bike I'm trying to unload a darling that's it exactly what I was going to look for. Look at us so perfect, baby, we're real players here. Look, what can I say except Pogchamp? Ah, we're still going. I feel like we are moving further away from the house we are in. a different country at this point I end up in South America the windows open for the pink face where is the house how does this work oh uh excuse me back to action please oh she will come in and talk to mom now mom will ignore her mommy, well, at least the mom is obviously sleeping remember that buddy don't bother your mom she's sleeping do you have that headache again oh my gosh she's so sweet but when you feel better maybe we can play with the moon baboon again, oh my goodness.
Everyone is just ignoring her. We haven't played with them in a long time. Why don't you think your mom is sleeping? I talk to dad. She is a girl. Children are stupid. I think she wants us to be friends again. She just wanted to. You should know trolls yeah I thought you should know but she feels like a real moon baboon now damn those candles right on that glass melted hmm the solar system will fly up and hit her in the back of the head jenga hmm we. you should get some jenga it's fun cute we did it good job that's the last time I'm flying by the seat of your pants comedian you know that oh thank you look there she is oh I miss her do you think she's okay? she looks good I mean, she's playing like nothing happened, thank God, let's talk to her, yes, but we have to be careful, we don't want to scare her.
Are you saying I'm too hard on her? No, I meant that she might get scared when she sees. We, I mean, look at what we've become and oh oh God, why isn't she our daughter? Well, can you talk to her so they can answer each other, of course we can get up. Not the problem here, oh, here it comes, you're ready. She wait, is she she trying to stop us? I think she is and we're going to leave it. No, I don't think we've learned anything yet. No, wait, what if we can't make Rose cry? What we have to do we will do. oh my god, make her cry, just walk up to her and be like you're a horrible daughter, we'll figure something out.
Why is there a stalker watching us? The bigger the better. She is fine. I don't know. figure it out, but I guess this is a good place to cut it in the next episode of Dragon Dragon Ballsy, that was awesome, I'm going to turn off the power though, uh, oh, don't get electrocuted, that was cool, though yeah, it was a super fun moment. She flew by, yeah, I mean, everyone said this game was good, yeah, we should have known it's so good, it's so clever.

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